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Chapter 4: The Final Year Begins! Naruto's Drive to Get Stronger

The opening classroom door made a audible creaking sound, and instantly all eyes went to the seemingly unknown student who entered.

"We have a new student?" asked Choji, while munching on some potato chips.

"Who is that guy?" asked Ino, slightly blushing at the student's lean and muscular frame.

"Where did he come from? Troublesome." asked Shikamaru, opening an eye from his nap.

"Why does he look so… familiar?" asked the Hyuga princess, Hinata.

A young black-haired boy in the far right of the class took a single glance at the 'new student' before going back to his staring in space.

"Hello there, new student. I will be your teacher this year. My name is Iruka. What might your name be?" asked the pony-tail haired shinobi.

"Have I really changed that much, Iruka-sensei?" asked Naruto, with a slight grin.

"Wait… that voice…" thought the scarred chunin.

"Do I know you, young man?" asked Iruka, now suspicious.

"It's me, Iruka. Naruto Uzumaki." said Naruto, with a raised eyebrow.

The classroom was suddenly encompassed in dead silence for a few moments, before shocked gasps became audible.

"WHAT THE HELL!" roared nearly the entire class, it was like the entire class exploded.





"Ok, Kyubi, what do you think of the competition?" said Naruto to the Kyubi, while eyeing his classmates.

"Meh. They're meh. The civilian brats are complete trash, most won't graduate and the rest will be weeded out during the Genin bell test. The Uchiha brat is the most skilled, although he seems to be annoyingly arrogant. The Aburame isn't too far behind and the Inuzuka mutt has promise, but he's too focused on taijutsu, something that'll hurt him in the future. We have the lazy-ass Nara that is literally wasting his talent as a strategist and the fat-ass Akimichi that spends more time stuffing his face than honing his abilities. The Hyuga girl isn't terrible, but her lack of confidence and inferiority complex will be a bitch to break. Then we have useless fangirls 1 (Sakura) and 2 (Ino) who spend more time futilely trying to get the Uchiha to notice them than improving their many faults." said the Kyubi, being honestly blunt.

"That's a little harsh, while true, don't you think?" asked Naruto.

"Not in the slightest." growled the Kyubi.

"Are you serious? Are you really Naruto?!" asked Iruka, incredulously.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. It's really me, Iruka." said Naruto, with faint amusement.

"This has to be a prank… I just can't believe…" said Iruka.

The young chunin just couldn't wrap his mind around Naruto's changes.

The young Uzumaki had grown at least half a foot in height, bringing him from a shrimpy height of 4 and a half feet to 5 ft even, surpassing that of his classmates. His figure wasn't just skin and bones though, he was blessed with lean, sinewy muscles that seemed to radiate power.

Not to mention his attire, no more… orange.

Naruto's attire consisted of a black, high-collared and sleeveless lightly armored combat jacket that was partially unzipped. Black lightly armored ankle-length pants with the same interwoven chain-mail armor as Naruto's combat jacket, black and crimson shin-protectors, and black shinobi sandals. The Uzumaki's forearms and palms were wrapped in white medical tape, all under black finger-less gloves with a metal back-plate and black and crimson forearm protectors.

All in all… a whole new Naruto.

"Ha… no Iruka. No more pranks. I've gotten too old for that now." assured Naruto.

The scarred chunin almost face-planted at Naruto's statement.

Hell... the entire classroom almost face-planted at Naruto's statement.

"I'm not joking. I don't do pranks anymore." said Naruto, completely serious.

"You know what Naruto? Never mind. Just take a seat before I faint." said Iruka, defeated.

Naruto turned from his favorite chunin instructor and sent a final glance to the rest of his astonished class, before walking over to where he normally sits, next to Sakura.

"Gaki, don't tell me you've forgotten that quickly what we discussed." said the biju.

Flashbacks of Naruto's attempts of trying to befriend Sakura, and her responses of either hitting him or embarrassing him ran through the Uzumaki's mind, hardening his heart a bit.

"Yeah, I remember." said Naruto, mentally.

The Uzumaki pauses right before he's about to sit down and looks around the room, searching for a new place to sit. Finally he sees an empty chair, next to a small dark-haired girl with white, pupil-less eyes.

"Huh… Kyubi's right. Maybe I do need a change..." thought Naruto, before sitting down at the chair next to Hinata.

"STRIKE! YES! How did I know he'd go over there. I should be a matchmaker if get bored of this village smashing gig!" thought the beast, celebrating his accomplishment.

When Naruto seemingly walked over to sit next to her, Sakura had prepared her worst insult for the Uzumaki, waiting to see him crash and burn when she rejected his attempts at befriending her once again.

To her utmost surprise, Naruto turned left, opposite of her direction.

"Not by Sakura? He's not sitting by Sakura?!" thought the class, once again befuddled by the Uzumaki's actions.

Naruto sat next to the Hyuga princess, before putting on his kindest smile.

"Good morning Hinata. How have you been?" asked the Uzumaki.

For a second, it seemed she was going to answer, but then the full realization of what was happening seemed to kick in, and the girl went on a full on stammering fit.

"Na-nana-na-na-nana-nanaa…. Naruto?!" asked Hinata, quickly turning the brightest shade of red.

"Um… Hinata? What's wrong?" asked Naruto, moving a little bit too close.

"Ahh… ahhh. System shutdown….." went Hinata's mind.

And the poor white-eyed girl promptly fainted, right into Naruto's muscular arms.

"OH SHIT! SHE FAINTED! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!" thought Naruto, in sheer panic.

"HAHAHA! OH YES! YEEEESSSS! HAHAHAHA! Oh sweet Kami that's beautiful! A work of art!" roared the biju, in an insane fit of laughter.

The timid Hyuga stirred from her stupor, waking to see Naruto again holding her so close. With that she fainted once more, and a ghost seemed to float out of her nose while smoke rose from her ears.

"Goddamn it, Kyubi! This was your idea! What the hell happened?!" asked Naruto, mentally.


"I KNOW THAT! NOW TELL ME WHY?!" asked Naruto, mentally.

"Oh Kami! HAHAHAHA! MY SIDES!" roared the biju in laughter, ignoring Naruto's question.

Three girls got up and took Hinata to the nurse's office, a great start to the first day of school for Naruto.

Iruka started the first day of school with a pop-quiz to see how much knowledge the students retained over the summer.

The young pony-tail haired man looked behind his back every once in a while during the pop-quiz when he was writing down the seminar for the day on the blackboard, expecting to see some sort of prank flying at him as usual.

"Are you really expecting to see a water balloon or something?" asked Naruto, looking up from his quiz, noticing his teacher's paranoia.

"No… No I'm not… just… just finish your test!" said Iruka, still searching the surroundings.

"I'm already done." said the Uzumaki, holding up his finished paper.

The Uzumaki headed to the front of the class and turned in his paper and waited while Iruka graded his quiz.

To Iruka's and every student's utmost surprise, Naruto aced the quiz.

Looks of sheer astonishment flooded the entire class as everyone saw the big, fat A, instead of the expected F on his paper.

"Sorry if I disappointed you all, by not failing." said the Uzumaki, shrugging.

Next came a shuriken throwing test, which Naruto decided to do last.

The civilian children went first, some missed completely, others got one or two in the outermost ring, and a couple got three in the middle ring on the targets.

Shikamaru went next and since he didn't try, he got only got two shuriken in the middle ring, four in the outer ring, and four that missed completely.

Choji went after and got three in the middle ring, five in the outer ring, and two that missed completely.

Hinata went after and got four in the middle ring, and six in the outer ring, missing none.

Kiba followed and got one in the center ring, five in the middle ring, and four in the outer ring.

Sakura was after Kiba, and got two in the center ring, six in the middle ring, and two in the outer ring.

Ino followed and got four in the center ring and six in the middle ring.

Shino was next and got seven in the center ring and three in the middle ring.

Second to last was Sasuke, and the proud Uchiha landed nine shuriken in the center ring and one in the middle ring.

"Alright, Naruto." chimed an instructor, laced with disgust which Naruto caught on to.

"Here are your shuriken." said the instructor, showing a box of ninja projectiles to the Uzumaki.

The blasted things were pretty much destroyed, they were either completely rusted or chipped, as if someone went out of their way to find the most damaged weaponry that they could find.

"Nope, no thank you. It's all right. I came with my own." answered Naruto, with a knowing smirk.

"Hey, Naruto-baka! Ready to get that solid 0 out of 0?" jeered Sakura and Ino, laughing in preparation for his failure.

"Really now?" sneered the Uzumaki, taking out his shuriken from his weapons pouch.

With five shuriken held between each knuckle, Naruto launched all of the projectiles with furious power, speed, and precision. Nine shuriken lined the inside edge of the center circle, with the last sitting in the middle of the shuriken circle, ten perfect bulls-eye marks.

"Wait. I don't think I heard you correctly. You said 0 out of 0, right? Because the 10 out of 10 on the bulls-eye says otherwise." said Naruto, with a devilish smirk.

The fangirls (every girl except Hinata) stood in silence and shock because the baka had just defeated their Sasuke-kun in bukijutsu target practice. Actually, once they realized, the Uzumaki beat everyone in bukijutsu practice.

"I can't believe it! Naruto-baka beat Sasuke-kun in bukijutsu practice?! Last year, that baka couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with a shuriken!" thought both Sakura and Ino.

"Naruto-kun… utterly amazing. One day, I hope I can gain the confidence and skills that you possess." thought Hinata, in admiration.

"What the hell kind of training did this guy do over summer break? Tch… troublesome." thought Shikamaru, sighing at the unexpected change of events.

"Man… we just got wrecked. Who knew the dead-last could actually succeed in something? I guess that means I've got a new rival to surpass." thought Kiba, sizing up his newest target to defeat.

"Naruto… I just can't read you. Were you acting dumb all these years or what?" thought Shino, trying to understand the Uzumaki.

"Naruto… that… that dobe… BEAT me?! What could he have possibly done to get skills like that! No… I can't accept this. I WON'T accept this! I'll find out what he did to become so strong, surpass him, and gain my vengeance on HIM!" thought Sasuke, seething on the inside.

"Ah, lookin' good, gaki! Seems like you got yourself a couple of rivals! Good luck with that!" congratulated the beast, witnessing the fruits of his fine work.

"I am awesome, aren't I! Thanks, Kyubi! Look at Sakura and Ino's faces! Priceless!" beamed the Uzumaki, prideful over this accomplishment.

"Well… students. It seems the top score for this test belongs to… Naruto." said the instructor who lead bukijutsu, in disgust.

"Naruto had to have worked his butt off over the summer… I knew he could do it!" thought Iruka, happy for his secret favorite student.

"Alright kids, before you go eat, we have one more test for you guys. You're going to do an obstacle course!" said Iruka.

"Yes! Time for my time to shine!" thought Kiba, prepping himself for the challenge.

"Are you kidding me?! God damn it… so troublesome." thought Shikamaru, loathing the idea of movement.

"The dobe cannot win this! I won't let it happen!" thought Sasuke, with determination bubbling within him.

The scar-faced chunin lead the students to the Academy's infamous obstacle course. The training exercise featured tire-jumping, rope-climbing and swinging, tree-branch hopping, wall-climbing, and bear-crawling to test the children's physical abilities.

The average time to complete the course was 10 minutes, and the civilian children's times were pathetic, nowhere near the benchmark.

Shikamaru, stating that the exercise was too troublesome, climbed up one of the trees and promptly fell asleep, much to his classmates' and teachers' chagrin.

After dragging the lazy Nara down from his napping place, Choji went next and finished the course in a time of 9:48, not terrible and not great.

Ino followed, and got disqualified for not wanting to get dirty when she reached the bear-crawling part.

Sakura went next, and determined to do well to gain Sasuke's attention, clocked a 10:12 on the course.

Shino went after and clocked in an 8:23 on the obstacle course.

Kiba, determined to prove his status as an 'alpha', clocked in at a 6:45, before boasting his accomplishment.

Hinata, a bit pumped up after Naruto's achievement on the bukijutsu test, tried her hardest and clocked in an 8:35 on the course.

Sasuke followed, fueled by his desire to not be outdone by the Inuzuka mutt, put his dexterity abilities to the test and clocked in a 6:00, setting a new record and smirking at the angered Kiba.

Last but not least once again was Naruto.

The Uzumaki cracked his knuckles and crouched into a starting position, waiting for the command to go while his classmates and instructors eyed him, some wishing him good-luck, others for failure, and others to see what he was made of.

"Remember your training… remember Boot Camp!" echoed the tailed beast, inspiring his pupil.

Naruto smirked slightly, ready to show everyone what he was made of and put the doubters to rest, before bolting forward when the start command was given.

The Uzumaki quickly darted through the tire-jumping exercises, putting his agility training from all of the suicides and dodging exercises he practiced to good use. Next, he grabbed the first of the ropes and swung from one to another like Tarzan, until he reached the last one where he had to climb up to reach the platform that led to tree-branch climbing.

All the strength and stamina training that Naruto did had pushed his muscles to the limit and he was able to power through the exercise without suffering the burning sensation in arms or fatigue.

Once Naruto reached the platform, the Uzumaki jumped off the piece of wood and landed perfectly on the first of the branches, thanks to his mastery of chakra control that kept him glued to the tree and his well-developed leg muscles.

Naruto leaped over several branches at once thanks to his powerful legs, which severely cut down the time wasted from crossing each branch, and stunning the audience because an Academy student shouldn't have had the leg strength to complete such a feat.

"He's about to beat the record…" gasped Shikamaru.

"He already HAS beaten the record…" said Kiba, with a grin.





"You heard em', gaki. Give the crowd what they want!" said the biju with a wolfish grin.

"I'm here to please." chuckled the young Uzumaki.

The Uzumaki leapt off the last branch and landed on the ground, before sprinting at amazing speeds to the massive wall to begin the second to last obstacle.

Using his mastery of tree walking, Naruto concentrated chakra to his soles and ran up the vertical obstacle, rather than using the ledges to climb it, much to the amazement of the audience.

After jumping down from the wall, Naruto set his sights on the final obstacle, the bear-crawling in mud exercise and bolted for it.

Ducking under the net that kept the participant from standing, Naruto crawled at speeds comparable to a normal kid when they ran and quickly overcame the mud puddle, before crossing the finish line at last.

"WOOHOO! That was awesome! Great job Naruto!"

"What the hell was that bear crawl?!"

"You ran UP the wall?!"


"With a ridiculous time of 4:00… Naruto Uzumaki!" cheered Iruka, with the happiest grin on his face.

The majority of the males in the class and Hinata circled around the Uzumaki, congratulating him on his ridiculously impressive success. Nobody seemed to notice the young Uchiha, fuming to himself.

"I'm gonna figure out what he did… I HAVE to know!" thought Sasuke, growling to himself.

"Alright kids… you all have worked hard today. Get cleaned up, go eat, be back in 30. Class dismissed." said Iruka with a smile, before heading back into the Academy.

"Hehe. You heard him, gaki. Go get some food. You earned it." said the Kyubi.

The students streamed into the lunch hall, taking out their homemade meals. Naruto looked around and saw an empty seat again by Hinata.

"Go ahead. But don't make her faint again, Casanova." snickered the biju.

"Kyubi…" thought the Uzumaki angrily.

The boy walked carefully to the Hyuga princess' lunch table before opening his lunchbox, and to everyone's surprise, there was no ramen.

"Hi, Hinata. Would it be ok if I sat here?" asked Naruto, with a kind smile.

The girls face instantly flushed a tomato shade of red, as if her brain was preparing for another shutdown.

"Oh kami, no! Please don't faint! Please don't faint! PLEASE! Don't faint!" prayed the Uzumaki, to himself.

"Um… yes. Of… of c-course." said Hinata, stuttering timidly.

The Hyuga princess scooched over a bit so the object of her affections could sit down.

"N-no ramen t-today?" asked Hinata, surprised by the change in food.

"Yeah… probably no more ramen ever. I finally figured out how bad that stuff is for you." said Naruto.

"Oh! T-that's… really n-new for you." said Hinata, grateful for her crush's realization.

"Anyway… are you feeling okay from this morning? I'm really sorry if I scared you or anything." said Naruto, a little despondent.

"O-oh no! I w-was just surprised. I f-faint a little b-bit too easily when I'm s-surprised." said Hinata, trying to explain.

"Ah, that's no problem. Anyway, good job on the obstacle course! You did well!" congratulated Naruto.

"Wait… r-really? Y-you really think so? Umm… well… t-thank you." said Hinata with a joyful blush.

If Naruto had noticed, the girl was positively ecstatic, overjoyed over the fact that her crush was praising her hard work.

"B-but forget a-about me. You f-flew through i-it like it was n-nothing! Y-you beat Sasuke's n-new record by t-two minutes! W-what did you d-do over the s-summer?!" asked Hinata, in amazement.

"You really wanna know?" the blond-haired boy whispered, with mischievous look on his face.

The Hyuga princess meekly nodded, egged on by her crush's teasing.

"Well, lets just say I went to one hell of a Boot Camp over the summer. The training was so brutal that my sensei literally chucked medieval weapons at me during balance training, made me do planks over burning beds of coal, pull-ups over crocodile-infested waters, and he even put me in Genjutsus while I slept! Let me put it this way, I don't recommend it to anyone that wants to live a long, healthy life." said Naruto, with a scared look on his face.

"T-that sounds h-horrible! W-why would y-you do it?" asked Hinata, shuddering at the thought of having to go through Naruto's boot camp training.

The Uzumaki's expression quickly darkened when she said that, and Hinata was afraid that she had touched upon a sore and private subject. However, her crush held up his hand to stop her from apologizing and spoke.

"All my life, I was an idiot. And a useless fool. People hated me, people insulted me, people looked at me like I was the plague. One day, I was sitting on top of the Hokage monument and it all came to me. I had enough. I had to change. I wasn't going to be the knuckle head prankster anymore. What were pranks going to get me when I couldn't even pass an exam? My boot-camp sensei promised me that if I put in the effort, he would make sure I would be ready to ace the Genin test. So I put in my all. I changed myself. And when that test comes around again, I'm gonna walk out that door with a head protector clenched within my hand!" said Naruto while clenching his fist, a fire burning in his eye.

"I did say that didn't I?" asked the tailed beast, with his own foxy smirk.

"Yes. You did." answered the Uzumaki, with a slight smile.

The Hyuga princess had never seen such a strong conviction in her life. She knew that Naruto was special when he had protected her from those bullies all those years ago. But his declaration showed perfectly why she loved him. The boy that everyone thought would amount to nothing came back with a vendetta of his own, and he went through all sorts of hell to make sure it would happen.

"Naruto-kun… I wish that I had even a fraction of the resolve that you possess. You truly are one of a kind." thought Hinata, with a proud blush.

"Anyway, that's enough about me. I wanna know about you. What did you do over the summer?" asked the Uzumaki.

"M-me? Y-you… you wanna know about m-me?" asked Hinata in slight shock.

The Uzumaki nodded in response, eager to learn about his newest friend.

"Well my summer was mostly spent with my family. I did do training every once in a while but it was nothing as bad as your boot-camp. I practiced with my older cousin Neji and my younger sister Hanabi."

"Wait hold up, hold up. A: You have a younger sister? And B: Whose Neji?" asked Naruto.

"N-neji's my older cousin. H-he's seen as the p-prodigy of the Hyuga clan, he's m-mastered a lot of the Hyuga's a-advanced techniques and he g-graduated top of his class. H-he's a lot more powerful and a-accomplished than me…" said Hinata, pressing her pointer fingers together while looking at the floor.

"Hey, don't talk down about yourself. Your literally the second best at chakra control in the class, and Sakura isn't even that much better than you! Your taijutsu is pretty solid. Its stance is very fluid and has very little weak points. You just need to be a little more aggressive and you could take out most of the guys!" said Naruto, giving her praise.

"R-really Naruto-kun… y-you think I have s-some potential?" asked Hinata, with wide eyes.

The Hyuga clan constantly belittled and undermined her on a day to day basis. She wasn't used to such praise.

"Not just some! You have a lot! Honestly if I met this Neji guy, even if he knows better techniques, I still think you can become better than him!" said Naruto, giving her a thumbs up.

"T-thank you Naruto-kun." said Hinata with a grateful smile, beginning to come out a little from her shell.

"No problem, Hinata-chan." said the Uzumaki, with a wide smile.

From the moment Naruto said that, the Uzumaki could almost sense that something was about to go wrong with Hinata. Her face instantly turned into a bright shade of red and the lunch ladies sighed before preparing a stretcher for her.

"Malfunction! Malfunction! Emotional Overload detected! System Meltdown…" went the Hyuga's mind, before the girl slowly but surely fainted into Naruto's arms once again.

"GOD DAMN IT! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! WHY DOES THAT KEEP HAPPENING?!" thought Naruto in panic, once again.

The Uzumaki could soon hear a low snickering coming from his tenant before it began to turn into a full-scale eruption of laughter.

"Don't you laugh." growled Naruto, mentally.

"Way to go, Casanova." snickered the fox, trying to level his voice.

"I'm warning you!" threatened Naruto.

"Not my fault you've become a lady-killer. I should start calling you 'The Vixen Slayer'." chuckled the beast, miserably failing at his attempt at stop laughing.

"DAMN IT, KYUBI!" roared Naruto.

"Gehehe… hehehe… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HE DID IT AGAIN, BOYS! HAHAHAHA!" laughed the Kyubi, giving up his attempt to halt his laughter and letting the hilarious scene run its course.

"GOD DAMN IT!" whined Naruto.

The Uzumaki did his best to try and eat his lunch in dignity over the Kyubi's hysterical laughter, while the lunch-ladies put Hinata on a stretcher and her carried her to the nurse once again.

The rest of the day was monotone for Naruto because there were no more tests for the students to see what the retained and improved on during the summer. All they did was suffer through a boring History lecture, bukijutsu lecture, and tactics lecture that the Uzumaki knew already from either his training with the biju or his reading spree at the library.

Finally at 3:00 pm, class was dismissed and Naruto burst out of the Academy doors ready for the next step of the Kyubi's plans for him.

"Ok, Kyubi. What's on the agenda for the rest of the day?" asked Naruto mentally, slowing down to a walking pace.

"Before we begin your Advanced training, head over to Higurashi's and pick up some training weights." replied the Kyubi.

"Ugh… I'm really not in the mood to get conned by that guy again." said Naruto in annoyance.

"Quit arguing and just do it." growled the demon fox.

Sighing and resigning himself to his unfortunate fate of monetary loss, the Uzumaki picked up the pace and soon arrived at the weapons store.

As if a tracking device went off, the shopkeeper immediately appeared in front of Naruto the moment he walked in.

"Naruto, my boy! How's it goin'?" asked Mr. Higurashi.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Just looking to pick up some training weights." replied Naruto.

"Ah! I have just the thing! Just wait right here!" said the man as he dashed to the back of the store.

"Let's see what sort of trickery he has for you today!" snickered the Kyubi, shaking in anticipation.

"Oh well, I guess Gama-chan (Naruto's frog wallet) is going to lose a few pounds today." thought Naruto, sadly.

"Ah, right here! We have a set of chakra-controlled training weights that'll literally MULTIPLY the effectiveness of your training!" said the shopkeeper, holding the bag full of assortments.

"Just quit with the marketing and tell me how much it costs please." said Naruto, wanting the man to get to the point.

"Hmm… probably around... 10,000 ryo." said Mr. Higurashi, with an embarrassed smile.

"WHAT THE FU**?! DOES THIS GUY MAKE ALL HIS PROFIT OFF ME?!" thought Naruto, angrily.

Naruto then heard another low chuckling coming from the biju.

"I f-ing swear, Kyubi. If you even say a word!" thought Naruto, trying to quell his tenant's laughter.

"Why do I need all this fancy stuff? Can I just buy some normal weights and save my wallet some pain!" said Naruto.

"But Naruto, you don't understand! These are so much better! Normal weights while effective can only hold so much before you either have to buy new ones or add-ons to make them heavier, eventually making it more expensive down the line. However, chakra-controlled weights respond to the amount of chakra that you put into the equipment and steadily increase the weight with a greater limit. Not to mention the chakra control practice you get from having to practice proportioning your chakra to make sure you don't set too much or too little weight." said the shopkeeper, trying to convince the Uzumaki.

"OOH! Gaki, I agree with this one! You need ALL the chakra control help you can get!" said the tailed beast.

"Damn it, Kyubi! I don't wanna have my wallet be dying of starvation every time I go shopping!" whined Naruto.

"Well, you got no choice. The minute he mentioned chakra control your fate was sealed." countered the Kyubi.

"So, we have a deal?" asked Mr. Higurashi, seeing the look of defeat on Naruto's face.

"Yeah, we got a dang deal…" said Naruto, reluctantly handing over the money.

Two, Naruto whine-filled minutes later, the duo were heading back over to the boy's apartment.

"One question though, who the hell is 'Gama-chan'?" asked the Kyubi.

"Oh, her? That's my wallet." answered Naruto nonchalantly, as if it was the most normal thing to say.

A moment of silence passed between the two.

"... You named your wallet?" asked the Kyubi, face-palming.

"Yep." replied the Uzumaki.

"The stupid shit you do, child…" groaned the tailed beast in shame.

"HEY! I not my fault that I got a freakin' demon slapped in my chest when I was a baby! I barely had any friends because of you when I was a kid!" countered Naruto, heatedly.

"Meh. That's your fault, not mine. Your the one pranking people." countered the Kyubi.

"I did that to get people to notice me!" yelled Naruto, indignantly.

"And look how well that worked out for ya?" replied the Kyubi, with a victory smirk.

"Well you know what?!... Fu-" asked Naruto, before getting cut off by the demon fox.

"You know people can hear you right since you're not speaking to me mentally?" said the Kyubi, deadpanned.

"OH SHIT!" thought Naruto in shock.

The boy quickly looked around the premises to see practically the entire neighborhood glaring at him through their windows, some growling about his disturbance while others growling, "Demon brat."

He quickly waved with an embarrassed smile before skedaddling.

"I really hate you, you damned fox." thought Naruto.

"I am damned, but I love you, too." said the Kyubi, happy that he managed to ruffle the gaki's feathers.

"So what's next?" asked Naruto.

"Head to training field 11." answered the Kyubi.

"Wait, why? Mental training would accomplish far more, and I can bring the training weights with me to the mindscape." asked Naruto, causing the Kyubi to sigh.

"Kid, remember all the drawbacks that I told you accompany mental training?" asked the Kyubi.

"Yeah…" said Naruto, wondering what the biju was getting at.

"The reason why we shouldn't do mental training all the time for too long is because of the short-term damage it does to your brain. Remember you are in the Academy now, you can't risk going to class when your head isn't in the game, or you'll start failing again. Plus, the mental training was meant to get you to catch up to your classmates without the worry of outside distractions, not to be abused." explained the Kyubi.

"So what was the point of it, then?" asked Naruto.

"Did you not hear me? I said it was to catch up to your classmates! We are going to still use mental training today and so forth, but we cannot use it for extended periods of time like during the summer because of the mental drawbacks. Therefore we will use Training Field 11 when the mindscape's environment is not needed." said the Kyubi, exasperated.

Even with all of his physical and mental changes, deep inside he was the same dumbass.

Training Field 11, a massive grassy clearing dotted and surrounded on all sides by thick forest. In the clearing there was a pond to the south-east and elevated parcel of land in the north-west.

Perfect for training.

"ALRIGHT MAGGOT! I remember you complaining about completing Basic Kyubi's Hell, and before we start, I want to remind you who the HELL you're talking to! Because of that past insolence, Kyubi's Hell Number 2 Will be the most grueling, painful, and unforgiving experience you will ever encounter!" barked the Kyubi, a blazing and EVIL fire burning in his eye.

"Wait. Boot Camp can be worse?!" asked Naruto, hoping that the Kyubi was just posturing.

"Are you serious?! Basic Boot Camp was me being nice! I want you to know boy, that saying where they say things can't get worse is a damn lie. Things can always get worse! So for this training, we will be increasing the physical conditioning that you start off with to double, no, triple that of before! When I chuck medieval weapons at you, I'll throw to hit! When I slam you into a rock, I'll slam to break something! When you piss me off, I'll make hella sure that the crocs get you! Understood?!" growled the Kyubi.

"Sir, yes sir!" squeaked Naruto, shaking in his boots… or sandals.

"Alright, let's discuss the things you will be working on following your physical conditioning exercises. Now that you have mastered the all the Academy skills, with the exclusion of the Bunshin jutsu, that are required for the Genin exam, it's time for you to learn skills that'll help you in the battlefield." said the Kyubi, sagely.

"So am I going to learn awesome ninjutsu that'll let me destroy mountains and forests in a single attack?!" asked Naruto, with stars shining in his eyes.

"No." said the Kyubi, flatly.

"But you said-" began Naruto, before he was cut off.

"I know what I said, but you are still not ready for those. Soon, most likely within the school-year, but not now." answered the Kyubi.

"Aw man… ok then, what'll I be learning?" asked Naruto, a little depressed.

"First, you'll wear the training weights all the time, when you go to school, sleep, eat, etc. until two weeks pass which I think is long enough for you to gain mastery of the weights with your advanced muscle-healing capabilities. Second, you'll be working on manipulating and concentrating your chakra to a single body-part to enhance the force of your blows and increase your passive abilities. Third, you'll learn a new taijutsu style, one that I made up myself, to decimate your opponents. Fourth, you learn how to withstand killing intent and extend you own, along with mastering my ability to sense negative emotions. Five, you'll continue working on mastering the bunshin jutsu." said the Kyubi.

"Ok, I understand the weights and the bunshin jutsu, but I don't understand why you want me to learn all the other stuff." said Naruto.

"Oh boy… guess I have to explain everything then." thought the Kyubi, before taking a deep breath.

"The purpose of mastering the manipulation and concentration of chakra in your body is to enhance your physical abilities. Remember, chakra is supplementary. It's to help you augment your abilities, not just for destroying things (no matter how fun). Say you can cause a small-dent in a tree with the full-force of a haymaker. If you release all of your chakra to spread around your body and then punch the tree, your fist will push straight through the trunk. However, if you take all that power, and in your case A CRAP-TON OF CHAKRA, and concentrate it into your fist, you could destroy massive boulders and create large craters, from ONE PUNCH." explained the Kyubi.

"Wow…" said Naruto, thinking of the implications.

"That's not all you get from concentrating and manipulating your chakra. You can use it to strengthen your legs to allow you to jump higher and run faster. You could use it to strengthen your body-parts to deflect or withstand blows. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, but let's move on to the other stuff." said the Kyubi, to which Naruto could only nod.

"Next is the new taijutsu style that I created and want to help you master. Taking from the everyday movement of foxes and their cousins, I created an offensive fighting style that requires insane speed, agility, and flexibility, something that you now possess thanks to basic boot camp." said the Kyubi.

"But why is it better than the Academies taijutsu? And if it's all that you claim, why didn't you teach it to me instead of the Academy basics?' asked Naruto, with a raised eyebrow.

"It's better because the Academy style is too focused on incapacitating opponents, not killing them, which is dangerous for a high-level shinobi if they didn't finish off their opponent, because they'd have to spend more time beating the snot out of their enemy, rather than just finishing them off with a quick and simple kill move. Also, the Academy taijutsu is too basic and predictable, something that seasoned taijutsu specialists will easily be able to exploit. While the fox-style taijutsu is extremely erratic and unpredictable, using crazy moves at weird angles and insane speed to catch opponents off guard. Although, I wanted you to learn the Academy taijutsu to fix your flaws and get you used to using techniques, before advancing to a more difficult style." explained the fox.

"Cool. What's the taijutsu called?" asked Naruto.

"Zan'nin Kiba no Yoko. (Murderous Fang of the Demon Fox)." said the biju, with a delighted smirk.

"Nice. What of the other skills?" asked Naruto.

"When you on a mission that encounters enemy shinobi, or sparring against a chunin-level or above opponent, they will be able to release killing intent to immobilize or incapacitate their foe. Killing intent makes you hallucinate, visualizing yourself in the most gory deaths possible and that messes with your concentration. One second of not paying attention is enough time to end up dead, hence why you need to master it. Also, if you learn how to release it yourself, you can overwhelm an opponent and finish them off before they even know it." said the Kyubi.

"Makes sense, but what about that negative emotions ability that you said you have?" asked Naruto.

"The nine biju all possess a unique ability that is not usable by the other. Mine is my ability to sense negative emotions. This ability alerts me to the presence of anyone who seeks to do me any harm, like a early warning system. If you master this, then you'll be able to know about an opponent way before they even know you're coming." explained the Kyubi.

"Wow, that is amazing! I'll become Hokage for sure with that power." said Naruto, in amazement.

"It'll help, but it won't do any good if you're going to fight someone who is leagues stronger, unless you plan to strategically retreat. So, now that that's over with, let's do a quick session in the mindscape to finish the physical conditioning before returning to the normal world for training on chakra manipulation." ordered the Kyubi.

"Sir, yes Sir!" yelled Naruto, before activating the mindscape.

"Good. Now activate the training weights with 500 bunshins worth of chakra and go run me 50 miles!" barked the Kyubi.

As Naruto got deep into his training, the Hyuga princess walked through the route she took towards the Hyuga Clan Estate. She thought about her wonderful lunch with Naruto, all the praise she received and the kindness he shared. But also, about his work ethic and will. The hell that boy had been put through, the suffering and hatred, and he came back to wow his entire class. He completely changed himself, recreated his entire being to achieve his goals. She only wished that if she could absorb even a nanosized piece of that will, that she could maybe become as strong as he is today.

"Naruto-kun, I can't wait to see you clutch that head protector in your fist." thought Hinata, with a slight blush.


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