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People call me a bitch

A slut



But what they call me the most is...

The 'Ice Queen'

I run this company with an iron fist. People think just because I do not show emotion I do not have any feelings but there is another reason why. Let's just say do not show your submissive side to any man; either in the workplace and in your private life. As I came in for work I saw my employee's running around, acting like they are busy but giving me the side eye. I can hear them whispering about me as I walk by.

"Oh my god would you look at her?"

"She is so cold, especially towards the men"

"Did you hear what happen last week meeting with the Shield International?"

"Yeah, I hear she put the representatives in their place because they wanted her to sell her family's company".

"I also heard that the owner and CEO of Shield International is a really hottie, l mean like drop dead hunk of a man. I wonder if he knows about her."

"I doubt it. I mean if he wants to buy this company then he defiantly does not know the Serena Johnson, aka; The Ice Queen".

That is right, my name is Serena Johnson. I have been running my great-grandfather company for the last four years going on five. My great-grandfather came here from England in the 1940's to start a new life with my great-grandmother, you know the American dream. My great-grandfather, Jacob Johnson saw that the American was struggling during the World War II so he decided to help out.

Back then he was in England then France and worked with big named people and made friends along the way. He pulled some strings and then he started his small exporting food, weapons, and medicine. He founded this Company 'Johnson Exports'. He ran it, my grandfather ran it, my father ran it and now I run.

If he thinks I am going to sell my company that is my family's pride and joy and helped my family out of poverty, to him, then he can think again.

As I neared my office my assistant came running after me in the office. Her name is Amy Roberts. She is a petite 23 year old woman with short dark blue-ish hair that reached her ears, aqua colored eyes. She was decently dressed in a Tiger Lily colored One-Button Textured Jacket with Floral-Print Pleated-Neck Top, black Straight-Leg Crepe Pants and black Flax Pumps. She was a sweet woman but I know for a fact that she is afraid of me. I sat down in my chair while looking at some paper work I had to look over, "Alright what is the agenda today Ms. Roberts?"

"Ms. Johnson, you have a meeting in 15 minutes with the board of directors. 11:35 you have a video conference with Mr. Fong about importing the toys in time for the holidays, you know since it is going to be thanksgiving and all in a few months and all", Amy tends to ramble on when is nervous and she does it around me all the time. She may look like an air head but she is good at her job so I tend to look the other way. "Oh and around 2pm you have a meeting with a Mr. Shield". That caught my interest.

"Mr. Shield?" I questioned myself.

"Yes, you know the representatives that came here not too long ago but this time it looks like Mr. Shield is coming here instead-" I put my hand up to stop her.

"I know who Mr. Shield is Ms. Roberts. I was just thinking out loud." I told her. I thought for a moment then walked out with my laptop in hand to go to the meeting. "Alright Amy you are dismiss". She nodded quickly and walked towards her desk as I walked the other way but before I took one more step I called out to her. She came quickly.

"Yes Ms. Johnson?" She asked.

"Keep eye and ear for this Mr. Shield person and oh- find whatever you can about him and e-mail the link, understand?" She typed it in her IPad and nodded her head.

"Okay Ms. Johnson". She walked to her desk as I turned around walked to the meeting room. I reached the meeting room and there were about 6 board members; all of them are male.

"Alright gentlemen, let us start this meeting". I sat at the head of the table and started the reports. I tuned them out as I knew what they were talking about. I heard a ping sounds notifying me that I had an e-mail from Amy.

I opened it and saw his name and picture: 'Darien Shield', CEO of Shield International, graduated Harvard University top of his class, father Derek Shield and mother Helen Shield, age 34, height 6'1. I looked at his picture dark black hair, midnight blue eyes. I have to admit he is pretty handsome but I knew his type.

It made me sick to my stomach.

Once I heard them finish up, I looked up, "Leave your reports on the table. I'll look over them. All of you are dismissed". They all stood up to leave the room as I closed my laptop and stood up as well. Once I was alone I collected their reports then I heard footsteps coming and they sounded like they were in a hurry. I looked up and saw Amy panting I raised an eyebrow and she pointed down onto the main floor.

"Mr. Shield is here".

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