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Location Unknown

It took the longest time to get to London but that was mainly because the bus driver kept asking me annoying questions like 'Where are your parents?' my answer is short sweet and to the point ' there dead now just do your job' aren't I just the nicest after a long and annoying trip I finally arrived in London but I had the feeling I was being followed but that didn't matter because I have finally found Diagon alley entrance the 'leaky cauldron' what a strange name I mean does the pub itself leak? Do its glasses leak? Why is it leaking will these questions ever be answered? Probably not either way I walked in and approached tom the barkeep.

"Hi sir I was wondering if you could please open the entrance to the alley please." I stated in the most childlike way I could "Sure Kiddo but I've gotta ask where are your parents?" "Well sir they are on the other side waiting for me cause they were in a real hurry so I told them to go on ahead to Gringotts and I will meet them there" I stated in the most confident way possible because when you act like nothing is wrong people tend to believe that you can handle it "well okay I'll go and open her up for you" and so I followed him and he opened up the entrance and it was their I got my first glimpse of the alley and it certainly beat the way the movie portrayed the alley simply because the whole place just gave off a completely different aura something you just can't get into a movie because there is always a distance between the two and as I slowly made my way through the alley towards the alley I still couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was being followed this was certainly something to think about after I got my magic back so I decided that I better get there quickly. As I finally got inside of the bank and went towards the only open banker.

"Greetings Master teller I wish to know if there is a way to test my identity because I currently do not have a key nor do I know who has it" I said "well young sir do there is away but it is something that is incredible in-depth and costly so if you agree to do this we will take it out of your vault" "very well let's do that" as I said that the goblin beckoned me to follow him towards an office that said Ancestry and Key creation which I must say is straight to the point as I entered the office I noticed the previous goblin who took me here left most likely to get back to work and so without further ado I went towards the old Goblin who sat behind a rich mahogany desk.

"Yes what do you want?" "well I'm here to prove that I own a vault here and to get a new key made" "Yes well you do now that this will be incredibly in depth" "Yes I know" "Very well" and with that the goblin instructed me to prick my finger with the provided knife and let it drip onto the parchment and as I watched my blood seep into the parchment I saw blooded lines drift into words

Name: Harry James Potter

Age: 5 (Physically) (22 Spiritually)

Vaults in possession

Potter Trust Fund: 1,000,000 G 500,000 S and 225,000 K

Potter Family Vault: 100,000,000G 5,000,000 S 2,250,000 K

Properties in ownership

Potter Mansion: Located somewhere in Scotland

Lion's Retreat: Located on the coast of Rome


Core Binding 99%

Horcrux Located inside scar on forehead

Perfect Control over magic

Key Locations:

Potter Trust Fund: Inside of Hogwarts Headmasters Office

Potter Family Vault: -Destroyed-

"Well Mr. Potter it seems that you are indeed missing your key while I can create a new key to your trust fund if that is what you want I cannot create you your Family vaults key because you are under age you will have to wait until you are Seventeen to claim your new key and your family ring" "Yes that is fine and I was wondering what is this Horcrux and binding business?" "Come now Mr Potter you are not fooling me I know you are a reborn soul" "What are you talking about I'm not…oh sod it, how did you know?" "well it's quite simple you are not the only one to ever been reborn magic works in mysterious ways and it always direct reborn souls to us so that we may help them by fixing them of any anomalies because this is simply not the first nor will it be the last time somebody comes to us to fix them of bindings or help them remove a Horcrux now follow me towards the unsealing chamber and we will fix you up" I followed the goblin without much trouble still in a state of shock over the fact that I wasn't the only person to have ever been reborn or come to them about having my magic bound or having a problem with Horcruxes I wonder who they were referring to?

3 hours later

After a three hour agonising removal process I know had full control of my magic again and I was Horcrux free even though it costed me 1000 Galleons because apparently nothing is free with the goblins the greedy bankers the lot of em the only other good thing I got out of it was a portkey to Potter Mansion which was not included into the price because apparently making portkey's where illegal so it costed me an extra 200 Galleons after that I left the building and portkeyed away but not without seeing a rather greasy haired man eyes widen in shock… I really hope that wasn't Severus Snape because if it was then I'm sooo screwed.

After arriving at Potter Mansion I was greeted by the only two remaining elves that lived here because the other elves had died because they had no masters which was quite a mood dampener but none the less there was nothing I could do for them other than allow the last two elves to bound with me and after a rather informative day I went to the master bedroom and slept.

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