Here is chapter 2.

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2: Head of to the World Tournament!

"Have you got everything?"

"Yes mother" Nero Ghost grunted, he did not want to have this conversation at the Airport in front of the whole team and the paparazzi.

" Make sure to not own compete but also enjoy your the time you have" His father said and he smirked knowing he would.

"Nii-san" He looked down and came to Sky eye level who wore sun glasses and his top said 'Swag' on it with a grey jacket and jeans with some white high tops.

He looked every bit, a celebrity child.

"Yes, little duckling?" Nero said, he couldn't believe how fast his little brother had grown, it seemed like only yesterday that he was in the man bathroom, changing his baby brother diapers.

" Make sure to get lots of photos for me and that Japanese Candy. I told you about" Sky said, annoyed that he couldn't come with him because he had school to go to.

Nero smiled and replied. "Of course, I'll get you a super big box"

He then turned to his manager.

Meanwhile with the rest of the team.

"If that Ghosts parents? They look so different then how they are on T.V" Fidio asked.

" Yes, I wonder if I could get an autograph" one of them said, going star eyed at seeing the celebrity husband and wife.

"Man I wish, my parents were celebrities too but all they do is sit around and drink tea all day" another said seeing the two celebrities hug their son, goodbye.

"Goodbye son"

Nero beamed and said. "Goodbye, Mother, Father and little bro. I hope I see you again soon" waving to them as he walked to his team who were going into the plane, he ignored the press who wanted to get answers.

He walked out and sat in first class since his parents did pay for it while the rest sat in third class much to their annoyance.

All the luggage was put into the cargo part of the plane and he went to watch an in flight movie with his head phones in.

He watched 'Terminator' and eat some tomatoes while watching it.

This was how the next eleven hours went for him and he was more than happy to get off the plane when it finally landed.

He waited for the rest to get off the plane since he couldn't go in without them much to his hatred.

The coach smiled seeing Ghost wait for them and made sure to count that everyone was there.

It was so bright and sunny outside, Ghost know he was somewhere near Japan on an island that host one part of the International tournament.

"Okay, everyone gather round" The coach said, and then the manager called out names to make sure everyone was there and nodded when everyone was there.

"Now then, please make sure were all together and follow me to where we will be staying" the coach said and they all followed, Ghost put one of those micro phones into his ears when he received a call as they were walking through.

He rolled his eyes and said "No, what kind of idiotic move is that? Have you tried trying out all the codes? stop being lazy and do it. This app is supposed to launch on Friday!"

While the rest were wondering who he was talking to and the none Italian Paparazzi where wondering who the tall white haired boy was, the way he walked and talked indicated power.

He was clearly different from the rest, he took his suitcase and followed after the team while people snapped photos of the Italian team and any other team that came by.

"Welcome" A man came up to them and said in broken Italian.

The coach smiled and said "it's a pleasure to be staying with here. I hope we can someday return your graduated." while Ghost rolled his eyes and continued to talk to the person on the other end that was starting to irritate him.

"Come this way" The man said and they all followed him to a bus, where it took two hours to get to the building they would be staying at which could only be described as a bed and breakfast hotel.

Ghost cringed, too used to living the life of luxury and thought this was a low point in his life.

Thankfully the inside was much nicer then the outside and he could somewhat live in it, of course he would have to call some people to redecorate what would no doubt be a small white room.

A Woman met up with them, wearing an apron and said in broken Italian. "Welcome Italy team to Umigame Island were you'll be facing off between France team, Rose Griffin"

Ghost couldn't care less, he just needed somewhere to dump all his stuff and then go explore the island so he tuned the whole speech out and only listened when she explained the living arrangements and times to come down for dinner and breakfast.

Then their manager went to explain, what time practise starts and where it will be happening before telling each and every one of them where their room numbers was and he was told his room was number '7' so he dragged his luggage to the room and just as he thought it was plain and small. He decided to upload his posters and tools and active the black cube and make it so it's so it's much bigger inside while it's much smaller on the outside and attached it to the wall while putting a security lock on it.

While the others, were wondering where the hell the noise was coming from. Once he was done, he took off his jacket and put head phones in while playing 'Flappy Bird' which was irritating but highly addictive.

Shoes off and spread messy on the floor while he rocked out to a death metal music on full blast.

He left the door open, not caring if somebody came his way.

#3 hours later#

He tried to ignore the hand tapping his shoulder followed by a face looming over him.

He frowned and took his head phones off and asked in a cold tone.


The boy in front of him shifted uncomfortably, he didn't want to do this but he had lost the game of rock paper scissors game and swallowed before saying.

"Dinner time"

Ghost frown deepened before he sighed and said "Fine, I'll be down in five minutes."

The boy nodded and couldn't be happier to leave Ghost sights.

He put on slippers and tried to remember where he came from to meet the team who looked slightly uncomfortable now that he had entered the room.

He loved it.

He looked at where they were lining up and took a plate, it was rice and curry.

He rose an eyebrow, wondering if this was what he would have the entire time, he's was here and thought about calling for takeout soon.

He sat down as soon as he got the food and eyed the thing like he expected the rice to come alive and crawl off the plate.

He poked it and when he deemed it safe enough, he took a spoon full and opened his mouth to gulp it down.

He ignored how hot it was and was surprised to find it tasted good even though the taste was slightly different from what he was used to.

Like he was the trigger, the rest dug into their foods and they too found it was nice and eat more faster while Ghost was composed, he was not going to show them how he usual eat.

They weren't family.

He ate in silence, wishing he had a glass of water but know he didn't know how his stomach would react to having drunken from water straight from the tap and shuddered at the thought.

He got up as soon as he was done and took it to the kitchen where he left it and walked back to his room.

Fidio sighed, watching Nero Ghost go. This was not what he was expecting from being on the same team as his idol. Ghost hadn't spoken one word since the airport and it didn't look like they were going to form a close bond any time soon.

But he wasn't going to give up and he would drag Ghost kicking and scream if he had to make the guy interact with the team.

Isn't that what the Captain supposed to do?

Make sure every member, contributes to the team.

Ghost didn't know why but he felt a shiver down his spine.

He closed the door and said in a quiet tone.

"Engage, 212 lock down." There was a faint hum before the room glowed and turned back to normal.

He glanced at the enlarged photo of him and Abbey on the desk and smiled before getting into bed and clapping once to get the lights off and pulling over the covers to get a good night's sleep.

# Next day#

Nero Ghost was annoyed.

Why he was annoyed was to do with a certain appointed Captain who just won't leave him alone!

Since early in the morning, Fidio had invaded his private space and tried to make him talk to him.

He gritted his teeth and pushed down the urge to send Fidio flying.

"Your annoying, go away" He grunted and Fidio beamed, finding that a step in the right direction to get Ghost to socialise with the group.

" Come on, Ghost. Don't you want to play one on one with me? If you win, I'll leave you alone but if I win, you have to force yourself to socialise with the group" Fidio said, picking up a soccer ball.

Ghost eyed him for a minute, it seems he didn't have any choice if he wanted Fidio off his back.

"Fine, but keep your promise" He said and Fidio nodded.


"Hey did you hear, Fidio and Ghost are having a one on one match right now?"

"What, really!?"

Most of the team left their seats and went out to the football pitch to see both of them in their uniforms, standing opposite side to each other with no goal keeper.

"Are you ready?" One referee that just happen to be passing by said and blow the whistle.

Fidio rushed for the ball and took it and suddenly found Ghost in front of him, he tried desperately to keep the ball out of the taller teen grasp but it was next to impossible to do so.

what is this!? Fidio thought, is Ghost even standing there at all!? His movements are weird. Seeing Ghost movements so unpredictable that he couldn't think up a scenario to counter.

Ghost did a tackle slide, knocking it out of Fidio grasp but Fidio quickly recovered and went after Ghost but the distance was increasing!

what the hell is this!? Why is the distance getting larger!? He thought, finding that no matter how hard he runs, the gap keeps getting wider.

Ghost smirked, he had trapped Fidio in a mind illusion so Fidio thinks he's running but in reality he's just standing still.

He kicked the ball into the net and the referee signalled the point.

He dropped the illusion and Fidio looked around confused that he hadn't moved at all.

Ghost was in front of him and said "Well at least now you know you can leave me alone." walking away while Fidio sulked but was surprised to find that his Mind was much more sharper than before.

Ghost...helped me? Fidio rose an eyebrow as he came to only conclusion there was to his sudden change before smiling, there was still hope for Ghost yet!

Ghost back was turned so he didn't see Ghost nightmarish grin, everything was going according to plan.

He planned to have lots of fun until his team gets kicked out of the tournament.

So all of them trained, well Ghost sun bathed most of the time and did little to no exercise while complaining about how bored he was.

So the day came, were they would face, Red Roses.

Out of the millions there.

Nobody could have predicted the outcome.

It was 23-0 to Italy.

It was a slaughter.

Red Roses side was silent as the final whistle blow as they couldn't believe how one sided the game ones. Their team, didn't even touch the ball for ten seconds before having it stolen.

The team itself, didn't have the energy to move and was one the ground while Italy team towered over them like god.s

Teams that came to see the match were looking in fear, more directly at Nero Ghost.

The guy was completely inhuman!

"Did you see that move at the end?" someone whispered.

"Forget that did you see the white hair boy, he was crazy fast!"

"Who is that?"

"Were we even watching a match?!"

" Wow, what kind of crazy players come out of Italy!? I couldn't even see that white haired boy move!"

"That boy is a monster! he scored over half the points himself like it was Childs play!"

Ghost put his hands in his pockets, listening to what the audience was saying about him and couldn't help the small smile.

There was no question about it.

Nero Ghost was a monster and he had become the number one player to look out for the other teams who had come to watch and was looking at him with disbelief and fear in their eyes.

He had made his mark.

#Meanwhile in Japan.#

Endo Mamoru had just been elected the goal keeper for Japanese team and was out celebrating with the rest.

Nobody was aware of the horror that was going on not that far from them.

And Scene!

Next chapter, Endo and the rest finally join the championships and Ghost gets reunited with a old friend of his.

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