This is a Prologue! So it will be very short compared to future chapters!

"With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the Galaxy!"

"Lord Aizen? What is it that you are watching?" Gin and Kaname walked into the monitor room where Aizen was watching something and eating popcorn. He slightly turned his head their way and answered Kaname's question.

"I am watching Star Wars." He then turned his head back to the screen. Gun and Kaname walked up behind him and looked at the monitor.

"Isnt that a show you can only get from the World of the Living?" Gin asked as he opened his eyelids a bit.

"That is correct Gin. Now just take some popcorn and let me finish this episode before we get down to business." Aizen allowed the two former captains to sit in the chairs next to him as they reached the ending of the episode.

"Obi-wan never told you about your father..." Darth Vader said after Luke cut off his hand.

"He told me enough!" Luke replied, ready to finish him off. "He told me you killed him!"

"No..." Darth said. "Luke, I AM YOUR FATHER!"

Aizen nearly choked on his popcorn at the last statement and Gin was staring wide eyed at the screen. Kaname just sat there with a look you could only describe as interesting before the monitor went black.

"Quite an unexpected ending. Wouldn't you think Captain Aizen?" Gin commented as he turned to Aizen. Aizen nodded his head while thinking intently.

I'm tired of living like this! My own son thinks I'm his enemy and he doesn't even know I'm his father. Just like with Luke and Darth Vader. I have to get my son back, no matter the cost. With that though of Aizen's mind, he decided that he would meet up with the intruders himself. It's either now or never!