"Damn it!" Elric shouted and banged a hand on his throne.

"What is it, Lord Elric?" Leon asked and glanced at the higher individual. The anger of the man was clear and his eye twitched in annoyance.

"Damn that Melanie!" He shouted and stood up, stomping out of his throne room. Leon followed behind him, already having an idea as to what has happened.

"What's wrong, mi'lord?" Leon asked once again as he followed his fuming leader.

"What's wrong? Whats wrong?! That bitch has ruined my plans! Every single person in that family has ruined my plans! I keep having to go to back up plans all because of them! And why they do it? Because of this stupid thing called Family Love! Who needs such a repulsive thing? Love is what drives you to defeat! Which is why my next plan will go on without fail."

He pushed open a door to an empty room. Leon walked in after him and took a look around. It was plain and nothing was inside of it besides a small picture frame of the last Kurosaki Rulers. Each face on the picture had a big red X in it except for one. A newly made picture of the next Kurosaki ruler. His face was circled in red, and Leon wondered why that was.

Elric moved the picture to the side, showing a bright blue square. He pushed the square inside of the wall and watched as the wall completely removed itself. It sunk into the ground and he gingerly took a step inside.

The stench hit Leon at full force. It was so bad that he nearly threw up and had to cover his nose. It smelt like rotting flesh and blood on the inside. Howls arose from whatever creatures lied within. They sounded pained, lonely, enraged, and Leon wanted to cover his ears. He would have if he wasn't having to plug his nose instead.

Cautiously taking a step inside, he finally got a look at the creatures inside of one of the biggest cages he had ever seen. They were huge, easily twice the size of a fully grown and trained wyvern. They were all black reptilian creatures with a slight bit of bloodied black fur on their faces, but they seemed to be eroding away. Flesh and blood hung loosely from their skin, and rusted armour too big for their unfed bodies rattled as they tried to make room for themselves. They all had two rows of teeth, each tooth so sharp that by the slightest movement, you could be bleeding out. Their tails were furrless, leaving room for their scales that looked so sharp, they gleamed in the light that entered the room. Each one had a set of leathered wings, easily fifty feet in length each, which flapped in hopes for some air and a way to create room. Some of the females were laying on the ground howling out something that sounded like a dragons roar. The skin on their stomach bubbled and burst open, allowing their new born young to come out. The few new lives immediately attacked their mother, eating her flesh and growing as they completely consumed her body and covered themselves in bits and pieces of her armour. By the way that their flesh also hung from their bodies, Leon had the faintest idea that their flesh wasn't exactly supposed to stick to their bones in the first place.

Then, there was the largest of them all, sitting on a throne of bones. A rusted iron crown sat upon his head and he watched over everything as if it were normal. When Elric cleared his throat loudly, the creature turned his gaze directly towards the blond man. He roared loudly, causing all commotion to stop and for the cage to become quiet. He walked down the forming pathway on all fours and stood directly in front of Elric while behind the bars. His head was much larger than Elric's entire body, which made Leon kind of nervous. How on earth was his lord able to keep such large creatures captive?

"Elric." The creature spoke, disgust plaguing his voice. "What do you want from me this time?"

"I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I want, king of the Nephlim. " Elric replied, looking the creature in the eye. The Nephlim growled.

"Yes, I know exactly what you want, an answer. But tell me, why do you wish to seek the help from the Nephlim when it was your kind that locked us up in the first place? What matters are you seeking guidance for? Because I'm not inclined to help you. Your kind may have locked us up, but you haven't taken away our freedom of choice."

"Your freedom is guaranteed if you help." Elric stated simply. "This, I have said before."

"But what is the cost for our freedom, Elric?" The Nephlim growled out. "That is what I want to know."

"You have to help me destroy the Soul Society, is all." Elric smirked when the Nephlim bared his teeth.

"You know we have no buisness with the Soul Society, Heuco Mundo, or the World of the Living, Elric. We aren't supposed to even make ourselves known to them, much less create war. It's our job to prevent conflict in the first place!" He howled and stomped his front right paw on thr ground. "So what makes you think that I would sacrifice my own kind to help the likes of you?"

Elric's smirk broadened and he chuckled slightly. "Well, the very woman who locked you up has teemed up with the Soul society, as well as her sister."

"I have no need for revenge on them." The Nephlim replied, averting his gaze from Elric. "They locked us up for a good reason, which is why I'd like it if you decided to leave us Nephlim alone for the rest of eternity." The Nephlim king then turned around and began to walk to his throne.

Leon saw the smirk was still on Elric's face, so he had reasonto believe that Elric wasn't done yet. The blond man turned around and walked away slowly, but not without saying one more thing.

"Oh, and I know where Mori is, Bayrin."

At that, the Nephlim king, Bayrin, quickly turned around and raced to the edge of the cage, head butting it to get out. Leon saw the furiousness, sadness, and longing in Bayrin's eyes as he stared at Elric. The Nephlin looked conflicted as he watched Elric nearly leaved the room.

"Elric!" Bayrin called after the retreating man. Said man stopped his movements and looked at the Nephlim who reluctantly sighed in defeat. "You'll take me to her?"

"If we win, that's the idea." Elric nodded, his eyes gleaming.

Bayrin took one last look back at his fellow Nephlim. They were all awaiting his orders, and staring at him curiously. He sighed and looked back at the blond headed human.

"What do we have to do, Lord Elric?"


Ichigo was a never known for giving up, but right now, he felt like giving up.

One whole week he'd spent at the squad two baracks. One week he's had Soi Fon breathing down his neck. One week since he's seen his family. One week since his training began. But so far, he hasn't made any progress.

After that first time he was able to shift his arm, things hadn't been working out in his favor. No matter how hard he tried, the rest of his body wouldn't shift. Right when he felt the scales try to form on new parts of his body, he'd nearly pass out from pain or exhaustion. So far, nothing worked for him. What's probably making it worse is the fact he hasn't rested or eaten in a week either, which is really wearing him out.

Soi Fon wanted the boy to be able to shift, become a wyvern so that she could see. But she new better than to push him any farther. The boy looked like he's had enough.

"Alright, Ichigo. That's enough." She said, and watched him let his arm hang loosely at his side. He plopped down onto the ground, looking up at the sky with drooping eyes.

"I... know I... can do it..." Ichigo stated, trying to get back up on shaky limbs. Soi Fon sighed and shunpoed next to him, picking him off the ground.

"Stop pushing yourself so hard." Soi Fon said and began walking with him in her arms. "You're exhausted both physically and mentally, so you should eat and rest before you continue to try."

Ichigo nodded his head weakly, his eyes drooping from exhaustion. By the time Soi Fon exited the barracks, the boy was already asleep in her arms. She stopped at the gate of her division and looked down at the sleeping boy in her arms. A small smile settled on her face staring down at the boy. She'd never admit it aloud, but she was proud of him. He was more of a stranger to her than anything, but she was proud to be called his mother.

Soon, she was off in a flurry of shunpo. Her arms secured a tight grip around her son as she moved stealthily from roof to roof. The figure of her body appeared and disappeared rapidly, her being almost invisible to the naked eye. Ichigo seemed to move in closer to her body as she continued, seemingly to seek safety in the fast mode of transportation.

By the time she reached the Kuchiki Manor, laughter had filled her ears. But most importantly, a familiar reitsu flooded her senses. She hardly wanted to confront ths man at all, but she thought that now would probably be better than later. With that thought in mind, she walked through the gates as the guards allowed her passage.

She walked around the large manor to the back, where the gardens were at. There, she saw a display she had never seen before. Byakuya Kuchiki was out in the field, learning how to play soccer with Karin. Whenever he did something wrong, Karin would stop the game and point it out and tell him how he could fix it.

Yuzu was with Rukia on a blanket, chatting away with the Kuchiki and smiling like there was no tomorrow. Rukia was enjoying herself as well, presenting her drawings of Chappy the rabbit to the young Kurosaki.

Isshin and Masaki sat next to each other, holding hands and allowing themsleves to converse like no time passed between them. Melanie was also with them, chatting away and joking with her sister and brother-in-law.

All in all, it was a heart warming scene.

Then she allowed her eyes to travel over to Sosuke.

He wasn't really doing anything. All he did was lean up against the manor, watching over everything going on in front of him with a smile. He seemed happy; happier than she'd probably ever seen him. But worry was obviously on his mind. What with the war going on and not knowing the enemy's next move, who wouldn't be worried? Knowing that your son is the center if it as well really does put a person on edge.

Of course he was the first person to notice her presence when she made it on the grounds. He looked directly at her and smiled, pushing off the wall and walking over to her. She shifted the boy in her arms, the dead weight becoming a little uncomfortable in her grasp. Her heart fluttered as Sosuke neared, but she couldn't help but feel a little weary of the once traitor.

"Aizen." She greeted stiffly as the man drew ever closer. When he finally stopped in front of her, he nodded his head.

"Captain Soi Fon." He replied back.

The next few moments between them were silent, the both of them just staring, no, analyzing each other. They both sought out any form of betrayal or sneakyness before sighing. When they found nothing, they sat down on the ground and Soi Fon positioned Ichigo to where his head was laying in her lap. Aizen was the first to speak as she began to run a hand through Ichigo's hair.

"Why did you do it?" Soi Fon sighed and looked up at the sky as the cotton ball clouds passed by overhead.

"I was... frightened." She replied indifferently. "I didn't know what to do. I was inexperienced and I wasn't ready to face the challenge that had presented itself to me. My capability wasn't high enough, and I didn't know what to do. I never told you, because I was afraid. Afraid of what you would want me to do. Plus, if I did continue on with the pregnancy, than all of the captains would have surely known I was having an affair. So my decision did save us a lot of trouble. When you deflected from the Soul Society, I would have been thought of as a traitor as well had I not done what I did. Plus, Ichigo wouldn't have been raised the same way. Had he grown up with us as his parents, he'd be a completely different person. And, strangely, I don't think I'd want him to be any different."

"Well... maybe we could start over." Aizen said, looking at Soi Fon.

"I don't know Sosuke." Soi Fon replied. "Give it a while before we start fully making amends with each other."

Aizen nodded his head in understanding and stood up when the others finally realized the arrival of Soi Fon and Ichigo.