The end of a special Birthday Noex for my bestie Bramblerose4!

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Noah didn't end up seeing Jake again till about 5 years later and he would have missed the red head entirely if the other man hadn't slid into the seat across from him at the very diner they'd been at years ago.

"Someone's been a rather hot topic lately." He commented as soon as he caught Noah's gaze. The blonde blinked at him in surprise before looking at the magazine Jake had placed on the table.

He'd seen others like it ever since someone had leaked the fact that he and Rex were dating to the press last year, but this one must have been relatively new.

On the cover he and Rex could be seen watching the fireworks flashing over the bay the previous July with their hands grasped tightly together.

At the beginning of their relationship Noah would have been mortified to be on the cover of a magazine just because he was dating someone famous, but it didn't bother him so much now. Especially when it gave him a photo album worth of pictures between him and Rex and he never had to bother carrying a camera around.

He made a mental note of the magazine name so as to get his own copy of that picture before turning his gaze to Jake.

"You know that's not the reason I'm dating him." He replied icily.

Jake flashed his patented Cheshire grin before replying.

"What's with the attitude Noey? Would have thought you'd be a little nicer to the person who hooked you up with your new squeeze." He teased.

Noah rolled his eyes.

"You were the catalyst, not the cause." Noah corrected with annoyance.

Jake dismissed that with a wave as he looked Noah up and down.

"Aren't you a little over dressed for this dump?" He asked with false casualness.

Noah's gaze didn't waver, even as his cheeks darkened.

"It's a special day." He answered bluntly as he looked out the window for his boyfriend.

The last thing he wanted was for Rex to walk in on him and his Ex talking today of all days.

Jake picked up on his uneasiness and smirked.

"No worries Noey. I don't have any plans on ruining your little night out with your boyfriend. Just wanted to wish you luck on changing that status soon. Lord knows you always have options if this doesn't work out." Noah opened his mouth to reply, but stopped as Jake abruptly got up from his seat and began heading towards the kitchen door. He only stopped to look back at Noah and shout:

"Oh and Noah. I'm pretty sure he's going to say yes."

Then just like that the red head vanished just as quickly as he'd appeared.

And just in time for Rex to walk into the dinner.

The blonde was still as red as a tomato as his lover leaned down to catch his lips in a swift kiss.

"Happy anniversary Carino." He whispered as he pulled back.

Noah sighed contently as the kiss broke and all thoughts of Jake vanished from his mind.

Instead he placed one hand over Rex's own and the other on the ring box in his pocket, reassured by the touch of both.

Rex just smiled at him like always, not aware of the question Noah would ask him that night, but very aware of his answer.

From his place on the other side of the kitchen door Jake snapped a final photo of Rex attacking his boyfriend with kisses after accepting his proposal.

The pair were as oblivious to his presence as they'd been for the past year he'd been taking pictures of them for the tabloids.

It helped that he knew how Noah thought and where he'd most likely go on certain occasions. Finding them at the diner on their anniversary wasn't very surprising. Neither was the fact that Noah had been waiting for just the right opportunity to spring the question on his lover.

Jake was happy for them.

Happy that he'd played a small part in their union and happy about the resulting revenue stream.

Maybe as a wedding present he'd send them the pictures of their proposal.

Unless the tabloids offered him more than usual of course.

(Someone did have to pay for the tree that had gone missing from his parent's house shortly after Noah and Rex had gotten together. The one he and Noah had shared their first kiss in.)

Happy belated birthday Bestie!

Yours Truly,

Lacy Fairgold