Who does eight think he is, telling me how to make my decisions? I will make them when I want and how I want. Even now he is trying to persuade everyone to see the case his way by showing that it was possible that the woman was not wearing her glasses. For all we know it could have been reading glasses or that she is far-sighted. What he is doing is guessing. Well I'm not playing the guessing game and will stay by my choice because I know that the kid is guilty. I am not going to let someone who is guilty of murder go free, not on my watch. Then there's nine, the monopoly wannabe, with his theory on the reasons the old man may have had for lying. Who's he gonna trick with that? How do I know that he is not describing himself and just wants to prove the kid is innocent for the same reasons the old man has to prove that the kid is guilty. I am a respectable man, I come from a respectable household and I will not let some fool off the street make a fool out of me. I believe that the boy is guilty and nothing they say is going to make me think otherwise. These kids are all the same. You work your heart out for them and then they turn on you. If the eight juror was someone else, there would be no debating. It would be over even before you could say the word "guilty".