Hi all welcome to my story Harry Potter Reborn yes I know such an imaginative title I know Well other than that just note that this is my first story and for it to get any better you're going to have to review and TELL me what is going wrong and please do not say it's Shit, Completely trash or anything of the like because that won't help funnily enough so write a bit and give me some help in refining my writing style other than that enjoy




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Chapter One: Realisation that yes you have been reborn

It started like any other day wake up, get ready and go to school get picked up rinse and repeat that sort of stuff until one day everything changed. It started off easily enough I left school and was going to my Mom's work to be picked up, but this time it was different and that was because it was heavily raining that day some people would see it as an ill omen but to me it seemed normal enough until that omen felling came about so I looked around to see what could cause such a bad feeling and I there I saw it in the shape of a kid walking across the road without a care in the world not even bothering to look left or right, there in that instance I knew something was going to be incredible bad it was a gut feeling and it was one of those times that you start to hate yourself because "Congratulations you were right!" and because of that feeling I saw what was coming and that was a large incoming truck which sadly was heading straight for the kid and due to the weather there was no chance of the truck stopping mainly because he was talking on the phone and not noticing how fast he was going and the only thing I could think of doing in that instance was run after that idiotic kid and push him out of the trucks way and sadly losing my life in the process the only thing I could think of at that instance was "well fuck me" and sadlythere was no instantaneous play back of your life and that was annoying I was kind of hoping I could learn where I left my wallet but c'est la vie and after those thoughts there was nothing just a black void, isolation and madding silence, until even my mind slipped into silence the only thing I felt was a strange pushing sensation as well as a sudden coldness huh so this is what dying is?

It's strange waking up when subconsciously you know you should be dead and as I opened my eyes I was thankful that I wasn't opening them to the void but instead of a void I was greeted by something else a strange room or what I hope is a room simply because everything was blurry and unrecognisable at first I thought that by some miracle I survived but then logic punched me in the face and I realised that there was absolutely no chance of survival what with having your head crushed by a truck so after that I started to think of other possibilities stupid ones, mad ones but the one thing that I kept coming back to, one little insane idea was that perhaps I could have been given another chance at life, Maybe by some twist of fate I've been given a chance to live again, My thoughts where interrupted when I noticed something creeping out of the corner of my eye, what I was hoping or at least guessing was a door was two Unidentified blurry as hell figures. The figures who I'm guessing and hoping are humans are slowly coming into sight because from my understand of what I believe I am which is hopefully a healthy human baby is that babies when they are recently born have all there sense developed but it takes them time until they fully understand them or to be able to use them and another fact is that babies can see roughly 6-12inches which is incredibly annoying because funnily enough what with the fact I've been used to sight for close to two decades. It was at that point these figures started to speak.

"So this is the little Prongslet you've been over the moon about eh? Prongs?" as soon as that one completely simple sentence was stated my mental communication between brain and body shut down I did not care that I was being picked up nor the stupid childish noises these two UBAHF's where making I honestly didn't care because it became clear to me I was Harry James Fucking Potter I was a bloody wizard with the most questionable luck in the whole bloody world… okay okay calm down let's think rationally here positives think about this situation positively no need to freak out. Okay let's think I have magic now sweet, I have who knows how much gold, silver and bronze sitting in Gringotts so money is not a problem and what else… ahh haa the Harry Potter verse is full of hot girls yes I can live with that I'm Harry Fucking Potter I will be famous as hell I'm sure having that would help with picking up girls add in a personality and boom! Romantic life sorted out I can live with that, Also I could finally do the things I've always wanted to do if I meet the characters like never meeting the Weasley's, punching Snape in the face all the normal stuff you would do if given the chance to also Voldemort's going to be incredible easy to deal with because thanks to fore-knowledge I now know where all the horcrux's are and maybe check out the so called "Goblin Healers" who can magically cure me of being a horcrux so that's all the trouble sorted out no need to worry about a thing, and as I closed my eyes to drift off into sleep they suddenly snap back to life because the thing is I'm Harry Potter and I have deal with Voldemort at age freaking one it's good and well that I know where his horcrux's are but that means absolutely nothing if he kills me off as baby well let's hope it was something Lilly Potter did to protect Harry and not himself because if not I'm screwed now what else am I missing I know there was one other thing Harry had to deal with was it Dumbledore's manipulation? Ginny Weasley being a fan girl? Hmm what was it? I know it was important like really, really important know what was it? At that moment that damn bad feeling came back know why would that feeling come back?...oh shit I've got to deal with the fucking child slavers known as the Dursley's well shit.

Posted- 16/07/2015