Chapter Nineteen – The Other Side

The news spread quickly and Kingsley made sure enough people at the Ministry were able to view Voldemort's body. After all of that they decided to toss both parts through the veil and be done with it. In addition to Voldemort, all of his inner circle were dead along with him. There was no one they knew of out of all of Voldemort's followers that they needed to find.

Many of the Death Eaters were in Askaban but they were just low-level followers. With Voldemort gone, they had no chance to ever get out. Even if he were still alive, it's doubtful he would ever waste his time to break those Death Eaters out.

Of course, in the wizarding world there were still some sympathizers including some at the Ministry. They would likely have to be dealt with at some point. Harry was hoping for a little rest before tackling that problem. He figured he'd done enough for now.

He had on his agenda, after a good night's sleep that is, to go to the Ministry and register both his animagus forms. He wanted to make sure he was legal with it, even though he disagreed with the Ministry's rule on that. It should not be their business if you can become an animagus. Oh well, one change at a time.

There was a meeting held three days after the battle where a report was given to the Wizengamot concerning the battle and how Voldemort was now finally gone. Horcruxes were not discussed per se but it was explained that they discovered Voldemort had performed very Dark magic to tie himself to this world.

When asked what specific magic, Harry declined to answer explaining that to do so may encourage other Dark wizards to use that same magic and that was something nobody wanted to ever happen again. Harry went on to explain how he and others destroyed this magic before he faced Voldemort again. Now that the magic was removed and Voldemort was killed, he had no way of returning.

The sad part of the reports were the aurors and Order members who gave their lives during the battle. Seven aurors lost their lives along with three Order of the Phoenix members – Dedalus Diggle, Emmeline Vance, and Sturgis Podmore. Several others were wounded badly, including Tonks and Charlie Weasley.

All were expected to fully recover though due to Hermione's on the spot assistance where she healed what she could with potions and spells and provided portkeys straight to St. Mungos for more intense treatment. Charlie and Tonks had already been released to go home. There were only a couple of aurors left in the hospital still recovering.

Slowly the wizarding world started getting back to normal and quit being afraid to go out and enjoy life. There was still lots to do. Repairs were needed in different areas and some businesses needed to reopen.

Harry and friends returned to school to finish the semester and take whatever tests were required. Ginny and Luna took their OWLs while Harry finished up with his last two NEWTs in Charms and Transfiguration. He received two O's with special recognition in both.

For extra credit in Charms Harry conjured a small house on the floor behind him. It stood about five feet high and five feet wide. He then cast the Fidelius Charm on it, making himself the secret keeper. Professor Tofty was impressed when the house disappeared from view and he forgot where the house was.

Harry leaned in and reminded the professor about the house he had conjured and hidden under the Fidelius Charm. He then told him where it was located. The house came back into view for the professor and he was quite pleased with Harry's expertise with charms.

"Bravo Mr. Potter! Bravo! You have outdone yourself again."

The other people looked to see what Professor Tofty was going on about but didn't see anything. Harry waved his hand at it, removing the charm then vanished the house as well.

For extra credit on his Transfiguration practical, Harry changed into Griff. When everyone saw the terrifying looking gryphon in their midst someone let out a scream. Harry walked around a bit showing Professor Marchbanks all sides of him then jumped in the air and flew in a circle before landing again and transforming back into Harry.

"Very nice Mr. Potter. That is a very large and intimidating looking gryphon. Animagus transformations are very advanced and magical ones even more so. You earned that extra credit quite admirably."

"Do you mind if I show you one more thing, Professor?"

"By all means, Mr. Potter, please. We do look forward to these little practicals with you. I believe you now have everyone's attention," she gestured to the rest of the room, "so go ahead."

"I will need extra room so let me move a few things out of the way."

Harry wandlessly cleared space away from him and then got a little further away from everyone. They were all amazed at his wandless ability.

"Is everyone ready?"

They all nodded.

"Please do not be frightened when I do this. It's still just me. As the gryphon I didn't harm you and I will not harm you when I do this either."

With that, Harry changed into his dragon. Despite the warnings, there were still some screams. Harry carefully spread his wings so he didn't hit anything but that was all he could do. There was not enough room for him to move around, fly, or spit fire.

After a minute he changed back into Harry, put the room back the way it was, then stood again before Professor Marchbanks. The room was completely silent. Professor Marchbanks didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"How did you like my animagus forms, Professor?"

"Mr. Potter, how did you ever manage two separate animagus transformations, and both magical at that?"

Everyone was watching and listening at this point instead of taking their tests.

"Well, l learned the gryphon last year and managed to do a full transformation on my first try. Professor McGonagall was coaching me. Even though I heard how difficult an animagus transformation was supposed to be, I simply found transforming into my animagus fairly easy. At home I was told that the Potters were pretty good at animagus transformations and usually they were magical animals."

"A portrait of one of my grandfathers, about seven generations back, told me his animagus was a Hebridean Black Dragon and I thought how cool that would be to become one. Since I found animagus transformations easy to accomplish I decided to give it shot. Quite recently I managed my first full transformation."

"It is never boring with you around Mr. Potter. Thank you for sharing with us."

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny also had a new business to grow over the summer. Harry decided to buy some space in Diagon Alley where they would have more room to manufacture their devices and hire people to help with the growing demand. The space was large but Harry still had to magically expand it inside to hold all their stock and supplies.

Harry even figured out how to make the cell phones work without a Muggle service. After he studied the magic behind the Wizarding Wireless network, it was a piece of cake to figure out what he had to do. However, there were many logistics to work through for the business end of it. For instance, the company was selling both the phones and providing the service.

They had to come up with several styles of phones so the customers would have a good selection. They had to come up with and track numbers assigned to each phone. Their phone network needed to be able to communicate with the Muggle phone network. There was a switch at their company's main office that handled that.

They thought they were busy with the communicators when all the ministries around the world were demanding them but when Harry figured out the cell phones and they started selling them, practically everyone in the wizarding world wanted one.

Harry got the twins involved to sell the products in their store. They worked out a price so both could make a good profit. The phones and earpieces were selling like crazy on top of the joke business that was already very successful.

This prompted them to open a store in Hogsmeade and sell their products their as well. The kids were very excited about the cell phones and they all wanted one. Some of the purebloods were hesitant at first but most changed their tune when they saw their classmates with them and how they worked.

The purebloods had to go back home and try to convince their parents to consider using these new devices. Slowly but surely a few purebloods joined the club and bought their first cell phones. Harry figured a few more years and he would drag most of the purebloods somewhat into the current century.

Of course, at Hogwarts the professors had to make new rules about not using your cell phones in the classroom. There were plenty of detentions due to this new device as the students tried to get away with it.

A few years later the phones were even more the rage, especially with teenagers, when texting was added.

Harry's werewolf cure was obviously a big hit and Harry was paid great sums of money for his work. He decided to donate the money to a fund that would pay for the treatment for any werewolf that could not afford it. Most could not since they had to pay for the potion plus a three-day stay in the hospital. Harry's fund helped cure a lot of people with lycanthropy.

The Ministry was forced to recognize this and remove those people from the roles of the Werewolf Registration. Things were starting to look up for them finally when they could hold a job without needing monthly days off. Not being shunned by society was a nice bonus as well.


One day during the summer after some long hours at the company where Harry and Ginny had been working together for most of the day, Harry asked her for a word before they went to their separate homes. Ron and Hermione had spent most of the day meeting with potential suppliers and a couple of potential big customers so they didn't make it back to the office.

"Ginny, can I talk to you for a second before we leave?"

"Sure Harry, what's up?"

"Well, I'm not sure how to tell you this."

"Just say whatever you need to say Harry."

"Okay, do you remember at the battle when we first got started?" Ginny nodded. "I flew inside the house and was looking out the window. I saw you as Harpo and I saw that Stunner hit you. You fell so far, Gin, I was just certain that you didn't make it and was severely grieved. I had to force myself to continue on and finish the job. I believe it made me even angrier at the Death Eaters. I know I never cut them any slack."

"But I was fine so what are you worried about?"

"I know now that Fred and George took care of you and protected you from harm but when I appeared in my dragon form afterwards and saw you, I was so incredibly relieved that you were alive and well."

"That's sweet Harry."

"No, I've been stupid."

"Why would you say that?"

"Well I've thought long and hard about this since that time. I just never realized how much I care for you. I've thought of you as a really good friend and I've thought of you as Ron's little sister but since the battle we've been working so much together and spending so much time with each other that I've had to reevaluate how I feel."

"What exactly are you saying Harry?"

"I can't believe how much I'm mucking this up." Harry started pacing and sighed hard.


"I want to date you," Harry blurted out as he turned back to Ginny. "Will you go out with me on a date?"

"Are you saying you feel that way about me?"

Harry nodded.

"Am I dreaming? Can this be true?"

"Yes, yes, it's true. Believe me it's true."

"Oh, Harry, that would be so wonderful."

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes, yes, yes! It is definitely a yes."

"Good. I was worried there for a minute."

Harry walked over and hugged Ginny. They stayed that way for a minute or two. Finally, Harry asked another question.

"Do you remember how you used to kiss me when you were feeling excited?"

"Yes, I remember that," she said slowly.

"Do you think you could pretend to be excited enough to kiss me like that again?"

"What makes you think I have to pretend?"

Harry smiled as she pulled his face toward hers.


After Ginny finished Hogwarts, she went on to play for the Harpies while still dating Harry. She gave up her share of the business giving Ron and Hermione 45% each. Harry still left his at 10% and slowly did less and less work as Ron and Hermione took it over more.

Neville became a well-known herbologist, creating new crossbreeds of plants that helped in different areas such as healing and new potions. He ended up earning his mastery in the field and marrying Hannah Abbott soon after. Several years later, when Professor Sprout retired, he took over her position as Herbology teacher at Hogwarts where he continued his research.

Severus Snape eventually gained a lot of respect for Harry, especially after his potion to cure werewolves. The biggest change in him occurred though after Harry removed his Dark Mark. They even later worked on a joint effort together to create a potion using some of Neville's new plants.

Luna ended up travelling the world, sometimes with her father and sometimes alone. She would write stories for The Quibbler about the various strange creatures she found. However, the best creature she came across was named Rolf Scamander who shared her interest in magical animals. They eventually married and had twin sons named Lorcan and Lysander.

Sirius eventually ran into an old flame and they hit it off again. They married soon after and Sirius became heavily involved with his seat on the Wizengamot, voting as proxy for Harry as well since he rarely ever showed up.

Harry ended up teaching for what would be his seventh year. He even started a karate class for any students who wanted to take it. Most of his first and second years were interested. He then took some time off after that to concentrate on his businesses and enjoy life more at home for a change.

Remus continued as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and took back over the first and second years when Harry left. He eventually married Tonks and had a son named Teddy. Harry was named his godfather.

Ginny took over the karate class for her last year after Harry left. Kevin took it over after she left while he continued to meet at Potter Place to train with Harry. Harry let him use the pensieve, memories, and other tools his sensei gave him then monitored Kevin when he could to make sure he was still on track.

Kevin eventually earned his black belt while still in school and continued to train others, but when he graduated, Kevin was offered a position at the school as the new karate instructor. Dumbledore recognized the importance of the physical fitness and the training as he sat in some of the sessions to observe. He was most impressed with the discipline and respect that was required for the class. All students could use that he surmised.

Kevin and Lucy married a couple years after finishing at Hogwarts.

Harry went to all the Harpy games to support Ginny and usually the rest of the gang joined him if they could.

It was nice not to have to fight anymore but Harry still kept up his exercises and continued to advance in Isshinryu Karate, eventually earning his tenth level black belt which is called Ju Dan. That is the highest you can go in Isshinryu Karate. His friends also continued to train and advance with him as their sensei, just on a little slower schedule this time.

If you ever happen to visit Potter Place, you just might see Harry flying around. He could be on his broom or just as himself with holes in his boots for air to pass through. He could also be flying as Griff the gryphon or as Puff the magical Black Hebridean dragon. If not, he will likely be riding his horse Rolly. Just look and see what he might be up to.

The End

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