"Now then. How about we go on this picnic?" I say smiling at their dumbfounded faces.

"A-Allen. Did you just confess to Kanda?" Lavi asked, horror stricken face.

"Hmm. No, I don't think so. I mean, I wouldn't marry him. But if you wanna consider it a confession then go ahead…" I say.

"Lets just go." Lenalee said grabbing the basket of food.

Everyone was about to walk out but I stop them. "Wait. Let Lavi go out first." I say smiling at Kanda.

Lavi walks out slowly. Before a screech is heard. "AHHHHHHHHHHH SO FLUFFY!" he slams the door open and tackles me in a bone-crushing hug."ALLEN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! CAN I KEEP HIM!? HUH HUH? CAN I KEEP HIM!?"

"Yes, yes, Lavi you can keep him." I sigh. I'm not a dog person.

And so we went to the park, with Lavi practically riding the dog he amazingly named Flirpfilless… ugh.

When we got to the park, we ate, and then decided to play truth or dare.

"Lenalee, truth or dare?" I ask.

"hmm. Dare." She smiles evilly.

"Okay… I dare you too… lick Flirp's nose."

She smiles. She grabs Flip's face very tentatively and drags her tongue across his face.

After a laugh she says. "okay, first. Allen, were u serious about Kanda's sexiness?"

Kanda scoffs and I smile, "100% he's probably one of the most sexy guys ever."

Kanda heist me atop the head, making me pout. Lenalee laughs, "okay. Now, Kanda. Truth or dare? Dare? Great. I dare you to fake propose to Allen in town square. Right now."

Both our eyes go wide. "WHAT!?"

And here we are.

"lets get this over with." Kanda says before getting down on one knee and taking out a ring as I put my hands over my mouth in fake surprise.

Many people yelled out. "FAGGOTS" or "YOURE GOING TO HELL" but a few took pictures and aw'd.

I say "Yes!" and spread out my arms and hug him. Before pulling away and kissing him. He made a noise of surprise.

I'm sure he was even more surprised that I deepened the kiss. Sticking my tongue into his mouth forcefully. He didn't seem to hate it as his own tongue found its way into my mouth.

I take my tongue out and pull away.

We then walk back over to our friends who are blushing furiously. "Damn Al', I didn't think you'd take it that far… was it French?" Lavi whispered that last part.

I lean over and respond, "Consensual too."

"KYA~ I ship you two." He squealed. Lenalee nodded in agreement as I put a peace sign up.

"you're all fucking retards." Kanda growls.

"Well, I don't mind the ring, I think ill keep it." I say smiling.

Dark clouds form over head.

"I think we should go..." Lenalee said.

"Yeah, but we can totally continue this party at my house. I got a keg~" Lavi said.

"I'm in." I say quickly.

"NO! you and Kanda are not to drink." Lenalee says,

Me and Kanda flip her off quickly before flipping each other off.

We all piled into the car, Flirp on my lap.

When we got to the house, me and Kanda looked desperately for the keg. To no avail.

"You guys. No drinking." Lenalee says as we flop onto the couch, exasperated.

Lavi brought out the keg, and only he and Lenalee enjoyed it.

Me and Kanda decided to go outside and smoke a bit.

"So." I start. "Gone to any good bars lately?"

"Just get high quietly, wifey." He thinks its funny.

"But hubby~" I say putting my arms around his neck pouting, all while holding my cigarette between my lips.

"Wife, stay silent." He growls.

"But hubby~~ I wanna play~" I say sluring.

"But wifey, I don't," he said leaning into the wall taking a drag. How rude, he's acting like he doesn't notice me.

"But hubby~" I say leaning in close. My body pushed into his.

He glares at me deeply, but mostly as the drag between my lips. "you know, I'm high as duck right now. And I have little to no control of my actions."

"Fully aware. How about we sneak a drink? At a bar maybe?" I ask.

"Hmm, doesn't sound bad." He says smirking.

"K, ill tell the others were leaving." I say.

I go to the door and open it. "ME AND BAKANDA ARE GOING TO A HOTEL TO HAVE HOT SEX DON'T WAIT UP!" I giggle at the crashing.

"WAIT ALLEN, BUD DON'T DO SOMETHING YOU MIGHT REGRET!" Lavi yells, but his scream fell on deaf ears.

When we got to the bar, guys immediately flocked us, asking to have a drink, or to dance. Or some even asked what we were doing after. we went out separate ways as we danced.

I found a nice guy with black hair, not especially interesting features. But I could feel his hard on as I grinded against him, both of us keeping a good pace with our bodies. Eventually he says, "That guy you were with, he isn't your boyfriend, is he?"

I smile and say, "no, you were right, he is my boyfriend, wanna have an affair?" I cup his face and gaze into his eyes.

He smirks, "I'd love to have an affair. For the record, I have a wife." My eyes widen. I was just kidding but this dude really does have a wife. It really would be an affair. Crap. I can't be involved in shit like that.

I step back, "A wife? Dude, you have a wide, c'mon." I say facing him.

He looks confused. "But, your boyfriend is right there, isn't it the same?" he asks. I quickly shake my head.

"We have a very open but committed relationship." I say matter-of-factly.

"Who says me and my wife don't? c'mon, lets have a bit of fun." He says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him.

I could just act like I never knew. I had my fun with him and sat down at the bar.

I started talking to the bartender. "Long shift?" I ask, he seemed pretty down.

"Yeah, my girlfriend broke up with me." He sighed leaning his head onto the table.

I pat his shoulder, "There there, you'll find someone else, there are plenty of girls. But one of you, don't break yourself up over something replenish able." He laughs a little.

"Sounds like you've had some rough breakups." He says.

"Yeah, I had one boyfriend, total psychopath. Loved him to death, nearly got killed because of it. There are some really crappy people you could fall in love with in this damned world." I sigh.

"Hey, at least you got that hottie you came in with, just wondering are you with him? I'd love to take a grab at one of ya…" he sighs, he pours himself a drink and takes a big gulp.

"Thought you were straight."

"Not even close, that girl was arranged, but she was like my best friend. I'm gay as can be, I got the brightest rainbow balls u ever did see." He says pointing at himself.

"Well, we're not dating. We've been friends for a very long time though."

"You've been friends with him for a long time, but you've never had sex? Not once?" he asks suggestively.

"We haven't. I didn't know I was gay until a few years ago, I just came back to this town yesterday."

"And you're already at a gay bar picking' up hotties? Wow, teach me your ways wise one,"

"Of course young grasshopper, you must act as smutty as your pride will allow while still being unreasonably sexy, you can see an example over there." I say pointing at Kanda getting close to a blonde, also not very attractive.

"Very good example. I'm on my break in a few, I might try my own little something on the example himself." Just like he said, someone came to fill in for him and he went and tried to seduce Kanda.

It worked in the opposite way, he ended up a pile of slosh after a hot kiss from Kanda. Kanda came over to me, I may have had a few…

"Hey Moyashi, sloshed yet?" he asked taking his own drink.

"Hmm, maybe a lil'" I say slurring my words deeply.

"Hmph, means you've been drinking way to much aye?" he asks, his own cheeks getting a bit rosy.

"Lets go home, drinking is making' me feel totally bummed."

"Why? Moyashi sad he didn't get laid?"

"No… Moyashi sad because Moyashi is so close to Moyashi's dream guy and he can't have any of him." I groan. I was way too drunk to see that I was going to reveal everything.

"Ew Lavi? You guys go together great, fags." He grumbles.

"I agree ew… that's grody. Don't suggest gross things Kanda~ Lavi ain't half as handsome as this guy…" I sigh.

"Really? Then he must be one hell of a looker, yeah?" he asks.

"Yeah, even better than Tyke and Tyki is one sexy piece of man."

"Tyki? Who's Tyki?"

"A guy I used to play with a bit. We went to a bar constantly. There was a back room we used to ease our boredom with…"

"Ah, I had a guy like that. His name was Slive. He was pretty hot, we had a backroom too, at this bar actually, its weird he's not here right now, he should be getting here soon." He says laying his head on the table.

We soon both dose off, before a voice calls over to Kanda. "Kanda!" a man says jogging over to him, taking a breath to glare at me.

Kanda mumbles something and groggily looks up at him. "Hey Slive. Whaddaya doin' here?"

Slive grabs his arm and pulls him up, "C'mon, your hammered, time to go home. Weird guys are starting to flock." I think he meant me.

"Hey, sorry, that's my friend, he's with me. Hea gotta go with me, I already called a ride…" I say yawning.

"Look, I don't care what you think is gonna happen, but it ain't, just screw off and think about your life alone. C'mon." he tries to drag Kanda but he stops him.

"No, he's right, Lavi is coming to get us, damned bastard…" he whispered the last part under his breath.

He looks confused, "Why would this guy know Lavi's number, who is he?"

"I'm his high school friend. I just moved back here. I'm Allen, and you are…?" I say sticking my hand out.

He looks like he wants to spit on it but he takes it, "Sliver."

"Well Sliver, thanks for your concern for my friend, but we're both sobering up and I think we're capable of waiting for our friend." I smile nicely, but our hands were still locked and we were squeezing the crap out the other's hand.

"Well, Allen, I care very much Kanda here, we have a very nice relationship, I think you can go, I'll just take him home myself, tell Lavi thanks, but I got him."

"Well, I'd love too, but quite honestly I don't trust you not to rape him in the car while he's under the influence." We weren't trying to be nice anymore. We were glaring.

Kanda blinked, and you could see the realization and soberness coming back into his eyes. His glare was back, he stood up straight.

"Look Slive, I'm just gonna go with the beansprout." He says leaning heavily on the counter.

Sliver glares at me, and I smirk. I won. He then smiles. "I dunno, I wouldn't trust him, Kandy.. look at that freakish scar and obviously fake hair." He laughs. This bastard did it.

"Ha! At least my name is somewhat authentic… what was it… Slimy? No… Saliva? I just can't seem to remember." I say making gestures with my hands.

He balls his fists before smiling again and flipping his hair, "Allen is a boring name, actually, what kind of bastard father would name their kid that?" he says smirking, he sees he's hit a soft spot.

Kanda is still leaning against the counter as I smash my fist into Slivers face.

He falls back with a thud, holding his nose, eyes filled with rage. "You bastard!" he growls.

He throws a kick, and a punch, both of them dodged. But then he throws another punch, and I wasn't expecting it.

I braced myself for the impact that never came. I opened my eyes to see Kanda's hand in front of my face. He was squeezing slivers hand.

"I think you need to call Lavi again Allen, it's time for us to go." Kanda says lowly.

Sliver looks apologetic and says, "Kanda, he punched me first! You saw that, right?!" he pleads.

"Whore." Kanda hisses. He then grabs my arm and storms out.

"K-Kanda?" I ask between breaths.

He flicks and arm and turns around quickly. "YOU GOT A LUCKY PUNCH. .PUNCH. Sliver would've done who-knows-what to you if he had gotten that punch, you woulda been out cold. And if I hadn't sobered, what the hell would've happened, huh?" he glares scoldingly.

"Sorry." I say quietly.

He sighs and puts his hand over his eyes. "I need a smoke." We agreed on one thing at least.

"Yeah, but we just drank, probably not the best idea ever. Lets just go, so you want me to actually call Lavi?" I ask, I hadn't actually called him.

"Shit no. He's probably drunk off his ass right about now." He growls. He probably has a killer headache.

I laugh a bit. "Why don't we grab a hotel room near here? The house is too far away." I say turning towards him.

"Why the hell not. Then we can put a sign on our foreheads that say " I'm gay" he scoffs.

I slap him on the shoulder playfully, "Come on its not like we're straight, what does it matter?" he still pouts so I add "Okay, how about we go to a gay hotel? Hm? Would that make you feel better, princess?" I joke.

"Don't ducking patronize me, Moyashi." He growls dangerously.

"Fine, fine, then what do you suggest?" I say waving my hands in the air.

"I don't know a fucking homeless shelter?" he suggests.

I can't contain my laughter. "Kanda you're such an idiot! Seriously, a hotel, call Lavi or Lenalee, or walk home. Those are our current options. Choose one please." I say slinging a lazy arm around his shoulders.

He seems displeased with my arm for a moment before deciding. "Let's just get a hotel then."

"The great Kanda Yuu has decided!" I say clapping.

I turn us around and start walking to the gay hotel I saw as we were walking past before. We walk in and the bellhop smiles at us kindly, "Hello sirs, can I help you?"

I nod, smiling back. "One room for one night please."

She nods and lifts up something front under the desk, "Our hotel is promoting safe sex, stay STD free." She says giving us our key and a two condoms.

"Haha, thank you, have a good night." I say waving back to her as we walk away.

We get to our room and Kanda collapses on our bed. "You're not going to shower before bedtime, sleeping beauty?" I say throwing the condoms on the desk.

He grunts. "Don't bother me Moyashi, I'm getting a headache and it's your fault."

"My fault? I'm not the one who drank two bottle of whatever the hell it was. You sir, cannot say it was my fault." I say walking into the bathroom.

"You just came back, and you're already spewing nonsense." I hear him say.

"Not like I'm staying forever, gotta get my nonsense spewed now." I say putting toothpaste on the covered toothbrush in the bathroom.

"Well, you're not leaving tomorrow, so your nonsense can wait." He replies.

I quickly brush my teeth and walk out to see Kanda laying on the bed in the same position, staring on the ceiling.

I sit down on the edge of the bed next to him. "whatchya thinkin bout?" I ask him quietly.

"What note I'm going to leave myself for when I'm sober." I can't help but giggle a little about his answer.

"How about putting a cup of vodka and a pill next to it, sober you will never want to get drunk again." I say laying down next to him.

"I don't want to be a Dicky drunk though. I was just thinking putting a note on top of a condom saying to use it next time."

"I probably won't remember tonight either, you shouldn't prank both of us." I say getting tired.

"Maybe it'd convince sober me to stay away from bad news like you."

"Because sliver is good news." I yawn.

"Never said he was, but hey, he's something."

"I'm something too, a friend at least… right?"

I am met with silence and I look over to him. "Kanda?"

"Yeah, a friend… but honestly a good damn friend wouldn't just disappear."

"I know, I'm sorry. They told me how hard you took it. Not like it's been fun, but hey, I'm here now."

"Load of good that does now, moyashi, let's just sleep, I don't feel like talking about it anymore." He says turning off the lights and getting under the covers.

I get under the covers and turn off my lamp. "It's Allen, Bakanda, it's only two flyable, really not that hard."

"Hard or not, you're like a vegetable, no one likes them, but everyone needs them." He yawns and I think he falls asleep, leaving me dumbfounded.

"No one likes them, but everyone needs them? Sounds pretty accurate. Oh well, goodnight mean ol' Kanda boy." I say patting his tired shoulder.

I close my eyes and fall into my dream world, I dream of all atrocities.

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