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Chapter 2: Survive! The Kyubi's Training

"Wake up, gaki. It's time for training." said the Kyubi, waking from its slumber.

However, Naruto didn't respond to the Kyubi's wake up call, an unfortunate mistake.

"Wake up." repeated the Kyubi, but the demon fox still did not receive an answer from the Uzumaki.

"Get. Up." growled the Kyubi, losing its patience, but still Naruto did not answer.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP, GAKI! I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS! GO! GO! GO!" roared the Kyubi, inside of Naruto's mind.

The young Uzumaki woke up in a frightened jolt, with sweat beads flowing down his forehead. Naruto checked his surroundings for a few moments, before remembering what had occurred yesterday, what he was, and who lives inside of him.

Rubbing his eyes to help them focus, the blonde realized that the sun hadn't risen completely yet. Growling, he turned to his alarm clock and saw bold, red numbers that displayed 4:15 AM.

"Really, Kyubi? For what purpose of training does waking me up at quarter past four serve?" asked the sleepy Uzumaki.

"Well gaki, we've got a lot of stuff to cover, so I want to begin your training promptly at 5 AM every morning, for the next three months until the Academy starts up again. Now, get out of bed and do your morning routine." said the Kyubi.

"Ugggghhhh…." groaned Naruto, while lifting his bed covers and lazily sliding out of his somewhat comfortable mattress.

Naruto hopped into the shower and thoroughly scrubbed his entire body, ridding himself of any dirt or impurities. Then he dried himself and equipped all of his new gear that he bought from Higurashi Weapons.

"Now it's time for you to eat a HEALTHY breakfast." said the Kyubi, emphasizing on the word healthy.

Naruto paled when he heard the h-word, but he did not argue, knowing it was for the best and wanting to avoid being 'Kyubi Slammed' again.

The Uzumaki walked into his kitchen and opened the refrigerator, which was stocked with unspoiled and nutritious ingredients thanks to his hit and run shopping endeavor at the grocery store.

"So… what's for breakfast?" asked Naruto, with a grimace.

"Hmm… grab the eggs, some sausage, and a couple of tomatoes. Then… get some bananas, strawberries, milk, and yogurt. And finally… get the bread and some jam." said the Kyubi.

Naruto did as ordered and placed all of the ingredients on the kitchen counter, near the sink.

"Now what?" asked Naruto.

"Start up the stove and fill the pan with the oil we bought. Crack the eggs, chop up the sausage and tomatoes and put it in the pan before the egg solidifies." said the Kyubi.

Naruto followed the instructions and soon a savory aroma filled the air of the kitchen because of the cooking of the omelet.

"While that's cooking, toast the bread and then bring out the blender." said the Kyubi, to which Naruto complied.

"Now, chop up the bananas and strawberries and dump them in, followed by the yogurt and milk, and then press blend." said the Kyubi, to which Naruto complied.

The Uzumaki returned to the stove, grabbed a spatula and flipped the omelet to cook the other side, before hearing the familiar ding of the toaster.

Naruto went about spreading jam on the toast, then he turned off the blender and poured its contents into a glass.

Finally, the omelet was ready and Naruto placed the main breakfast dish on a plate, before seating himself at the breakfast table.

"See? Doesn't all of this make your stomach grumble. You can eat healthy and still have a delicious meal, rather than eating Ramen all day long." said the Kyubi.

"This actually does look good." thought Naruto, before grabbing a fork and digging into the omelet.

Ten minutes later, Naruto leaned backwards against his chair and gave a content sigh, gracious for the meal.

"So, which training field are we going to?" asked Naruto.

"Ha! As if we need those over-sized playgrounds for a training environment." boasted the Kyubi.

"Come again?" asked Naruto, baffled.

"We're gonna train using your mind." clarified the Kyubi.

"Hehehe… HAHAHAHA! You're out of your mind Kyubi, I didn't know that bijus knew how to tell jokes." laughed Naruto, not believing a word the demon fox said.

Annoyed that the brat wasn't taking him seriously, the Kyubi used his signature technique to send the boy flying into the kitchen cupboards.

"What the hell is your problem, Kyubi?" growled Naruto, rubbing the bump on his head for the umpteenth time.

"You're the problem, dumbass. Do you think I am joking? I said we are going to utilize mental training." snarled the Kyubi.

"Ok then, tell me how the hell were going to do this, and how it's supposed to make me a better shinobi?" asked Naruto, trying to take the Kyubi seriously, for his health.

"First, find a comfortable position, because your physical body isn't going to be moving for a long while." said the Kyubi.

Nodding his head, Naruto headed back into his bedroom, and sat Indian style on his mattress.

"Now, assume a meditation pose and close your eyes, you need complete concentration to be able to perform what we're about to do." said the Kyubi.

Shaking his head in wonder, the Uzumaki did what he was told. At first, nothing happened, but then black void that was present due to one closing their eyes, because to spin rapidly until Naruto was face to face with the Kyubi, once again.

"Whoa. We're back here again?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, we are in your mindscape, a parallel universe inside of your subconscious that was created by the sealing technique that binds me within you." explained the Kyubi.

"Ok, this mental training idea of yours makes more sense now, but I sense two problems. One, you are still trapped in your cage, and two, this watery and cramped prison isn't the ideal setting for training." said Naruto.

"Well, if you really want this training to work, you're are going to have to release me from my prison, by undoing the restraint part of the seal." said the Kyubi.

Dead silence.

Naruto was completely taken off guard by the Kyubi's request, and tried to contemplate the consequences of his next action. If he agreed, he would set free the most powerful and dangerous biju in existence, one that could possibly kill him and take over his body, before wreaking havoc on Konoha again.

Now, the normally obvious answer would be HELL NO, but Naruto realized that if he didn't take the Kyubi up on his request, what would he do?

The Kyubi was offering to train him so he could achieve his lifelong goal of becoming Hokage, which would enable him to end the hatred against jinchuriki. If he didn't accept the Kyubi's request, he would most likely fail out of the academy again and his ninja career would end right there.

Plus, the Kyubi is the first person, or being, that gave a damn about him AND is actively trying to help him, unlike the Third Hokage and Iruka. Deep down in his heart, Naruto felt as if the demon fox truly wanted to help him and this was the only way to make that possible.

"Ok, how do I undo the restraining seal?" asked Naruto, after a few minutes of silence.

"On your abdomen is a spiral tattoo, focus some chakra on your fingertips and twist your stomach in the counterclockwise direction." said the Kyubi, amazed that the Uzumaki agreed to his request.

Naruto proceeded to do as the Kyubi instructed and after a few moments of the lock on the Kyubi's prison dismantling itself, the door swung open slowly.

"Alright Kyubi, let's get some training done." said Naruto, with a large grin on his face.

Now THIS was the moment of truth for the Kyubi. The bijuu could easily dispose of the weak child in a heartbeat and pursue his revenge against Konoha for sealing him. However, there were two things that rang in his head telling him not to.

The first, was that if he took control of Naruto's body, every ninja within Konoha would immediately sense it and would rush to the scene. Even if he did take the vast majority with him, eventually he would either be re-sealed or temporarily destroyed and unable to reform for several years.

The second, was that Naruto ACTUALLY trusted him of all people enough to set him free even though he could kill the boy in a heartbeat. It spoke volumes about the gaki's character and it wouldn't sit right with the Kyubi if he betrayed him like so.

"No, we fist-bumped and I intend to protect this partnership with all my might." thought the Kyubi.

"Yeah, let's do this kid." said the Kyubi, with a smirk.

"Now, about this mental training. Can we change this cramped and dreary landscape and how will mental training benefit me?" asked Naruto.

"First, let's change the scenery a bit shall we?" said the Kyubi, before entering deep silence.

After a few seconds, the Kyubi had changed the environment into massive grassland that dwarfed even himself. Mountain ranges painted the backdrop, while trees and rocks varying heavily in size dotted the landscape, and a river connected into a waterfall, which ran into a large pond.

"Wow! How did you do that?!" asked Naruto, incredulously.

"Remember kid, this mindscape is a universe created by the seal within YOUR subconscious, your imagination is in control here. Also, since I'm bonded within you because of this sealing technique, I have imaginative control over your mindscape as well." explained the Kyubi.

The boy stared at the biju, mesmerized.

"That's… that's amazing! You really have full control over this mindscape?! What else can you do with the mindscape? How long does it last?" asked Naruto, bombarding the Kyubi with questions.

"Ok gaki, before we start, there are drawbacks to this ability that you should know. First, only the combined might of a biju and a jinchuriki can perform mental training due to the requirements of a sealing jutsu, massive chakra reserves, and expert chakra control. If a non-jinchuriki were to try, they'd either kill themselves from chakra exhaustion or trap themselves in their own minds. And since you have the chakra control of a retarded eleven year old, you are to NEVER try and do this without my permission, you understand?" said the Kyubi.

"Gotcha." replied Naruto.

"Ok second, this training has some drawbacks to your mental functions, when you utilize it for extended periods of time. After finishing a session of mental training, you'll have trouble with your thought processing and a bit of impaired hearing and sight. Luckily, thanks to your accelerated healing rate due to my chakra, I will personally guarantee that you only need a good night's sleep to recover. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to push you to the limit of this ability, I just wanted you to know." explained the Kyubi, with a slight smirk.

"Ok, but why is mental training superior to physical training?" asked Naruto.

"Well gaki, the effectiveness of training can be boosted if you have training equipment and an environment that lets you practice any kind of skill necessary as a ninja. In this mindscape, I can imagine anything that you could possibly need to enhance your training, that you would otherwise have to buy from the store or scour the village to utilize. Another advantage is that we don't have to waste time to find a serviceable training field, and if you're outside of Konoha on a mission, you can utilize this training anytime you can sit down and concentrate. Also, it'll keep anything and anyone from spying on or disturbing your training, since to the unknowing eye you appear to be in the middle of a meditating exercise. Most importantly however, since this is MENTAL training, while your physical body gains all of the experience and physical conditioning that you gained from a session, you don't suffer from the stress and soreness that your body has accrued." explained the Kyubi.

"So I can push my mental body farther during training and I get no physical drawbacks after? Awesome! I'm going to get super-strong really quick!" cheered Naruto.

While the boy was cheering, the Kyubi was laughing on the inside. Naruto had no fucking clue, what the Kyubi was going to put him through, that is mentally. Yes, the benefits would make Naruto massively superior to his classmates, but he'll suffer mental hell before he got to that level.

"Now, before we begin, I want you to strip down to your combat pants." said the Kyubi, in a completely serious tone.

"Um…" began Naruto, a bit weirded out by the Kyubi's request.

"The purpose of this is to strengthen the durability of your body by subjecting it to the elements around you." answered the Kyubi, expecting Naruto's reaction.

"Ok, then." said Naruto, complying.

After taking off everything, save for his pants, and folding them in a neat pile next to his travel backpack and kunai pouch, the blonde Uzumaki sat Indian-style on the soft grass. He was ready for the Kyubi to begin his training, one that would transform him from a knucklehead dobe, into a powerful fighting machine.

"I'm ready. Let's begin." said Naruto.

"All right, maggot! Welcome to boot camp! I'm here to break you, then fix you, then break you again! I will re-shape you in my image, hehehe." snickered the Kyubi, much to Naruto's dismay.

"Here's the plan! For the next three months until the Academy starts up in the fall, you will perform mental training from 5 AM until about 11 or 12 in the night." began the Kyubi, to which Naruto nodded.

"Before I even begin to correct your many flaws in all of jutsu categories, we have to condition your body to the highest degree, improving your five basic physical attributes: strength, speed, stamina, durability, and dexterity (flexibility, agility, hand-eye coordination, and evasive maneuvers)." continued the Kyubi.

"Once that has been completed, then we will work on refining your pathetic taijutsu skills and teach you the proper academy forms. Improve your abysmal chakra control which in turn will enable you perform the academy ninjutsu. Increase your accuracy in throwing shuriken and kunai, along with teaching you the proper way to utilize kunai in combat. Then, finally teach you how to detect and dispel opposing genjutsu." finished the Kyubi.

"What happens after that?" asked Naruto, curiously.

"Then, I can teach you the cool stuff." said the Kyubi, with a smirk.

Naruto nodded in agreement as he remembered all his failures in the past two genin exams. This was his last chance. He could not screw this up for any reason.

"What's the first exercise?" asked Naruto, getting pumped.

Naruto would soon find the Kyubi's training to be anything but merciful, the biju's methods would push the young Uzumaki to his mental and physical limits. Not to mention the Kyubi used painful and sadistic methods to punish the boy if he complained or rested in any way, shape, or form.

The biju split Naruto's physical conditioning training into six categories: aerobic, arms, core, legs, flexibility, and acrobatics.

For the aerobics workout, the Kyubi had Naruto start out with a 10 mile run with a set time of one hour to complete it in.

The incentive that pushed Naruto to go faster was… well…

"RUN FASTER!" roared the Kyubi, while he chucked massive boulders at the poor boy, who was running for his dear life.

"I'M TRYING!" shouted Naruto, pushing himself to run as fast as he could, but feeling the exhaustion plaguing him.

"YOU'RE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!" retorted the Kyubi, as he chucked another projectile at the fleeing trainee.

This time the Kyubi nearly hit his mark, and Naruto went flying from the impact the boulder had, five feet behind him.

For the arms workout, the Kyubi had him do bicep curls, tricep extensions, bench presses, and shoulder raises with insane amounts of dumbbell weights, pull-ups with a boulder tied to his ankles on the branches of trees that extended into the pond, and pull-down exercises with him trying to lift boulders held by rope over a branch as high as he could.

"50… 51… 52… 53…" counted Naruto, as he fought on to finish the pull-up exercise and not fall into the body of water that had alligators swarming in it, practically beckoning him to fall and be their dinner.

"Better not fall, those alligators look hungry." said the Kyubi, and to prove the biju's point, the alligators literally tied bibs around their necks and brought out cutlery, licking their lips for the oncoming meal.

"Oh, come on!" cried Naruto, as he continued with the exercise.

For the core workout, the Kyubi made him do push-ups with cinderblocks on his back over a bed of burning coal, upside down sit-ups on the same branch he had to do the pull-ups, and planks in the same conditions as the push-ups.

"212… 213… 214… ow... my stomach is on fire." groaned Naruto, trying to finish the set of push-ups, while enduring the searing heat that irritated his abdomen.

"Quit complaining and hurry up, or I'll push you into the burning coals." threatened the Kyubi.

"Hai!" answered Naruto, as he began to pick up the pace furiously.

For the legs workout, the Kyubi had Naruto do squats while holding a large boulder over his head, a wall or in this case tree sits, where he tried to hold a squatting position as long as he could with cinderblocks on his thighs, lunges for a hundreds of meters while once again holding a sizeable boulder over his head, suicides where he ran back and forth from one point to another, and calf-raises while carrying cinderblocks on his shoulders.

"Are you feeling the burn?" asked the Kyubi, while Naruto was doing his tree sit exercise.

"Well, I have a pile of burning coal under my ass to make sure that I don't fall, so yeah I 'feel the burn'." said Naruto, irritably, while hoping he wouldn't fall and have to jump in the river to douse his butt again.

"Just making sure." said the Kyubi, with an amused smirk.

For the flexibility exercises, Naruto had to balance on one foot with a cinderblock on his head, while standing on a tree branch, perform splits and hold the position for long periods of time, and bend over his back to hold an arc position with cinderblocks on his abdomen for long periods of time.

"This ain't training. This is torture." complained Naruto, as he tried to keep his concentration and not fall of the branch while the Kyubi hucked kunai at him.

"Oh, settle down. You're interrupting my target practice." said the Kyubi, his massive hands made aiming his kunai at the boy difficult.

"Wait, are you ACTUALLY trying to hit me?!" asked Naruto, in alarm.

For the acrobatic exercises, the Kyubi threw any sort of projectile he could imagine at the boy, whether it be shuriken, kunai, boulders, cinder blocks, etc. while Naruto tried to dodge using cartwheels, handstands, front and back-flips, somersaults, and rolls.

"DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!" shouted Naruto in panic, as he narrowly avoided the various projectiles his biju sensei flung at him.

"Hmmm… what should I choose next?" thought the Kyubi aloud, scrolling his eye through his massive stockpile of tort-er-training supplies.

"This ain't a game, Kyubi!" roared Naruto, indignantly.

"And yet, I can't stop having fun!" answered the biju as he picked up another massive pile of shuriken, probably around two hundred or so, and flung them once again at Naruto.

After a long and exhausting first day of training, Naruto exited the mindscape and plopped on his mattress, before pulling his blanket covers over himself.

"Well kid, time for you to hit the hay. We still have several weeks ahead of us." said the Kyubi.

"And a little extra for you…" thought the demon fox.

"Alright Kyubi, goodnight then." the boy said finally nodding off.

"Sorry kid, but you will NOT sleep well tonight…" thought the demon fox, kind of regretting his withholding of information, because the minute the boy closed his eyes a wave of pain literally consumed him.

"Kyubi… wha… what is this…? Why is everything so… oooh…" muttered the Uzumaki.

It was like his motor functions were failing him. The boy could barely make words.

"Sorry kid, but this is the repercussions for the use of the mindscape. It causes extreme fatigue and has a huge strain on the mind of the jinchuriki. If used for extended periods of time, you could lose yourself and fall into a vegetative state. While we haven't exceeded the limits of this ability you'll have to suffer some of the side-effects." explained the fox, but he knew it was already too late. By now, Naruto could barely understand what he was saying as the boy fell into a deep slumber.

"Well, lets get this show on the road. Time for some genjutsu training." said the Kyubi, before altering the boy's perception of his dreams.

"Man... what a dream, what happened to me last night?" asked Naruto, groggily.

"KYUBI! DID YOU DRUG ME OR SOMETHING?!" yelled Naruto, angrily.


Dead silence.

"Kyubi?" the boy asked, worried.

Before the boy could call out for his biju companion again, he realized that there was something very wrong with this picture, or his surroundings to be exact.

Rather than sitting in his somewhat comfortable bed in the safety of his apartment, he was standing in the middle of Konoha's market district and it was one of the busier days.

Almost immediately after Naruto took note of his surroundings, the villagers seemed to have sensed his presence and they turned to each other gossiping and whispering about the Uzumaki.

Thanks to the Third Hokage, the knowledge of Naruto being the jinchuriki of the Kyubi was labeled an S-Rank secret, and any talk of it around the boy or to his generation was forbidden, punishable by death.

In this scenario however, even though the villagers were trying their best to hide their thoughts about the boy, Naruto heard them loud and clearly, as if they were speaking directly into his ears.

"Look it's that demon brat again."

"Why does the Third insist on letting it live?"

"That monster killed my husband and yet it is allowed to roam free?!"

"If it weren't for those blasted ANBU, I would've killed it already."

"Why can't it just do us all a favor, and just die."

"Die already, demon scum."

"Just ignore it and it'll go away."

"I can't wait for that demon to fail the Academy and realize the failure that it is."

"I need to make sure my kids stay away from that thing."

"Let's go honey, we might catch something if we stay near that mongrel."

All of these statements raced through the boy's head as he watched the villagers of Konoha, dehumanize him, wish him bodily harm and death, and scorn him, as if he was just some…


The boy felt a twinge of pain in his left chest… inside of his heart.

At first Naruto thought it was sadness, but as the pain grew Naruto could could see it was the nowhere close to that.

What he was feeling was rage.

Utter rage.

"Shut up…" thought Naruto.

The hushed whispers continued.

"Shut up!" thought Naruto, more urgency in his voice.

The whispers were becoming even frequent, and they contained even meaner insults about him.

"You keep spouting lies about becoming Hokage. This village will never allow a demon like you to rule over us! Forget it! LEAVE HERE AND NEVER COME BACK!"

At the completion of that statement, the boy snapped.

"Shut… UP!" roared Naruto as his body engulfed itself in a sinister, red chakra.

A massive red explosion expanded through the village, followed by a wide arc of destruction as the after effect of the release of power. Bodies were blasted away from the epicenter of the eruption, as the boy began a horrific transformation.

His skin slowly peeled away as his blood took a fox-like shape. Bones grew around him in a tight embrace, almost to comfort him. Soon flesh covered him again, but it was not his own, and it represented the losing battle that the light was facing against the darkness.

"Naruto… Naruto… " echoed a soft voice.

"What… what is that? Who are you?" asked the transforming Naruto, in panic.

He just wanted the hurt, pain, and rage to end.

"Naruto… fear not. I will always be here for you… Otherwise a dumb gaki like yourself will get into a shitload of trouble after all." snickered the voice.

"Kyu… Kyubi?" asked Naruto.

The scene faded to black with the biju's echoing roar.

The Uzumaki woke with a jolt, kunai in hand. Hot tears crawled down his face thanks to the dream he just had.

"Wha… what in the hell was that." whispered Naruto, as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Receiving no answer, the Uzumaki wasn't sure if the Kyubi was responsible, or if his memories were haunting him all of a sudden thanks to the mental strain he was putting himself through with the training.

"What's happening to me…" thought Naruto, before laying back down on his bed.

Despite the Kyubi's peculiar methods of training, which ISN'T torture mind you (words from the great biju himself), Naruto's vastly improved eating habits, the Kyubi's stringent training exercises, and the rapid healing of Naruto's weary and exhausted muscles after every day of training helped the Uzumaki make massive progress.

The boy had eliminated all of the baby fat that was on his body and replaced it with pure, lean muscle. The muscles, especially his newfound six-pack, were well-defined on his body, and the boy had never felt so… strong and in shape before. He felt as if he could run a marathon and not even feel winded.

After two weeks of non-stop physical conditioning, the Kyubi felt that Naruto was ready to expand upon his training, and while he never stopped doing physical conditioning, the biju condensed the exercises to be completed in the morning while Naruto worked on improving his chakra control and taijutsu.

The dream that Naruto had after the first day of training hadn't appeared again, but the boy never worked up the courage to ask the Kyubi about it.

"Ok, it's time to fix the biggest detriment to your shinobi abilities, chakra control. It's the mother-of-all your problems, the alpha and the omega, the-" began the Kyubi, before he was interrupted by the Uzumaki.

"I get it! I get it already! You don't have to keep beating the dead horse!" growled Naruto, with a tick mark on his temple.

"Alright, as long as you know. The first step to reining in your chakra control is mastery of the leaf concentration exercise." stated the Kyubi.

"Ugh… not that stupid technique. Iruka-sensei kept trying to make us practice that crap." groaned Naruto mentally.

"KYUBI SLAM!" roared the biju, sending Naruto, once again, flying into a tree.

"What was that for?!" growled Naruto, rubbing yet another bump on his head.

"First off, we share the same mind, so I can hear your thoughts. Hence why I sent you flying, because it's seems like you are doubting my training." answered the Kyubi.

Naruto at first wanted to retort, but remembering the pain on his head, he decided to keep quiet for the time being and listen to what the Kyubi had to say.

"Good, it seems you're learning how to keep your trap shut. Now, grab one of the leaves that fell on the ground because of your impact, and place it on your forehead." commanded the Kyubi, to which Naruto complied.

"Now focus your chakra on the leaf, and try to make it spin." said the Kyubi.

Naruto did what the Kyubi told him, but the leaf didn't budge.

"It didn't work." said Naruto, deadpanned.

"I can see that, thank you very much. Imagine that your head is filled with energy. Slowly concentrate on that energy and imagine it slowly spinning like water down a drain." explained the Kyubi.

Naruto took the advice and concentrated his chakra on the leaf. After a few moments, the leaf flew off his forehead with quite a bit of force.

"Now that you've felt the energy, you know what to do. Next time, focus on control and imagine the energy moving slower." explained the Kyubi.

The Uzumaki nodded and picked up another leaf before trying again. After watching fifteen minutes of the leaf blasting off of Naruto's forehead, the Kyubi decided to take a nap for a bit while the blonde worked on the exercise.

Two hours later, Naruto actually made some progress with the exercise. The leaf was wildly fluctuating above his forehead and in no way was it rotating in a controlled manner, but it had at the very least stopped blasting off into the air.

"Hey, Kyubi! Look! I got it! I finally got it!" yelled the boy, thrilled with his small feat. Now if the demon fox was paying attention that would be another story.

"Huh… what? Who is that!? What are you doing here?!" grumbled the fox, groggily rising from his 2-hour nap.


"SHUT IT GAKI! YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY MOTHER!" growled the demon fox.

"You have a mother?" asked the intrigued Uzumaki, as he imagined a hulking orange ball of fur, being nursed and taught by its gargantuan mother on how to become the bane of the hidden villages.

"Nope. I just felt like saying it." said the Kyubi, much to his pupil's ire.

"Though, it seems he's made some progress. I guess it's time for taijutsu practice… oh lord have mercy upon my soul." thought the Kyubi.

"Alright gaki, get up. Let's move on to taijutsu." said the Kyubi, beckoning the boy to follow him.

The Kyubi led Naruto to an open clearing with some punching bags hanging from tree branches, and a tree with the large portion of the trunk smoothed out and wrapped in cushioning.

"As you already know, because I have said it many times before, you SUCK at taijutsu. You have no defined style and you fight like a drunken sailor, throwing in random punches and kicks, hoping they land. It's sloppy, wasteful, and opposite of how a shinobi fights." criticised the Kyubi.

"How do you plan to fix my taijutsu?" asked Naruto.

"Well my dear student, I'm gonna have you practice some straight jabs at these punching bags. Just hammer away. I'll give you corrections as I see them, which will probably be everything I see." answered the demon fox in a happy tone.

A moment of silence...

"Wait… really?" asked Naruto.

"Yup!" said the Kyubi, still smiling.

"Your serious? No gimmicks? No lies?" asked the boy, still suspicious.

"Just have at it kid." answered the demon fox, never dropping his seemingly sincere smile.

"This doesn't feel right at all… this exercise is exceptionally easy compared to the others… is the Kyubi being NICE?!" thought Naruto while looking at the fox again.

After another few moments of tense silence, Naruto sighed, lowering his guard and throwing caution to the wind. The boy excessively cocked his fist back, about to incorrectly perform a straight jab.

"KYUBI SLAM!" roared the biju, sending the boy flying once again, but into the pond full of alligators.

"YOU LIAR! WHAT THE HELL! WAIT NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" screamed Naruto, as he exited the pond and went up the closest tree.

"Why do you do this Kyubi?! Why?!" cried Naruto, comedic tears coming down the boy's face as the overgrown lizards continued to attack the base of the trunk, hoping to knock him down.

"What did I say to you gaki, when I was explaining the exercise? Throw a STRAIGHT JAB! If you cock back that arm and revert back to your old 'Fist of the Drunken Sailor' habits, you'll get a kick in the ass! How many times must I say it?!" roared the annoyed biju.

"THAT'S the problem, damn it! YOU SAID IT ONLY ONCE!" Naruto shouted back.

"And that was one time too many! Now, again!" barked the demon fox.

The Kyubi's sadistic process continued as every punch the boy threw ended with a foot in the ass. Until finally he was proficient enough in the straight jab to meet the Kyubi's standard.

"Good job gaki, you finally got it! And it only took you a half-hour!" congratulated the demon fox, sprouting a triumphant grin.

"I… pant… hate you… pant pant… Kyubi." growled the young Uzumaki, covered in alligator bites, and not in the least bit amused.

"I love you, too. Now we're gonna add some other punches. Uppercuts, hooks, haymakers, back-fist strikes, you know the whole works. You're gonna learn all of these so we can remake your fighting style. THE 'FIST OF THE DRUNKEN SAILOR' SHALL BE ERADICATED TODAY!" praised the Kyubi.

And Naruto's taijutsu training began in earnest. Thanks to the Kyubi's sadistic punishments as added incentives to not screw up, within a few days, the boy was throwing a vast-array of adequately executed punches and strikes like he'd done them all of his life.

"Wow, this has gotten a whole lot easier. All of these taijutsu strikes feel so natural." said the boy, amazed by his progress.

"You're welcome. Like I said, because of my chakra, I've heightened your mental and physical prowess. Your healing, your strength, and your memory retention. My chakra's regenerative abilities are literally making muscle memory work exponentially faster for you. With every broken bone and torn muscle, it will rapidly heal to become even stronger and more durable than it was before. Which is why I said, I will break you, fix you, then break you again. It will only help you, and Lord you'll need all the help you can get." chuckled the fox.

A little while later, the Kyubi had Naruto begin practicing his kicks and knee-strikes, and the Uzumaki was taking a lot less 'Kyubi Slams' than he was when he first started taijutsu training.

"Very good, gaki. This is going very well. Also, because I put some rocks in the bags, with every hit you practice, your strengthening the contact points you use while fighting." said the fox.

"What?! I was wondering what you put in these things!" growled Naruto.

"Hey, don't you growl at me, you wanted this." retorted the Kyubi.

After spending several more hours practicing his punches, kicks, elbow and knee-strikes, the imaginary sun started to set, and the Kyubi finally allowed the boy to rest in the grass.

"You know kid, even with your pitiful start, you've been really improving your game. You can finally throw a punch without looking like a drunkard. I'm pretty proud of my work." boasted the Kyubi.

"I'll take that as you saying you're proud of me." thought Naruto, with a smile.

"Well kid, another day of mental training gone by. Lights out." yawned the demon fox.

"WAIT! Kyubi!" screamed the boy, almost frantic.

"What?" asked the fox, almost alarmed.

The boy at first didn't answer, he was unsure of how to ask a great engine of destruction such as the Kyubi, advice about bad dreams, but he gave it a try anyway.

"I… I wanted to ask you… I had a dream two weeks ago… and it's been really bothering me. I don't know how I'm going to explain this to you…" trailed off Naruto, while the fox sensed worry within the boy.

"Hah… ok… ok… within the dream, tell me, where did he touch you?" asked the fox, straight faced.

Naruto was silent for a few moments before erupting with many different emotions.

"WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE DID HE TOUCH ME?!" the young Uzumaki yelled, embarrassment and horror etched on his face.

"You know what? Forget it! See you tomorrow, You dumb fox!" harrumphed Naruto.

"Hahaha… alright kid, you know what's about to happen…" began the biju.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Sleep mode. G'night Kyubi." said the boy as the mindscape faded to black.

"Please… please God… don't be that horrible dream again." thought the Uzumaki, even though it hadn't happened in over two weeks, he was still shook every day at the idea of seeing it again.

"Oh, ok. Your asking God for a different dream, eh? I'll happily oblige." snickered the demon fox as he prepared another dream-like genjutsu for the boy.

Naruto awakened prepared to be on the street again only to find himself outside his apartment, in his full shinobi gear.

"Alright , it's time for your first day. Go get 'em, Naruto." said the Kyubi.

"Alright Kyubi, lets g-… di… did you just call me Naruto?" asked the Uzumaki.

"Yeah, I did. Isn't that your name?" said the Kyubi.

"Yeah it is… but you always call me gaki, or kid, or something…" said Naruto.

"Nah, after what you went through with me? You deserve to be called your name." said the Kyubi.

"Kyubi's being nice again, something's up…" thought Naruto, and he began walking with his guard up, prepared to see a giant wooden stake or something fly at him.

Instead, he heard the concerned greetings of the villagers, the villagers who went out of their way to make life hard for Naruto.

"Hey! Good Morning Naruto!"

"How are you, Naruto?"

"Did you sleep well?"

"What is this? Why is everyone being so nice? Don't they all hate me? If they're playing a trick on me… I won't fall for it." thought Naruto.

The boy continued his march to school head held high, not prepared to fall for any tricks that may come by.

"Looky here, its Naruto! The number 1 class clown! How's it going?" asked a boy in a grey, longsleeve hoodie, with fur at the rim of the hood.

Naruto turned to see Kiba, their second best at taijutsu, talking to him.

A moment of silence follows.

"... Fine… I'm doing fine… did the other classmates put you up to this?" asked Naruto, suspicion welling up in him.

"I really can't say hi?" asked Kiba, a wide smile still on his face.

"Well you can, but… I'm… I'm just not used to people being nice to me. All morning people have been greeting me and talking to me. They are NOTICING me. I never thought that would be possible, especially for me." said the Uzumaki, a sad tone settling over him.

"You know, Naruto. I don't know who told you that, but not everyone hates you as much as you think they do. Did you forget you have all of us with you? Yeah, you cause trouble for people. Everyone does. Some of your pranks are really funny to be honest. Even though you're supposedly cursed, you aren't that bad of a guy." explained Kiba.

Nothing in the world could have made Naruto happier. He turned to see Iruka-sensei and his entire class, smiling at him, arms open.

That was the best day of class Naruto had ever had. His classmates talked to him. Played with him. Practiced with him. He felt… human. For the first day in his life, Naruto felt human.

"Naruto." said a girl with sakura colored hair.

The Uzumaki knew that voice, but it couldn't be…

"Sakura? Talking to me? What is this?" thought Naruto. He couldn't process the fact that she was acknowledging him.

"May I talk to you?" asked Sakura, blushing slightly.

"Um… yea… go on, shoot." answered Naruto, maybe a little too quickly. The pink haired girl just giggled.

"I had no idea how I was going to say this to you. My mother always told me to stay away… but… I can't do it anymore." said Sakura.

She looked very uncomfortable, like she was having a hard time finding words. Naruto's classmates began whispering to themselves, contemplating the change of events.

"No way… Sakura?"

"Is she… confessing?!"

"Quiet! I wanna listen!"

"Naruto… I've always liked you. For a long time. So many people think you're a bad guy, but when I see you, I can always tell that you're just lonely. So many people pushed you away, and I couldn't bear to watch you sit alone. But if I went to you, everyone would turn on me, too. But now… now I don't care anymore." said Sakura, these final words she said looked to be the hardest.

"Naruto… would you… go out with me?" asked Sakura.

Everything stopped for Naruto as she uttered these words. It was like it was just the two of them in the room. Muffled yells of yes surrounded him as he faced the girl. Normally, he would say yes almost immediately. But something within him told him otherwise. Something that he heard before. Endless memories rushed through his mind as he recalled all the things he experienced. All the deep rooted memories Kyubi reminded him of.

"No…" whispered Naruto.

"What?" asked Sakura.

"There's no way in... THE SEVEN DEPTHS OF HELL is this real! You'd never say something like that to me! Everything you've said to me! Everything you've done?! I refuse to believe that you'd would genuinely go out with me over that Sasuke-teme in a million years!" roared Naruto.

Then just like that, the events that were playing in Naruto's mind were filling with a bright, white light, the shroud of confusion lifting.

He remembered everything he'd seen.

Everything he'd been through.

The shunning.

The insults.

The hatred he'd experienced since childhood.

All of his mixed emotions reacted with his chakra coils, overloading them with chakra and focusing it in his core, before releasing it in a powerful gust.

"A girl who followed and added to all of the hatred, anger, and distrust is trying to confess to me. Don't insult me... THIS IS OVER!" growled Naruto.

And with that, the dream ended in an explosion of blue light.

"Hmm… I wasn't expecting it to go so well. Congrats, gaki! You've broken your first Genjutsu." congratulated the demon fox, very pleased with his pupil.

"Wha… that was your doing? … why would you…" asked the boy, groggily.

"No time to talk now. Get some sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning." answered the Kyubi.

Those were the last things the boy heard before everything faded to black.