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Katie ran to Tom and knelt beside his limp body. Tears were threatening to fall as she watched just what she'd feared take place. The whole bridge seemed to drift away and it became only her and Tom.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking. Tom, Tom! Wake up, Wake Up! Please Tom, please, wake up." Her eyes were again flowing with tears and her words had morphed into whisper.

Tom's eyes fluttered open and rested on Katie. The pain returned to his mind and he faltered in his attempt to regain a sitting position. " What?" he began to speak, but was pushed down. Having been in the same position in many other circumstances, Tom decided not to argue, instead, he looked around. Sickbay. The familiar smell of the anaesthetics filled his nose. Yet, the surrounding view was distorted, not blurred but everything had a slight blue tint to it. "Katie?" He would have said B'elana but she was all he could think about. * The telepathic link* he reminded himself, *Katie must have been fooling around again *

"No Tom, it's me, B'ellana. You were stabbed." She obviously knew what he was going to ask next, because she had already answered his question.

"Who were they?" Tom's eyes were burning and he needed to think of something else for the time being.

"The captain's finding out right now."

~ The Captain's Ready Room ~

Katherine slammed her padd on the table and looked up at Katie's tear stricken face. " Who were they?"

Katie tried to look calm but her face had been plastered to her pained expression. "They were, old friends."

"They didn't seem friendly to me, or Tom." The captain's words pierced through her mind. *Or Tom *.

His name was too painful to speak aloud so she stuttered it, "T- T- Tom wasn't supposed to be found. I let my emotions control me, and he." Katie cut herself off as she realized what she had walked into. * Come on Katie old girl, learn self-control, she's trying to find the answers to the wrong questions, don't let her in.*

"And he what?" Janeway's face was stony and strict. A look she reserved for cocky pilots and troublemakers. Which in both categories included Tom Paris.

"Nothing, and he did nothing. By the way, how is," she paused and stuttered his name again, "T-T-Tom?"

"The doctor can find nothing wrong with him, he's being released within the hour, but you are prohibited from speaking to him. Understood?" Janeway's sudden interest in Tom's well being intrigued Katie. Since the stories that she had heard from Tom only told her about how much the crew was uninterested in him. It was to her understanding that he could get away with anything.

Then the captain's commbadge went off, Doctor to Janeway

"Janeway here, what's the problem Doctor?"

No problem, but Tom is insisting on seeing Katie

The captain gave Katie a sour glance and responded, " Very well Doctor, but I will accompany her. Janeway out." She then turned her attention back to the teenager in her ready room, " Looks like your punishment has been revoked, for the meantime." She turned and walked out of the office with Katie in tow.