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Chapter One

Hidden Leaf in Crisis

October 10, the night that will be forever carved into the hearts and minds of every citizen of Konohagakure. The citizens of Konoha at first, however, were blissfully unaware of the impending destruction of their homes.

The abrupt attack of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox had disrupted the normality and tranquillity of this day. The large fox's tails destroyed the village as it thrashed them around. It snarled and roared loudly as more of the village suffered. The shinobi of the hidden leaf bravely rushed the fox in the name of protecting their families and homes.

As the attack commenced within the village, young shinobi and citizens had already been evacuated to the forest, which overlooked the village. A barrier prevented anyone from getting in, likewise from getting out. However, the fact that the young shinobi couldn't fight alongside their teachers and comrades made them very restless.

"This is ridiculous, how….how are we supposed to prove our youthfulness if were are stuck here?" asked a young 16 year old Might Gai.

"There isn't anything we can do?" said Kakashi with a sigh.

The fox growled and slammed its hand on a group of shinobi.

Gai's hands were white as he balled it into a fist.

"Tsuande-sama and Jiraya-sama ordered us to stay here, so that's what we'll do, follow their orders and stay here", surmised Yoba.

"That's right", a jonin appeared in front of the large group of shinobi. "This isn't your fight; this fight is for the current generation of ninjas to fight. If we should all perish the it'll be your jobs to carry on the will of fire", he gave them the thumbs up then disappeared again.

"All we can do is wait for more orders", said Asuma Sarutobi.

Everyone else all had emotionless looks on their faces; it was a really solemn atmosphere. Whilst observing the carnage before them, a small cry from behind them broke their trances.

They all looked at the source, their expressions softening as they observed the young child. Naruto Namikaze, son of the 'Yellow Flash' and the 'Benihime' of Konoha. Tsuande and Jiraya dropped him off here so they could go fight the Kyuubi. The young boy had yellow pyjamas on; adjourning them was a pattern of animals. He had spiky blonde hair and azure eyes, which made him, look a lot like Minato.

At the moment he was upset, angry and frightened all at the same time. He threw a tantrum when Tsunade and Jiraya told him that he had to stay here. He proclaimed that he wanted to 'fight' and 'protect the village'.

In many ways we was very similar to Kushina at times, however, his personality best matched Minato's. He was a quiet and well-mannered boy, his parents never spoiled him and such he wasn't a bratty child.

His frightened dark azure eyes scanned the burning village as he watched his home be destroyed by the large fox.

Kakashi walked over to him, his eyes closed indicating that he was smiling.

"Hi there Naruto-kun", he said.

Naruto looked at him and quickly wiped his tears away.

"I wasn't crying okay", he said as he turned his head away and crossed his arms.

Kakashi chuckled softly.

"I wouldn't worry about your parents and you're little brother Naruto, they'll be fine", said Kakashi.

He whimpered at the mention of his parents and his unborn little brother.

Kakashi looked perplexed and unsure what to do.

"Uh…there, there", he patted him on the back, unsure on what to do.

"C'mon, Naruto-chan", said Shizune.

She walked up to him and picked him up, he rocked him back and forth to soothe the crying child.

"You're hopeless, you know that?" she asked.

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head.

"Shizune?" asked Kurenai. "Shouldn't you be in the hospital?" she asked.

"I did request to be, but Tsunade-sama said that they had enough medics and that my safety was more important", she sighed.

"Are my Kaa-chan, Tou-san going to okay? Kaa-chan said that she had to be careful because she had my little brother in her tummy" he said.

She really couldn't answer that question, after all they had no idea what was happening at the present time. Nor did she know about the situation in the leaf, well besides the horrific view.

"Naruto-kun, you don't need to worry about your parents. Jiraya-sama, Tsuande-sama and Lord Third are backing them up. So don't worry, your little brother in your Kaa-chan's tummy is going to be fine, okay", he smiled again at the young child as he rubbed the top of his head.

Naruto nodded and sniffed as he held onto Shizune tight. Shizune noticed that his grip tightened when the fox roared.

"You don't have to be scared Naruto-chan", said Shizune with a smile.

"I'm not scared of the fox", he said. "I'm scared because, I can't do anything to help the village", he cried.

Hiruzen narrowly avoided a rogue tail. He flipped backward and faced the fox. He swiftly went through some handsigns.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan", he called out as a large stream of fire erupted from his mouth. The stream of fire forced it back a few paces making it roar.

"It's holding out as expected, but I never imagined that it would be this strong", he landed next to some jonin as the Kyuubi roared again.

He summoned his adamant staff again.

"Alright everyone together, push it out of the village!" ordered Sarutobi.

"Inoichi, coordinate the attack", he spoke.

Inoichi made a handsign, he felt myriad ninja minds become connected with his own.

"Alright let's go, Tsume!" he yelled.

Tsume and a fellow clansman jumped over the large pack of ninja.

"Gatsūga!" they both exclaimed as the slammed into the sides of the Kyuubi making it stumble back.

Tsume and her fellow clansman landed on some rubble.

"Shikaku!" she yelled.

A shadow travelled from Shikaku's feet and wrapped itself around the Kyuubi restraining it. The Kyuubi roared in discomfort. He struggled against the shadow making Shikaku as a bead of sweat ran down his forehead.

"Now Choza!" he exclaimed.

Choza in expanded form charged at the Kyuubi. He shoulder tackled the large fox making it double over a several paces in front of the hidden leaf gate.

"Alright, Inoichi!" called Choza.

'Everyone together!' he thought as he made the ram handsign.

All the leaf ninja fired off all manner of jutsu at the fox. The fox was hit with a barrage of attacks that stunned him and forced him outside of the perimeter of the village. He snarled and thrashed his tails destroy some of the forest.

"This thing is tough", said an Anbu.

"No matter what the Hidden Leaf, will not lose!" Sarutobi and the other Anbu disappeared in a burst of speed toward the fox to continue the battle.

"Naruto I know it's hard but we're all feeling the same way you are" she told the young child. "This is our home and we want to protect it", said Shizune. "I think you're very brave and mature for your age for saying that", she kissed him on the forehead making him blush.

A few moments of silence followed until Naruto spoke up.

"Jiji is really quick", said Naruto as he watched The Nine Tails get beat back by the third Hokage's adamant staff.

"Yeah, he's the strongest of his generation", said Kakashi.

"Yosh Naruto-kun, do not fret for we will triumph", said Gai with a thumbs up.

"You're weird", he giggled cheering up.

Every person in the area struggled not to laugh.

Gai cried as his ego was crushed by the five year old.

"Baa-chan and pervy sage aren't as fast", said Naruto as the duo delivered a double uppercut to the Kyuubi.

"How can you tell Naruto-kun?" asked Kakashi.

"Tou-san said that I have Kekka….kekkua…ur, uh….

"Kekkai Genkai", said Kakashi with a chuckle.

"Yeah that one", said Naruto. "Tou-san said that nobody in our family has had one in ages", Naruto explained.

'Well he's distracted at least', thought Kakashi.

Tsuande-chan, Jiraya-kun I take it that the birth of Kushina and Minato's newest child didn't go as planned", said Sarutobi.

"Yes, unfortunately you're right", said Tsunade. "There were, complications", she sighed.

"It can't be helped, our priority is to force the Kyuubi back so it can do no more damage", said the wise leader. "Where are Minato and Kushina, are they okay?" asked Hiruzen.

"Yes they're alright as far as I know", said Tsunade.

Minato arrived with a yellow flash above them. He appeared in front of the Kyuubi with a serious look on his face. He touched the Kyuubi's forehead and teleported the both of them outside the village.

"Where are they?" asked Sarutobi.

"Over there", said Jiraya as he pointed outside the village as a large explosion rocked the area.

"Let's go", said Tsuande.

The seasoned shinobi disappeared in a burst of speed toward the site, intent on helping the young kage.

"Tou-san just teleported away", said Naruto still in Shizune's arms.

"How did you know that Naru-chan?" asked Shizune.

"Is it your Kekki Genkai?" asked Kakashi.

"Yeah, Kaa-chan just teleported with him to", said Naruto.

"That's quite an ability you've got there", said Kakashi. "Do you know what it's called?" he asked.

"The swifty swifty released", he laughed.

"The swifty swifty released?" Kakashi thought for a second. "I think you mean the Swift Release Naruto-kun", he chuckled.

"Oh yeah, that's what I said", he laughed. "I don't know anything 'bout it though", he said.

"So I guess it has to do with the speed then", said Kakashi.

Kakashi and the other teens continued to make conversation with him to keep him distracted, even if none of them felt like talking. The young child was frightened and needed them.

10 Miles Outside of Konoha

Kushina subdued the large fox with her chakra chains as she looked down at her newborn son who started crying again.

"I'm sorry Ren-chan, did Kaa-chan wake you up?" asked as the baby wailed.

Minato appeared in front of her in a yellow flash.

"Kushina-chan are you alright?" he asked.

"Tch, I'm tougher than you", she grinned.

"I can't argue with that", he chuckled. "Listen Kushina-chan, I can't let Naruto-chan and Ren-chan grow up without a mother. I can't seal the Kyuubi back into you, otherwise you'll die so the burden falls to Ren-chan, I have to seal him into Ren-chan", a tear rolled down his face.

"M-Minato, it's a heavy burden to place upon a person", she sobbed.

"I understand Kushina, but I at the present moment this is the best course of action that we can take. Lord Third, Tsuande and Jiraya-sensei are heading toward us now", he sighed.

"I want to use the Tekkō Fūin to seal the Kyuubi in Ren-chan", he growled. "I wish there was another way but we're running out of time and we don't have any options right now Kushina", the Kyuubi growled as he finished his sentence.

"You won't seal me away again whelp!" he roared as went to strike Ren.

Sarutobi's adamant staff knocked the Kyuubi back a few paces and Kushina tightened her hold on him.

"Kushina, Minato", the three older shinobi appeared on the battlefield.

The three kage level shinobi looked down at the small bundle in front of Kushina. He was about to burdened with a terrible destiny. But if anyone could bear this burden it was a Minato and Kushina's child.

"I-Is Naruto-chan", Kushina breathed exhausted. "Is he alright?" she asked.

"Don't worry, we dropped him off at the barrier, he's been looking after", reassured Tsuande.

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief knowing that her eldest was safe. Tsunade ran ofter to her and place her hand on her back. Her hand glowed as she used the Shōsen Jutsu to heal her wounds. She breathed in as she felt her chakra return.

"Alright, let's do it", said Jiraya once Tsuande had finished.

Minato summoned a small alter and placed his crying newborn son on it.

The four shinobi Shusined on different sides of the Kyuubi forming a square. They all went through the necessary hand seals, their palms glowed and they all held out their hands as the Kyuubi struggled against Kushina.

Kyuubi looked into Kushina's eyes, he showed fear.

"I'm sorry Kuruma", she smiled at him. "But you're far too dangerous to roam free", Kyuubi snarled and thrashed against the chains.

His eyes looked at Kushina but he saw Hashirama.

"No! Not again!" he roared again.

"Together! Tekkō Fūin!" the four shinobi yelled at once as the Jutsu was activated.

The fox roared one last time until it changed form into a large cloud of chakra, he was then dragged into the seal on Ren's stomach. Kushina placed her hand on her child's stomach.

"Fūin", she exclaimed as the seal appeared on Ren's stomach.

After silence followed for a few moments until Minato collapsed as did Sarutobi. The young boy wailed even louder, somehow, some way, aware of the heavy burden he has been charged with to bare, and only a few hours old.

"Ren", she stroked her son's head lovingly.

Kushina felt her eyes go heavy, her seal being broken and giving birth finally catching up to her as she fell next to her son exhausted. Tsunade Shushined next to her and picked her up.

"Let's get them to the hospital", Minato nodded as he picked up Sarutobi and Minato.

"Right, call Kakashi to collect Naruto", said Jiraya as they both nodded to each other.

Tsuande managed to grab Ren as well and the two ninja disappeared in a burst of speed.

A Few Hours Later, Hidden Leaf Hospital

Kakashi carried Naruto into the hospital as the revolving doors opened for them. Kakashi held Naruto to his chest, not wanting to expose the young child to the horrors that he looked upon.

"Kakashi-nii, where are we?" asked Naruto.

"We're at the hospital, don't you want to see your Kaa-chan, Tou-san and your new baby brother. They're all resting in the room down the hall", said Kakashi as he let Naruto look up.

"They're all here!?" he exclaimed.

"Yes Naruto but this is a hospital and you have to be quite", scolded Kakashi making Naruto nod.

Kakashi opened the door to see Minato and Kushina on separate beds next to each other. In the middle was a crib with a small bundle wrapped up in a blue blanket.

Jiraya, Tsunade and Hiruzen were sat on different chairs in the room.

"Jiji", said Naruto as he wiggled out of Kakashi's embrace and into the old Hokage's.

"Hoho, Naruto-kun", said the Hokage as he picked him up.

"Jiji are Kaa-chan and Tou-san okay?" he asked.

"Yes they're both fine, other than a few scarps and bruise all they need is a good nap", he said sincerely.

Naruto smiled at the old man.

Suddenly a small cry could be heard from the crib in between Minato and Kushina.

"What's that?" asked Naruto.

"That's your new baby brother Naruto-kun, would you like to meet Ren?" asked Sarutobi.

The young Namikaze nodded his head vigorously.

"Okay then", the former kage brought Naruto over to the crib. Holding him so he could see into the crib.

"Hi, I'm your big brother Naruto, nice to finally meet you Ren-chan", said Naruto with a smile.

The baby stopped crying when he saw Naruto's face. He had violet eyes like his mother and small tuff of red hair at the top his head.

Ren giggled and held his arm out at Naruto; he grabbed his blonde hair and pulled it.

"I think he likes you Naru-chan", said Tsuande.

"Naruto-chan, I'm so glad you're okay", Naruto looked up at Minato who smiled.

"Tou-san", said Naruto.

Sarutobi put Naruto down on his bed and Naruto crawled over into his father's hold.

"Are you and Kaa-chan okay?" asked Naruto concerned and unsure.

"I wouldn't worry about me, especially not your Kaa-chan, you know how tough she is", he chuckled weakly.

"You should be resting kid", said Jiraya.

"I'm the Hokage, I don't need sleep", he laughed.

"Tou-san you were flashing around so fast, were you in a battle?" he sobbed. "That other guy y-you were fighting. He wasn't as fast as you but he knew where you were gonna be, I thought you were in trouble", he said.

Minato chuckled.

"That Kekkei Genkai of yours huh?" said Minato. "It's certainly becoming stronger as you get older", Minato chuckled.

Naruto closed his eyes as sleep began to overtake him.

"Yes, sensei is there a Namikaze Kekkei Genkai?" asked Kakashi.

"Don't worry Kakashi, I'll explain it all later. But for now, I can't keep my eyes open", he chuckled again.

The father and son duo fell asleep together and began snoring lightly.

"They're both asleep", commented Jiraya.

"Ah, they're so alike it's ridiculous", chuckled Tsunade.

"Sometimes, Naruto-kun does have a little temper at times", said Sarutobi.

"I can already tell about Ren-chan, he's going to be like his mother. Those Uzumaki features are a definite sign", said Jiraya.

"Kakashi-kun", spoke Sarutobi.

Kakashi looked up, broken out of his stupor.

"As you know, Minato-kun will be extremely busy rebuilding the village and not to mention that that'll be an new baby", he explained. "I want you to take up Naruto's training and teach him to be a shinobi", Kakashi blinked in confusion.

"Ah but sir Anbu-I would love to be the one to teach Naruto but-

"Don't worry about Kakashi-kun", Sarutobi smiled. "I've reappointed you, I think you'll enjoy the change of pace, it'll be a lot less stressful and you'll get to spend time with him", said Hiruzen.

"O-Okay, I'd like that Sarutobi-sama", said Kakashi with a smile.

Chapter End

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