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Nicole bent over at the waist gasping for breath. The view from the top of the trail behind her apartment was spectacular, but getting up there was a bitch. Nicole didn't mind though. She'd always loved exercise and today, especially, she needed to blow off some steam because she was scared out of her mind.

In a little less than two week, Nicole would be taking her exams at the end of her second year of med school and she was freaking out. Though, she probably could have spent the night studying, her eyes were beginning to go cross and Nicole decided that she deserved a break. Going to the University of Arizona Medical School had its perks, she thought as she sat to watch the sun set below the cliffs. Dust and dirt were sticking to her sweat soaked legs, but she couldn't care.

Watching the sky turn orange and catching her breath finally got Nicole's mind off her upcoming exams. Her mom worked two jobs and Nicole worked nights at a local bar just to afford her outrageous tuition and student loans and Nicole had to do well on her exams, or it would all be for nothing. Taking in the dark sky, Nicole sighed. She knew she needed to get back before all the light was gone or she'd probably run her way straight off a cliff. Now that she'd gotten her mind back in the right place, Nicole was ready to make her M2 exams her bitch.

The Impala screeched to a halt at the entrance to the ally. Ignoring the fact that they were parked on the curb in front of an apartment building, Sam and Dean threw open the car doors and ran for the back ally, Dean sliding across the hood of the car as he went. They had finally gotten a fresh trail on the vampire they had tracked into town, but it appeared he had grabbed another victim before they got to him.

At the sound of their footsteps, the vampire raised his head of the girls' neck and hissed at them. He must have been starving to take a victim in this ally, where he had essentially trapped himself. Making eye contact, Sam and Dean spread out as far as the brick walls would allow in order to divide the vampire's attention. Sizing the brothers up, it lunged for Sam, trying to get rid of the bigger of the two first.

Slamming Sam into the wall, it wasted no time going for his neck and before Sam could even get a hand up, the vampire bit down. Dean grabbed onto the vampire's shoulder and yanked, trying to create some separation between it and Sam so he could use his machete, but the Vampire simply turned from Sam for a moment and backhanded Dean into the opposite wall. Sam struggled weakly as the Vampire turned back towards him, but he was too disoriented to mount any sort of defense.

Suddenly the Vampire dropped to his knees. Dean locked eyes with Sam as they both gathered themselves and watched the Vampire grab his knee, howling in pain. The girl that the vampire had been draining dry was sitting up, blood smeared on her face and streaming down her neck, soaking into her sports bra. Her eyes were glazed over, but she managed to say, "I dislocated his patella."

Her eyes flicked to Dean's Machete. "Now are you gonna use that thing or what?" and then she fainted.

Dean brought the machete down on the vampire's neck effectively decapitating it, before turning to his brother.

"You okay, Sammy?" he asked, his voice gruff.

"I'll be fine, help me with the girl," Sam said, getting on his knees next to her body.

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Sam. Get away from her." Dean's eyes flicked between the cut on the vampire's wrist and the blood smeared on the girl's face.

"Are you serious, Dean? We can't just leave her here. She might as well have saved our lives." Sam said, using his hand to put pressure on her neck.

"Yeah, and now she's probably a vampire so, just back up… Son of a bitch, Sam, stop touching her blood!" Dean shoved Sam in the shoulder.

"We can't just gank her! We don't even know if she was turned or not!" Sam shook Dean off of him and went back to tending to the unconscious girl's neck.

"I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that she's going to wake up Count Dracula," Dean said, pointing at the bite mark on the dead vampire's wrist.

Sam eyed the dead vampire and sighed, "still… we have to know for sure. Could you live with yourself if you ganked an innocent girl?"

Dean looked skyward and shook his head. "Damn it, she is going to get blood all over baby's seats."

Between the two of them, they managed to get the unconscious girl into the back seat of the Impala and handcuffed her just in case.

A little over halfway towards their hotel, she started groaning in the back seat, her face screwed up in pain. Dean eyed her in the rearview mirror and put his foot down a little harder, headless of the fact that he was already going 20 over.

"This is not good, Sammy," he muttered as they screeched into the parking lot of their motel, "go get the door, I've got the girl."

Dean grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. She was tall and had the muscled body of someone who was very active, but Dean lifted her easily ignoring the blood smeared across the Impala's seats.

Inside the room, he laid her on the bed switched her handcuffs so that she was cuffed to the head board before turning to his brother.

"Get me some clean towels and alcohol and some bandages from the med kit."

After they got her all cleaned up, you could almost believe that she was sleeping except for the fact that she kept cringing in pain and she had sweat shining on her body.

The Winchester brothers were silent, sitting at the end of her bed, both praying that when she awoke, it would still be as a human. Dean stood up and put a hand on her forehead.

"She's burning up," he said, grabbing a cloth to wipe her face of sweat. It was clear that her skin was normally very tan, but it was looking pallid and her dark brown hair was stuck to her face in wet lines.

"Come on, Sweetheart, you can do this," he murmured pushing her hair back.

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