Robin opened the bedroom door to his little girl, "Morgan? Honey, it's time to get up. You have to get you dresses ready with the girls..." Robin was met with a groan, and a pillow was thrown at him, which he easily dodged, "Morgan, do I need to get Henry or Ricken to Thunderbolt you out of bed?" Robin felt a breeze flash past him as his first daughter made for the bathroom. A minute later, dressed and teeth brushed and everything, Morgan threw open the door, ready for the day. Robin smiled to himself, Never gets old...

"Of course not, Dad! I've up for hours!" Of course she was, how could Robin not see the hastily brushed rosy hair, and the lop-sided tactician's coat hanging off one shoulder, or even the boots on the wrong foot?

Robin laughed, "Of course you were dear. Now we just need to wait for the rest of the bridesmaids to meet up." Robin pat his the head of-who wasn't so anymore-little girl. He started wearing gloves less after destroying Grima, since the...marks were not there anymore. He started listing off his verbal checklist with his fingers, "Okay, after getting the final adjustments done on the dresses, we then need to go make sure what the cake will look like. Then we need to see that the meals are ready at the castles kitchens. And then after that, we need to see that everyone has gotten the invitations and take note of who's coming-"

"Inigo, Mum, Laurent and I already took note of most of them, there's just a few left."

"Right, thanks Morgan. So then there's just's on the tip of my tongue," Robin started snapping his index finger and thumb, a quirk that he had whenever he was trying to stall. However, Morgan knew this, like many of the memories she had of her father.

"The Hen and Stag night?"

Robin sighed, "Y-yep. That too. Gotta check that it's all organised...and stuff."

"And stuff? Dad, I'm in my twenties. I think I can handle it. How about you go on ahead to meet with Chrom in the palace, and I'll do the rest of the stuff. You can handle the stag night, if you want, with Laurent and Inigo." In all honesty though, that was left to Lucina, Cynthia and the rest of the bridesmaids. But her dad didn't need to know that.

"I still can't believe it...My little Morgan. Getting married and everything..." Robin felt Morgan wrapped her arms around him, burying her head into his chest.

"Don't worry Dad, I'll always be your little girl." and Morgan felt arms envelope her. As if Robin wanted Morgan to just stay like this, frozen in time. But they both had work to do, "No time like the present." She giggled, "No pun intended."

"Now, hold still a little bit, and hold the skirt up a bit, just showing you toes." The dressmaker commanded. Morgan tried to do as she said, but he hands started to shake from fatigue. She, Cynthia, Severa, Kjelle, Noire, Nah and Lucina had been here for ages! How long could it take to make the last few adjustments on a wedding dress and a few bridesmaid gowns?!

Hours. It takes hours.

"Nervous?" The dressmaker, named Tomia, asked. She must've noticed Morgan's hands shaking.

"W-what? Oh, no, I'm just a little tired." Morgan blushed, "I didn't think it would take so long, in all honesty. I mean, I thought it would only be a few changes..."

Tomia chuckled understandably. "Oh, it is just a few changes, but it takes time. It would take nearly a week and a half to make one wedding gown."

"A week and a half?! Not to be rude, but how long is this going to take then?!"

"Now don't worry, these final adjustments won't take much longer. Annnd...Done!"

And Morgan exhaled in relief, "Oh thank the gods!" She realized what she just said, "I-I mean, uhh, already? That didn't take so long-"

"It's alright dear, dressmaking takes many hours of your time-but this actually one of the quickest I've ever worked on a dress. I'm quite proud-it's one of the most beautiful I've made in all my years as a tailor."

Morgan blushed, "Oh, thank you..." And she stepped out of the fitting room to show off her wedding dress to Lucina, Cynthia, Kjelle, Severa, Nah and Noire. What she got was "Oooh's" and "Ahh's"

"Like it?" Morgan gave a twirl, the delicate skirts making a swishing sound.

"You look like you just used a Second Seal and a bouquet to change into the Bride class, then Naga herself came down to sprinkle some of her fancy magic, then the gods of love, beauty and AWESOMENESS were like 'IT'S MAKE MORGAN PRETTIER THAN USUAL TIMMME!' and your like this now."

Morgan brought her hands to her heart, "Awww, Cynthia! That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!" There was a certain charm to the Pegapony Princess that reminded Morgan of herself. "Do you know...Laurent-"

"Will he like it? No way, because he's sure tO LOVE IT!"

Lucina stood up to take a better look at it, "It is certainly beautiful, Laurent is sure to be entranced by it. I'm proud of the fact that we're able to share this future together."

Morgan chuckled, "It's always about the future with you, huh, Lucy?"

"Lucy is the present me-"

"Then I'll call you Lulu from now on!"

"...Please don't..."

Afterwards, Morgan and co. made their way down the street to visit the baker's shop, just a few blocks away. They came across Sumia, holding the hands of present Lucina and Cynthia looking at some glittering jewelry on display in one of the


Sumia turned her head in the direction of Lucina's voice. "Oh! Hello sweetie-pie! Checking off some last minute things off the wedding checklist?"

"More or less. We're on our way to the bakery, would you like to come with us?"

Sumia smiled, giggling, "Of course! I have to make sure that if there's flowers on it that it matches the decor! What do you think, Lucy and Catie?"



When the young women entered the patisserie filled room, their noses were smacked in the face with sweet smells and spices-smacked in the best way possible, of course! The chinkle of the bells at the door brought a plump man, covered in flour on his apron and bushy stache.

"Ah! Miss Morgan! Or should I say, future Mrs Laurent! Here to check the cake, I presume?"

"Good to see you too, Pablo! I hope you don't mind us coming in-"

"Nonsense, nonsense-Please refrain from eating some of the cupcakes, Princess Catie." Pablo politely reminded of the youngest princess of Ylisse. Catie pouted, drawing her hand back from the small tea cake stand holding pink and yellow cupcakes and buns. Sumia apologized, though Pablo laughed, "It's alright. Perhaps if the Princesses behave, they can have a free cake on the way out!"

That surely lit up the present Cynthia's face.

Morgan, her bridesmaids and the royal family, following Pablo, made their way to the back room, where Pablo made the wedding cakes. There was an audible gasp from them all, as Pablo stood proudly beside the prized cake.

It was four layers, each one smaller than the last, stacked on top of one another. Each layers were mixed with different shades of blue, pink and purple. Iced on, were silver stars, galaxies and accurately scrawled constellations and standing among the moon and stars, layered on the very top, was a miniature Morgan and Laurent, dancing!

"It's-it's beautiful!" Noire gasped.

"Goodness, if Gaius was here, he'd take the cake and run without looking back!"

"No he woul-okay yeah he would." Cynthia admitted.

"Well, it's everything he would want in a cake!" Nah exclaimed, staring at the beautiful cake! The thief's insatiable tastes for sweets and patisseries was at least everyone knew during their time in the Shepherds.

"But the question is...Does the Bride herself like it?" Pablo asked, since Morgan was yet to say anything. There was silence for a while, as she gaped at it. Finally, she said.

"It's just like that night. Two years ago. When Laurent told me he loved me for the first time." She sniffed. It reminded her of the dress, similarly designed with the same shades of midnight blue and silver. But most importantly, all of this reminded her of one of her most cherished and important memories.

"Oh, Morg! Please don't cry!"

"I-I'm n-n-not crying! I'm j-just sweating through my eyes!"

"Seriously though, don't. It's very unsightly." Severa commented.

"SEVERA!" The group chorused.

"It's just..." Severa blushed hard, "I j-just don't like s-seeing people cry! I-it's not like I care-or anything!"

"Well, I'm glad that you like it, Miss Morgan. It's all ready for the reception." Pablo chuckled once more, "You know, your fiance said the same thing when he came to check in earlier on today."

"Did he?"

"Yes. You should've seen how his eyes lit up when he talked about you. He mentioned that the stars were brighter here than they were where you came from, so that's how I got the idea for this-as well as the night you and him became a couple. You're quite the performer!"

Morgan blushed, "O-oh. Thanks for everything! But we'll have to head on, there's still some daylight left. See you later, Pablo!"

"Here, some buns I've been working on to go with the cake-and some for the little Princesses for being so good!" The hearty chuckle made Pablo's plump belly jiggle, as he handed the delicate cakes for Lucy and Catie.

And the rest of the evening went quite fast: the meals, invitations and decorations were finished within schedule, and all that was left was for the guests to arrive. By the time Morgan had finally collapsed onto her comfy bed, everyone else was asleep.

"I s'ppose...that th..." Morgan yawned as she drifted into sleep, "Las thing's th...Hen...night..."

Where I live, we call cupcakes buns.