A special Birthday Noex for my bestie Bramblerose4! She wanted a jealous Noex and she is going to get it!

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Rex bit back a growl as the red haired teen across from him threw his arms around Noah's shoulders for the third time in as many hours.

Was it that hard to keep his hands to himself? The booth wasn't that small.

Noah didn't seem to notice Rex's irritation as he continued laughing at the red head's story.

"God Jake, my parents would have killed me for doing something like that! How'd you get that passed them?"

Jake flashed a wolfish grin and squeezed Noah's shoulder.

"Climbed that old tree next to my window and snuck in. Wasn't nearly as easy as it was when we were kids."

Noah grinned at the old memory, Rex all but forgotten across from them.

"The one you nearly broke your neck falling out of trying to escape your sister after you smashed her favorite compact?"

Jake ran a hand through his hair and leaned in all the closer toward his blonde friend.

"That's the one Noey." He all but cooed.

Noah blushed bright red and pushed the other teen away playfully.

"You know I hate that name." He mumbled.

Jake's smile grew as he finally turned his gaze to Rex.

"I think it's cute. Don't you agree Rex?"

The Evo snapped his attention away from the sight of Noah's blush and his own building irritation to make eye contact with his rival.

He wanted to like Noah's childhood friend Jake, he really did, but the red head just…..irked him.

"It doesn't matter what it is if Noah doesn't like it." He all but spat at the other teen.

Noah shot him a questioning look at his harsh tone, but Jake just looked at him from over his shades and smirked.

"I don't know, I've always had a knack for knowing what my Noey likes." He teased as he turned his heated gaze to Noah.

"Jake." Noah warned him with his tone.

The red head lazily placed his face in his palm and turned his attention completely away from Rex.

"What Noey? Didn't you tell him you used to be my boy toy?"

Rex nearly bolted up from his seat at that and instantly looked to his friend for confirmation.

Noah flushed and looked away, telling the Evo everything he needed to know.

"I need some air." He announced flatly before bolting from the table.

"Rex!" Noah called after him, only pausing long enough to shoot his former boyfriend a glare.

"You never could stand to see me happy." He hissed before running off after his friend.

Jake watched them go, unfazed by either's reaction.

"No Noey." He mumbled to himself.

"I just know what you like and how afraid you are to ask for what you want."

Hope it's what my bestie wanted!

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Lacy Fairgold