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Tenma: ''Shinsuke? Where are we?''

Shinsuke: ''I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this. What do you think Tsurugi?''

Tsurugi: ''Same. Specially with Endou-kantoku running around like that''

Endou: ''Pleeeeeeaaaassse! SAVE US!''

Gouenji: ''We're doomed, aren't we?''

Tenma: ''What do you mean Gouenji-san?''

Gouenji: ''Tenma. I'm verry sorry you guys have to do this as well''

Tsurugi: ''Gouenji-san?''

Out of nowhere, a TV appeared and the news started

News lady: ''It seems that many students from different Jr High schools all over Japan have disappeared along with many soccer players. The police are currently searching for the culprit. If you have any information on the crime, please report to the police''

?: ''Well well, can't have them looking for me now can I? Good think nobody saw me right Shion?''

Shion: ''I guess, but what did we have to kidnapp them for anyway Hana?''

Hana (?): ''Well, easy reason. They're the main actors in our show''

Tenma: ''Show?''

Hana: Ah, sorry Tenma-kun, I forgot you were in the room. I oficially welcome you to mine, Shions and Shiinas gameshow otherwise known as 'Truth or Hell''


Hana: ''Shut it Endou or I'll let shiina on you!''

Shiina: *Get's knife out of nowhere*

Tsurugi: ''What are we here for?''

Shion: ''As expected of Tsurugi, calm even when kidnapped! To make this short, you are staring in our Truth or Dare show but don't worry, if you do what we tell you, you will be able to return home safely at some point''

Shindou: ''And if we don't?''

Hana: ''It's either Shiina or the fangirls and fanboys''

Kirino: ''Fangirls and fanboys?''

Shiina: *Opening room*


Fangirl 2: ''MARRY ME SHINDOU!''

Fangirl 3: ''TSURUGI-KYUN!''

Shiina: *Closes door again*

Hana: ''That was the fangirl room. Any questions?''

Kariya: ''Are you trying to murder us?!''

Shion: ''Nope, though if a dare says so we'll leave it to Shiina to do so. Why you ask?''

Hiroto: ''Hana-san, Shion-san, Shiina-san, would you be kind enough to let us out of here?''

Shiina: *Stares at her knife*

Hana: ''W-well, if Hiroto-sama asks for it, the-''

Shion: ''Sorry, no can do Hiroto. Also, adress us as '-sama'. It gives us a feel of authority''

Nagumo: ''Authority my ass! No way I'mma gonna call ya '-sama'!''

Shiina: ''Do you wish to die?''

Nagumo: *Gulps*

IE cast: ''Wow, she does talk...''

Hana: ''Oh, where are our manners! We haven't introduced ourselves yet! My name is Kyoune Hana, but Hana-sama is perfectly fine. I am the main host'

Shion: ''Tsukiyomi Shion, co-host. This redhead is Tsukiyomi Shiina, my twin. She's in charge of threaths and weappons and so on. She's only here to scare you actually. Oh, and she doesn't talk much! When she does, she's normally really angry so don't get on her nerves! She'll kill you''

Kirino: ''Kariya, you should really be careful around her''

Hana: ''So, now that that's set, let's explain some rules''

Shindou: ''You have rules?''

Shion: ''Course we do! If not, we would get into serious troubles. So, without any further ado;

Rule number 1: We will accept both truths and dares. De meaner, the better, so don't hold back!

Rule number 2: Yaoi is more than welcome! We will write everything but nothing rated M

Rule number 3: Guest stars get a warm welcome. We will send you a form when you review or PM us about it.

Rule number 4: ALL dares will be done. No exeptions. Resistance is treated with 5 minutes in the fangirl room while denial with 10 minutes alone with Shiina. She will torture you

Rule number 5: We as hosts, Shiina as torture-expert and the guest stars have the highest authority around here and are to be adressed with '-sama' always. We're also always right.

That's about all. Any questions?''


Shion: ''Why so scared?''

Gouenji: ''He had to eat Natsumis cooking and say it was disgusting once. Has a trauma since then''

Hana: ''Well, that's bad, but he'll get over it somewhere along the way. Since we don't have any thruths or dares yet, wanna play soccer?''

IE cast: ''Sure!''

As my lovely minions have already said, I am in need of truths and dares. Review or PM me about them, I don't really care but this show lives from you. Hope to see you in the next episode.