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The captain entered sickbay with Katie only to find the Doctor very distressed.

"What's wrong doctor?" Janeway was sweeping the room for a sign of Tom, but there was none.

"Tom's locked himself in my office, he demands to see Katie, now." The Doc's concern was evident as he led them to his office window. Tom was sitting in Doctor's chair, his feet up on the desk. He glanced over to the captain and the doctor. His eyes rolled, but then he noticed Katie's intense glare. * Tom, come here, I want to talk. * It was she. * I can't. * Tom's response was blunt.

"Then how come you asked me to come here?" The captain and the doctor both stared at Katie.

"Because you know what's happening, and I need your help!" Tom got up from his sitting position and walked over to the glass.

The captain looked at Tom with utter and total shock, "Tom, your eyes." she couldn't think of anything polite to say, and she didn't have to, because Tom cut her off.

"So? What about them, they've been like this for over an hour now. I'm not complaining." His rage struck them as grief.

" I wasn't implying." Katie raised her hand and stared at Tom, with a focussed, strict gaze. * Tom, don't give in, you must fight your urge to lash out, just fight it. *, * I can't, I'm forgetting. I can't *

"Help me, you have to." His reply was plain and simple.

"I can't, not until tomorrow. You understand don't you?" she looked into Tom's flashy eyes and acceptance was evident.

"What's so special about tomorrow?" the doctor's voice seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Tomorrow I am able to heal, but tomorrow and tomorrow only." The girl's face went pale, "But he needs attention now, his situation is deteriorating."

"Wait a minute, what situation," the captain returned to the scene, "I had no idea we'd made an accurate diagnosis." Her eyes narrowed, "Unless you know what's going on."

" What was your first guess Captain?" Tom's voice penetrated the window and hit Janeway with the force of his rage.

"Put down the force field Tom, we'll help you." Katherine was extremely close to being angry with him, but she decided that it wasn't his fault, his rage was only misdirected.

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