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Chapter 5 – Selina


Name: Selina Sherlock

Age: 16

Height: 155 cm

Status: Alive

Relatives: Lieselotte Sherlock (Sister)

Occupation: Reporter of Royal Biblia Academy, Student

Currently, it has been two weeks after Arata rescued Lieselotte from her time dimension. Selina is very happy that her sister is back, but feels a little left out.


While Zeref and Acnologia are fighting Fairy Tail (different world: different time)

Selina's P.O.V.

The curtain was closed, and the darkness gave me little rest. I turned to the single bed beside me, hoping that it wasn't true, that my sister was kinder than this. But she wasn't. My eyes couldn't find a single bump under the blanket, giving truth to my worst fear. She wasn't there.

It wasn't the first time this happened. It wasn't even the second or third. For the past two weeks, Liese has been disappearing every night, but she always manages to slip into bed at 6.30am, just before the bell that signals the compulsory wake-up time.

Speaking of which, why isn't she here yet? School's going to start in 10 minutes, if she doesn't hurry up, she'll be late!

Finally, the bell ringed as anticipated. There was the usual clamour of students, rushing to get to the bathroom first, but no Liese. I decided that I needed to find her, so I hurriedly put on my school uniform, buttoning it up as I ran down the hallway.

Where would she be?

I cursed my sister's nightly travels as I ducked into rooms, searching for her. Finally, I rounded the corner of Arata's room, and I blushed at the thought of his name. The idiot had made more perverted than normal comments about Liese recently, and she looked like she was enjoying it. Wait, it couldn't be….

True enough, I burst into his room, and I was met by the sight of Arata and my sister frantically pulling their clothes on their mostly nude figures. If I wasn't so angry, I would've blushed at the sight. But, I was furious. I was furious that Arata could sleep with her so easily, and I was kinda hurt too. I thought that Liese still trusted me. That she still confined to me and told me everything, like how she used to before she disappeared. But, she never mentioned anything about Arata, about anything, now that I thought about it.

The caught-in-action lovers spun around to me, mid-dressed. Their eyes widened and called out,

"Selina! What are-"

"Damare!" 'Shut up!'

They were shocked to silence as I tore down the hallway, furiously rubbing my angry and hurt tears away.

Lieselotte's P.O.V.

Oh shit! Selina's seen us. Great, now she's going to tattle to sensei about us! (A/N I apologise, but for the purpose of this story, I have to make Liese a total bitch. Sorry!)

"Wh-what happened?" Arata was shocked, blinking in surprise before continuing to race against the start-of-school bell.

"I don't know. But, she's definitely going to tell Lilith-sensei and we'll be in trouble." I said as I tied my hair up. Arata's face paled at the thought.

"But, she's going to kill us! She'll say that I took advantage of you, or something!" he panicked.

"Well, that's if she believes Selina." He raised a curious eyebrow.

"Well, we're both demon lord candidates, and she's just an average student. And, you've saved the school more than once." I pointed out.


"Well, if she tells, and we deny it, who do you think they'll believe?" my eyes glimmered with slyness. He mirrored it, when the bell rang. He pulled me into a tight embrace, and placed a gentle kiss on my lips and whispered,

"Okay, Liese-chan." I blushed. I still hadn't gotten over the embarrassment of being called by that honorific. He ran forward, dragging me behind to our first class.

Selina's P.O.V.

I wasn't paying attention, and as I hurried to get away, I quite literally, bumped into Lilith-sensei. We both fell with a 'thud' the ground.

"Sel- Oh dear! What's wrong?"

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