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Chapter Twenty – Nine

Yugao's Belief

Yugao had her eyes closed, she jumped from building to building. She made the snake-sign with her gloved hands as the wind wiped her. She was tracking a very nimble creature, it's chakra signature would fluctuate periodically, not before changing direction. It became very apparent that this thing was extremely fast, faster than her.

The skyscraper that Naruto had forcibly launched into the ocean, no longer stood proudly in the distance behind her. She stopped on top of an old circular building, giving it the appearance of a cylinder. She opened her eyes as a figure landed softly behind her.

"This battle was over before it even began", spoke a deep voice.

Yugao blew a strand of stray purple hair out of her eyes, she huffed and placed her gloved hands on her hips. The feisty Jonin turned to the hulking bio-mechanical warrior.

"Well aren't you an eyesore", she commented dryly examining his wings, which were obviously poorly stitched together, grafted onto the creature's back.

"Your insults are about to come to an end", he twirled his spear around and stamped it into the rock. Splitting the fragile structure on impact.

"So what are you supposed to be, half-man, half-pigeon?" she enquired cocking her head to the side.

"Put an end to that now! Take me seriously, purple-haired bitch!" he shouted making her eyebrow twitch.

"What was that freak?" she asked angrily.

"I said-

The bird-man was caught off guard as Yugao stamped her foot on the stone beneath her feet. A sharpened rock burst through the withering building. The warrior barely managed to dodge as the spike, the sharpened edge narrowly piercing his cheek. He flapped his wings twice, climbing away from Yugao.

"I was almost finished off", he gritted his teeth. "I'll put an end to this woman's rampage", he twirled the spear counter-clockwise.

Yugao pulled out a kunai holding it front of her, her features growing more excitable.

"My name is Yugao, and you'd better start showing respect otherwise I'll be the woman to beat you into the ground", he jumped at him with an intent to kill.

Throwing the kunai at the creature he dodged it effortlessly.

"You can't even throw correctly, I'll end you in one fell swoop", he chuckled thrusting the spear into Yugao's stomach.

Smirking in triumph, left a bittersweet taste in the bio-mechanical man's mouth. As Yugao evaporated in a clump of water, effectively soaking him. The kunai that she had previously thrown disappeared in a puff of smoke, revealing the leaf ninja.

"Fucking hell you're annoying", she slammed her gloved fist into the creature's face, effectively disorienting the sound symbol on his cheek.

With a sickening crack the creature was launched through the air, flying toward the ground. The bird-man flipped in mid-air, extending his wings and stopping his descent right before he hit the ground. The dust flew along the ground on all sides as the creature planted its feet on the floor. He readjusted his jaw-line, putting it back into place.

Yugao made the snake sign as earth engulfed around the monster's feet, trapping him.

'The water clone she used was to speed up the hardening process. She had already gauged how fast I am from following my movements with her sensory abilities. She's smart', he thought as he struggled against his bindings.

"Suiton: Dabura Suiryūdan no Jutsu!" Yugao finished a set of handsigns quickly. The ground beneath the creature began to crack, water erupted from the small openings as they gradually got larger.

Twin water jets appeared through the cracks, destroying the earth below as they climbed in spirals toward the sky. They went opposite ways gaining the appearance of a dragon each respectively. The bird-creature narrowed his eyes as he wildly stabbed at the earth covering his claws. The twin-dragons crashed through the buildings toward either side of him, engulfing him in a torrent of violent water. The resulting explosions soaked a large quantity of the area.

She narrowed her eyes at the waves below. Her eyes scanning every nook and cranny to the last detail. She watched as the buildings collapsed on the dirt below, effectively burying the spit were the creation once stood.

Yugao's eyes widened as a sharp gust of wind blew her clothes back violently. She swiftly turned her body to avoid a stab from the spear. It passed harmlessly above her shoulder. Her senses were alerted as wind chakra began to rapidly coated the weapon.

"I underestimated you, but Orochimaru-sama gave me the power of wind. Surely this will end you!" he shouted as the wind-bladed tip reached out below itself. Ripping at Yugao's flesh, bloody erupted from her shoulder as she bit back a yelp utter agony.

"Doton: Iwa Shīrudo", Yugao made the snake sign as rocks from the earth below gathered around her forming a spherical shield around her.

The bird-creature swatted her away, sending her to the right. As she flew the rocks all fell away. The purple-haired Jonin channeled chakra to her hands as she flipped onto the earth, skidding along the ground she landed on her feet. She groaned in pain biting back another screamed as she touched it. She put her right hand over the wound as green chakra coated the area.

"I can at least stop the bleeding", she said uncomfortably as the wound closed up.

"Will you enjoy the memento of this battle, I wonder young woman?" asked the creature as his soaked form entered the area. Landing gracefully in front of the injured Konoichi.

"What's your name?" asked Yugao standing up to a vertical base. Her shirt torn and ripped, revealing her shoulder, bra strap and some cleavage.

"My name? My name is experiment 896, biomechanical model", he answered eliciting a laugh from Yugao.

"Joke? I don't see what's so funny?" he narrowed his eyes dangerously at her.

"That isn't a name, a name is something that you take pride in, something that gives you your identity", she smirked. "You sad pawn", she taunted.

"Pawn hmm? I suppose in that regard, you're wrong for I do have a human name. I am told that it's Manaru", he chuckled. "For a human, you seem to know what you're saying, surprising given that a human could never be as intelligent as one-of-us", he argued boastfully.

"Does slavery make you intelligent does it? That's like saying a fool's a genius for barking loudly. All you are is tool, used to torment and destroy what say you to that, huh?!" she bit back rather harshly.

"Perhaps it makes me more intelligent, following someone who will change the world", Yugao laughed again making the creature narrow his eyes.

"Existence without a purpose is pointless. But you're wrong about that, Orochimaru-teme won't change the world", she smiled. "That idiot Naruto is the one who's gonna do things that'll turn the world upside down. I wanna walk next to him, that's why we all came. Because we believe Naruto is our village's next leader, like he'd ever lose to someone like that snake-freak!" she roared adamantly.

He pointing his spear toward her.

"You are strong in will and body. To have such faith in a mere-boy is adamantly the strangest thing I've ever seen. Before this battle continues, answer me this Yugao", he narrowed his eyes.

"Would you kill an innocent person and forsake your precious ideals knowing that they couldn't possibly pose a threat to anyone, merely because your leader ordered you to? Or would you re-consider your loyalties, and betray the person who told you to kill?" he posed this question to her.

"You're trying to trap me", she closed her eyes and the win picked up. "But the answer to your question is rather simplistic", the purple-haired Jonin's hair whipped up in the wind.

"I'd follow a leader with the same beliefs as me!" she yelled confidently.

Manaru smiled slight holding his spear with both hands.

"That is where we differ. You truly are a strange creature, shinobi of the leaf, Yugao", he spoke slightly amused.

"Well you're not wrong", she became serious, dropping into her stance.

The bird-man threw his spear at her with both his hands. She sidestepped it summoning some earth to her hand. Manaru appeared next to her, stanching the spear out of the air. He thrusted the pointed tip to the side of her. She bought her earth covered hand, blocking the spear. Her heels digging into the ground, breaking it apart as she gritted her teeth. She redirected the blade to the left of her, it became imbedded into the ground. She grabbed it with her left hand as the earth around her right hand disappeared. She slammed her elbow into his outstretched arm, eliciting a painful growl from the creature. She then kicked him away grabbing his spear in the process. He was sent into flying but quickly recovered with a few flaps of his wings.

Yugao snapped the spear in half on her knee. The stick dropped to the ground and she imbedded the blade into the ground, covering it with her own earth Justu, rendering it unusable.

"Uinguburēdo!" Manaru's wings out stretched as he coated them in wind chakra. The glowed and pulsed with intense energy.

Yugao gritted her teeth as the creature flew toward her. She channeled chakra to her legs and chakra dashed away for a few blocks. The purple-headed ninja then jumped up the side of a tall building. Manaru in hot-pursuit, she flipped forward and slide along the side of the building with the help of her chakra. She pushed herself off the building narrowly missing Manaru's wing. She twisted her body upward and threw a kunai with a paper bomb and chakra coated tip. The kunai sailed past Manaru, destroying the top of the building. Rubble rained down on the bio-mechanical warrior as Yugao flipped away onto the top of a smaller building across the way. Manaru hit the ground hard, followed by a series of mortar that buried him.

Yugao winced and held her shoulder, dropping to one knee she let out a strained breath. The pain traveled up and down her arm.

'I need more chakra, I can't health myself fully and continue to fight him equally', as she finished her thought Manaru burst through the rubble with his wings. Blood ran down his face and exposed chest.

The creature let out a breath of exasperation. The ground beneath him began to shake as Yugao held on of her hands out.

"Kazan no Bakuhatsu", she thrusted her hand up as the earth exploded around Manaru. The entire area was destroyed, Yugao bought her hands up to her forehead to block the rain of dust that covered her.

'I'm almost out of chakra', she coughed and panted. 'But that's not really an excuse, is it Yugao?' she asked herself standing up as her senses told her Manaru had already recovered.

He clawed his way to the surface again.

"You know, for an over-grown pigeon, you're pretty tough", she joked struggling to hold herself up.

"As are you, for an inferior species you are..….persistent. I am unsure just how much more of those shots my body will be able to take. Unfortunately, I haven't been given the opportunity to test its limits myself", he smiled.

"I'd say you're on your last legs", commented Yugao as she looked to her left. Without releasing it they had moved closer and closer to the ocean. On cue the smell of the sea reached her nose.

"The water", she smiled as the morning sun shone down on the water. Giving the look of sparkles along the top of the water. "Manaru!" the Jonin turned to him with a slight smirk.

"You're not such a bad guy", she complimented earning a confused look from the winged man. She then pumped the slightest bit of chakra, trying to conserve energy, into her legs as she jumped away toward the sea.

He chased after her, using his wings to propel him upward. She gritted her teeth, running on mostly adrenaline. She landed down on the small sandy beach to the side of the island. The Jonin then collapsed on the sand, landing on her backside she giggled.

"It's over Yugao-san, I'll put an end to this right now. You were….a worthy adversary", Manaru landed on the beach and wasted no time in charging toward her. He roared as he jumped up, coating his right wing with wind chakra.

Yugao's smile never left her face. Manaru was suddenly upon her, his wing mere inches from her face. She mouthed a few words to him, making his eyes widened as the water from the wet sand around her right hand engulfing it.

"Suiton: Suijō no Jutsu", she leaned back. The wing passing over her, with a mere inch to spare. She then thrusted her fist directly into his face, blood poured from his mouth and nose as he was launched into the water behind her.

A whirlpool formed around him dragging him into the depths.

"Suiton: Kōka Suijin!" she ran through a set of handsign as four pillars of spiraling water burst out of the edges of the whirlpool. They all formed together in the middle, directly on top of the violent surge of water. The chakra infused sea-water surged in the air creating a sharp blade, around the blade of water was an extra layer of spinning water. Manaru fought his way out of the current, just in time for Yugao to call the drilling-water-blade down directly onto him.

Manaru's eyes widened as Yugao's words echoed through his mind.

'You're pretty good, Manaru-san but this is it'

The bio-mechanical man suddenly broke out into a smile.

'Thanks…...Yugao-chan, it is indeed the end', he closed his eyes as the water drill ended his life. The resulting explosion rocked the area as the aftershock of water rained down on Yugao, who breathed heavily on the beach.

Her form now thoroughly soaked and her chakra reserves almost depleted. She smiled weakly as the rain of sun rays replaced the water.

She giggled to herself, not long afterward she broke out into a laugh.


"That girl is something else", Rin observed her only female student. She smiled when she saw the grin on the girl's face appear.

"She's growing up, hmm", from beside her Kushina placed a hand on her husband's student's shoulder. "I'm very thankful that my son has friends like her", Rin giggled softly.

"What's so funny dattabane?!" the red-head's mood travelled from one end of the spectrum to the other.

"You misunderstand Lady Kushina", Rin leaned against her hand. "It's amazing really, Naruto-kun has this way of making allies of his enemies and friends of his allies. A quality of a Kage, wouldn't you think, hmm?" Kushina opened her mouth but her words died in her throat.

"Yugao-chan is risking her life to protect Naruto-kun. Because she believes in him, they all do, you just heard her say so", Rin placed her hand on her shoulder, standing tall. "Don't worry so much about him, hmm", she giggled again.

"Mummy", Kushina felt a tug on her skirt, she looked down to see her youngest daughter who looked rather distressed. She looked over to see her son by her husband, not wanting to show weakness Minato settled for rubbing his back.

Kushina smiled and bent down and picked her up, holding her to her hip. She beginning to get a little big to carry, but if she wanted to be babied right now she wouldn't deny her.

"It's alright sweetie", she kissed her cheek rocking her back and forth soothingly. She couldn't offer the child much more than that, she really couldn't. If she herself, a seasoned Jonin of the village was struggling to hold her nerve, she couldn't fathom what her child of eight was feeling.

The spunky blonde cried silently into her shoulder, Kushina continued to rock back and forth, eyeing the screen with a stressed look of her own.

Minato seemed to be having a similar dilemma with his and hers' youngest boy. The boy of ten wouldn't openly show weakness, taking after Kushina in that regard of stubbornness. The red-head clenched his fists and his lip quivered.

"What are you thinking?" asked Minato still rubbing soothing circles on the ridged boy's back.

Ren sighed, gathering himself quickly.

"I-I'm just worried is all. I could go and help nii-san, but I'm strong enough", he said sadly with small sniff.

"You will be", said Minato with a smirk. "You have every resource available to you, Ren-chan you're going to be a great ninja….one day. But for now just enjoy your childhood, okay?" the blonde Kage ruffled his hair making him chuckle softly.

"I guess I'm a little lucky then, nii-san was already going on dangerous missions at my age wasn't he?" the academy student's mood slightly improving.

"Yes, Naruto was already a Chunin, he worried your mother and I all the time. But just between you and me, you're the good child who never makes us worry….to much", joked Minato eliciting a small chuckle from the boy.


Explosion after explosion tore the large island apart. Black and yellow aura collided again and again, unrelenting as buildings crumble to the dirt and the earth crumble under the chakra pressure. The same could be felt below ground as well, Yugito ran through an underground passage, torches to either side of the narrow passage way lit her way.

'I can't believe you've lead me down here. I'm searching for that freak in this…this…

"Labyrinth, the word you're looking for is labyrinth", her tailed beast spoke from inside her mindscape.

She continued her trek, her footsteps making a racked as she ran through the stale air. Her long braid swaying back and forth behind her.

'You know I suck at this sensory crap, that's why I always like to bring Samui, that girl can do that freaky sensor-thingo', she griped as she rounded a corner, inwardly growling. 'This entire place looks the fucking same!' she screamed inside her mind, earning a giggle from her tenant.

"Just keep searching kitten, I smell that fowl chakra down here somewhere", reassured the tailed beast with mewl.

After a few moments more of running, Yugito's face contorted in confusion. She had ran into a dead-end. A normal, average-everyday door blocked her path. She held her breath, preparing herself for whatever lay ahead behind that door. The Jonin of Kumogakure kicked the piece of varnished wood down with her heeled boots. The busty blonde gasped in shock and surprise.

"I was not ready for today", she said as she brushed a stray strand of blonde hair out of her eyes.

"You and me both", concurred the two tailed cat.

The was decorated with plastic aero planes and bird models, hanging from the roof. The walls were decorated with a colourful wallpaper, which consisted of clouds, rainbows, bubbles and oceans. The overall feel of the room was largely innocent in comparison to the dimly lit and muggy hallway outside, However, the trepidation that there was a group of young children, sporting white garbs all stared at her with mixed looks of curiousity and fear.

"What the…hell?!" Yugito questioned as the same strained of hair she previously pushed back covered her face again.

There were four children in total, ranging from seven years old to a mere infant who lay asleep in his crib. The eldest sported short orange hair, her features eyeing Yugito's with inquisitiveness and caution. Her bright round eyes studied Yugito, not before a smile broke out on her face.

"Hi!" she squeaked.

"Uh-hello", Yugito waved nervously having never dealt with a child before.

There was also a timid looking child who tended to the baby boy in the crib behind the first two. He wore glasses too big for his face, his timid looking expression tugging Yugito's heart strings. He shakily stood in front of the infant in an attempt to protect him. His bright blonde hair and blue eyes gave him a striking look.

The last child stood in front of the hyper-orange-haired girl with calm look. He wore a still expression, he also had black eyes and jet-black hair that reached just below his ears.

"What do you want?" he asked her.

Yugito blinked twice, unable to answer.

"Are you deaf, I asked you a question?" he pressed rather rudely earning a growl from Yugito.

"Just gimme a sec to process this!" she yelled scaring all of them. The baby started to cry earning a sigh from the Jonin.

"Look I don't really know. What to do but what are you all doing here?" she asked earning giggle from the orange haired girl.

"Nuhuh we asked you first", she laughed as Yugito slapped herself in the face. "You're funny", she stuck her tongue out.

"What I want to know is what you're all doing here", she said earning a confused expression from the girl.

"Hey you tricked me!" she accused pointing a finger at her.

"You shouldn't point", scolded the boy next to her grabbing the girl's hand and gently setting it down.

"I am Ichiro, this is Aruna, the one with the glasses is Tetsuya and the baby is Yuji", he answered politely. "Now you answer my question, who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Yugito Nii, I am Jonin from the Hidden Cloud Village", she tapped her forehead protector. "I don't want to hurt any of you, I'm here to-

"Are you here to take us away?!" asked the girl hopefully.

"I uh-

"Please!" screamed the timid boy.

The other boy remained silent, however is feelings of neutrality were betrayed by his hopeful look.

"You see that-

They continued to stare at her, Yugito could feel her will breaking, they were just so cute.

"Oh fine-but!" she sighed. "Why are you here, I mean what possible reason could four have to be here?" she shook her head and awaited a response.

"We were taken away from our parents!" shouted Tetsuya, gaining a blush on his face.

"By Orochimaru?" Yugito continued her string of questions.

"Orochimaru-sama said that our parents didn't want us anymore and that we're here to help make the ninja word a better place. He said that we were special", Yugito raised an eyebrow as Ichiro explained.

"I'm guessing you're-

"They're the catalysts for Orochimaru-sama's army", Yugito's head snapped up and she whipped around to see one of Orochimaru's bio-mechanical creatures step through. Ducking his horned head to avoiding hitting the roof.

"You!" she growled as the bull-man from earlier walked into the room.

"Yugito-nee-chan!" Aruna grabbed her pant leg, scurrying behind her.

"I really don't think you should leave children, you're safe here, with us", the tail behind the bio-mechanical creature's tail hit the side of the opened door, sending it flying into the door.

"You're not leaving this place alive, you're dead do you hear me worm?" he asked pointed toward her.

Ichiro grabbed her other leg, showing tell-tale signs of fear.

"I am the driving force of Orochimaru-sama's army, experiment 800, Jun", he let an evil smirk appear on his face as he stamped his hoof on the ground, cracking the earth beneath it.

Chapter End

Suiton: Dabura Suiryūdan no Jutsu

Water Style: Double Water Dragon Bullet


Wing Blade

Kazan no Bakuhatsu

Volcano explosion

Suiton: Suijō no Jutsu

Water Style: Water Lock Jutsu

Suiton: Kōka Suijin

Water Style: Hardened Water Drill

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