Chapter One

Cassiopeia Charlene Potter was furious enough to breathe fire at the moment. She had taken the Weasley Twins, Fred and George, with her to Gringotts via means the Knight Bus. She'd come early to the Weasley home for the Quidditch World Cup that year. Her main connection to the Weasleys was the twins and she had no idea why the little know-it-all Granger had been invited. For some inane reason Granger and Ronald Weasley seemed to think that they were her friends. Like hell they were! Her closest friends were Fred, George, Neville Longbottom, Lily Moon, and Luna Lovegood. She had just found out that Molly Weasley along with Ron, Ginny, and Hermione had been stealing from her vaults, well, the Potter Trust Vault at any rate.

Fred and George were also livid at this news, Cassie had all the keys recalled and destroyed before new keys were issued. She also, with the Peverell Vaults set up one for the twins. Fred and George look at her stunned until Cassie said to think of that vault as an investment in their joke shop, plus, she treated them like older brothers, looked at them like older brothers too. Taking all that into consideration they thanked her for the investment. With the help of the twins she found out several things that had her to her current enraged state. The theft of her gold was just one thing, she had several abilities bound, Beast Speaking, Metamorphing, her magic was 95 percent bound, her scar apparently had a piece of Voldemort's soul in it as well. The bindings had been done by Dumbledore except for the Metamorph binding, her parents had done that one, and it had been explained that they had probably only done so for her own health and welfare. She had all the binds taken off of her and with the help of the Goblins and a time dilation chamber she mastered her new power levels though the twins also took advantage of this as well.

She had the goblins go get her godfather and get him back to health, then they started plotting, Cassie was not staying in England any longer and the twins had decided to go with her as well. Once Sirius was healthy and had a trial with Amelia Bones present and declared innocent the planning really took off. In a code that only she and her friends used she informed Lily and Neville as to what was going on. She also created a Golem of herself and the twins did the same leaving Weasley brother coded messages for Bill and Charlie to read at Gringotts. Switching Spells would be used if an opportunity cropped up at the World Cup.

They already had decided upon their new identities which included looks, Cassie just needed to change her eyes' color while the twins needed to change hair and eye color plus what they wore. This meant getting a crash course in mundane fashions for the twins, particularly for Japan, which was where they were going. Cassie had also made use of the time dilation chamber to learn everything she needed to in order to pass her OWL's and then she could go at a normal pace for her NEWT's. Fred and George took that route as well and set up an appointment with the Wizarding Education Authority in order to take their OWL's in an hour, providing Cassie could rein in her temper.

After taking their OWL's they head back to the Burrow and set to de-gnoming the garden. Thankfully Cassie had a drop box that their results would be sent to and Dobby, her house elf would pick the mail up every day from the Owl Post Office in Diagon Alley. Cassie was by no means an idiot and she was no longer going to dance to the MOG's tune, MOG standing for manipulative old goat.

The moment finally came though she had to keep Fred and George from making fools of themselves when the Veela were revealed by casting a quick, silent, and wandless Muffliato at them. They thanked her and then when the moment came they took advantage of it fully, meeting Sirius at Gringotts before the Goblins let them Floo to their China branch whereupon Cassie left briefly with the twins to file their emancipations under their new names and then retreat. Then they flooed directly to Japan whereupon they snapped their old wands and once their vaults were fully transferred and under the new names went out to get new ones.

Cassie, Fred, and George all ended up being made from ebony, the blackest of the black woods, Ebony is regarded as one of the most powerful and indiscriminate of all magical woods. It channels energy of all types freely, for any purposes. It is often used for potent protection spells or the making of amulets. Cassie's core was kitsune tail hair, Fred's core was Kirin tail hair, and George's core was an Aosaginohi tail feather, an Aosaginohi being a magical heron. Cassie's wand was eleven inches, Fred's eleven and two tenths while George's happened to be thirteen inches long. They got registered for their new school, Mahoukotoro for magic classes and they were all issued time turners as they also wanted to be in the Mundane school in their area which happened to be Teitan Middle School for all of them even though Fred and George were older than Cassie.

They were known as siblings and the goblins had given a good reason for her cousins turned brothers to not be in their grade level, they'd been in comas and now had to be in class with their cousin turned sister. They were all Blacks now and Sirius was known as Sidus Black, he also was wearing colored contacts.

Come Monday morning after Sirius or rather Uncle Sidus got them registered in Mundane School and they had their books and uniforms, Cassie having her skirts converted into skorts at the local magical alley, along with getting all of her clothes charmed up the wazoo. Same with Fred and George as well. They ended up in separate classes and Cassie was impressed with one Kudo Jimmy and not so with Mouri Rachel or her friend Serena. Jimmy actually used his brain and she'd seen his name in some newspapers as well. Unlike Rachel she knew he wasn't arrogant with it, he took pride in his deductive abilities, he just hadn't learned that some fans were batshite insane.

It was Jimmy that actually approached her at lunch, the twins were hard at work making a Marauders Map for this school, so they were using their lunch to their advantage. They were also hard at work at Mahoukotoro as well. Thankfully the Japanese Ministry and school staff had been informed of what they had done and took measures to ensure they wouldn't be found. Jimmy smirks as he looks at her, " What brings the GWL to Beika? "

Cassie's eyes widen, " Shut up, baka. I faked my death for a reason. "

Jimmy's eyes widen at this and he was quick to cast several eavesdropping prevention spells, " Okay, start talking and I might be inclined to keep your secret. "

So Cassie did, for some reason she trusted him and by the time she was done even offering to show him her memories Jimmy could feel his anger acting up, " I can understand why you took the measures you did when the information is laid out like that. I, Kudo Jimmy, swear on my life and magic to keep the secrets of Cassie, Fred, George, and Sidus Black to the best of my ability and never knowingly give them up. "

" You didn't have to go that far, I would have trusted you to stay quiet. "

" Why? "

" As a result of living with my Mundane relatives my magic gained the ability to know whom was trustworthy and whom wasn't. Essentially I gained empathy and my magic is telling me I can trust you, it did the same for Fred and George whom are my brothers in all but blood, we're really distant cousins as British Purebloods have this damn bad habit of inbreeding. " Cassie admits.

" Are you attending Mahoukotoro? "

" Time Turner until we can make the proper golems that can attend for us, so we're in two places at the same time. "

Jimmy nods at that, it made sense, " Are there are areas of magic you're interested in? "

" Summoning, though I also want self-defense lessons as well. "

" I can help with the self-defense lessons, Black-san. " Jimmy says.

It was during one of those lessons that Jimmy found out that she shared his love of soccer and could actually keep up with him. This helped them to bond and Jimmy helped her learn the cultural differences relatively quickly and improved upon her analytical thinking. In return Cassie improved upon his Ancient Runes and flying. Jimmy taught her how to skateboard with the lessons he received for improving his flight abilities with a broom. Jimmy also let Hedwig stay at his place as well, which was a relief for Cassie. Because of Cassie being around Jimmy had the wards around his home updated too.

Two Years Later:

Cassie rolls her eyes as she follows Jimmy to his latest case, he had noticed she had a different perspective and made for a good sounding board. Though they both figured out whom the killer was relatively quickly Cassie just let her boyfriend have the spotlight as she hated it. Yeah, they had started dating almost a year ago much to his friend Rachel's displeasure. The raven haired teen just stays in the shadows as Jimmy does his thing though she had set up some tripping jinxes if necessary that could only be tripped by the killer. Once everything was resolved Cassie sighs as she leans against the wall outside waiting for Jimmy to wrap things up.

" Gomen, Cassie, one of these days we will have an uninterrupted date that isn't at my place. " Jimmy says, ever since meeting Cassie he'd cut down on his risks, upped his learning of sensory and detection charms as well. He knew that he needed to be a lot more careful now that he had Cassie in his life and he never took the same route home or to school anymore. Rachel thought he was being paranoid but Jimmy knew he was well within his rights to be cautious since Cassie practically lived with him anymore.

He still wasn't sure how that had happened but slowly more and more of her stuff had started being integrated throughout the Kudo Manor. Of course he'd received the older brother talk and overbearing godfather talk as well, he still shuddered at the looks the twins had sent his way, though Cassie was a force to be reckoned with when she caught them following them on a date. All three males left them alone after that though Fred and George did give them back up on occasion. Cassie also insisted that he keep an emergency port key on him at all times. The pair make their way home, Jimmy pulling her to his side, with Cassie it just felt natural to be physically affectionate, especially after learning what hell her childhood had been. He'd taken it upon himself to get her over her aversion to touch though she still hated the spotlight, not that he could blame her for that.

Inspector Megure had agreed to keeping her name out of things as she generally was there to act as back up and a sounding board. She also used notice-me-not charms to keep the press from noticing her. The press really wanted to know whom he was dating, which girl had caught his interest but, Jimmy was no fool. He knew he had made enemies of all the people he had put away, cracking cases the cops couldn't. Once out of sight and isolated the pair turn on their heels and disappear without a sound, they had practiced their apparition that much. Jimmy was quick to pull her to him, " I never intend to keep finding cases like this, they just drop into my lap, and I can't resist a mystery. "

Cassie smiles at this, " I don't blame you and I do at least get you to myself when we're here, Jimmy. "

The blue eyed sixteen year old smiles at this, " Come on, we need sleep, Cass-ai. "

Jimmy was very aware the effect of his tone and words would have on Cassie, he didn't miss the increase in heart rate, the slight dilating of her pupils, though he was caught off guard slightly when she kissed him, going straight to 90 and skipping the slow build up. The almost seventeen year old almost had his knees buckle from the onslaught. His suit jacket was gone before he realized it and his bowtie was the next thing to go, Jimmy manages to marshal his hormones enough to pull away, " Cass-ai, you sure about this? "

" Contraceptive potion. " is her only response.

That was all Jimmy needed to hear. One thing he had learned about Cassie was the fact that she never did something she didn't want to do anymore. It meant that he had to let her be the dominant one when they were alone and not be completely overprotective when they were out and about. To be fair Cassie could generally handle anything that was throw her way and she had reached Rachel's level in karate in just two years, competing with her for the tournament.

Morning came too early for the pair as Professor Agasa blew something else up. The new lovers both groan and Cassie mutters in annoyance. The raven haired teen sits up, letting the sheet pool around her waist. Jimmy found himself hard pressed to focus on anything other than his girlfriend, sure they generally shared a bed but, this had been the first time they had ever consummated their relationship. Cassie was the first to get ready for the day and Jimmy, since there were several bathrooms also gets ready, Dobby setting out their clothes in the different bathrooms for them. Once they've been fed they go see the professor and then make their way to school, Cassie whacking her boyfriend over the head for letting his ego start to inflate.

He also thought back to what had happened to change their relationship dynamic and found it to be when they had been playing soccer one on one and he had tackled her only to have her pull him down with her, resulting in an accidental lip lock that had changed into a kiss. It seemed that had been all the push they had needed to switch from friends to a couple. Of course, Rachel had been non too thrilled with that change but, meeting Cassie had opened his eyes up and made him realize that he was settling with Rachel. The girl was downright terrifying not that Cassie couldn't be but, she generally didn't start throwing hexes at him unless he did something really stupid. What she termed as really stupid was going into a situation he knew was dangerous without back up. He had no desire to repeat that again anytime soon, the look and lecture she had given him along with trying to hit him with any non-lethal jinx and hex she could think of was enough to make him actually be cautious.

After the previous night he was really going to take precautions as he did not want to leave Cassie all alone. They had found someone that could accept each other for whom they really were in each other, a truly precious gift indeed. Fred and George had warmed up to him since they had realized that Cassie wasn't likely to let him go without a fight. It didn't hurt that Jimmy was likely to help them with their pranks either once he'd worked out a deal to be left off of the target list unless they were hitting the whole school, themselves included or at least making it look like they had been included. Besides, though Jimmy rarely acknowledged that part of him he did happen to be an unrepentant prankster, he just made sure no one was aware of this side of him save his parents. He had picked up on some of his mother's acting talent, which came in handy from time to time.

Once at school Jimmy wasn't surprised to find Cassie meeting up with her brother's briefly, exchanging hugs and what not. Fred and George had taken to pranking Rachel since his friend just seemed to have it in for Cassie. Cassie just shrugged it off, reminding her brothers of a certain blonde ponce, her words. Rachel had accepted that he viewed her more as a sister even if she didn't like it nor did she like Cassie, mostly for stealing him away from her. Jimmy had been stunned to learn Rachel actually did love him though Cassie had ended up beating out Rachel in karate. Jimmy was actually looking forward to their date Saturday, he also had made sure his gift for their year anniversary of dating was ready.

Sure, Jimmy knew he could come off as a bit of a jerk but, at the same time when it came to Cassie he tempered that down and let the other portions of his personality out. Cassie had developed an acid tongue from her time at Hogwarts and he'd seen it firsthand. Most alpha bitches got knocked down to beta by Cassie. She was only like that with other people though, with him, while she was more of a submissive she still had an alpha personality, accepting him as her alpha male, the only one she would ever let see her vulnerable save for her brothers and godfather. Jimmy understood this mentality since she'd had to be strong ever since entering the Wizarding World at eleven.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was cursing the fact that the girl had escaped his net and taken the Weasley twins with her. He knew they were still alive but not where they were. They had planned everything out carefully with help from the Goblins, he just knew it. To add insult to injury she'd had the previous keys destroyed and now only she and those she deemed worthy could enter all the vaults she had access to and she had given the proxy ship of all her Wizengamot seats to Andromeda Tonks nee Black.

She had also cast Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr from the Peverell family and the Slytherin family since she was Slytherin's magical heiress. This meant Tom or rather Voldemort would be left destitute. He'd also found out the hard way about the taboo on her birth name and the Title of Girl-Who-Lived. Many people were out several galleons because of this, most especially the Weasley family. Charlie and Bill now completely avoided their mother, Charlie had actually gained the Prewett lordship while Bill was taking over some of the responsibilities of the Weasley lordship, most especially making it so his mother had a set allowance and was not allowed anywhere near the ingredients for love potions nor could those ingredients come into the Weasley home. Bill had actually updated the wards around the Burrow and Arthur was finally gaining a backbone after a hushed conversation with his heir.

This meant that the Weasley family might not be simple puppets anymore and Dumbledore simply couldn't abide by that. He hated not knowing things and not having control as well. He also had no idea where Sirius Black had gone either and the damn thing was he'd named Andromeda as his proxy and had been declared innocent in a trial at Gringotts with Amelia Bones and Alistair Moody present. That took the Lord and Heir of the Blacks out of his control as well. He had no idea where they had gone and when he found the jumped up little half-blood bitch she was going to pay for going against his plans.


Molly Weasley nee Prewett was furious with that fact that two of her sons had faked their deaths, her clock told her that much and left with that jumped up Potter female. The fact that she had preferred their company over all others hadn't been missed not to mention she generally slept in the twins' room which was completely improper until they had sworn siblings oaths in front of her. That had shut her up relatively quickly on that front. The fact that the girl couldn't stand the Malfoys was another plus for her but, did she have to abandon her duty like she had and leave the Weasley family destitute?


Cassie lays back upon the roof of Teitan High School and wasn't surprised to find Jimmy had joined her, lifting her head up and laying it on his lap, " What are you thinking about, Cassie? "

" Nothing much, mostly just building up my mental defenses. " the ravenette admits even as Jimmy runs his fingers through her hair, the only one allowed to do so in fact. Well, she'd let Fred and George style it when she didn't have the time to before she had learned hair care charms. She'd still let them occasionally since they would need the practice if they ever gave her nieces.

Jimmy could understand the need to build up her mental defenses as they still hadn't found a way to safely remove the piece of Voldemort's soul from her yet. This meant she had to build her shields up and isolate that soul piece from the rest of her just as quickly as she could. The isolation part was what she was currently working on as she had found her mindscape. Oddly enough it was her dormitory at Hogwarts. " You ready to head back to class? "

Cassie sighs, " I'd rather not but, I guess I must, at least they finally came up with a magical correspondence course. "

That had been a relief for the three transplanted Brits, using time turners hadn't been too bad since unlike Hermione they actually made sure they got the sleep they needed. Hermione was way too anal about the rules even Jimmy knew how to kick back and relax, and understood about the gray areas. The sixteen year old Potter heiress allows Jimmy to pull her to her feet and a quick kiss is snuck in one school grounds. Once back in class Cassie takes copious notes and knew that she and Jimmy would be studying via soccer soon enough. They also sparred together since Cassie made sure that he could at least hold his own in hand to hand combat.

Jimmy had actually come up as a first degree black belt by the time Cassie and Rachel were done with him. The only thing they could agree on was the fact that they wanted him safe. This meant he had to learn to defend himself against the both of them, it had been difficult but well worth it. He also had taken to several magical sparring sessions with Sidus, Fred, George, and Cassie all against him so he would be able to master the sensory charms a lot easier, which were an immense help in keeping track of his surroundings along with the runic arrays now woven into all of his clothes. He was actually grateful for all of that and the amulet that protected against all foreign substances which included poisons, drugs, chemicals, Cassie had spent a pretty penny on getting him that and he had tried to refuse said gift until she told him flat out that she was giving it to him for his own protection and her peace of mind.

He'd accepted it after that and it had already saved him from sixteen separate poisoning attempts, five attempts to slip him a rufie, so it was well worth whatever price she had paid to have it created for him. It had also saved him from several love potions as well, he was starting to realize that fan girls were scary things and was glad he had that amulet now, it had several charms on it so it wasn't noticed by anyone unless they knew he had it. So far that list consisted of Cassie, her magically sworn siblings Fred and George, and Sidus, their legal and magical guardian.

When Saturday rolls around Cassie could be found in dragon hide clothes all colored black with purple runes etched into them, her boots were made of Chinese Fireball hide and therefore were red and orange in color though she did manage to get them dyed, cost a pretty penny but all of her clothes were as protective as she could get them while still having them blend in with the mundanes. Jimmy had on clothes that a normal teen would wear and not one of his suits for once. It was also on this day that they would exchange their one year anniversary gifts. Cassie was actually stunned by Jimmy's gift to her, he had to have gone through the goblins for it as the silver work was rather intricate, with several protection charms built in along with connecting her directly to Jimmy through his amulet. This had the benefit of letting him know if she needed help or not.

The reverse was also true, Cassie had gotten Jimmy a new book on runes as they were something he really liked and a first edition of a Sherlock Holmes book. Jimmy's eyes had lit up upon seeing both books, " Cass-ai, have I mentioned that I love you lately? "

" Not lately, no, you've shown it a fair few times though. " Cassie replies.

Jimmy smirks, " You won't get me squirming from just that, Cass-ai. "

Cassie just smirks and pulls the taller teen down for a kiss, due to the malnourishment she'd suffered because of her relatives she would never reach her full height potential even after all of her medical issues had been corrected. Jimmy lets himself fall into the kiss, if this kept up he'd be hard pressed to keep his hands off her soon. It was already hard enough to keep his hands to himself but now, now that he knew what having all of her was like there was no way in hell he was ever giving her up.

Once at Tropical Land Cassie immediately has her sensory charms up at full power, every instinct she had was screaming at her, something was very wrong here. She sends an invisible Patronus to the twins to get some back up. Jimmy, taking his cues from his girlfriend also has his sensory charms up to full capacity. He had learned rather quickly that when Cassie felt uneasy that it was better to err on the side of caution. The fact that she was usually right supported that since her magic had essentially granted her empathy.

It was towards the end of their time at the amusement park that Cassie reaches for the mokeskin pouch that contained her invisibility cloak when Jimmy decides to go after one of those two men that set off alarm bells for both of them. She forces him to take the cloak while she mutters under her breath, "Abscondam a conspectus(Hide me from sight or the Disillusionment Charm), Abscondam a audientes(sound erasing charm), Abscondam a odor (scent erasing charm). " Then she follows Jimmy with the twins close behind.

She noticed too late that the second goon cast a human revealing charm but she does manage to save Jimmy from getting whacked on the head by tackling the goon. Jimmy curses silently but stays still. Fred and George apprehend the other two, the one whom had come to make a deal and the second goon in black with a stunner, a full body bind, an Incarcerous, and for good measure they spelled a sleeping draft into the idiot. Then they call for the Japanese Aurors just as Cassie gets an experimental poison shoved down her throat. Jimmy was quick to summon said poison and then cast the same spells the twins did. Thankfully since the fools were magical in nature this meant that his memories could be submitted for evidence.

It was then that they noticed the effects on Cassie and Jimmy was glad she had gotten her clothes charmed to resize with her. He picks his now child sized girlfriend up and sighs, " Guys, what are we going to do? "

Fred and George curse upon seeing their little sister, " Bloody hell, only Cassie could have something like this happen to her. She'll have to stay with you, Jimmy. If there's anyone whom can keep her safe until an antidote is created it's you. We'll just have Sidus get her assignments for the next month while we get her registered in elementary school under a different name. Plus side, we may be able to undo the damage done to her by malnutrition now, since she is a little kid again. " Fred says.

" What's her new name going to be and how do I play this off? " Jimmy asks.

" We'll work it out after we deal with this mess. " George says as the Aurors arrive. Jimmy hands over the experimental poison and the Aurors promise to get it to the Department of mysteries in order to get an antidote up and running properly. They collect the memories from Jimmy, Fred, and George while Jimmy promises to acquire Cassie's soon enough.

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Author's Note: This is AU in the fact that Jimmy does not get kiddified but Cassie Potter does.