Chapter Two – Elemental Feelings

Harry was out again at 5:30 in the morning for his run but this time he had a few things he wanted to work on as he ran. Yesterday he discovered that he could control all four of the primary elements, control being the operative word. In truth, he discovered that he has the ability but not much control yet.

This time while he ran he concentrated on using the air element to keep him cool instead of casting cooling charms every so often. With little effort he found that he could use his air element to produce a nice breeze for the whole run. Every so often he would change the wind direction so that it blew at his back instead of his front. He found he could also increase the wind so that it either pushed at his back to help him along or blew strongly to his front so he had to work harder on his run.

Harry kept working with it trying to change the temperature of the breeze as well but didn't have any success. However, when he ran by a stream he managed to use his water element to cover himself in a mist. Of course he soaked himself first before he finally managed to get it down to a fine mist. He had dried himself off with a nice wind while continuing his run. He worked on changing the temperature of the wind again but when he finally finished his run he wasn't any closer to accomplishing that. He figured it would be best to ask Steve about it at the dinner party later.

After Harry finished his run he headed into the house to complete his workout. He noticed Sirius sitting at the table in the dining room drinking coffee. He also noticed Sirius had a couple of books out and some pen and paper taking notes. Harry stopped to see what he was up to and ask what his plans were for later.

"Sirius? What's got you so busy this early in the morning?"

"Hey, kiddo, I was a little anxious to get to work on my earth elemental so started reading the books they gave me and taking some notes. I was waiting on you before having breakfast."

"Sounds good, Padfoot. Let me finish my workout, take a quick shower, and then we can eat. If you would like maybe we could go outside afterwards and work on our elemental magic? With just you and me out there hopefully I can learn to control what magic I feel or be able to zone in to the elemental magic regardless of whatever magic I feel around me. After all, if I'm not able to find it in a group of people then I won't be able to use it."

"Good idea. I'll see you at breakfast. By the way, I really like the way this pen and paper works as opposed to using quills and parchment. I'm feeling a little muggle-ish," he said with a slight shiver and a grin.

"Great! I'll get you together with Mr. Weasley and you two can talk about muggles all you want," Harry said as he walked off to finish his workout.

Sirius chuckled and went back to work.


After breakfast Sirius and Harry headed outside to work on their elemental magic. Sirius had been reading up and was anxious to give it another shot. Harry had tested his air and water a bit while on his run but wanted to test his earth and fire as well while working on finding the element even when distracted by other magic.

They found a good spot on the property out of the way to work. It was a small clearing surrounded by trees with a narrow stream running through it. The clearing was covered in bluebonnets. They were well enough secluded but Harry put up a strong notice-me-not and silencing charm just in case.

"Why don't you go ahead and get started Padfoot while I work on isolating the elemental magic? I can feel your magic already because that's what I'm accustomed to finding right away. Perhaps I can get accustomed to feeling the elements just as quickly or find some way to look for the elemental magic while ignoring the other magic."

"Alright, Harry but it'll be a shame to mess up all these pretty flowers."

"We need to learn to restore things back to the way they were anyway, so no worries."

"Let me know if you need me to do anything to help you. I learned a little bit reading my books and taking notes. Let's see if I can put it to good use."

Sirius concentrated for a few minutes and then raised his hands. A four foot wide and two foot deep wall of earth rose up before him. He concentrated again and the wall sank back into the earth. It went a little too far so Sirius raised it back up until it was even again.

"Not bad Padfoot! That was pretty good in fact."

"This is child's play. There is whole lot more you can do according to those books but it takes a lot more control. Only way to get there is lots of practice."

"No time like the present. By the way when you used your earth elemental I was able to feel that magic over your own internal magic really well."

Harry raised his right hand and a wall of dirt and rock rose before him. He then used his left hand to do the same. Next he lowered the wall with his right. Concentrating hard Harry lowered the one on his left while simultaneously raising the one on his right again. Eventually he had a rhythm going with the two walls raising and lowering opposite each other.

Harry stopped and looked over at Sirius to see what he was doing. He found Sirius just staring at him.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Show off!" replied Sirius.

"I'm just proving a point."

"And that is?"

"That you don't need two hands to do this. You're not using your muscles to raise and lower the dirt and rock, you're using magic so let it do the work. As a matter of fact…."

Harry turned back around and just used a finger and was able to raise the wall of earth easily. He turned his head back toward Sirius and while looking at Sirius with a smile on his face he used his finger to lower the wall of earth back into the ground slowly.

Sirius just laughed and pointed his finger toward Harry's feet. The next thing Harry knew he was shooting up in the air on a wall of earth. Harry barely managed to remain standing. When he stopped moving he looked down at Sirius and wiggled his finger. This caused Sirius to shoot up next to Harry on his own wall of earth.

After Harry had Sirius at his level he then pointed to the ground next to himself and raised another platform that he stepped on. Sirius saw what he did and did the same keeping up with Harry. They kept shooting up walls of earth and moving around the clearing running on top of them with Sirius chasing Harry.

They were enjoying themselves when Harry had to leap over the stream to his other platform. After he made the jump he turned around to see Sirius doing the same so Harry brought up a wall of water from the stream so that when Sirius jumped he ended up jumping through the water and getting soaked. Harry cracked up laughing at the look Sirius was giving him.

"You're just full of yourself today," said Sirius applying a drying charm to himself.

"Well, from what I've heard about you and my father, I can safely say I got this way honestly. Here, let me help."

Harry produced a strong wind that nearly blew Sirius off the dirt platform but he braced himself against the wind and even turned around to dry all sides. Harry stopped the wind when he thought Sirius was dry.

"You know with a little practice you might make a good marauder."

"Speaking of practice, shall we get back at it?"

"What exactly do you think we've been doing?"

"Yes, well, we'd better put all this dirt back where it belongs."

Sirius and Harry managed to lower all their walls back into the ground before working on their control some more. Harry worked on picking out and focusing on feeling the different types of elemental magic separately while in close proximity to Sirius. Sirius worked on fine tuning his ability.

When Sirius pulled up a large amount of earth using his elemental magic, Harry focused to concentrate on pulling up his fire element. He was surprised when he was able to call on it while distracted by the magic in Sirius and the earth elemental magic he was commanding.

"Hey Padfoot?"


"Put me a wall up over there," Harry said pointing. "I want to try something."

"Coming right up," he said and pulled up a wall about 8 foot high, 4 foot wide, and 2 foot deep in the area Harry indicated.

Harry swung his right arm like he was throwing a ball. When he released it a small ball of fire about the size of a baseball formed that flew toward the wall of earth and exploded off of it when it made contact.

"Nice, Harry! That was incredible," said Sirius with a big smile. "Try it again but this time see if you can make the fireball bigger."


Harry concentrated but this time he didn't do the big pitch but just put his hand out in front of him with his palm facing the wall and his fingers curled like a claw. Drawing on the fire element that he firmly had a connection with now, he let it build a bit before sending out through his hand. The fireball shot out of his hand much faster and about five times bigger. It exploded much larger than last time when it hit the wall.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about," said Sirius.

"I think I could find a use for that."

"Well, if I could do it, I would certainly find a good use for it. No problem. Let's see what else you can do."

"It's getting a bit hot out here don't you think?"

"This Texas sun does make it warm."

"Let me help you out."

Harry brought up some water in a fine mist and used his air elemental to give them a nice breeze.

After they cooled off Sirius walked over a ways from Harry to work on his earth elemental magic and try some of the things he had read in his books. While he was doing that Harry started playing with some ideas of his own.

He still wanted to see if he could change the temperature of his wind but he just could not figure it out. He then tried to see how hard he could make the wind blow. He pointed his left palm toward the ground next to him and sent a strong gust of wind toward the ground. Suddenly he found his whole body was pushed off the ground but he was angling wrong. Harry quickly used his other hand and sent the same force of wind to the ground. This levelled him out and he found himself hovering about five feet above the ground.

It was difficult to balance himself properly but he kept working on it until he got a better handle on it. Then he tried to see if he could move himself forward rather than just hovering. However, when he turned his palms backwards to point behind him he began losing too much height. He turned his palms downward again and he went back to the same height off the ground but he was no longer going forward either.

Harry then tried again but this time he slowly tilted his palms so they were facing the ground at an angle. He slowly started moving forward and keeping the same height from the ground. Harry decided to chance it and pushed more wind from his palms. He took off a lot faster then and was moving well but he realized he wasn't sure how to turn. He slowed it down and came to rest on the ground gain.

He realized that if he weren't in such good shape he wouldn't be able to do this for very long. It took a lot of body strength to keep yourself straight and not fall over. He realized then that this could be another good exercise for him to do while at the same time he worked on developing his skill.

Harry noticed that Sirius was busy with his own work so he didn't see what Harry had been doing yet. Harry decided to share. He flew over to Sirius and just hovered behind him and watched him work. He was making some good progress which reminded Harry that he himself needed to spend some time reading his own books on the elements.

Sirius turned around to check on Harry but what he saw made him jump back. He saw shoes about five feet off the ground and Harry standing in them. He looked up to find Harry laughing. Harry could not hold it so he lost concentration and fell the five feet to the ground, rolling over on his side.

"Harry, what in the world were you doing?"

"Practicing, Padfoot, practicing. Do you like my flying?"

"That's incredible Harry. How did you do that?"

"I created a strong wind from my palms which lifted me off the ground. Here let me show you. I'm still working out a few things though. I can hover and move forward but turning I'm not sure about yet."

Harry faced his palms toward the ground and lifted off. He then angled them at the ground and started moving forward again. He decided to try to make a turn but ended up spinning out of control and falling straight on his bum. Sirius hurried over to see if he was alright but he found him laughing.

"What so funny?"

"It's just funny how I can have complete control but if I make one wrong move or turn my palm slightly in an incorrect way then all the control goes out the window… quickly."

"That was pretty awesome though. I can't believe you can fly!"

"Well, I can only go a few feet off the ground. To really fly it would take wind with the power of a small rocket or airplane. That would really be awesome but it would take so much body strength just to stay straight and control it."

"That would be amazing."

"I think I've had enough for now. I'm going to go get cleaned up and read a bit before we're picked up for dinner at the chief's house."

"I'm going to work on my elemental magic for a while longer. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it."


Edward came by when it was time to pick them up for the dinner party. Sirius and Harry climbed into his truck and enjoyed the ride through the countryside to Joseph's home. When they arrived they were greeted by a whole bunch of Ironwood family members. All had been briefed about the expected guests so it was up to Harry and Sirius to try and remember all the names of the people they met. Everyone already knew their names. It was evident as well that Joseph had set everyone straight about Harry's power because no one reacted at all other than a couple of wide eyes at first.

They met Edward's cousin, Jacob, the father of Steve and son to Joseph. There was a very strong resemblance between father and son, although Steve took after his mother, Susan, some as well. Susan was a beautiful black haired Caddo Indian with bright, mesmerizing grey eyes. Susan and Harry ended up complimenting each other on their lovely eye color.

Next, Harry was introduced to another family member and he could tell right away that she was Susan's daughter and Steve's younger sister. Rachel looked just like a younger version of her mother with the same eyes. As it turned out she was the same age as Harry with her birthday following his in September when she would turn 16 as well. Harry stammered in his greeting and she did no better than him. All the adults around them smiled at the teenagers, recognizing their immediate attraction to each other.

They stood there not saying anything but Harry still had her hand in his. They were just staring into each other's eyes and smiling at each other until Sirius cleared his throat. Harry shook his head to clear out the cobwebs, then bowed and kissed the back of Rachel's hand who promptly giggled in reply.

"My apologies Miss Ironwood for my lack of manners. Forgive me, please."

Rachel smiled at him.

"Rachel," said Susan, "please take Harry around and introduce him to your cousins. We'll have dinner shortly."

"Yes, ma'am."

Rachel grabbed Harry's hand and led him off toward some teenagers and kids.

"Well, that was interesting," said Jacob.

"Yes, I've not seen Harry do that before," replied Sirius. "He was obviously taken with Rachel. Of course she's quite beautiful. Simply put, you have a very lovely daughter and I believe young Harry noticed."

"He was not the only one, Sirius. Jacob, did you see Rachel's reaction when she laid eyes on Harry? We've never seen our daughter do that before either. This is a fairly small community so we all pretty much know each other. I've never seen Rachel take much interest in the boys around here but she obviously showed some interest in Harry. The feeling was mutual it seems."

"I agree Susan," replied Sirius. "They were both a bit smitten."

"Well, I say we let them figure it out on their own," interjected Jacob. "I trust Rachel and after hearing about Harry and then meeting him, I find that I trust him too. They are both good kids and mature for their age."

"I'll let you in on a little secret," replied Sirius leaning in toward the couple. "There is very little Harry can't figure out. Of course, girls may be one of them. It happens to the best of us guys."

"We are all in that boat, Sirius," said Jacob.

"You won't get any sympathy from me," added Susan. "I'm going to the kitchen to see if they need some help. You guys will be on your own so stay out of trouble." Susan turned and left as both men gave her a 'who me?' look.


Harry thought Rachel would let go of his hand as soon as they got over to her cousins but she did no such thing. She was holding his left hand so he didn't need it to shake hands with the other guests. Of course, Harry bowed and kissed the back of every female's hand. The younger girls were more than taken with him after that but noticed Rachel's right hand was firmly holding on to Harry's left so kept their excitement on the down low and admired him from afar.

Harry and Rachel found Dr. William playing with his young great-grandchildren and having a ball.

"Gramps?" said Rachel. "I didn't know you were going to be here. Hey, you look great!"

Rachel dropped Harry's hand and gave her great-grandfather a big hug then turned back to introduce Harry but William stopped her.

"No need, Rachel. I'm already acquainted with Harry. In fact, he's the reason I was able to come tonight. You see, Harry is the one who healed this old body."

Rachel's eyes grew real big and misty. She then grabbed William and hugged him for all he was worth. William started laughing. She then pulled away from her great-grandfather and with tears in her eyes she latched onto Harry and hugged him as hard as she could thanking him over and over. Harry eventually hugged her back feeling more and more comfortable with this gorgeous girl hanging onto him.

Rachel pulled back suddenly.

"I'm so sorry Harry. I didn't mean to just grab you like that and cry all over your shoulder."

"Don't worry about it. I'm always willing to let beautiful girls cry on my shoulder. There's no better job for them to do."

"Excuse us for a bit Gramps."

William nodded with a smile.

Rachel grabbed Harry's hand again and led him off a ways from the crowd. When they were far enough away she stopped and started pacing in front of Harry.

"Is something wrong?" asked Harry.

"No, it's just I'm about to do something that I've never done before. I'm a bit nervous about it." She looked at Harry for a minute.

"Take your time," Harry said casting a wandless silencing spell around them.

"Harry, I know there's something going on between us. When I first laid eyes on you something happened. I'm extremely attracted to you – "

"As am I to you."

Rachel gave a nervous smile then continued.

"But I don't know what this means," she said. "I've never felt this way before. All I want to do is kiss you but I hardly know you. You're going to be leaving soon and I'll likely never see you again. I need to know what this is."

"Let me make this easier for you, Rachel. I've done this before but I've never initiated it. Tonight I will."

Harry walked over to Rachel and took her in his arms. He gently kissed her lips. He saw that she was waiting with her eyes closed so he kissed her again. This time she started kissing back and so they deepened the kiss and kept at it until they needed some air. They broke the kiss and then stood there in each other's arms breathing heavily. What they didn't realize was that several eyes were watching the display from the smallest of the kids to the oldest of the adults.

Applause broke out which brought Harry and Rachel out of their trance. Rachel covered her face from the embarrassment which just caused the audience to get more rambunctious so she grabbed Harry's hand and led him to behind a big tree where they couldn't be seen.

"DINNER IS READY!" a couple people yelled. They then heard Joseph speaking to them.

"Come and eat Harry and Rachel. We're sorry my precious granddaughter for teasing you but you know that's what families are for. We do it out of love. Now come and join us while the food is still hot."

Harry and Rachel came out from behind the tree with smiles on and joined the others for a wonderful dinner. Most of the kids were eating hot dogs and hamburgers. Harry ate a delicious steak with a loaded baked potato and salad. Rachel made sure Harry was seated right next to her. She was planning on exploring more of these feelings with Harry after dinner.

The meal continued on with most wanting to hear more about their guests and the differences in their magic. Steve talked about the demonstration Harry put on for the teachers and students at the school yesterday. Some started trying to get him to repeat his performance but he insisted it was his godfather's turn to entertain.

Sirius promptly stood up and turned into Snuffles. The kids all came running and he went off to play with them. He gave them rides and let the little ones climb all over him. Harry told them Sirius was really coming along with his earth elemental training and how he found him studying his books and taking notes this morning after his run. He then told them some of the things they did while practicing and his attempt at flying.

"Flying?" asked Joseph.

"Well, it's not really flying like I would consider true flight," replied Harry. "I only managed to get about 5 feet off the ground and move forward some. I'm still working out the kinks."

"Are you saying you used your air elemental to fly?" asked Steve. "I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone being able to do that."

"It does take a lot of strength to keep your body straight. Without all my training there is no way I could have stayed up as long as I did."

"Would you mind showing us exactly what you did?" asked Steve. "I'm not picturing in my mind how you accomplished that. It would help to see it."

"Sure, let me move over here so everyone can see."

Harry walked off a little ways where he had some room and everyone at the table could see him. He put his hands at his side and then pointed his palms at the ground. He gave a burst of wind from both hands and lifted off the ground to about 5 feet up. He then angled his hands and he moved forward. He gave an extra burst to speed up then he slowed down and landed. He walked back to the table. Everyone at the table was staring at him and the kids and Snuffles had stopped as well to watch him fly.

"I've not worked out how to turn without landing on my bum yet so I'll need to work on that. Pretty silly, huh? But it actually is a really good workout so I thought I would continue trying to do more with it and get some good exercise in at the same time."

"That's incredible Harry," said Steve. "I'm definitely going to have to try that and hopefully not die trying. I don't think I have as much upper body strength as you so I may not be able to accomplish it."

"You look strong enough. At any rate you'll build strength just trying it so if you figure more out, please let me know. I'm anxious to see what all can be done with this."

"Harry, you seem to always amaze us," said Joseph. "I believe you have a gift for the wow factor."

"What's the wow factor?" asked Harry.

"That's when you do something amazing, which appears to be quite often, we tend to want to say 'wow'," answered Joseph.

Harry chuckled.

"Harry, do you have an animal animagus like Sirius?" asked Susan.

"I do have an animagus but it's nothing like Padfoot."


"That's his name while in his grim form. He sometimes goes by Snuffles as well."

"He doesn't act like a grim," replied Joseph.

"No he doesn't. Technically he's a grim but he always acts like an overgrown puppy."

Padfoot barked.

"See?" asked Harry.

They all laughed.

"Can you show us your animal form, Harry?" asked Rachel.

"Only if everyone here can promise to keep it a secret and we should move to where the kids won't see."

"Yes, the young kids would not understand about keeping it secret," said Joseph.

"True," replied Harry, "but I was more concerned about scaring them."

"What exactly do you become that would be scarier than a grim?" asked Joseph's wife Cathy.

"If I have everyone's promise then I'll just show you."

They all nodded and accepted to keep his secret.

"Snuffles, please keep the young kids with you so I can show the others something," Harry told Sirius.

Padfoot nodded his head to let Harry know he understood. The group then walked and led Harry around to the other side of the house and stopped when they were out of sight of the children.

"This should do, Harry. Go ahead and show us," said Joseph.

"I'm going to need a little more room," he said as he stepped back away from them.

They started looking at each other in a worried way. Harry cast a wandless silencing charm around the group just in case they made too much noise that would bring the kids around to investigate.

"Are you ready?" asked Harry.

They all nodded in a non-confident way.

Harry grinned and turned into his gryphon. Several of them jumped. Rachel walked up to him and started petting him. Harry laid down and moved his wing out of the way so she could climb on if she wanted. She caught the hint and climbed on. Harry stood back up and walked around a bit with Rachel on his back. He came back to his original spot and laid back down so she could climb down. After she was off and moved away a bit Harry leapt into the air and took off flying. He made himself invisible before he got past the top of the trees.

While flying around for a bit Harry decided he needed a name for his animagus, something catchy but would fit his personality as the gryphon. He decided to give it some thought later so he headed back down then removed the invisibility charm once he was below the tree line. Some of them jumped a bit when he reappeared. After landing he turned back into Harry and grinned.

"Man, I love flying!" he announced.

"No wonder you tried flying with your air elemental," said Steve. "You just love to fly!"

"That just about sums me up, Steve."

The rest of the group were still staring in amazement at Harry and his animagus.

"Another wow moment, Harry," Joseph informed him with a smile.

Rachel went back up to Harry and grabbed his hand again. She led him into the house and down into the den where no one else was. It was also out of site from others unless they came to the door of the den. She sat Harry down on the couch and then sat next to him.

"Harry I want to explore these feelings we have some more. I'm still a bit confused as to what they mean and I want to kiss you again if you don't mind." I can't believe I just said that, she thought.

"Well, at least we have something in common."

"What's that?"

"I want to kiss you, too." Harry smiled.

Rachel smiled back in relief.

"After we kiss again, perhaps we should talk and get to know each other better?" suggested Harry.

"Okay," replied Rachel softly as she leaned toward Harry.

There kiss started slow again but quickly deepened and grew more intense. Rachel ended up pushing Harry down onto the couch while kissing him and ended up laying on top of him. They were starting to get a little carried away when Harry stopped.


"Hmm?" she asked while nuzzling into Harry's neck.

"I think we need to slow down and perhaps chat a bit before we get too carried away."

Rachel raised up and looked at Harry with a frown on her face indicating she was not happy about that but knew he was right.

"I suppose you're right Harry. Sorry, I've never had a boyfriend and I certainly have never been kissed like that before. It's quite a wonderful feeling. I guess I got a bit carried away." Rachel got up so Harry could, then they sat back down again next to each other on the couch.

"Don't you dare apologize. I was not complaining, just trying to keep a level head with a beautiful girl in my arms. That's not an easy thing to do, let me tell you. The last thing we need to do is get too carried away and then have regrets. Plus, I don't fancy any of your family coming in and catching us."

"Yes, that would be bad. So, Harry, tell me about yourself." Rachel was trying to keep her hands to herself but Harry just reached over and grabbed her hand in her lap. She put both hands around his and smiled.

Harry shared a good bit about himself and Rachel did the same. She was shocked at some of the things Harry shared with her and she found it funny when he told about his friends that sometimes just kiss him when they were excited. Rachel was a straight A student in school and she loved to tackle and figure out problems. Harry informed her that she was a water elemental and she was impressed with his ability. She was still developing her second element which was earth.

They continued to talk for a long while getting to know each other. During their conversation Susan came to the door to check on them. The couch was facing away from the door so they didn't see her. She noted they were just talking so left them alone. She informed Jacob and Sirius who was back to himself talking with the adults.

Harry and Rachel talked for a good while but soon found themselves kissing again. They decided it would be wise to go back outside and mingle with everyone else. However, when they arrived outside they heard one of the kids screaming. They rushed over to see what the issue was. Most of the adults were doing the same.

One of the kids had fallen wrong while they were playing and broke his arm. He was not very happy about it either so was screaming at the top of his lungs. His mother reached him first and Harry heard her say "go get Gramps." Harry moved in closer while the mother tried to comfort the child.

"May I?" asked Harry. "I can help him."

The mother looked at Rachel who nodded her head. Harry knelt down next to the mother and child and took a look at the broken arm. He then reached out and put his hand over where the break was located. He touched the arm slightly so he could get a diagnosis. After he received the information back he sent his healing magic into the arm.

The people who were gathered around watched as the arm Harry held his hand over glowed a bright white light for a second then faded. When Harry removed his hand the arm was completely healed and the child was no longer screaming. He looked at his arm then looked at his mother.

"Mommy, he fixed it. It doesn't hurt anymore."

"That's right, Jesse. Harry fixed your arm. What do you say?"

Jesse stood up and hugged Harry while telling him thank you. Harry was shocked at first but hugged the little kid back.

"You're most welcome, Jesse. I'm glad I was here to help."

"Yes, thank you Harry," said William who had watched Harry work as well. "You have a very rare gift."

"It was just a broken arm, Doc. Nothing too serious."

"It was still amazing Harry," William replied. "By the way, everything is set for tomorrow morning so I will see you then Harry. It's time for me to head home."

"Wait a minute Harry," said Rachel. "What do you need Gramps for tomorrow?"

Harry looked at William.

"It's okay Harry. Rachel knows about them and has plans to become a doctor as well. If you don't mind I would like to invite her to my office tomorrow so she can witness and possibly assist me with the procedure. Eventually she'll be the one handling cases like yours."

Harry nodded.

"Rachel, Harry has a horcrux and I'm removing it tomorrow. Would you like to come and assist me? Your brother and grandfather will be assisting too."

"Certainly, Gramps" replied Rachel. "I would love to help." She smiled at Harry.

"Good, then I will see you about 8:30 in the morning and Harry will be along after that. Enjoy your evening." William hugged Rachel and shook Harry's hand before he said goodbye to the others and went home.

"So tell me how you got this horcrux, Harry," Rachel said as they walked around outside.

"It's a bit of a long story but since you'll be working on my case then I suppose I should fill you in."

"Yes, you should. Just tell Dr. Rachel all about it," she said with a grin.

Harry grinned back then became serious and told her all about Voldemort and how he killed his parents and tried to kill him, then what led to discovering he was a horcrux. Rachel was quite somber when he completed the story.

Rachel hugged him and was just holding him when they both felt a tug at their clothes. They looked down to find Jesse staring at them.

"Can you come and play with us Harry?"

"Sure, Jesse. Can I bring Rachel with me?"

"Oh yeah, that's fine," he said then turned around and walked back toward the other kids.

"I guess we should follow him," Harry said to Rachel. He grabbed her hand and led her over to the kids.

"What are we playing?" asked Rachel.

"We're not sure," said one of the older ones. "We were hoping you guys would have an idea."

"Running out of things to do, huh?" asked Harry.

They all nodded.

"Well, one thing I always like to do," continued Harry, "is fly. Do you guys like to fly?"

They all nodded.

"Have any of you flown before on one of these?" Harry had reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a very tiny broom, not much bigger than a toothpick.

They looked at him funny.

"Oh, sorry." Harry expanded his Firebolt to normal size. "Let me ask that again. Have any of you flown before on one of these?"

They all shook their heads no.

"Who would like to take a ride with me?"

They all raised their hands.

"Okay, line up then and we'll go one at a time. We'll do a quick turn around the house and then the next one can have a turn."

Jesse wanted to go first so Harry hopped on his broom and placed Jesse in front of him so he could hold on to him and keep him from falling off. He took off at a moderate pace but only flew about 10 feet off the ground. He went a complete loop around the house and came back to pick up another one.

Jesse was already describing to the others his experience before Harry took off with another. He kept going until they all had two turns. Rachel made sure they all behaved themselves while waiting their turn. When he finished the last one Rachel came up to him.

"I do believe you owe me a turn."

"Alright, you can ride behind me and hang on. I'm going to take us higher and then turn us invisible so we won't be seen by any non-magical people. We can then fly around a while."

Rachel climbed on back and scooted up close to Harry. She squeezed his legs with hers and wrapped her arms around his middle. She then laid her head on his back.

"Ready," she said.

"Are you comfortable?"


"Don't let go then." Harry took off quickly and felt Rachel grip him tighter.

They flew around at about 20 feet for a little while before Harry turned them invisible and took them way up. With Rachel directing him Harry flew them over several areas she pointed out to him. He was shown their community and where some of her friends lived. They also saw some very pretty countryside.

Harry spotted a nice spot on top of a hill and landed them there. He removed the invisibility spell then they sat down together and talked some more. They even kissed again for a while. It was starting to get later in the evening and the late summer sun was setting so they decided to watch the sunset together.

Afterwards they shared a passionate kiss one more time before deciding they should get back in case people were getting worried about them. They hopped back on the broom and headed back to Joseph's house. Harry made them invisible again just in case. When they arrived Sirius, Susan, and Jacob were waiting for them. One of the kids had told them they saw them fly off together.

"Looking for us?" asked Harry.

"We weren't worried until it got dark," replied Susan. "We thought something could have happened when you didn't return before dark."

"Sorry about that," said Harry apologetically. "We saw some great country and I put us down on top of a hill in a nice spot. We talked some more then realized it was getting late. But, we decided to watch the sunset before leaving."

"It was very romantic, Harry," said Rachel. She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you. I had a wonderful time."

"Well, I'm glad you did Rachel. I enjoyed it too." Harry turned back to the adults. "We realized afterwards you guys might be getting worried so we headed back."

"No worries then," replied Sirius. "I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and are back safe and sound. I think I'm going to head back, Harry. Are you ready to go too?"

"Not quite yet. I need to speak to Steve before I leave and if these guys are okay with it, spend a little more time with Rachel." Rachel smiled up at him. "I promise I'll not stay too late. I have a big day tomorrow after all."

"That's fine with us Harry," answered Jacob. "You can stay as long as you like and I believe my daughter shares that sentiment," he said with a smile.

Rachel's face went a little red.

"Alright, Harry," said Sirius. "I will see you back at the house a little later. Bye everyone."

Sirius disapparated on the spot with a light pop.

Harry ended up staying longer than he planned talking to the family members some more and spending most of his time with Rachel. It appeared that they could not get enough of each other.

Before Harry left for the night, he did manage to talk to Steve for a little bit.

"Steve, I have a question I hope you can answer."

"What do you want to know, Harry? It's not a question about my sister is it?"

"No, but if I think of one I will come straight to you," Harry said with a smile. "It's an air elemental question. While I was on my run this morning I began practicing with air and water. I managed to do a bit with air but I wanted to change the temperature of the air but couldn't figure it out. Is there a way to do that?"

"Yes there is. The reason you didn't figure it out is likely due to that being a bit advanced. Let me put it to you this way, since I am air and fire I can only change the temperature of the air I call on to make it warmer."

"Oh, I get it. It's a combination of two elements."

"Right, I can only make my air warmer but you, on the other hand, once you have managed to combine elements can make it warmer or cooler since you command all of them."

"Got it. I guess I better spend some time reading through those books. I have much to learn."

"You'll get it Harry. You're a natural. Keep in mind, just like in nature wind cannot change its temperature without the help of water or fire. On the other hand, water can be a liquid or ice, which are very extreme in temperatures. Fire can burn at different degrees as well. Winter winds are cold because they blow across the ice and snow from up north. Warm summer winds are heated by the sun further south. So both water and fire elementals can change temperature, wind cannot unless you can combine it with water or fire."

"Thanks Steve. That makes sense and I can't believe I didn't figure that out since I was using my water to create a fine mist and my air to blow a soft breeze through it so we could cool off. It just never clicked. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Oh, one more thing Harry. You might be interested to know that you can combine air and fire to create lightning." Steve put his fingers together on both hands, tip to tip, in a claw-like fashion then slowly pulled them apart where he showed sparks of lightning between his fingertips.

"Now that's fascinating," Harry said with a grin. "I'm definitely going to get a jumpstart on those books. It appears I have very much to learn."

"Bye, Harry."

Harry wished everyone a good night before he was dragged out of sight by Rachel for a thorough kiss. He promised to see her the next morning at William's office and apparated back to his house.

Harry found Sirius waiting for him when he came into the den.

"So, Harry, how was Rachel?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"Padfoot, if you need to hear about my boring love life then you need to find you a woman."

"I can't disagree with you there, Harry. Unfortunately, while you managed to snag one, I was surrounded by married ones I couldn't touch. Not a single one was available and there were quite a few very lovely women at that party."

"Sorry to hear that. Well, we will just have to find you one then."

"Don't concern yourself, Kiddo," Sirius said with a sly grin. "The week is far from over."


Jacob, Susan, Steve, and Rachel all arrived back at their house together. Rachel walked straight into the living room and just sat down on the couch staring at the wall in thought. After Jacob had changed clothes and was more comfortable he checked on his daughter and saw that Rachel was still sitting there staring into space. He went in to see if she was alright.

"Rachel, are you okay?" asked Jacob. Susan had stopped at the entry way to the living room to check on her daughter as well. She was watching Jacob and Rachel.

"Isn't Harry just dreamy Dad?"

"Well… uh… I guess…."

"Yes he is sweetheart," interrupted Susan as she stepped into the room. "Harry is very dreamy. I must agree with you on that. You seem to be quite taken with him. Care to share how you feel about him?"

"Well, that's the problem you see. I'm not sure how I should feel about him. All I know is that when he's near I just want to grab him and kiss him senseless. Actually, I wish he was here so I could do that now."

"Oh boy," mumbled Jacob.

"What's that Daddy?"

"Nothing dear, you go ahead and continue," he quickly answered. Susan gave him a look to be quiet.

"At your age dear," replied Susan, "that's perfectly normal when you meet a nice young man that you like a lot."

"Oh, I do like him… a lot. A whole lot even. The problem is I've never felt this way before and I'm not sure what to do."

"What do you want to do?" asked Jacob worriedly. Susan gave him the look again.

"Well, that's just it. I haven't a clue. Harry's from England and he'll be returning home at some point and likely very soon. How can we have any type of relationship when we'll be in two different countries?"

"Ah, there's the real problem, isn't it sweetie?" asked Susan.

"I'm very confused, Mom. I want to be with him but if he has to leave and I never see him again then why should I even let my heart go there?"

"Oh, Rachel, you poor dear. I wish I could take your pain but I can't. What I can do, however, is give you some advice."

Rachel looked up at her mom expectantly.

"I want you to give in to this relationship and enjoy it while you can. You don't know how long it will last even if Harry stayed here. Don't worry if it's over soon due to Harry going home. Relish the time you spend with him and count it a blessing to have experienced it."

"Are you sure, Mom?"

"Yes, sweetie, I am. Harry is a wonderful young man and very honorable. Given his intelligence I'm sure he's thinking about this as well."

"I'll go to bed and give it some more thought in the morning. Thanks Mom… and you too Dad."

"You're welcome, sweetheart," replied Susan. "Give it some more thought and if you agree, go for it."

Rachel hugged and kissed her parents good night before heading off to her bedroom. Jacob was about to question Susan about her advice when Rachel popped back in.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I'll be at Gramps' office tomorrow morning to help him when he removes Harry's horcrux. He asked me to attend the procedure with him. Good night."

Jacob and Susan looked at each other after Rachel left and both mouthed the same thing.

"Harry is a horcrux?!"