(This is a short companion fic to Shaak Ti's Secret. BTW, I am taking some artistic liberties regarding continuity.)

It was a beautiful day at the Jedi Temple gardens. It had just the sun shining brightly over the plants and the water was flowing smoothly. Many Jedi Initiates came here to relax after their studies. Many Jedi Masters also took joy in the comfort the gardens provided. Masters such as the Kel Dor Plo Koon, who had just come finished a particularly long and difficult session in the Jedi Council. Longtime Jedi councilmember Yarael Poof had been murdered by the infamous Annoo-dat General Ashaar Khorda while thwarting a terrorist attack on the Coruscant power core. Khorda and his followers had been killed by unknown assailants and the device that the Annoo-dat terrorist was using-suspected by Poof to have been empowered by the force in some manner-had vanished. It was now the sad duty of the Jedi Council to mourn their lost friend and find his replacement. After several hours of debate, it was ultimately decided Coleman Trebor would replace Master Poof. Plo had gone to the gardens so he could finally relax, so he began meditating. He had only been meditating for five minutes when he sensed distress from one of the initiates outside the fountains. The Kel Dor sighed and decided to see what was wrong. The initiate was one he himself found and brought to the Temple. She was a six year old Togruta named Ahsoka Tano. She had clearly been crying.

"Is something wrong, Little 'Soka?" he asked as he walked up to her. She looked up and nodded.

"Jana said my family gave me away because they hated me," she said, fighting back the tears.

"Ahsoka, Jana Starr is just a bully who wants to hurt you," he said in a comforting manner. "There is no truth to her claims."

"How can you be sure?" she sniffed.

"When I found you, I went looking for any surviving blood relations you might have and talked to the other members of the village," he answered. "According to the other members of the village, your mother died in a wild animal attack shortly after you were born, but she loved you very much. Your father was killed by the T'surr pirates led by Krayn ensuring they would not find you. Your parents loved you very much. Don't pay any mind to Initiate Starr, Ahsoka. She is just a creature of jealousy. And remember, the Jedi Order is your new family."

Having heard the truth about her parents, she perked up and smiled.

"Thank you, Master Plo," she said. Ahsoka then hugged the Kel Dor and he hugged her back. "Well, it's almost time for me to get to History class."

"Good luck, Little 'Soka," he said as she headed off, smiling all the way.

Ahsoka passed with flying colors, much to the consternation of Jana Starr, who had hoped the upset Togruta might fail. Ahsoka was also pleased when she saw Master Shaak Ti scolding her hateful rival. After dinner and a little exercise, Ahsoka went to bed and fell asleep, smiling contently that she was loved by both her birth family and adoptive family. Unknown to her, Shaak Ti stood right outside the partially open door.

"Ahsoka, your mother loves you very much," the Jedi Master said, looking down at the sleeping form of her daughter. Shaak Ti desperately wanted to say that to Ahsoka while the six year old was awake. But for now at least, their shared relation would have to stay secret, even to Ahsoka.