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Chapter 9


Lucy's POV

Me and Gray just showed up at his family reunion. Though he doesn't seem very happy.

"What's wrong Gray," I ask.

"Nothing. I just don't feel like being here,"

So I can guess you have a few questions. How long has it been sense you guys started dating? Married? Anyone else in a relationship? Things like that.

Well its been a six months sense we started dating. No we aren't married, but hoping so. Not that I really know of.

We're happy. After all that drama it ended up being okay.

We walked inside a big building.

Me not really knowing anyone just stayed by Gray's side and didn't say much. I was having fun though.

"Hello Gray," A voice from behind said. We both turned around.

It was Juvia?

"What are you doing here Juvia? You shouldn't be here," Gray said.

"Actually she should be," Another voice popped up.

"Lyon, long time no see,"

I haven't actually seem him before, but Gray's told me about him

Lyon is Gray's cousin. He also has had a crush on Juvia ever sense he met her, but Gray was dating her. I guess that Lyon swooped in to take Juvia now that Gray and her aren't dating.

"So you finally got yourself a girlfriend Lyon. What a surprise," I hit him on the head.

"Be nice," I scolded him.

"Lucy it's nice to see you," Juvia told me. I smiled saying a simple "you too" in return.

Suddenly Lyon grabbed Juvia's hand.

"Let's dance," Which Juvia complied.

Once they were out of sight Gray stuck his hand out.

"May I have this dance,"

I gently took his hand while he showed me to the dance floor.

I know are life isn't going to be a fairy tale forever, but right now I just want to live in the moment.

We're going to have drama in are life, but together we'll get through it.


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