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~ Sickbay ~

When Tom made it to the doctor he was half collapsed and his breathing had partially seised. The doctor had his back to Tom because he was performing a medical procedure of sorts on the girl. Tom had the strangest feeling since the girl arrived , and it wasn't the intense pain in his mind, she looked familiar.

*But how could that be she was only a girl.* Tom's mind was not gentle with his confusion, his brain didn't let the information and logic settle his mind knew that Tom had seen her before and wouldn't let it go.

As the doctor heard the doors whoosh open he paused his procedure and turned to see Tom bent over leaning on the side of the wall.

"Mr. Paris, what happened?" the usual sarcasm hung heavily in the air.

"There is a gaping pain in my head, the captain sent me down to." just then Tom screamed and fell to the floor in agony.

~ About three hours later back in sickbay ~

The captain had arrived just minutes ago and was all over the doctor with unanswerable questions.

"Is he alright doctor?"

" the strange thing is, he's as healthy as ever, I did a total neural scan and nothing turned up. He became aroused and I had to sedate him." The doctor's voice was starting to loose it's sarcastic predictability and it was being replaced by suspicion.

"Nothing? He was practically dieing on the bridge" the captain was even more confused than when she had sent him there.

A small groan came from the surgical bay. It was the girl. The captain rushed over to her and held her up to a sitting position.

"Where am I?" was the girl's only statement.

"You're on Voyager, remember?" Janeway was using all her strength to hold the girl up because she was not trying to sit.

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