After the whole flower fiasco, and a good nap-if by good you mean tossing and turning and mumbling "No...Morgan...the colors don't match...Gaius is eating the cake..." and other indistinguishable murmurs-Inigo returned to helping plan his baby sister's wedding. Though not given the full reign. Instead of Inigo taking care of decorations-which, in all the Gods' honesty, was mostly sorted out because of his help apart from a few minor flower arrangements- he was to help organize the guest list. With supervision.

"What about her? She's nice."

Morgan rubbed her head, a headache starting to take root, "Inigo, that's another girl that you asked out on a date. I've never seen her before in my life, hence she's not invited."

Inigo solemnly set the invitation he had made into a pile. There were three: the 'Definitely invited', the 'Maybe' and the 'No way even if it meant destroying Grima' pile, which was the one Inigo put the letter in. They were in Robin and Olivia's living room, as "Morgan is not to be left alone with Laurent until after the wedding!", with letters and envelopes surrounding the table

"Try to refrain from inviting random women just for the sake of flirting with...Are you not married to Noire anyway? I assume that she will revert to that other persona of hers, if you still continue trying to fulfill such a base desire?"

Inigo looked to his sister for help, "What did he just say?"

"Laurent translation: Stop inviting random girls to hit on, and you shouldn't be doing that anyway because Noire will probably go crazy screaming 'Blood and Thunder' all over the place if you keep asking girls out on dates. Besides, why are we even sorting out this kind of thing? Can't we just invite the Shepherds?"

"B-because, Morgan, there's quite a few people who weren't with the Shepherds who want to see you." A timid voice chirped.

"Mother!" Inigo and Morgan chorused. Indeed, Olivia had come home from shopping at the market, her belly swollen so much she looked, and "felt ready to burst!" She wasn't able to wear her customary dancer outfit, but Olivia was happier that it wouldn't, as she put it, "draw the wrong kind of attention". Today she was wearing a comfortable light blue dress. It would be any day now when the Morgans from this time would be born.

Morgan, Inigo and Laurent rushed to help Olivia with the bags, setting them down on the kitchen table, and putting the contents away in their rightful place. The house was given to Robin after the War of The Mad King and Ylisse, close to the palace. Olivia thanked the trio as she sat down with them, telling them that the younger Inigo-who was instead called Reese-was being looked after with Robin.

"So why can't we just invite the Shepherds?"

"Well, what about the students at Henry and Ricken's magic school? I heard that you teach them, and they seem to like you."

"I guess so-"

"And what about the family members of the Shepherds? I'm sure they can fit into Chrom's ballroom."

"Sure then-"

"And Basilio and Flavia should get invited too!"

Laurent had a thought to help his fiance, "I have a proposal; What if only the Shepherds and a handful of others were invited to the ceremony, then invite the rest for the evening?"

"That is about as good of an idea as my face is gorgeous. And I don't know if you've noticed, but I look damn good-OW?!"

"No swearing in this house!" Olivia scolded as she was observed the mess of parchments, "You know, I'm actually kinda glad that your father and I's wedding was not so complicated. We just got married in the camp, like a lot of the others did, including Inigo and Noire."

"Do you remember how Dad proposed to you?"

"Of course!" Olivia looked into the distance, seeing a tiny wooden theater sitting on a shelf nearby, "It happened like this..."

The threat of Valm was only just dawning on the Shepherds. They were to march onward to Port Feroxi to defend the townspeople. The battle was hard, and even then, Robin knew they could not underestimate The Conqueror's army. And Robin knew even more so, that they would need help from a former enemy.

The Shepherds made their way back to Plegia, their road almost constantly wrought with danger from the Risen rising up to meet them at nearly every turn.

And every battle was getting harder. And every battle, she was there, fighting constantly by his side. The two became close friends over the last two years after the war with Plegia, and even more so when Olivia revealed to him her dream of creating a dance theater; the proper kind, with trap doors, curtains, different levels, all the good stuff! Robin even made her feel more confident about making that dream come true by making Olivia her own theater!

That was about the size of a hand.

But it was the thought that counted, and maybe it was the white-haired tactician's way of cheering Olivia up. It certainly made her feel less stressed about it. The time they spent together made the darker times see a light. But even then, a whirlpool of emotions was taking over Olivia. She didn't realize it, until she thought it was too late for her to say anything, that she had fallen in love with Robin.

How could she drop that information on him like that? Robin thought of her only as a friend, nothing more. Many had thought it would be Cordelia that had won Robin's heart-like the red-headed beauty had done unintentionally before-and he hers despite of Cordelia's devotion to Chrom. But, to many of the Shepherds' surprise, the one who had changed her mind was the 'average' cavalier Stahl.

Even though Robin had not shown any distaste towards her, to Olivia, he didn't share any interest either. He was the kind of person who could talk to everyone, but the moment someone said something like that her dance really motivated them, Olivia would turn into a bumbling mess, criticizing herself so much that the person who gave Olivia the compliment in the first place would probably get annoyed and leave.

And yet, he wouldn't.

She couldn't do what he did. Olivia couldn't fight like he did, nor come up with on the spot strategies, that still worked. No, she was not good enough for him, if all that she could was dance, and even then, she wasn't good at that either.

"Why are you avoiding me?"

"EEK!" Oh Gods! It was him! What should she say? Make an excuse to leave, quick! "I-I, oh gosh, sorry. I just need some stuff! Bye!" And Olivia tried to run away from the unattainable man without him seeing the tears pricking and stinging the corners of her eyes. Before she felt a hand gently clasp around her hand. Olivia stopped, but didn't look at him.

"I'm sorry for scaring you Olivia. I really am. But...why..." Olivia heard Robin inhale deeply, like he was preparing himself for a hit, "Why do you not talk to me anymore? Did I...Did I hurt you? If the wooden theater offended you, or made you think that I was making fun of you or you dream, it was never meant like that. That's the last thing I want to do to you. Olivia...Please..." There was a shakiness in his voice, "P-please. Look at me, Olivia."

She couldn't help it. Olivia obliged, turning around to face Robin, and he immediately let go of her hand. His face was serious, and bags showed under his eyes, which looked red and sleep-deprived. Like he had been crying.

"Please, Olivia. Tell me what I did wrong?" A single tear ran down Robin's face, and Olivia felt her heart cringe in heartbreak. It wasn't what he had down to upset Olivia. It was she couldn't bring herself to do. And in doing so, she hurt him. Gods, she hated herself. The last thing Olivia wanted to do to Robin was to make me feel as though it was his fault that she couldn't face her feelings-and fears.

Olivia reached up to wipe the tear from Robin's face, and almost instantly, his face changed. Like the touch of Olivia's hand chased all the pain away, "That's not true, Robin. That could never be true." Robin leaned into her right hand, closing his eyes, as if he were at peace with himself, "I'm so sorry." His brown eyes opened sharply, and stared into Olivia's violet eyes. Her own began to spill out tears.

"I have a gift for you. Will you accept it?" Olivia nodded. Robin reached into the pocket of his purple coat, and took out- the wooden theater, with a roof attached to it with hinges. "Olivia, do you know what my dream is?" She shook her head, "It's to help you make your dream come true. As more than just friends." Was he saying-

Robin opened the roof, and on the floor of the theater, was a ring.

"Olivia, will you help me make my dream come true, of being your husband-Mmf!" Robin got his answer when Olivia threw her arms around Robin's neck, kissing him with more passion than Olivia had ever shown in any of her dances. When they broke apart only for air, Robin slipped the golden band onto Olivia's dainty ring finger. Olivia clung to him tightly, and Robin held Olivia like his life depended on it.

"I've been in love with you forever... I only wish I had the courage to tell you sooner!"

"Whoa...It sounds so sad, and yet, so happy, at the same time..."

"Well, I'm glad that it happened anyway," Olivia put her arms around both Morgan and Inigo, "Because I got a wonderful husband and family out of it. Now! Let's get this invitations sorted out!" Olivia muttered under her breath, "Even though they should have been done ages ago..."

"What was that, Mother?" Morgan asked, curious.

"Oh! Nothing!"

As the pile of invitations was becoming bigger, yet more organised, Inigo had a thought,"Hey Morgan?" Inigo asked, "I was wondering, that song that you sang in the tavern after Dad returned, where did you hear it?"

"Well, I was studying in the barracks, and a couple of Sumia's books was there. They was kinda like documents of an old race. Even older that the legends of the First Exalt's time! I still have them, actually, in my bookshelf."

"Really? It warrants research..." Laurent joined in. His curiosity took over, "What was the name of the people?"

"They were never really given a name, at least, one that we would call them. That would really because they were more than just one race. See, as I read it, it had like the names of certain types of races, but it was really because of the place they supposedly resided in or came from that they were called the Celtics."

"What was the place called? Is it somewhere we know?" Olivia asked as she brought in tea for her children- and future son-in-law- to drink.

"Nope, as far as the books said. What I did find out was that the land was called 'The Emerald Isle' were, and I quote, 'the fields were always greener than the brightest of emeralds' and I read about the Celtic traditions, rituals, songs, what a lot of them would typically look like or do. Even then, they would take more than one form. It said that the people were often elusive, so if one was ever found, the observer would end up either not believing what they saw, or trying to find their home,Tír na nÓg, which was one word to call the Other World, and one day there would mean a thousand years over here."

"Oooh! It sounds like something of legends!" Olivia clapped here hands in delight.

"I think that some humans would call the fairies of the Other World 'The Little People' because when someone actually once came across one of them, it was a man, no bigger than a tree stump! But the man tricked the person who saw them into disappearing, after their picture was drawn. I think they called them a Leprechaun, which is different from a fairies, but still magical."

"I've never heard of something so ridiculous. How can a full grown man be no bigger than a tree stump?"

"Maybe that's the beauty of the Celtic People. They were full of mystery."

"Another came across something else, centuries later. It was a couple of beautiful young women, with skin white as snow, who wore magical cloaks, that turned one into a swan, and another into a seal! I think the ones who turned into a swan were called Swan Maidens, and the ones that turned into seals were called Selkie...But that's not all, because they weren't just the magical creatures or the Gods of the Celtics-"

"The Celtics had their own Gods? Truly a curious race..."

"As I was saying, some of the Celtics were also humans too! See, I told you that there was more than one race. I only read the books mainly because it was just for the songs, and I started to like a couple of their songs in particular. The tune Brady played was almost exactly how that song was played, probably because I showed him the music. I thought he'd be interested in that." Morgan laughed when she remembered the night Laurent first told her that he loved her, "I still can't believe that Inigo convinced everyone else to be in disguises, especially Gerome, just to see if we would get together!"

"Well, the plan was successful in it's objections, was it not?" Laurent smiled as he gently took Morgan's hand. Morgan blushed, though not out of embarrassment, more out of happiness.

"Remember when Laurent proposed to you? That was probably one of the funniest days of my life-OW!" Inigo rubbed the back of his head where Olivia's hand thwacked him, "Again?! Really?! I didn't swear this time!"

"I know, but you shouldn't make fun of Laurent. It's rude, and I thought I raised you better than that." Even if she knew that technically speaking, Olivia didn't raise her oldest child, she would treat him as if she did.

"But still, you have to admit, it was pretty hilarious how Dad took it. I mean, the way he tore through that fence like it was nothing was crazy! And I didn't think Laurent could run that fast! You were both screaming something..." Morgan tapped at her chin, a quirk she had when she thought deeply "What was it...?"

Inigo put his hand up towards the ceiling, and tried to stretch it higher by holding his arm with his other hand"OH! OH OH OH! I know! I know, Miss Morgan! Pick me, pick me!"

Morgan played along, getting into her teacher mode, "Yes, Inigo?"

"Dad was all like, 'Pick a God and pray, boy! Count your blessings that I can't turn into a dragon like Nowi or Nah can, because you'd be getting a taste of Grima butt-kicking power! Like I'm gonna let you marry Morgan, motherf'-OW! I WASN'T GOING TO SWEAR THIS TIME, JEEZ!"

Olivia got up from her seat, "Sounded like it."

"Well, anyway, Laurent was all like, 'But I loooove Morgannn! Let me marry her! She wants to marry me too!' and you screamed like a little girl! It took Kellam to appear out of nowhere so Dad ran into that huge armor of his! It was hilarious!" Inigo laughed so hard, he was doubling over.

"In this moment, I feel as though that whilst I am enjoying spending my time with everyone, I feel scrutinized and under fierce attack."

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