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8: Italy Vs Japan and Summoning.

As expected Mister K, aka Ray Dark tried to replace Italy team with a team that was basically a copy of his former Royal Acdemey team before they all realised he was a compete whack job.

What was even more creepier was that the new team leader was a cheap imitation of Jude Sharp, instead of Jude red cloak, he wore an actual robe and even the hair style was copied.

Jude, Endo, Kudo and Sakuma came to the rescue of Italy aid only to find out that even in his old age Ray Dark was still a bastard.

The four were lied to about one of Japan matches and had completely missed it however through a TV screen they saw firsthand what Japan team was like without them and Ghost was absolutely shocked at how bad they were.

Japan couldn't do anything without their four key players and it messed up 'team work' as they got there ass handed to them by 'The Empire' which was Argentina team who even they were disappointed in how bad Inazuma Japan was.

However the team slowly healed and they actual began to fight back.

Too bad it was too late.

So Mister K had the last laugh.

Now it was the day of Italy vs Japan and the crowd was buzzing however much less Italian supporters had come to see the match because it got out that he indeed wasn't going to be in the match so they lost interest.

But the amount that came was still enough to fill the seat.

He sat in his chair disguised next to Light shugo who thanked him a million times for the seats so that he could get some great research picture for his sport manga.

To him it was a dream come true.

He sighed, wishing his parents and baby brother were here but they had to fly back to Italy since his parents work was too much for their managers who pleaded for them to come back home and lessen the work for them.

His baby brother had to get back to school and because of him, the teachers were watching Sky very carefully in case he decided to go down the 'wrong path' like him.

He could see Hidetoshi Nakata in the crowd of spectators, Italy main striker with his friend with a name he didn't care enough to learn.

Mister K looked annoyed that he hadn't even shown up for this morning practise. He didn't really think that Ghost wouldn't show up and leave Italy hanging.

The match was happening exactly as according to the original time line, everything was in place.

However when both teams got on the field, there was a small shockwave.

It seemed on him and Light could feel it.

Something told him that he should check his uniform and he opened his bag.

His uniform was there but it had no number on it.

What was even more strange was that Italy team seemed to be acting strange.

It was like they were a complete team with nobody missing.

It was like they had forgotten he was even on the team.

He should have known.

To make sure that everything was exactly the same way, the timeline made everyone forget that Nero Ghost was a member of Orpheus team.

He was still a member but they couldn't remember he was their team mate.

"Ghost, what is wrong with Italy and Japan?" Light asked, seeing them act strange. It seems the fact that he was a Chaos power was shielding him from the memory alteration.

" Light this is the result of the universe trying to erase my existence and since it cannot. It has made sure nobody in this stadium remembers that I'm on the team" he sighed, he should have seen this coming.

Light looked shocked, that such a thing was happening. " Well is there a way to undo such a thing?" Light asked.

" I don't know, It would take me some time to undo the effects but I don't really care right now, I wasn't going to play in the match anyway so sit back and enjoy the match" Ghost said, sighing, this was truly the end of the road for him.

He had defied fate way to many times and he wasn't strong enough yet to go completely against it.

Light frowned before turning to the match and push down his urges.

"Don't worry, I'm still on the team register but it seems like Mister K can't see my name" Ghost mused.

The game had started.

Ghost and Light watched the whole thing play out.

How Inazuma Japan got the first touch and Someoka headed for the goal only for Italy failed attempt at 'Catennacio Counter!' over and over again to surprise him.

They watched as Japan started getting wary about the move, despite they had yet to see it in action.

They watched as Fideo showed Mister K that his father was the key all along to the Hissatue tactic and everything just seemed to click and they successfully pulled it off on Jude no less.

After that Japan had a hard time, passing the ball upwards but they found a way, thanks to Jude because he back passed in that time gap needed to properly use the technique.

They watched, as Mister K seemed to have undergone a transformation and become much more involved and seemed to be even enjoying it.

It was at that moment they added, Fideo Ardena to their hit list.

They watched as Italy seemed to be in trouble and Hide came to the rescue, putting himself back to where he belonged and becoming Italy true captain.

The whole team seemed to have undergone a transformation and their passes were much more quicker and shaper even their counter tactic evolved with Hide to intercept Jude back pass.

Italy scored however the game ended with a draw.

# outside#

"it was good that they tied with each other" Light said, coming out feeling very disappointed.

" You wanted to see me come in like a super hero and save the day" Ghost finished, hiding his amusement.

" Yeah, instead it was that 'Hide' guy. It should have been you. The universe is not fair" Light cried out and many looked at him like he was crazy.

Ghost dragged him to a spot where they could have their conversation alone.

"There is no point complaining about it. What's done is done" Ghost said.

"But it just not fair! You've worked so hard and have trained alongside all of them and yet they all end up forgetting just like that." Light said, hitting the three. "and what about the deal you made with Inazuma Japan. They forgot everything just like that! If this is the kind of world we live in that people are just left and forgotten because they were a mistake. What's the point in living!"

There was a silence.

"You know that's why I made the Chaos Powers." Ghost finally said. " One of the reason was how unfair this world was to people like me. I wanted to raise up against that and make sure the same thing that happened to me doesn't happen to other people"

"And take over the world right" Light said, smirking.

" You know me all too well. Yes and take over the world, tell me are you truly happy with the way the world is now? The world has been in the state of delusion for all too long. People have been brainwashed to believe that the world is simply black and white and people like Endo Mamoru just run along freely, splashing their influence around and telling people lies about how people should live. The world has grown soft with the way people handle issue such as Soccer. It's idiotic to base everything on one soccer game, take for example the angels and devils" Ghost said and Light shuddered, he really couldn't understand why they had a soccer related problem.

"Don't remind me. If you have a problem, duke it out with words or your fists not a sport" Light said.

"Exactly, you see how weak the world has gotten since the last war. What I want is for humanity to not be soft and think we can all be friends. I want humanity to be tough and independent and that can only happen through war. War brings out what Humanity should have been from the very beginning and while leading them. I don't care how many people oppose me or spout nonsense if I see them as a hindrance I will eliminate them. There will be no mercy" He said coldly and Light could tell he was absolutely serious.

" So we're really going to do this? Kill people and stuff, huh. Well being a Mangaka is not as glamorous as I thought it would be. I wonder if my parents are rolling in their graves, knowing their son is going to be a mess murder in the future" Light mused, he too had seen the falseness of the world and seeing what he just witness had solidified his decision to fully commit to Ghost cause.

" You won't be alone, you got people waiting for you to take your rightful place when the time is right" Ghost said.

"And exactly when will that be?" Light asked, wondering this for a while now.

There was no response.

"Ghost?" Light said turning to face his best friend only to find Ghost seemed to be staring out into space with his eyes unfocused.

# Ghost mind#

" Where am I?" He asked, he suddenly found himself being pulled into his subconscious.

What surprised him was that his Titan self was also out in view.

" It seems we've been called" The large beast boomed and looked up.

Ghost looked up as well.

He saw four titan face looking over them.

"Nero Ghost you have been called to the front lines"

He was pushed out of his mind.


" Ghost!" Light snapped his finger in front of his dazed friend that seemed to finally come back to reality. "It seems your back. What was that? You started muttering something underneath your breath"

" Light, I'm going to war" He said simply.

Light eyes widened. "Nani!? You mean you're going back to your home planet like Abbey and joining the fight against another species?"

"Yes, Light that is exactly it" Ghost, said.

" and how long will you been at war, hell, will I even see you again? What about our plans for world domination!?" Light exclaimed.

"Don't worry, unlike last time. I won't be completely powerless, my father has prepared me in combat and I'm a god so it's going to take more than beheading me to kill me this time around. I highly doubt there is a weapon out there that has been made that can kill me" Ghost said and Light breathed a sigh of relief.

"But how long will you stay there? The last time you were there was six right and you spent two months? So how long this time?" Light said.

" Judging by how the war seemed to have reached its peak. I would give it ten years tops" Ghost admitted and Light almost had a heart attack.

"Ten years! but I would be super old by then!" Light yelled.

"Light you'll be 25 by then, that's no classed as old so wait for me until then" Ghost said.

"Fine but you better come back in one piece" Light said.

"Right and Light I have one more thing to do before we never see each other again for ten years" Ghost said.

"And what is that?" Light asked.

"I have to lock away your memories of being a Chaos power" Ghost said, bluntly.

"But why!?" Light exclaimed, horrified that his memories were going to be messed with.

" Relax, it's just to make sure that you don't do anything questionable. Who is most like to be seen as a Chaos Power, a person who constantly disappearing or someone who is a typical Mangaka that does just like everybody else" Ghost pointed out and Light mouth was shaped in a 'o'.

" I see but It will come undone right?" Light said, still sceptical about this.

"Sure, it would come back when I decide to return home" Ghost reassured him.

"Okay" Light finally gave in.

"Just close your eyes you won't feel a thing" He said in a soothing voice and felt something cold rubbing against his very brain, he could feel it looking for something and he felt his brain functions slow down.

He passed out.

When he did regain consciousness, he would wonder why he was sleeping under a tree with a feeling like he was waiting for something.

# Italy#

" Father, Mother I back" Nero Ghost called out, both parents showed their surprise that their son was back, wasn't it Italy game day today!?

" Nero-chan why are you home did something happen?" His mother asked.

He nodded "Yes, I got summoned to the front lines" and both parents expression turned serious, after all it could be the last time they ever see their son again.

His father kneeled down and said. " I hope you come back to us in one piece. If not, take down as many enemies as you can with a bomb" and his mother handed him his black box, she was trying to be strong.

One of her little boys was going to war.

" Mother, It's going be alright. I'll going to make sure to make it back to you or die trying" He said with determination while his mother gave him and hug and a kiss.

"Tou-san, Kaa-san who at the door?" a small childish voice asked and they all turned around to see Sky at the door.

Sky eyes widened seeing his big brother, what happened!?

"Nii-san what are you doing here?" Sky said in shock, and why did it look like something big was happening?

His question was met with silence as all three wondered how they were going to break the news to him.

" Son" His father started, signalling his wife for support.

"You brother is about to go to war" His wife finished off as gently as possible.

Sky eyes grow wide. "Nii-san that wonderful! How long are you going to be gone?" he asked, and both his parents looked at him expectantly.

He didn't want to answer the question but he know he had to.

"Tenyears" he grumbled.

"Son can you speak up" his father tone was stern.

"Ten years!" He shouted louder.

There was silence as what he said was sinking in.

"TEN YEARS!" His mother exclaimed in tears. "That means, the next time I see my baby boy he would be all grown up"

"Ten years!? Does that mean, I can finally go drinking with my son?" His father asked in an all too hopeful tone, getting a whack and a glare from his wife as he cowered.

Nero felt a tug on his trousers and he looked down to find big adorable eyes staring back at him.

"Nii-san is it true? Will you really be gone for ten years" Sky asked, sadly, he was hoping to spending his childhood with his big brother by his side.

Nero softened and he picked Sky up.

" Don't worry. When I get back, I won't leave your side and we can spend your remaining childhood with me glued to you" knowing full well, Sky would be twelve by then and may not be all that for it by then.

Sky couldn't stop the tears from rolling down.

"Nii-san please stay" he know it was selfish.

Nero smiled sadly, " I can't. I've got a whole war waiting to finally end and what kind of big brother would I be if I don't fight for our race?" he kissed Sky on the forehead. "When I come back, I want to be a brother you could be proud off and you can hold yourself up high and even boast to your friends about" he said, gaining a small smile on Sky face.

" I want to come back and see this boy" touching Sky nose. "Become someone who is worthy of being my baby brother and I want to see you with the biggest smile on your face" he said, wiping away the tears.

"Nii-san, please come back alive." Sky hugged his leg.

" I will, little duckling" he said, softly.

" If you don't I will go there and find your corpse, revive you and then kill you again" Sky threatened while he just smiled and laughed whole heartedly.

" I wouldn't expect anything less from my own little brother" flicking Sky noses.

" And we will be expecting great things from you, son" His father said and his mother picked Sky up.

" Not only do we want to see you home but also we want you to come back with grandchildren for us" his mother said and he blushed.

" Kaa-san why is Nii-san blushing?" Sky asked.

"I'll tell you when you're older" His mother said, wisely.

" Bye mother, father and baby bro" His said, smiling really wide.

"Bye son/ Nero-chan/ Nii-san" all three of them said.

He then waved before he disappeared.

# Ryuu place#

Ryuu Tsuna was startled to see Nero Ghost, his master appear right in front of him in his home office.

He immediately got down on one knee.

"Master, what brings you here?" He asked.

"Rise, Ryuu. I was just coming here to tell you that I'm going to war" Ghost said, not even sparing the room a glance.

Ryuu got up, with wide eyes.

" The next time, we see each other will be ten years from now so I will have to seal your memories of your time as you Chaos Power. Do you object?" Ghost asked.

"Of course not Master" Ryuu said, saddened that this was going to be the last time he was going to see his master in a very long time.

"Good" Ghost stepped forward and like he did with Light, Ryuu felt the same cold sensation before he passed out, Ghost caught his second power from hitting the fall and positioned him on his desk.

Later Ryuu will wonder why there was dust on the knees of his suit.

After that, Nero Ghost want from one place to another, saying farewell to each and everyone one of them.

His last stop was Liocott Island were his newest recruits were.

"Master, you're going to war?" Former Sein asked, he could not believe his ears. Desuta had named his new 'little brother' Sein as well, simply because he wanted to keep some fragment of Sein alive.

Speaking of Desuta and the rest of the devils, they had been giving their old forms back and their wigs weren't so small any more.

" Yes, please tell your brother and the others about my departure. I want everything to be ready and set in motion when I get back" He said.

"Of course, master" Sein said.

Ghost pulled out the box he got for his birthday and Sein watched in awe as the box wrapped around his master body and turned into a full on decked out space suit.

Suddenly there was a hissing sound coming from the sky and a small rocket of some sort appeared to be coming towards them.

Since they were so high up, nobody could see what they were doing.

The rocket stopped in front of them.

It opened up and Ghost stepped inside.

"Goodbye Master!" Sein yelled, as he saw his master being lifted and gone in a flash.

#With Ghost#

He watched as the earth got smaller and smaller until all he could see was space.

He went into hibernation.

When he was allowed to wake up, he blinked and was hit with a piercing light.

He looked around, his shuttle was gone, probably gone to pick up someone else.

He looked around to find the trees ridiculously tall and no sign of life for what he assumed were miles.

Wait, no he smelled something.

He followed the scent and when he stopped, he found himself looking at a titan with blond hair and human like cheek bones.

It looked like it was just lazing about.

No, his sense were wrong.

This wasn't a titan.

This was a human.

It looked like a titan but being so close to it, made him realise this was indeed a human.

What happened here?

He decided to walk around to see what he could gather and found similar Titan like humans around, they ignored him since their sense were telling them, he was one of their own or he wasn't food.

He was deep into a forest when he came upon a scene that he thought he would never encounter.

Human corpses.

All of the corpses, were either missing a body part of being mixed together.

They all had one thing in common.

They all wore, short light brown jackets with a badge on it, a light coloured shirt, a dark brown sash around his waist, white pants and dark leather boots.

Why where Humans, on his planet!?


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