Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot (Meet Darryl O'Connor)

Hey, Guys welcome to The Fast and Furious Family Chronicle series . In this season, you will be introduced to some new characters along with originals such as Dom, Letty, Mia,Brian, Tej and Roman. This takes place after Fast and Furious 6, however, some things are changed around and won't be added to later Seasons.

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Tuesday 6:26 AM-7:00 AM

Morning times were always pleasant in California. The City of Los Angeles went from pitch black dark to Sunny and beautiful instantly .

Darryl O'Connor woke up at 6:26 on this Joyous Tuesday Morning to the constant ringing of his alarm clock. Which means within in the next hour he will start yet another educational school day at Taylor King Middle School.

He arose from his Twin Size Bed, roughly pushed back his navy blue sheets and headed towards the bathroom.

After playing with his hair for like five minutes, Darryl, stepped into the shower and turned the nobs all the way to hot. He let the steaming hot water trickle down his body making his muscles tense. Darryl first lathered up his body before applying Shampoo to his hair and then conditioner.

At 6:40 Darryl stepped out the shower and dried himself quickly before brushing his teeth.

He then made his way downstairs and headed towards the Kitchen. Upon arriving he sees his older brother Brian already up and drinking his morning coffee.

"Good Morning Darryl did you sleep well?" Brian asked

"Good Morning Brother and yes I did sleep well thanks for asking"

"Anytime So...You ready for School?"

"I guess but sometimes Class gets boring and the work is just tedious"

"Been there before, Don't worry starting in June you'll have four years left"

"Four years is such a long time Brian I don't know if I can wait that long"

Brian lightly chuckled before taking a sip of his coffee

"Trust me it'll be here quicker than you think"

"Yeah will see about that" Darryl said sarcastically "So got anything planned for Today?"

"Dom and I are gonna work on some Cars orders sometime this afternoon" Brian replied

"Sounds like fun; Oh speaking of… Can I go to the Mall with some friends?"


"What?, Why?"

"Because you're still failing math and until that goes up, you're gonna be studying everyday after school"

"Brian I told you already, We're only five weeks into the new semester I got time"

"You Shouldn't be failing any classes right now Darryl, They won't pass you to the ninth grade if you do"

"Come on Brian please"

The Younger O'Connor Brother stared at his brother with wide puppy dog eyes ; hoping he would reconsider his decision.

"Sorry Darryl that doesn't work on me anymore"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive "


"Look, Darryl, Just get your grade up to a C and I'll be satisfied," Brian said, "But until then you're to come straight home after school, understood?"

"Understood" Darryl replied

Darryl's POV

Well, that completely backfired I thought for sure he was gonna yes, Oh well I guess it's for my own good.

No One's POV

It was now 7:01 AM and Darryl decided it was time to leave for School. After biding his brother farewell he headed out the front door and onto the sidewalk. Since he had about a fifteen-minute walk on sunny days Darryl would always listen to music off his phone which is exactly what he did today.

Upon arriving on school grounds his friends Marcus, Caleb and Jared greeted him.

"Hey Darryl," They all said

"Hey Guys"

"So Change of Plans we're gonna go to the mall during school today," Jared said

"So you mean skip?" Darryl questioned

"Exactly" Caleb answered

"I can't skip school and besides Brian told me I'm grounded until my math grade goes up" Darryl explained

"Come on O'Connor, he doesn't have to know," Marcus said

"I know that Einstein it's just that….I've never broken a rule before"

"Are you being serious right now?" Caleb asked confused

Darryl nodded his head

"You've never broken a rule before?"

"That's right " Darryl replied

"You've never had the urge to?" Jared questioned


"Come on Darryl stop playing, everyone has broken a rule before," Marcus said

"I'm being dead serious, what's the point?, We're just gonna get in trouble anyway," Darryl said

"Not unless we do it right ," Caleb said

"Yeah Caleb is right and besides what's the worst that could happen? Marcus questioned

Darryl was about to respond with every possible catastrophe know to man but Jared, cut him off

"Don't answer that"

"I don't know guys…...If Brian finds out ….."

"Darryl relax Brian will never know" Caleb assured him

"Come on we're your best friends would we ever steer you wrong?" Marcus asked

Jared cut his friend off once again

"Don't answer that"

Before making a decision Darryl took at least five minutes to think long and hard about how everything will play out, But then again who cares about the consequences?, It couldn't hurt to loosen up for once..

"Alright fine I'll go," Darryl said

His three friends cheered in excitement

"But only this one time"

"Fine with us" Caleb answered

"So…" Darryl started before checking to make sure no one was listening "We're leaving now?, But the mall doesn't open till like 10:30"

"Darryl does have a point….What are we gonna do till then to kill time?" Marcus asked

"Will find something" Jared said " But Now since it's 7:18 we better leave because, class starts in twelve minutes"

"Good idea" Caleb said

With that the four best friends headed off school grounds. Hopefully, no one saw or suspected anything.. As they got further and further away. Darryl couldn't help but think if he has made the right decision on skipping. But like Marcus said what's the worst that could happen.

Los Angeles County Mall

11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Game Stop

Darryl, Marcus, Jared, and Caleb went into Gamestop first for their big 50% off sale.

"Guys look Ed Edd'n Eddy: Jawbreakers is $2.50!" Darryl said excitedly

"That game is so 19th Century," Jared said

"I don't care I'm getting it anyway"

Darryl took the game off the shelf and put it into his basket. Marcus and Caleb's basket are filled up all the way to the top with dozens of games. (probably action, shooting or racing types).

"O'Connor you're only getting four games?" Marcus asked

"Of course, not" Darryl simply replied

The young teen zoomed from corner to corner picking up anything of excitement to him and meet up with his friends at the front counter.

"Okay that will be $52.78"

Darryl handed the cashier a blue and white credit card that Brian had given to him for emergencies only with a $500 limit. Fifty-two dollars couldn't hurt though right?


The Boys stopped by Kohl's before heading to lunch, and spent roughly $200 on different varieties of Clothing and shoes. $ 247.42 left still not bad

Food Court (12:15-12:40)

With it now being 12:15 the food court is filled with many other shoppers taking a lunch break. Today Darryl and Marcus decided to get Subway while Caleb and Jared got Taco bell. The four sat down at a table on the east side of the court where there weren't many people.

"So Darryl feel any better?" Jared asked

"I guess" Darryl replied

"Aren't you glad you came with us?" Caleb asked

"Yeah, I finally realized that sometimes it's good to loosen up and have fun"

"See that's what rules are meant for… be broken," Marcus said

Darryl didn't necessarily agree with that all but, he didn't correct Marcus and simply replied with

"Yeah right"

Before laughing nervously

"So Guys where should go after this?" Darryl asked

"We could go to the Apple store?" Caleb suggested

"That place is always jammed packed," Marcus said, "What about Sears?"

"We've already went to Kohls, what's the point in going there?" Jared asked

"I don't know, It was just a suggestion"

"Okay, how about we see a Movie On the Third Floor?" Darryl suggested

"That's a good idea, but what movie?" Caleb questioned

"Well I'm sure will have tons of choices to pick from"

"Yeah Darryl's right, I'm sure there's something we can all agree on," Jared said

Toretto Family Garage

Los Angeles

12:44 PM

While Darryl was having fun with his friends, Brian was currently working on his third car, A 1982 Chevy Impala with transmission problems. Dom had passed by to check on the car's progress.

"Looking good O'Connor keep it up," Dom told him

"Thanks, should be ready within the next three hours," Brian said

"Sounds good, do you need any help?"

"No thanks I got this"

"Alright I'll be in the back doing inventory if you need me"


As Dom walks off, Mia comes in looking worried.

"Brian you have a call"

"From Who?"

"Darryl's School" She replied

" Okay I'll be right there"

After wiping his face and hands, he headed into his own office and picked up the phone


"Mr. O'Connor we are just calling to check on Darryl"

"Check on Darryl?, what do you mean by that?"

"Well according to the attendance book he hasn't been to any of his classes "

Brian was confused at first but then realized that his little brother played Hooky and went to the mall with his Friends. He didn't know if he should be upset, angry or even disappointed. When Darryl gets home it won't be pretty.

"Mr. O'Connor are you still there?"

"Yeah, don't worry Ms. Gonzales Darryl will be at school bright and early tomorrow"

"Sounds good"

The phone call was then disconnected and Brian went back to work. Mia came back out to ask if everything was alright

"Everything alright?"

"Yeah Darryl is fine"

"What happened?"

"He Skipped School Today.."

Mia gasped

"Oh my! are you sure? Darryl would never do that"

"I'm sure, he asked if he could hang out with his friends and I said no until his math grade improves"

"So instead he skipped hoping that you wouldn't find out?"

"Yes, oh when he gets home I'm gonna..."

"Brian" Mia warned "Promise me you won't be too harsh"

"Too harsh?!, Mia I specifically told him he couldn't go and he what does he do?, Does it anyway it's like Fuck what I say!"

It was obvious that Brian wouldn't let Darryl off the hook easily. His blue were filled with disappointment and anger. This is something he thought would never happen.

"Well maybe there's a reason why he did it," Mia said

"There's no reason to skip school Mia" Brian explained

"I know that but, that doesn't sound like Darryl, maybe something motivated him to do it"

"Why are giving him excuses?!" Brian asked angrily

"He's your Brother Brian at least give him a chance to explain himself"

"Okay Fine, but I'm not making any promises"

"I think you've been around Dom too much," Mia said before laughing

"Yeah Probably"

Mia then left Brian to finish his work

O'Connor Household

3:12 PM

Darryl, Marcus, Jared, and Caleb left the mall at around 2:35 and bid each other farewell Until Tomorrow.

Brian had managed to make it home before his brother and was waiting patiently for him. Mia's words were still ringing in his head

"Maybe there was reason"

"He's your brother Brian"

"That's not like Darryl"

"Don't be too harsh"

He repeated this to himself for at least five minutes, then at 3:12 the front door opened up slowly, revealing Darryl behind it.

"Hey, Buddy how was School?" Brian asked

"School was okay I guess" Darryl replied back

"So um, what did you learn about?"

Darryl froze at that last statement, He didn't know what to say

Darryl's POV

Fuck!, What have I been learning about?

No One's POV

"Ummm well, you know…"

"No, I don't know that's why I asked"

"I don't remember exactly"

"You don't remember? School just ended like thirty minutes ago"

Darryl nodded

"Hmmm, you probably don't remember because a certain somebody wasn't there!"

"I'm confused"

"Don't play dumb Darryl, You skipped school today didn't you!?" Brian yelled

Darryl laughed nervously

"What?, That's ridiculous, I would never do that"

"Oh so now you're gonna lie right in my face?!"

Brian was now passed angry he was furious, His blue eyes were once again were filled with anger and disappointment. Darryl was trapped like a caged rat.

"Alright Fine, I Skipped School" Darryl confessed

"Darryl I specifically told you this morning that you're grounded until that Math grade goes up"

"Well to be fair you said I couldn't go anywhere after school not during"

"You knew what the hell I meant!"

" maybe next time you should be more specific" Darryl argued back

"I don't have to be more specific, cause you knew exactly what I meant don't play stupid!," Brian said

"Is it too late to say I'm sorry?"


Darryl Nodded



"HELP WITH WHAT!?" Brian asked



Darryl was on the verge of exploding, he tried keeping his cool, but it didn't work


He then ran upstairs to his room before slamming the door hard.

Darryl's POV

After my blow up with Brian, I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door. I then laid face down on my bed still filled with anger. For once I had fun in my life and it turns into some fucking scream feast afterward. To be honest, my friends did nothing wrong all they tried to do was help me loosen up for a certain reason. When I was five years old my mother was killed in a car crash and our dad disappeared around the same time as her death and I haven't seen him since. Brian was 27 at the time and; living the life of a bachelor. Now he had to take responsibility and become a parent. Since then I've never been gotten close to anyone or even learned what it means to have fun. Now I understand why he was so upset but It was only a one-time thing and if Brian is still mad about Mom's death then we talk about our problems. It hurts me when my brother and I fight because we've been close since day one and our brotherly bond is something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Maybe I should apologize and make peace with him.

Brian's POV

I lost my cool and yelled at Darryl for no reason. We could have just talked in a more orderly fashion like Mia told me to but, of course, I can't control my anger. Thinking back to mom's death and Dad's disappearance made me even more furious and caused me to explode like a volcano. Ugh, I need to apologize. It's not his fault that everything fell apart.

-Time Skip-

Upstairs/No One's POV

Brian headed upstairs towards Darryl's Room and approached the door. He took a deep breath before knocking three times lightly

"Come in"

Inside Darryl had his math textbook in one lap and a notebook and pencil to the right of him.

"Hey Brian"

"Hey…..You Busy? Brian asked

"Uh not really, What's up?"

"I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier "

Brian paused for a brief second

"That was uncalled of for me to call your friends idiots and for being so harsh", "I guess thinking back to what happened with Mom and Dad just angered me and I took it out the only person that's been by my side through it all"

"Thanks, Brian I accept your apology and I'm sorry too"

"What are you sorry for?"

"For Skipping School after you told me not to and for lying about it," Darryl said "I've let this situation control me for nine years and I wanted to have fun again just like before"

"It's okay now I understand why but just promise me something"

"What's that?" Darryl asked

"You won't do it again and will always try your hardest in School," Brian said

"I promise"

Brian smiled before giving Darryl a brotherly hug

"I love you," Brian said

"Love you too Bro" Darryl replied "So does this mean I'm still on punishment?"

"Yes but only for three days"

"How about one?"


Darryl stared at Brian with puppy dogs eyes again; Hoping it would work.

"I told you it's not gonna work"

"You sure?"


"Darn it"

The End

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