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Chapter 4-Join me

Lucy's P.O.V.

I didn't hesitate and sprinted down the little cliff I was on, much to the displeasure of my unfit legs, and hurt body. By the time I had reached the beach, my friends had waged a full on war on the two, Fairy Tail style. But, despite the on slaughter of, no doubt, powerful attacks, Acnologia just hovered there, maintaining a calm, indifferent expression. Although most (ok, maybe all) would argue that a blood-thirsty dragon like Logi-nii couldn't have facial expressions, they haven't known him as long as I have. He was my one true companion, along with my spirits, during the reign of my father in the Heartfelia mansion.

After a seemingly eternity of running, I pulled to a stop right between the two opponents, facing Fairy Tail, with my arms spread out wide, to try to protect Logi-nii who had landed right behind me.

"Lucy!? What are you doing?" the members of my guild yelled in terror.

"Move! The dragon will hurt you! You're not strong enough to defeat something like that!" While Gray had honest intentions, I couldn't help but be stung by the comment. 'Not strong enough huh?' I pretended like I hadn't heard their calls of concern, and yelled,

"STOP!" They did just as I had instructed, and stilled. The air was thick with disapproval at my actions, and fear of the misunderstood beast behind me. Suddenly, a gasp was heard. I frowned and turned around. Logi-nii smiled and had laid down on his stomach, his snout up to my neck. I placed a hug around his round muzzle, the black scales with blue markings glowed with pleasure. Suddenly, the figure I had seen on Logi-nii before, jumped down right next to me allowing me to get a good glimpse at his face.

I sucked in a breath. It was him! The one who told me about Second Origin, and the one who kissed me. My face blushed a deep Scarlet. Said mage abruptly pulled me away from the pair, and hissed in an unpleasant and deadly tone,

"Zeref." I froze.

Zeref's P.O.V.

I cursed. I was going to tell her later, but the stupid Titania has already opened her big mouth. Great.

Lucy's P.O.V.

I mentally yelled at myself, not noticing Erza dragging me further away from the two. On one hand, I instantly feared and despised him, not forgetting Deliora and what it did to Ur and Gray. But, Logi-nii trusts him enough to let him ride on him. I decided that I would trust the dragon's instinct more than my own experience, and yanked myself out of Erza.

"Lucy! What do you think you're doing? It's dangerous here, you should go somewhere else. You might get hurt." My eye ticked in annoyance. Did they all think me as fragile?

"Lucy Rose Heartfelia. I wanted to tell her when I first met you, but you look just like your mother." All thoughts stopped mid-way out of my mouth, and I turned to Zeref as he had a faraway look in his eye.

"H-How do you know my full name?" Just because I trust Logi-nii, doesn't mean I'm not afraid of the Dark Mage. He smiled.

"Because I helped her name you." I gasped, and had a sudden and unexpected flashback.

A cot. A white-as-snow blanket, and then I was lifted out. A beautiful woman cooed idiotically while I laughed and squealed like the 2 week old baby I guessed I was.

"Layla. Look at you, a powerful Celestial mage reduced to a bumbling fool." A man with dark hair and a face-splitting grin walked into the room (It's not as scary as it sounds).

"Why wouldn't I be, Ze-ze? My little girl is beautiful." The man, Zeref, smiled once again, but this time it looked pained, and covered with jealousy but he tried to cover it with a false look of happiness.

"Yes. What is her name?" he distracted Mother. She frowned.

"I have no idea. Jude wants to name her Rose, but it sounds… common." She answered truthfully.

"W-what about…. No. Never mind. Jude would never say yes. He hates me." He mumbled the last part, and Layla laughed aloud.

"Ze, he doesn't hate you… okay maybe he does." She set me on her lap, and laughed even harder. Zeref, with a love-struck look on his face, laughed with her.

"But, it doesn't matter. What do you think we should name her?" she asked. He looked hesitant, but said,

"Lucy." She stopped laughing and smiled.

"Yes. Lucy. I like it." At that time, Zeref, the Darkest Mage in existence, wanted to melt in a puddle of desire, and love.

I snapped out of it. I was confused. Did Mother know Zeref? And it looked like Zeref was… was in love with her. And she looked denser than Natsu.

"How did you know me?" The entirety of the Fairy Tail mages suddenly went silent, except for one.

"Wait. The weakling knows Zeref?" Natsu, who until now, had keep his mouth shut. The Guild burst into an outrage, and it seemed like…..most of them were agreeing with him. I was confused. This had to be a joke. Right?

"Oh my god. I bet the slut was working with Zeref all along. Remember how she was hurt for a few days? I bet she was just pretending so that she could tell him who was coming, and where Tenrou was!" Mademoiselle bitch, (a.k.a. Lisanna) exclaimed, and the majority of the guild nodded in agreement, not bother to remember that I didn't even know that Tenrou existed before the trials.

"Come on guys…. Do you seriously believe her?" I asked, hurt.

"Oh course! She's been in the guild longer, and is a really valuable member of Team Natsu. You were just a replacement, a solo mage who is really weak!" Natsu jumped in defence of Lisanna, literally kicking Lucy off the team in one breath.

I faltered, and looked him in the eye.

"How dare you!" I jumped in shock and looked at Zeref. Natsu looked scared.

"Lucy is a smart and strong mage. How dare you defile her name like that?!" a deadly aura that matched Mira's and Erza's combined radiated off him. He turned to me, and I flinched. His eyes widened, and he returned to normal.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I didn't mean to scare you." I nodded in acceptance of his apology.

"See! Evil mage lover!" Lisanna yelled in triumph, and the guild pushed me away, and I nearly tripped, if not for Zeref who caught me in the nick of time.

"There! Spare the rest of us, and just kill her!" a few members of her once beloved guild called out in protest, but were quickly silenced.

"Lucy." I ignored them, and looked in the dark eyes that once again had me trapped in their depth.

"Will you come with us? With me? We can leave this world, and I can show all the things I never got to show your mother. Please Lucy. Join me." the guild had silenced, and I nodded, feeling freer than I had since the dilemma began. Zeref, with a happy smile, stood up and helped me to my feet. I returned him once and he stumbled in shock. My hand was still enclosed in his as we walked towards Logi-nii, and he helped me on the dragon's back.

"It's good to feel you on my scales again, little one." The great beast spoke.

"Yes. It has been much too long." Zeref climbed on behind me, and Acnologia rose to his full glory, and started off the ground.

Nobody's P.O.V.

"For the hurt you have cause me precious girl, I should destroy you! But, I will never be able to look her in the eye for a thousand centuries. So, I shall fire a roar at you. If you survive, bleh, you'd have to be pretty strong. If you don't, I might sleep sounder tonight." He flew into the sky, and basted a chaotic roar at them. The guild barely had time to form a magic circle, when Mavis appeared and casted Fairy Defence.

Acnologia and Zeref huffed in displeasure, but Lucy sighed in relief. Even though her guild mates hated her, she still cared for them. She looked out at the vast ocean beyond.

"Ne, Ze-ze, Logi-nii; can we really go to other worlds?" Their grins said it all. She flashed an even wider one, and they took off, to journey into the unknown.

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