Season 5, Episode 1: Gone

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Author's Note:

Hello Everyone,

My apologies for the extended delay. I've been so consumed with work that it's been difficult to find time to write. Also, I've been doing a lot of thinking regarding the future of the series and as of now, The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles will continue through at least Season 6 with the possibility of getting extended for a few more seasons in addition to a Spin-Off Series/Sequel that would begin take place concurrently with Family Chronicles possible 7th Season. I'll provide an update once I make a final decision.

But without further ado, I present to you all the Season 5 Premiere of The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles!

Previously on The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles….

Brian's POV

I can't go back. Not after what happened. I've destroyed this family and wherever Dom admits it or not...He was still furious.

This would be for the better.

Starting over with a new life. For the greater good to keep my family safe.

With my final decision in place. I took off running down the streets of New York. Never looking back at the life I was leaving behind.

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

Present Day…

September 8, 2015

Indianapolis Indiana

Brian never thought his life would take such a hasty turn. Things were actually beginning to go well in the older blond's life...till Cipher happened. March 2015 and forward has been nothing but a complete shit show. Cause no matter how his family tried to rationalize it...He still murdered Elena and there was no turning back after that. Hence the reason for him running off from the barbecue several months back. Since then...Brian has not seen or contacted his family. But rather than staying in New York, He fled to Indianapolis Indiana and rented a subpar studio apartment from an even shadier landlord loan shark. Cause Brian wasn't taking a chance of using money from his account that could be easily traced back to his location. The Older blond really didn't want to borrow money, But honestly, what other options did he have? Granted once he finally found employment, the income brought in monthly would still take Brian months to repay his debt.

Yet there was no room for complaining. He chose this life and must pay the consequences for his actions.

It was now early September and fall didn't come to disappoint. The weather today was a solid 50 degrees with partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze. Brian had woken up from another rough night of little to no sleep. He made his way to the kitchen to make a much-needed cup of coffee. Upon entering the living room, the small 19-inch box-shaped TV displayed a much too familiar news story.

The search for family man Brian O'Connor continues as his disappearance investigation reaches its 6th month anniversary on the 15th. People are advised to contact their local police department with any leading information.

"What have I done!?" Brian utters in a hoarse voice

Then came the sudden rush of tears that the older blond couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm so sorry Mia and Darryl...Please forgive me!"

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

Los Angeles CA

O'Connor Household

Darryl's POV

The search for family man Brian O'Connor continues as his disappearance investigation reaches its 6th month anniversary on the 15th. People are advised to contact their local police department with any leading information.

You would think I'd be used to hearing this news story. But yet every time I do, it destroys a part of me knowing my brother is gone. These past six months have been rough for all of us but I've been trying to distract myself with friends and hobbies.

But as usual, some days are better than others. Hopefully, with school starting back up today it will bring about more needed distractions.

I observe myself in my bedroom mirror, admiring my outfit of choice; A smoke gray t-shirt with rifles on the shoulders, matching skinny ripped jeans, and plaid black Nike shoes. My blond curls have grown over the summer, making them reach shoulder length. At this rate, I had become a spitting image of a younger Brian.

But what can I say? It's Junior year and I came to impress.

"Darryl! Alyssa is here to walk with you to school" Mias' voice called from downstairs


Well here goes. Please let today go by smoothly.

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

Meanwhile at The Toretto Household

Dom and Letty were playing with baby Brian in their living room when a knock on the door grabs their attention.

"I'll get it" Letty answers getting up from her seated position on the floor

As she opens the door, It reveals no other than Little Nobody. All dressed in his work attire

"Hello, Eric. Long time no see" Letty greets "To what do we owe for this visit?"

"I actually have a proposition. For both of you"

Eric then glances toward Dom who is cradling Baby Brian.

"Alright then, come on in," Letty says as she lets Eric in

"Can we get you anything to drink?, Coffee, Tea, Water?"

"Some tea would be nice. Earl Grey if you have it"

Letty gives a confirming nod and retreats to the kitchen. Moments later she returned with a ceramic mug filled with said requested beverage.

"Thank you," Eric says

"Pleasure is mine. So, what's the proposition?"

"I may have a lead on Cipher" He states with simple certainty

Causing the married couple to raise a brow. They had hardly mentioned her name as the months passed on since Brian's disappearance. Too many painful memories to process. Dom and Letty still never gave up with finding O'Connor. Yet it was also complicated since they were first-time parents and needed to devote more energy into parenting.

"Oh yeah?" Dom questioned breaking the silence between the three "What else did you discover, aside from what we already know?"

"That whatever she's planning gonna be worse than before?"

"What could be worse than almost starting a nuclear war?" Letty prompted

"I'm not sure. But I do know that she isn't working alone" Eric began before taking a sip of tea

"Meaning who knows what two evil masterminds can plan"

Dom and Letty share perplexed expressions.

"This is gracious of you to bring us this news, Eric" Letty started with a simple smile

"But what exactly is the proposition?" Dom added

"What if we all team up again? I offer my assistance with locating and taking down Cipher for good while also helping you guys find Brian"

"Of course you can, Eric. You're already considered family and part of the crew"

Eric's face lights up radiantly at Letty's gentle words

"Really? That means a lot. I know I'm not the easiest person to work with.

Letty dismisses Eric's statement with a playful hand wave.

"Nonsense. We've known Roman for years and grown accustomed to his stubbornness" She says with a lopsided grin "You'll fit right in"

"That's comforting to know. But how will you convince Roman that me officially joining the crew is the best move?"

"Let us worry about Roman. In the meantime, see what else you can find out regarding Cipher's next move" Dom says

Eric gives a confirming nod as he takes another sip of his Earl Grey. "Will do"

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

Later that day…

Silver Fox High School

4th Hour Chemistry

Darryl and his friends' first day of Junior year was flying by rapidly. It was now 4th-hour Chemistry, the last class before lunch would commence. Even with the day going at the speed it was, The younger blond found sitting in chemistry to be quite insufferable. His teacher, Mr. Watson was going into his 25th and last year of teaching before retirement. Meaning that he didn't care about assigning a shit ton of chapter reading with follow up essay questions regarding the work. Today, it was Chapters 1-2 which measures about 50 pages between the two, 10 essay questions per chapter with responses being at least 12 sentences...all due at the start of class tomorrow….which followed a brief overview of the first lab with the exception that the students will be knowledgeable to understand the objectives without having to ask questions. If so, points would be deducted for not coming to class prepared. But luckily for the students, they were given today only to get a head start on the assignment to familiarize themselves with Watson's class style.

Darryl, scanned through chapter 1 in his textbook as he rested his head on his hand. As he flipped through the pages of useless garbage, his annoyance grew stronger by the second. So bad that Darryl did something that put his good student persona to question.

"THIS IS FUCKING STUPID!" He blurts in frustration.

Causing his classmates to look up from their books towards Darryl's direction with horror-struck eyes; including Alyssa and Caleb. Mr. Watson shoots up from his desk chair as his lips drew back a snarl.


Darryl's face plastered a cocky grin as he also rose from his seat.

"I! Shall I repeat myself?"

The whole class audibly gasps at the events unfolding before them. Hardly any student had the balls or stupidity to stand up to Mr. Watson, let alone curse in his class.

"Well, then Mr. Smart Aleck. You've just earned yourself a trip to the principal's office.

Darryl scoffed aggressively as he packed up his belongings "Good. I couldn't stand another minute in this hell hole!"

Darryl storms out the room, slamming the door behind him. Mr. Watson, who was now in even more sour mood lashed out at the class for their blank stares.


And that's what they did silently till class was over at 12.

"Damn Darryl, what's gotten into you?" Alyssa thought curiously

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

After School, Darryl and Alyssa were walking home. While also discussing the events that unfolded in Chemistry.

"I can't believe I have to write an apology note to Watson!" Darryl wailed in frustration

"Well to be fair….you did cause a scene in class" Alyssa mentioned

Darryl frowned in disappointment at his friends' statement.

"Who's side are you on?" He asked quietly

"I will always be on your side. But, this isn't like you…."Alyssa began as she readjusted her book bag to sit more comfortably on her shoulders.

"Picking fights with a teacher?. You're always the goody two-shoe, not the rebel!"

"Watson isn't a teacher. He's a tyrant!" Darryl deadpanned "He's tortured students for over twenty years! Teachers' are supposed to be role models and help students when they need it, not punish them for wanting to ask a question"

"Agreed. But unfortunately, he's still our teacher"

Darryl lets out a depressed sigh. "Don't remind me. It's gonna be a long year, unless…"

"Unless?" Alyssa prompts curiously

"Unless I can convince my guidance counselor to switch me out of Watson's class for Mrs. Nowell's 5th-period Chemistry"

"You think you'll be switched?"

Darryl shrugs "Won't know if I try. I need some type of win right now. Unlike, finding Brian…"

The atmosphere between the two teens goes silent for a brief moment. Alyssa then pulls Darryl aside and wraps in a friendly embrace.

"I'm sorry that this is happening. We'll find Brian soon."

"How can you be sure?" Darryl whispered softly

"Hope and lots of it"

"Thank you. I just miss him so much!"

"I know. Me too"

The ringing of Darryl's phone catches their attention causing them to become unattached from each other. Darryl fishes for his phone and once he sees the caller id...the color drains from his face.

"Its' Mia," Darryl says in a raspy voice "She must know what happened in Chemistry"

"That fast?!" Alyssa asks

"Guess so. Principal Freeland did mention calling her"

Darryl cautiously answers the phone

"H-H-Hello?" He stuttered anxiously

"DARRYL KEVIN O'CONNOR! GET HOME RIGHT THIS INSTANT WE NEED TO TALK!" Mias' voice projected loudly, causing the teen to nearly drop his phone

"Y-Y-Y-Yes Ma'am"

The call ends and Darryl runs a hand through his blond curls.

"Welp looks like I'm a goner"

~The Fast & Furious Family Chronicles~

Indianapolis Indiana

Meanwhile back in Indiana, Brian was watching TV in the living room when a knock on the front door grabbed his attention. He gets up from the couch and opens the door. Only to find not a single person in sight.

"Hello?" He questioned

But before closing the door, He notices a small brown box stationed perfectly on his doorstep. Brian picks it up and heads back inside.

Inside the box contained a typed out note addressed to him.

Times' a ticking' Mr. O'Connor,

You promised to repay the money and you have yet to fulfill your end of the deal. I've been gracious enough to let you rent a unit from me when you had nothing. Now, I'm done playing games. You have till midnight on Saturday to come up with all the money. If you think I'm bluffing, look further in the box. I left a little surprise.

See ya soon

Brian felt himself shiver as he read the note out loud. But what the box had inside caused the older blond to let out a blood-curdling scream and drop the entire package onto the floor in shock.

He was screwed.

To be continued….