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April 24th, 1558

Marie Stuart POV

I cannot believe I am getting married today. Many obstacles have been overcome but I am still wary about the future and prophesy. I know that Francis' fate has changed due to Clarissa's death but something is nagging at the back of my mind….enough, I will enjoy this day with Francis.


April 24th, 2015….3:00 a.m.

Marie Nadine Valois POV

I was dreaming normally of when I was a little girl going horseback riding and now this so called vision again. Am I really destined to help the Dauphin Francis II?

"I hope you are ready for this task. I know that when the time comes you will know what to do and if there is anything you are unsure of I will be there to guide you to what I have seen." Nostradamus assures

"Are you sure that I am destined to do this? Can I at least know what you supposedly saw so I know what I have to do? I am not 100% sold on all of this." I say

"In my vision you come to the wedding feast and you take the Dauphin and Queen Marie somewhere. It looks like a room where a healer would do his work. The Dauphin is in failing health and the healer makes him whole. I have had a previous vision of the Dauphin's untimely death but his fate was changed by your appearance." Nostradamus explains

I think this over; maybe he means a hospital? I have always been told how vivacious and spirited my line was and never did I hear of Francis II dying before his time. Could it be that I went back and stopped it before and that is how I was born and this is the time that I do? I am so confused. If that is true then I must go. Nostradamus is so kind, waiting patiently for me to mull this over and decide what I will do.

"You said midnight tonight right?" I ask

"Yes, your majesty. There is a small window of time between midnight and a quarter after; you must make sure you are inside by then." Nostradamus answers

The vision fades after that and it seems like the dream is back to what it was before all this craziness.


April 24th, 2015…7:00 p.m.

Dinner had just been served and I am getting nervous. What should I say to my ancestors? Will they like me? My husband seems to notice that I am troubled, I haven't touched anything on my plate and he is giving me a worried look.

"Marie, are you well? You aren't eating, would it be better to eat in your rooms?" Alexander inquires

"I am fine, Alex. I was just thinking about today." I smile and begin to eat

Will I be ok in their time? I should just eat and calm down. Dinner is over before I know it and I am now walking down the corridor towards the library with Alex beside me. This is our evening ritual. We both look at documents that parliament is discussing and working through, and then we read whatever we like for about an hour, and then retire to bed. Should I tell him about these visions I've been having? About the possibility of me going to the past? No, he will just think I'm insane. I look over at him riffling through documents, I should trust him with this…he will worry about me if I suddenly run out of the palace. What excuse would I have to be out at midnight?

"Alex? I was wondering if I could go to the Palais de Justice tonight. I think I might have lost my coin purse there and I want to see if I can get it back." I mutter

"Hmm…can't you go in the morning? It is late and it could be dangerous." He answers

I sigh and look at the clock on the wall; it is only 9:45. I know I can persuade him by having guards come.

"Alex, what If I brought my guards? I don't think it is very safe having my coin purse being out in the open." I persuade

"You are really determined to do this tonight aren't you? Take Elizabeth, Monique, and two guards and I will be satisfied." He chuckles

Sigh, now I am going to have to ditch two of my ladies as well as two guards. I try to think how I will do this and I excuse myself to go get ready as he opens his book to read. I give him a kiss and run out the library doors.


April 24th, 2015…11:00 p.m.

We are driving through the streets of Paris, heading towards the Palais de Justice. Elizabeth and Monique are laughing about something that Claude did earlier today. I smile and giggle along to show I am paying attention but my focus is more on what will happen. We talk about where my coin purse can possibly be and we all hope that it is still there. I feel guilty for deceiving them but what was I going to say "I'm really going there to travel back to the past"? That would have gone over well.


April 24th, 1558…11:00 p.m.

Nostradamus POV

I sincerely hope she heeds my words. If she is even a minute late, Francis' fate will be sealed. I look at the clock, seeing that it's only 11. I sigh as I look at Marie and Francis dancing and smiling. Catherine seems to have heard me sigh as she gives me a weird look.

"The woman will come tonight around midnight. We must make a cover story for her so that she will blend in at court" I explain

"I see; do you know where she will appear?" Catherine muses

"Yes, she will appear through the front doors soon." I answer

Catherine nods and looks at the clock reading 11:45. We make our way towards the front doors where this woman will appear.

"We can say she is the daughter of a lesser French noble, not well known. This should make sense to those who do not recognize her." Catherine admonishes

"Very well, what should I tell Marie and Francis?" I mutter

"Tell them about your vision in private. I do not know if they will believe it but it is worth a try won't you say?" Catherine says

It is a minute after midnight when Marie Nadine walks through the doors of the Palais de Justice. A minute after midnight and the Queen of France disappears into a time she knows nothing about and has only heard about in stories.


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