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I walked as fast as I could. Amy told me that Mr. Fong had another important appointment so we could not have that video conference. I look over the balcony and saw a group of three, including Shield. I heard Amy catch up and then pointed him to me.

"There he is Ms. Johnson that is Mr. Darien Shield". She whispered. I tilted my head a bit to get a good look at him.

The picture of him did not due him justice. Never have I thought I would feel my heart pound against my chest again. He stood there in a nice fitted suit looking at his watch then looked around the lobby. It looked like a three piece suit; black. It looks like it barely fits him. Amy pulled me out of my thoughts but I kept my gaze at his back form.

"Ms. Johnson are you going to meet with him?" She timidly asked. I pushed my arms against the handrails.

"Tell them that they can come up. I'll meet with them" I started to walked down the hallway to the meeting room. I sat down in my seat and put my head on my right hand and rubbed it. I cannot believe I saw a man who reminded me of him. The man who played with me until I broke down mentally and physically. I can still feel his hands around my neck; slowly tighten until I could not breathe.

"Ms. Johnson?" I snapped out of my daze and stood up and there he was. I walked towards them and once I was right in front of him he lifted his hands to shake mine.

"Hello I am Darien Shield". His voice was a bit husky, warm. I shakenly smiled and shook his hand.

"Serena Johnson" I said, he kept holding my gaze as my hand burned with his. Amy cleared her throat.

"Ms. Johnson?" I looked towards her and pulled my hands out of his. I did not notice that he smirked a bit but it went away so no one would notice. "Ms. Johnson is there anything else you need?" She asked politely. I shook my head.

"No there is no need; you can go now Ms. Roberts". She smiled and quickly walked back to her desk and then Darien moved his head to the side and spoke to the two men behind him.

"You can wait outside. Ms. Johnson is not going to hurt me." The two men grunted and nodded. Once they were outside he looked at me.

"Well, shall we get started?" He asked. I walked towards my seat as he followed, he spoke out once more, "You know I like your dress Ms. Johnson," I looked down at my Sleeveless Belted Sheath Dress "It is also in my favorite color; grey". I looked at him as I sat down.

"It is Charcoal Mr. Shield, not grey". He shrugs.

"It still looks grey to me. The heels your wearing is it black or is called something else?" I looked down at my Sabella Slingback Platform Pumps.

"Black Leather actually, so you are technically correct Mr. Shield". He smiled and sat near me. I crossed my legs.

"Well might as well get started". I stated

"I agree".

"I am going to make this short and simple Mr. Shield; I am not going to sell my company to you, not now and not ever". I firmly stated. Darien nodded then he chuckled. "What is so funny if I may ask?"

"Of course you can. See Ms. Johnson, I do not want you to sell me your company anymore. I found someone who was willingly to sell me their shares of the company. He was not here today for the board meeting but you were going to have a video conference with him today". As he spoke he stood up and made his way towards my side.

"Mr. Fong?" I shockingly ask. He leans down to my ear and put his hands on my shoulders

"Correct. So now I own almost twenty-five percent of your company Serena". I stood up and looked at him angrily.

"Why would you want to be part of my company, you have a mulit-billion dollar industry I just do not understand". He grins at my confusion.

"Because I wanted to meet and see the woman that people always talk about, and also I wanted to see the woman who was in a twisted relationship". I slap him. Hard.

I went for the other cheek but he grabs my wrist and put my arm behind my back and pulled me towards him. My breast was push up against his body; he put my other arm behind me and held them together with his left hand.

"I got to tell you, it was very smart of you to hide that from the public eye. It was also very hard for me to find any information about your ex." He grunted as I try to free myself.

"How dare you!" I angrily hiss out. He slowly walked me to the table and painfully spun me around.

"I wanted to know the woman I was going to work beside with and that information just so happens to have fallen onto my lap". He grunted as he started to feel up my outer thigh through my dress. I gasp once he reached my behind and squeeze them softly. "Never had a met a woman like you Serena, you are going to drive me insane". He whispered in my ear then kisses my neck and lifted my dress up from behind and his hand went under my dress. I gasp.

"I knew you were the type to wear thongs Serena." He groans as I whimper. He bent me over and he moved my thong to the side and put a finger in me.

"Wait", I panted out, "stop do not do this, please". I begged. He began to move his finger in and out slowly but then stop, pulls out and let me go. I straighten up moved away from him as he fixes himself.

"You had this coming Serena. Like I just said; you are going to drive me insane. Soon Serena, we will pick up where we left off. We will see each other very soon sweetheart." He panted out. I stared at him in horror as he walked away.

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