Two young girls looking about the ages of 10 and 8 sat by their parents the mother and father disguising matter with other adults as they had fled there home due to a massive attack on their kind, a scream rang threw the meadow they sat in and large shadow moved across the meadow sucking of men, woman and children whenever it caught them the two young girls scream and ran they were far too slow just as they were about to get sucked in a pair of hand grabbed each one of them and threw them in the woods near by the girls watched helpless as they went by unnoticed but their parents got sucked up, the younger of the to a pale girl with short dark hair grabbed onto her sisters arm and she began to cry and looked her in the eyes "at least we have each other" (scene change) spoke the woman tall and pale with long dark hair seeming to flowing in a nonexistent wind as she grabbed her sisters hand the taller tan woman with long pale hair each one of them dressed in armor each carrying a sword, dagger ,and spear as they stood outside a dark gloomy looking castle with our crops of rock growing every where they could look, the older woman glanced at her sister filmier words making her smile as her gripped her sisters hands tight before picking up her spear read to go In there and fight for the kingdom they ruled over she raised the (scene change) three gems she held tight in her magic grasp the power grew within her after the first 500 years of her life still shocked she and her sister were young at that age, her sister held three other gems "your reign of terror end here" she said starting to spin said jewels in a circle and odd sort of yellow-blue glow covered her and her sisters bruised and cut bodies it was no easy tasking finding these odd power filled gems, the man if you could call him that laughed in their face "you too should see your self's right now" he said as he leaned back wards letting out another laugh before leaning forward as the jewels started spinning faster and said (seen change) " YOU think you can take ME on" the woman laughed her odd sounding voiced rang clear threw the throne hall as her many incest like guards held her and her sister back from the self proclaimed queen "I'm more POWERFUL then you could ever image how could you even THINK of taking me on" she boasted and hand closed around her own making her turn to look at her sister she look her right in the face and smile joining her other hand together "as long as we have each other we can do anything" the younger spoke dark blue magic starting to swirl around her body the older smiled too and nodded bright golden magic swirling around her own body "huh? What are you doing, stop Stop, STOP" the 'queen' she yelled as she took notice of the two girls there magic connected and a bright flash of magic and power blind all momentarily (scene change) a cry of pain was heard and the older fell to the ground the ruble of the castle keeping her hidden from view as an evil laugh and a cheer of victory sounded father out from the rubble of what was once a beautiful castle the elders eyes opened with some difficulty before focusing on a gleaming jewel, horror consumed her brain "no" she said " I can't" she spoke again before more cheering and laughter sounded, she glanced over at the jewels "but I fear I have no other chose" she spoke the golden magic now stronger then before surrounded all six jewels and a large pair of with wings sprouted from her back she flapped them and took off into the sky the golden glow of her magic lighting up the night sky and another form took shape across from her bright blue magic surrounding the form lighting up the pale female wearing blue armor the jewels spun around the tan older female tears began to run down her face as the pale female shot a large bright blue beam of magic at her own beam of magic now multicolored thanks to the magic that the jewels gave off, both beams hit and they struggled against each other for a moments before the bright golden and rainbow colour magic began to push the blue magic back towards it owner the pale female now aware she was not strong enough opened her eyes and looked up just in time to see the bright gold and rainbow colored magic heading straight for her she screamed and was hit the blast was so powerful if kept going making it look like it was going straight to the moon or that's what they thought until it stopped and the moon gained the picture of what look a woman on the side of it and rainbow blasted from the moon, harmony was now returned and the night would not last forever the elder woman fell to the ground clutching her hands close to her heart she looked up to the moon "would should I do now sister I really have no one" she said before fainting from all the power she used