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Chapter 2

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She smiled and said "It's nice you see you again. Hope to talk to you soon Gray" Then she walked away. She couldn't see Juvia glaring at her though.

While walking away she couldn't help but to have the biggest smile plastered on her face. He had remembered her. He came up to her. Maybe she would be able to get him to notice her. Maybe, just maybe.

End Recap

Normal POV

After school Lucy and Mira went shopping. They bought clothes, ate food, got new shoes, and something you can't forget, talked about boys.

Mira told Lucy every little detail about Laxus. The blonde smiled brightly. She was really happy Mira found someone.

"What you? Any guys in your life?" Mira asks.

Lucy was a little reluctant to tell Mira though.

It's not that Lucy doesn't trust Mira, but she is a match maker. She wouldn't be surprised if Mira tried to get her and Gray together.

I could tell her. I'll just say that she can't try to match make us. That wouldn't work, Mira would still do it anyways. Hmmm maybe I could just say it's a boy she doesn't know. It wouldn't be a lie. Or tell her I don't have a crush. That would work, but then again that would be lying, and I don't want to lie

Lucy thought in her mind.


"Huh? What is it Mira?"

Mira huffed in annoyance.

"I was asking you about your crush" She emphasized the word 'crush'

"Well..." Lucy kinda drifted looking away with a small blush coloring her cheeks.

"You do have one! I can tell" Mira practically screamed.

"Fine you got me. I have a crush on one of Sting's friends" Lucy admits.

They were walking out with a tray of food. They sat down on some tables outside on a balcony.

Beautiful. Lucy thought.

"Come on Lucy tell me" Mira pipped.

"No" "Pleeeeease"

"No" "Why not?"

"I don't want to, that's why"

"That's a terrible reason"

"That's just to bad for you" Lucy said smirking

"How about last name" "No"

"First name" "No"

"First letter of name" "Mira!"

"Oh come on. Don't you trust me?"

"That's debatable"


Goodness this girl is persistent. Will she ever stop asking me this stuff?

I think.

OH no. She's giving me the pout face.

"Mira, does it really matter?" I ask.

"Of course it does. Love is no easy matter Lucy. It's very important to tell me"

"Mira, everything you just said made no sense."

She gave me another pout.

"FINE I'll tell you"

She practically screamed. More of a mix of giggling and squealing the anything.

"What do you want to know?" I asked very annoyed.

"Okay first I saw Sting's group earlier was he in that group?"

"Yes he was" "Okay next name, age, hair color, and most importantly does he already have a girlfriend?"

"His name is Gray Fullbuster, age he should be turning 17 this year, dark blue is his hair, and yes he does have a girlfriend" I say sadly.

"Awe I'm sure he'll break up with her. We should be leaving soon though. We've been talking for a really long time about this." Mira peeps cheering me up a little.

TIME SKIP ( House )

"Well I really have to go. Say hi to Sting when you get inside" "I will. Bye Mira, love you" I yelled from the outside of the car.

"Love you too Lucy" ( No not in a weird way. Like sisters ) Mira waves and then drives away.

I walked up to the door, but when I opened the door there was something there I wasn't expecting.







"Gray?" I screamed.

Hahahahaha. This is where I'm ending it. Fun cliff hanger. I know this is short, and I would keep going with this. I just thought a cliff hanger would go perfectly here. Sorry.

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