GHOST: The Fate of Orpheus

I decided to put the first chapter up while I continue checking through Ghost. Here is the story of when Nero Ghost finally enters the world championships and all the drama that goes on, in it.

Will he make it out of there without killing more than one person?

P.s. I just found out that Paolo is Fidio dubbed name so I'm going to make them two separate people.

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1: All gather! Orpheus is born!

Fidio Aldena was excited.

Today was the day, he finally takes his place as a member of 'Orpheus' Italy repetitive team for the world championships.

He couldn't believe it!

He was super pumped to play with the best members Italy had to offer and try his skills against the rest of the world!

How could he refuse this once in a life time opportunity!? and once more, instead of having a one on one match against THE Nero Ghost. They were going to be team mates!

He felt like god was smiling down on him, so when the day came, he promptly got up, did whatever he needed to do, ate his breakfast super fast and then grab his soccer kit and was out of the house in ten minutes flat leaving just enough time to say goodbye to his parents who were amused by their son antics.

Meanwhile, all over Italy ,top players were gathering at one location.

San Siro Stadium.

It was exactly twenty minutes away from Fidio house so he was super lucky while others had to travel who knows how long.

His heart pounding in his chest as he caught sight of the massive stadium.

He swung the doors open and braced himself.

" Fidio Aldena reporting for duty!"

Only the coach was there.


The coach was a short man with blond hair that was wavy and reach to his shoulder, green eyes that seemed to look into your soul with all the seriousness in the world and wearing a black suit with the manager being a woman with black long hair and brown eyes, she held a clip board in her hands and brought what looked like measuring tape.

The coach smiled when he saw Fidio and said. "It looks like you're the first one here. You'll just have to wait for the rest" in a playful tone as Fidio groaned, he didn't think he would be so early, know it was going to be awkward when others came in.

So he waited and saw more people coming in and was amazed by the kind of players that were invited.

Such as Gigi Blasi, he was the most toughest goal keeper he had ever faced and was happy that he was going to be on the same team as such an amazing person.

But the player that most shocked him was the appearance of THE Hidetoshi Nakata, 'hide' for short, a much better stagiest than he was and forwarder and was looking forward to learning a couple of things from him.

He could already hear some of his future team mates saying how it was going to be an easy to climb their way to the top with 'Hide' as their forward.

None of them saw Hide frown.

Soon minutes turned into hours as everyone came in one by one and a total of fifteen people had shown up, all that was missing was Nero Ghost.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they waited. The Coach leaned in and asked the manager. "You did send a letter of invite to Nero Ghost address, right?"

Their future manager rolled her eyes and said. "Of course, I did! Had it ever crossed your mind that he isn't going to sho-"

She was cut off when they all heard notable footsteps and was it them all or did the temperature drop?

The footsteps got closer and they all turned around to see a tall slim figure and when that figure stepped into the light.

They all unconsciously held their breaths.

Nero Ghost had made an appearance.

Ghost eyes roamed to each and every one of their own, trying to judge each of their power levels before saying in a quiet voice that carried power.

"I'm hear so let's get this over with"

The coach snapped out of his shock, he didn't reveal this often but he could see how strong a person was through having special eyes and that allowed him to picked out the members of Orpheus in the form of aura, the bigger the aura, the stronger the person and now seeing the boy that had become the best player in Italy.

Nero Ghost was a monster.

His aura covered everything in blackness and what was even more alarming.

It was spreading.

He could never thank whatever god out there enough for having the boy born in Italy if he was born anywhere else.

It would be a slaughter but now they had the biggest monster there is on their side and he almost felt sorry for the teams that were up against him.


He cleared his voice and said. "Now then, since we're all here. It seems we should all introduce ourselves to one another. Fidio you go first"

Fidio blushed at the suddenly attention he was getting and cleared his throat to speak and said. "H-hi" Cursing his stutter. "My name is Fidio Aldena, age fourteen, third year of junior high and hope to become a professional football player when I grow up! Please take care of me!" he said with a bow and Ghost was tempted to roll his eyes.

Than it went from person to person until all eyes turned to Ghost who forced himself to seem at least sociable so he replied "My name is Nero Ghost, age fifteen, graduated from school. My dream for the future is no one your business. What I get out of joining you, ask me again and I will hurt you. I not joking, you keep out of my way and I will keep out of yours" it wasn't a statement it was a threat and many started to sweat at the harshness of the tone.

The manager took a gulp that she didn't know she was doing and said "What a lovely introduction, we will now hand-out your uniforms, wear them proudly" she said and began to call them up one by one.

Many cheered as they looked at their brand spanking new uniform and were actually trying them on which made her look somewhere else.

Ghost took his uniform which said '7' and he rose an eyebrow wondering why he was a defender and not a forwarded until he turned it inside out and almost grinned when he saw '13' so he was a player who played two positions.

He took off his horrid 'Athena Bladers' uniform and tried on the new uniform, not caring when he heard gasps from behind from seeing his sacred back and the 'Chaos' symbol which he was sure, they had no idea what it represented.

Fidio couldn't tear his eyes away from Ghost sacred back, wondering how a child not that much older than him had gotten them.

It was just not something that you were supposed to have and he know several others were thinking along the same lines.

Ghost turned around and looked over his new uniform, finding it fit him perfectly, he wasn't too crazy about the dark green jumper though and the blue uniform was too plain for his liking.

Who puts, the logo at the collar and so small?

The coach nodded in approval seeing that all the uniforms fit even though Ghost measurements were the hardest to get because he had to pay money to the boy manager.

What fifteen year old has a manager!?

He was going to train these boys to become touch notch football players and take the title of the world's number one. He clapped his hands to get everyone attention and they immediately gave him their undivided attention, although Ghost looked like he couldn't care less if he was here or not.

"Now then, these uniforms show that your all one mind and to be a team, you need to know each other inside and out, know each other capabilities." He said.

"But how?" One asked.

"Simple, I want to split you all into two groups. Group A and Group B. I want you all to go all out and try working as a team" He answered and then the manager promptly split them into two groups.

Ghost grunted when he saw that Fidio was his captain when 'Hide' was clearly the better choice.

Fidio didn't have a chance to open his mouth before Ghost had said he was a right wing mid-fielder while the others who actually cared about his opinion, gathered around Fidio.

They were all put into their position, his team had yellow bibs on while the other didn't.

The referrer blow the whistle, to signal the 'game' and immediately it was a showdown between Hide and Fidio nether of them giving each other an inch and the coach nodded in approval when he saw how well they were guarding each other.

The ball was passed behind and the yellow bibs went after the ball, the none bibs moved up while the yellow bibs chased after them.

Ghost suddenly appeared and slid kicked it out of a non bibs grasped and out of the pitch.

"Nice!" his 'team mates' yelled.

He ignored them and went back to his position.

Fidio sighed, Ghost was proving to be a difficult team mate to handle and hoped the guy would come around, soon.

The whistle started and the non bibs took the ball and through it to Hide and he immediately ran with it, dodging everyone that faced him and nearly everyone couldn't help but give him a look of awe as he passes were perfect and his agility was on a whole other level.

Hide scored.

"Wow" Fidio said, picking his jaw off the floor, almost all of them secretly agreed Hide was amazing and no player can stop him.

Ghost rolled his eyes and immediately stopped the gesture when he realised both the coach and the manager were watching him.

Hide, frowned not liking how quickly everyone was becoming dependent on him except for Ghost who looked like he couldn't care less.

Maybe, he would leave the team and comeback when they snapped out of it and learned to do things on their own, Ghost read his mind and that's why he wasn't shocked to hear.

"Coach, I would like to leave the team temporary" shocking almost everyone.

"You can't do that! We just became a team!?" Some yelled and other agreed.

The manager opened up the rule book and looked through it before saying "He can and there is nothing to stop him from doing so. You need to learn how to grow stronger individually and not relay on one person." getting disbelief looks from most of the team.

Hide nodded before taking of his uniform and putting back his original clothes on before walking out of the stadium.

"Did I say, you should stop?" The coach said and they immediately got back to the match, one player short.

Almost everyone gave it their all and most were exhausted except for Ghost who looked completely fine and they noticed.

"Ghost come here a minute" The coach said and he forced himself to comply and actually went to the coach. He was then startled to find the manager squeezing parts of his body.

As I thought. His muscles are not strained. How is that possible when he being running for two hours straight!? The manager just didn't get it, as she wondered how Ghost body worked and would love to collect some blood samples, she whispered something in the coach ears who eyes lit up with interest.

"Ghost, Why aren't you trying?"

Silenced followed his question.

Ghost sighed, not surprised that the coach had picked it up when the rest haven't.

"Well If I even try let's say one percent. People are going to get hurt. I mean straight to the hospital hurt. I do not want to be the cause of half of the opposite team never able to play soccer again"

Shocking everyone at the honesty of his words.

The coach eyed him sceptically and asked "Can you show us what you mean?"

Since Ghost had nothing better to do, he figure why not and grabbed the only soccer ball on the pitch and started doing 'kick-ups' and counted back from ten and when he reached zero, knowing everyone was watching him.

His muscle tensed and jumped and spun around and when his foot and the ball were in the right position, he kicked it.

The ball disappeared from view and all they heard was a whoosh sound and many wondered what happened.

Ghost landed on his own two feat and pointed at the goal he was facing, they turned and saw there was a hole in the net, behind the net was a...

Five meter deep hole through solid concrete behind the goal were the ball was on fire and had just stopped with scorch marks.


All mouths hit the floor as they couldn't believe their eyes and if that hit someone, they shivered at what would happen.

"I told you, that was me doing a half assed job and wasn't even truly trying" He said, pointing to the hole in the wall and the coach nodded in understanding getting why it was dangerous for Ghost to try to take a match seriously.

Some of the team even took a step back, now seeing with their own eyes, how big of a power difference they had and the strength they had prided themselves in, Ghost had put all that to shame with some demonstration.

Amazing Fidio thought, so this is the best footballer in Italy. Getting all pumped up, he was going to try his hardest to become stronger and some day, have Ghost himself call him his rival.

"I think, you all now know a little bit about each other. I hope to see you all at the airport station in two days time to go over our first match" and with that, both the coach and the manager left.

There was a silence among the group which was broken by Ghost getting his bag and walking to one of the exists to leave.

He got out his phone and called the family limo.

"Well then see you guys later, do try not to embarrass yourself at the first match. I won't go down with a sinking ship" resulting in, annoyances from the rest of the group who were going to prove him wrong.

Nobody say the grin on Nero Ghost face.

This was the day, where the monster, Orpheus was born.

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