A/N: So, I'm not usually one for time skips until a story is done and I'm doing an epilogue or something, but I have had this story stalled after three chapters for a long time and I just can't get around the fact that I wasn't really going to change much in the actual events of it all for the first couple of years. It's been driving me up a wall! But I finally figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone, so here - WE - GO!

Albus Dumbledore, lauded by entire countries the world over as the most powerful wizard alive, conqueror of Gellert Grindelwald, sits in his office, head in his hands and long silvery hair falling out of its carefully groomed bunch. These last few years have taken a toll on the kind old man as he has been forced to helplessly watch as all of his carefully structured plans fall apart. Though he has asked himself many times where it all went wrong, the truth of the matter is that he knows exactly what happened to start the dominoes to falling, the exact moment it actually began to unravel.

Nearly thirteen years ago, on the night that James and Lily Potter were murdered, Albus had chosen to send young Harry to live with his muggle aunt. At the time, he knew that the most likely guardian requested in the will was Sirius Black, a man he had known and trusted since he was just a lad of eleven, fresh off his first train ride to Hogwarts and already chummy with young James. However, Sirius had given Hagrid his bike and run off into the night at the first hint that Albus had everything under control, something that was concerning at the time, but not all that pressing. Albus had left the young Mister Potter on that doorstep, wrapped in a charmed blanket with a detailed note pinned to it, under the belief that blood is blood and no matter how much animosity Petunia had for her sister, she could not possibly treat a small child ill. He had hoped and yes even believed that Harry would be raised in a loving environment, raised as Petunia's own son, and it wasn't until seven years later when his woefully simple tracking devices keyed to young Harry went silent that Albus realized the breadth of his mistake.

He was happy that Harry had been taken in by a loving family, one that immediately cared for him and helped him to heal from his undeserved ordeal, though he did have concerns at the time. Admittedly, his only concerns were that Harry would desire vengeance and go down a terrible path, or worse in Albus' mind he would learn to hate Magical Britain in the three years he would spend in France and choose to leave his birth country to its fate. The first fear would be salvageable, all that would be needed to stop him would be the intervention of a truly loving and pure soul, someone that he might find at any time. The second however would be more difficult, because he would be somewhat justified in vilifying the magical population of an entire country. If they had stood as one people, perhaps Voldemort wouldn't have been as dangerous, perhaps he would have been stopped, perhaps Harry wouldn't have become an orphan of war. Perhaps the hero worship that sprang up for a boy barely more than a year old would never have happened. In the end it did not matter, neither option occurred, and neither did a much smaller concern of him becoming a spoiled and pampered princeling due to his fame. He arrived at Hogwarts for his first year, a calm, well groomed and well mannered young man, having already become friendly with the heirs of some influential families and quickly making his mark in the first week of classes, reaching out to other houses as well and making friends with the young Longbottom boy.

In that first year, Harry snapped Severus out of a downward spiral of hatred and aggression that he had worked himself into, convincing himself that the Potter boy would be just like his father and nothing like his mother, giving Severus an outlet for his frustration and jealousy towards James. His first potions class resulted in a quiet showcase of intelligence and quick wit, as well as a nearly iron will that refused to be bent, broken, or beaten and would stand proud through it all. Severus quickly grew to like the lad, and was violently protective of him when necessary, even more so than was usual for other Slytherins. Though Albus was concerned that a passive legillimency probe had not turned up any surface thoughts, the fact that Severus quickly found much of Lily in the boy and could not help but praise his work in potions set his aging mind at ease and convinced him that he was simply reading too much into it and that he was slipping in his old age. He began to consider retiring soon that year.

That Harry noticed how depressed a Ravenclaw yearmate was and reached out to her, giving her a sympathetic shoulder and ear across house lines, impressed all of the staff. Albus had heard from the librarian, Madam Pince, about an event that had occurred wherein Harry Potter had approached a rather introverted and awkward girl by the name of Hermione Granger when he saw that she had been crying. It was evident that at first she had thought him to be trying to get close just to hurt her, something that had happened in her muggle primary school, but it didn't take long for his natural charisma to take over and allow him to talk her down. After that, they were often seen studying together, and not always on magical studies. Some days she would be teaching him her native tongue of Spanish, and some days he would be teaching her French, a language that many professors had learned soon after meeting Harry was more comfortable for him. He never told any of them why, but since most of them were aware of the conditions he had suffered with the Dursleys, they could guess that it was a combination of painful memories and a lack of education in the English language. Hermione's already stellar performance in her classes improved and she stepped out of reach in every class but Potions, where she was second behind the young Potter.

Their friendship ended up saving her life that Halloween when Harry saw that she was missing from the Ravenclaw table and asked his classmates if anyone had heard anything. The eldest Greengrass daughter had leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, resulting in his rising to his feet and quickly gliding between the tables to speak to his head of house. Severus had then turned to Filius Flitwick, another professor quite enamored with Mister Potter, and told him what had occurred and where it was believed one of his charges was. It was at that exact moment that the Defense professor had sprinted into the Great Hall screaming about a troll in the dungeons before tripping and passing out on the ground. Filius had grabbed the most approachable of the female staff, the Herbology professor, and gone off to the second floor girls' lavatory to try and talk Hermione to safety, and Albus himself had taken Minerva and Hagrid to go hunt down the troll and remove it from the school one way or another. Somehow they missed meeting it by a single corridor, a fact they were alerted to by the screams of the students whom had been ordered to remain in the Great Hall where they could be watched and protected. Hagrid had scooped up both professors and sprinted back to the Hall only to be met with the most amazing tableau. Severus was holding a spell that conjured bindings of light and magic that was draining him quickly, and at his side, hands out and mouth open in a silent scream, was Harry Potter, a torrent of frost and icy wind surging from his hands. At his back were his friends, the Misses Greengrass and Davis with their hands on his shoulders and Mister Zabini quietly muttering under his breath, a faint glow around him as he had his hands on the girls. Just before Severus reached his breaking point, the troll ceased struggling and a thick layer of ice crawled over it to completely encase it. The four students collapsed into unconsciousness and Severus sat heavily, yet he was smiling. Later he confessed that he had told Mister Zabini what to do to allow all three of them to channel their own magic into Mister Potter and allow him to channel his own for longer.

Albus had found himself impressed by him a few more times that year. Just after Christmas when he was still working on enchanting the Mirror of Erised to hold the Philosopher's Stone, young Harry had found his way to it under the cloak that Albus had returned to him as a gift. When discovered, he apologized, and when asked what he saw, he answered that he saw himself exactly as he was, only older. He saw himself with the Delacours, happy and smiling, blessed by their love, free of his burdens. He had asked Albus what he himself saw, and when he was given a somewhat false answer he had simply smirked and looked at the old man knowingly. When he worked out what was hidden in the school, he had simply asked Severus if he believed it was safe and then gone on with his day. Lastly, when Albus unwittingly let himself be lured away from the school, Harry had gone to his head of house once more with his suspicions, and that night Severus took the young lad with him to check on the stone, an action that proved to be most fortuitous as they caught Quirrell in the act of trying to steal the stone for his master, the wraith of Voldemort. Severus managed to remain undetected, and Harry proved to be too much of a challenge for Quirrell and his master, though what exactly happened was not clear. What could be determined was that the Defense professor had suffered severe frostbite over eighty percent of his body, and the strain of the shade detaching from him likely killed him. With the stone rescued, Albus and his old mentor had a discussion, and Nicholas had agreed that perhaps he and his wife should once again 'die' and fade from the world for a while.

Harry's second year was more or less uneventful until the Chamber of Secrets was opened, an occurrence that led to the petrification of several students. When Albus had allowed the foppish Gilderoy Lockhart to form a dueling club, his internal dialogue was cranky and curmudgeonly to say the least. He regretted hiring the fool, and had in fact only done it to satisfy some of the more fanatical housewives who just so happened to be mothers of some of his students. That evening had resulted in the young Mister Malfoy attempting to beat Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, in a duel to prove himself better, to prove that his father was better than the Potter thought, and when it was obvious he was about to lose, he conjured a large and venomous snake in a last ditch attempt to cause some damage. Lockhart had reacted with his usual tomfoolery, stopping Severus from safely banishing the conjured animal, and Harry had simply reacted, one hand reaching out and a lance of icy magic streaking forth to chill the snake into hibernation. What the rest of the school chose to see and believe however was that he had attempted to freeze muggleborn Hufflepuff Justin Finch-Fletchley, and only thanks to his poor aim did he fail. For weeks afterwards, he was called Heir of Slytherin and Muggle-Hater, and when Justin turned up petrified it seemed to prove his guilt, never mind the fact that when it occurred the entire school could see him sitting and eating with his friends. For that matter, he was always easily located whenever an attack happened, but the student population outside of Slytherin believed him guilty anyway.

It all came to a head near the end of the year when a threatening message was found on the wall and a young Gryffindor turned up missing. Remembering the previous year, Severus had searched out the young Potter and asked him if he or his friends had learned anything. It turned out that the Granger girl had been researching what could be perpetrating the attacks when she herself had been attacked, and she had just made a discovery that, while it relied on some leaps of logic, was plausible. She had guessed that Slytherin's Monster was a serpent of some kind, and since gorgons were too difficult to control and not entirely snake-like, the only other serpent with the power to petrify would be a basilisk, and even then it would rely on luck as a basilisk's gaze is deadly when seen directly. It was a sound theory, as none of the victims appeared to have had a directly look at their attacker. Harry had been asking the ghosts what they knew of the chamber, and when he asked Myrtle, she told him the story of her death. He told Severus all of the information that he had, and once again the Potions Master took his star pupil with him to check his theories and suspicions. This time, Filius went with them, and they found the bathroom entrance left open, almost like an invitation. It turned out that is exactly what it was, as the way to the chamber was unobstructed and they found the youngest Weasley laying on the damp stone floor with a diary near by. They were addressed by a semi-transparent teen whom identified himself as Tom Marvolo Riddle, a fact which caused the young Potter to sneer at him in contempt for who he became. The semi-real memory attempted to call the basilisk and have her kill the boy and the professors, only to run into a very real obstacle in the form of all snakes being ectothermic and Harry Potter being especially gifted with ice magic, magic which was made much stronger by both professors immediately channeling their combined magic through him as a conduit and putting it into a deep slumber in seconds once it was in the open. According to Severus, he had a suspicion as to what the diary really was, and so he had picked it up and jammed in onto one of the fangs of the giant beast, resulting in a hole burned right through the center of the book and the disappearance of the memory form of Tom, confirming his suspicions that it was an anchor of some kind, one that had slowly been sapping the life out of Miss Weasley. A conference of the professors after those events led to the decision that for the safety of the school, the basilisk should be terminated, which led to Severus and Mister Potter returning to the Chamber once more to slay it, Harry keeping it asleep with cold and Severus using a bevy of severing and piercing charms to get through the eye and the brain behind it. Once again, Albus found himself wondering if he should retire, but his gut told him that he was still needed, and that he could still be of use teaching Harry more about who Tom was and who he became.

That summer, Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban Prison, a feat that boggled the minds of most of Wizarding Britain and concerned Albus greatly. Nearly twelve years previous, he had been imprisoned on thirteen murder charges, one for his friend Peter Pettigrew and the other twelve for muggles that happened to be standing in the street when he cast his spell. All the ever found of Pettigrew was a finger, a fact which Albus found odd at the time but ignored in the face of Black's own admission of guilt in the deaths of the Potters. He was summarily thrown in prison with consecutive life sentences without even a trial, so overwhelming did the evidence seem. Never mind the fact that James and his family took in Sirius when his own family cast him out, or that he was a consummate Gryffindor, or had been at the forefront of the fight against Voldemort. Now however, Sirius had escaped and there had been a thought niggling at the back of Albus' mind, something tied to James Potter and Sirius Black.

Harry's third year had started with a bang before the Hogwarts Express had even reached the school when a dementor boarded the train during a surprise check and found the boy in the Slytherin car alone with his housemates, resulting in several of them collapsing from the stress of pureblood upbringings, and Harry passing out from the horrors he had lived. They had been saved from an ignominious end by the new Defense professor Remus Lupin, a man who had been friend to both Sirius Black and to James Potter. His reaction to seeing Harry again caused a minor uproar among the staff however, as he adamantly avowed that Harry Potter could not in fact be Harry Potter. When questioned as to why, the man said he did not smell like the offspring of two of his school friends, but instead reeked of ozone and ice, and precious little else. This once again caused Albus to question some of the things he had seen, and in the end it led to him calling the young man up to his office for what would be only their fourth face to face meeting, and only the second in that particular part of the castle. Severus came with him, partly as it was actually in the school bylaws that no headmaster be alone with a student, and partly because of whom it was that had made the accusation and thus would be there. Seeing Remus and Severus in the same room again was a little tense, but in the end it was at least polite. When asked why the headmaster needed to see Harry, Albus had answered that the Defense professor had alleged that he was not, in fact, the son of James Potter and Lily Evans, though he couldn't say who he was born to. Surprisingly, that had only made the boy sigh and rub his face, cursing softly in french before he looked up at the adults and nodded. What followed was a bit of history on the Fae and what Harry and the Delacours believed happened that Halloween in 1981.

The news that Harry Potter was not human but was indeed a changeling in the old meaning of the word, made something click in Albus' mind. In that moment, the knowledge of the prophecy weighed on him, and he slowly divulged everything he understood or thought he understood about it, including what had just become apparent to him. It took the better part of an hour, but in the end he had explained to his three guests that it had originally been his belief that the 'power the Dark Lord knows not' was love, since Tom had long since lost the ability to feel anything of the sort and Harry obviously had much love in his heart. After the revelation that Harry was not in fact human but was one of the Fair Folk, a race that had not been seen in at least one hundred years, his command of magic and his innate affinity for ice supplanted the power of love in Albus' mind, and it made much more sense to him than his vague hope that Harry would never lose his ability to return the love of his friends and adopted family. For his part, Harry himself seemed to understand much more of what happened during his life and why, including the headmaster's somewhat naive belief that familial love would exist even in a family as broken as the Dursleys. The kindness in his eyes was astounding, and though he was still a Slytherin through and through, there seemed to be a trust in Albus that had not been there before, likely born of the fact that Albus himself had confided his fears, his hopes, and his mistakes, never asking for forgiveness but tacitly hoping that one day Harry would be able to give it anyway.

The truth of Harry's heritage was kept secret, at least at first. Remus had taken the news well, for someone who felt he was an uncle of sorts to the Potter boy, only to be told that the child he thought existed had died at birth and been replaced by an infant fae. He had even agreed to treat him no differently in classes and to treat him as just another student, an agreement dragged out of him by Severus inch by seemingly painful inch. The year was as quiet at first as the second had been, even with Sirius Black having escaped and the dementors of Azkaban posted around the school, until the defense lesson on boggarts. While most of the students had simple and even somewhat silly fears, or fears that were tied to a geographical location like the Finnigan boy and his fear of banshees, there were a few that stood out. The Greengrass girl feared her father, and according to her friend Miss Davis, what everyone in that class saw was exactly how he was at home. Mister Malfoy, for all that the professors of the school said that his constant refrain was "Wait until my father hears about this," feared his father as well, as well as holding the belief that should Voldemort return, he would be ordered to take the Mark. Miss Davis' fear was something closer to Albus' own heart than most knew, and though most of the class didn't realize what her boggart had meant, Remus had confided in him that Miss Greengrass had understood that it meant her friend harbored a flame for her and hadn't seemed as opposed to the idea as Miss Davis had expected. Lastly was Harry himself.

While at first it had taken the form a beautiful blonde girl lying dead and unseeing on the ground, the boggart has shifted after a few seconds to a tall and otherwordly woman with onyx hair that sucked the light around it into a void. She was statuesque and beautiful beyond compare from what he could see in the memory that Remus had provided, and she stared at the lad with a loathing that was horrifying. When she spoke, it was in a tongue that neither the children nor their professor could understand, but Albus could see in the memory that Harry could. Her voice was so harsh that it did not fit her as she spat, "How could you think that I would ever love you? You are a thing, cobbled together by the humans that I left you with, and no son of mine. You will never be welcome among my people, and I cast you out and name you Harry Nameless, begone from my sight." He had been even more stunned to hear Harry speak the same tongue perfectly in reply as he wept, "You are not my mother. My mother would know the sin of taking a name from a child. Riddikulus."

On Halloween that year, Sirius Black had gotten into the castle, and even into the Gryffindor commons where he was found following the feast, sitting calmly on the rug in front of the fireplace with his legs crossed and a rat in a conjured silver cage. The aurors were called and he agreed to go quietly, as long as someone would take the rat and cast an animagus reversal spell on it before they took him. When the older auror, a gruff and somewhat worn looking man by the name of John Dawlish sneered and did exactly that, the rat found itself turned into a man thought dead and bound on the floor with several wands pointed at him seconds later. It turned out that the whispers the guards had heard coming from Black had not been in reference to Harry Potter, but instead to a rat missing a single toe that he had seen in a photo in the Daily Prophet. The Minister of Magic brought a dementor with him to the interview with Black, blustering that no one would expect him to be without a guard, yet he was heard moments after entering the room to be commanding the hideous thing to administer the Kiss to the escaped convict. Having expected it, the head of the DMLE already had a patronus ready to stop the beast and arrested the Minister for gross misconduct and obstruction of justice. Though she knew she would not be able to get the charges to stick permanently, it was enough to get her a non-negotiable forty-eight hours with him in a holding cell, time she used to check trial records and find that there had not been one, much to Albus' shame.

That fact, coupled with the discovery and arrest of Peter Pettigrew, led to the trial that should have already occurred finally coming to pass, and the truth came out. Black felt responsible because it was his idea to switch the Secret Keeper at the last second, and Pettigrew was unfaithful to his friends. He admitted that he had hunted the little rat, but had just caught up to him when he started shouting that Black had betrayed their friends before pulling a muggle grenade and tossing it behind him. He hadn't realized what would happen though, and when the device detonated, he was in the midst of his transformation already and was lucky to only lose a finger to the shrapnel. That was all they found of him because even wounded, he still finished his transformation and ran into the sewers. Pettigrew's own trial was over in minutes, and the result was that he would go to Azkaban in Black's place, a death sentence in its own right for someone as weak in magic as he.

There was no more excitement until the end of the year, when the dementors that had been returned to Azkaban swarmed the school seemingly without provocation. Unfortunately, it was during a full moon, and in the chaos that came with trying to protect the students, Remus forgot to take his usual potion. Severus was for once not as vigilant and was nearly mauled by the rampaging werewolf, rescued by his favored student. If Harry had not been at his side helping to combat the tide of dark creatures as one of only seven witches and wizards in the castle capable of casting a patronus, Albus would likely have lost his Potions Master and his defense professor in one night. Instead, he had a shaken man, his pale student, and a werewolf that proved just how well it could heal frostbite, but no lasting injuries or fatalities. It did result in Remus resigning, but it was a small price to pay in order to have a safe school once again. Unfortunately for young Harry however, it seemed that someone else had learned his secret, if the evidence of the following morning was to be believed. The Prophet had come as usual, but the headline was something unexpected: "Harry Potter Not Human! Lies of Dumbledore Unraveled!"

The article had gone to great lengths to point out how there was no way that a thirteen year old wizard had enough power and strength to cast a wandless and silent glacius charm, let alone one strong enough to give a werewolf of all things frostbite. Though there were many speculations about what he actually was, one did hit the nail on the head and in less than twenty-four hours, the whole school knew that he was fae. It had been Malfoy that had connected the dots, incredibly well actually, to discover the truth of Harry's heritage, and though he himself had quietly asked if he was correct, the harridan he had been contracted to at birth had screeched the confirmed answer out for the entire hall to hear. According to Severus, after that the Malfoy boy had made efforts to reach out to young mister Potter while most of the Slytherins shunned him, resulting in his inclusion in the tight-knit knot of third years consisting of Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, and Harry Potter himself.

That was three weeks ago, on the train ride home for the summer, giving Albus all the time in the world to once again ponder whether he should retire, at least from politics, and start to prepare for the day when he could no longer remain Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Somewhere outside of Tours in the French countryside

On a picnic blanket, a happy young couple is living out a cliche from romance novels and movies and enjoying a bright sunny day feeding each other, the manor in the behind them far enough away that though they can see it, no one in the house can disturb them. Blonde hair waving happily in the breeze, the young woman leans closer to her paramour with a smile on her face, mouth open to receive the chocolate covered strawberry he is proferring. Happy azure eyes dance with life and light when he leans in to steal a chaste kiss while she is occupied with chewing. Most of all though, it is the ease with which she grasps his hand, as though they have been doing this all their lives, that belies just how much she cares for him.

For his part, the dark-haired youth smiles a toothy grin filled with perfectly white teeth that are just a little too sharp, icy eyes lovingly watching her every move. The smile distorts the radiating scars around his left eye, but it does not make him less handsome, or take away from the aristocratic shape of his features. Such has it been for them ever since he asked his beloved to be his on the first day home from school, eager to be with her and away from everyone else.

Even though the article surrounding him brought many things to question, it was decided by the British Wizengamot that he would be allowed to keep the name of Harry Potter, claiming that the name inspired the public and that no matter what he was, the Potters had accepted him and as such he was as much one of them as anyone could be. Here at home in France however, he had quickly become known by another name, one that came with its own fame though this time for something he had actually done. Finn Morrigan had become the European Youth Dueling Champion at fourteen years old, something that hadn't been done in many years, and was quite easily recognized by the same things that Harry Potter was known for in Britain. In fact, all of Europe knows what name he has answered to his entire life, but unlike the British Ministry, they accept that he wants to be known for his own accomplishments now that his secret is out, and not for what some mythical child is said to have done to defeat a dark lord. In deference to his choice, most outside of the British Isles have taken to calling him by the name he has chosen rather than the name he assumed when he was switched at birth.

Fleur could not have been happier when she heard, and now that she has him, she is living in a state of perpetual bliss. For three years she has been teased and taunted by her classmates about her 'imaginary' boyfriend, but now not only is he really her boyfriend, but everyone in her class knows it too. When he won the tournament a week ago, he kissed her in front of her entire year, as most of them had been there to compete and those who were not were cheering for those that were. In that moment, Fleur became the envy of everyone at Beauxbatons, not only for having power and beauty, but also for having a famous and powerful boyfriend who is so enchanting himself that no one has even thought to accuse her of seducing him with her Veela magic.

Even better, his win in the tournament not only made him the European Champion, but it also won their entire family tickets to the Quidditch World Cup finals in England. Both of them refuse to admit to anyone outside of the family how much they love the sport, but love it they do and to have a chance to go watch a professional match that tickets have been sold out for months for is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. In a little over a month, the finals will be played, and the culture around the game is nearly as important as the game itself, which means that they are actually leaving to set up on the grounds in just a few days so that they can experience and be a part of all of it.

Today is just for them. The next few days will be spent packing and preparing, and then they will be off to the not-so-secret secret location of the finals stadium, among the first wave of those attending both because they are considered a political delegation, and because they want to make sure that they have the best campsite possible. In fact, both of them are excited, Harry because he is going to be attending the most important Quidditch match of the year and spending a month camping with Fleur bunked in with him, allowed by her father strangely enough, and Fleur because she will finally get to meet her boyfriend's classmates, as well as spend a month bunked in with him in a way that they haven't been allowed to do in a few years now.

Today is just for them, and she loves that there is a 'them' to be considered. Six years they have known each other, and for three of them she has harbored a small flame for him that has grown every time she has been able to see him. Sometimes when he looks at her, she tells herself that his eyes are speaking a story of affection only for her, but she has never truly known for sure until now. Now they are together, and she is happy, happier when she sees him smile, and happiest when he does the little things that show how much he cares.

Today is just for them, tomorrow is when the world returns and their future begins. How she adores that thought.

A week has passed since they arrived in a field in the middle of nowhere in England, and a tent city has begun to grow around them. They were among the first to arrive, and strangely so were the Malfoys. Most everyone that knows them in social circles would expect them to avoid showing up until the day of, and for Lucius that may actually be the truth, but five minutes after the Delacour family appeared, Narcissa and Draco rode a portkey into the clearing and came looking for them. Fleur was treated to meeting a powerful and intelligent witch and her somewhat gobsmacked son, a boy who managed quite impressively to avoid drooling on his shirt. As the days went by, others showed up and were introduced, and now the only one she has not met is the little Spaniard that Finn has told her about for the last three years.

For the next three weeks, life will be all about the culture of quidditch and nothing more, the only dividing lines being which team you support. For Fleur and Finn, that means Bulgaria, what with their Veela mascots and a seeker just into his majority, not to mention that Bulgaria's mascots are volunteers and what the rumors say about Ireland's mascots tends to paint a bad picture of that relationship.

Match day has finally arrived and Fleur woke at dawn to find Finn already gone from their room in the tent, though she heard his laughter outside a moment later. Now she lounges back in a hammock seat watching him interact with his yearmates from school like she has for the last several weeks. Daphne and Astoria Greengrass sit on either side of him almost seeming to be ladies-in-waiting, with Tracey sitting on the other hand of the eldest. Across from her boyfriend, Draco and Blaise are engaged in a bit of good-natured ribbing with Neville Longbottom, whom still seems interested in pursuing a friendship with Finn despite house differences and a lack of any legal connection through godparents. If this is how things are at school, then all is well for them.