Chapter 5

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Kuroba Kaito groans once he has finished answering his mother's questions to her satisfaction, " No wonder she seemed surprised at how good your luck is. Damn, she's had a seriously shitty life, hasn't she? "

" You have no idea. I got thrown into all of her memories, her only memories of her parents are hearing her father shouting for her mother to take her, and run. Then her mother begging for her only child's life, watching her mother fall, and then the Dark Tosser turning his wand on her with cold, high, maniacal laughter. Then that Manipulative Old Goat leaves her with her maternal aunt whom hates everything to do with magic…" Kaito says, " I can understand why Kudo-san wants me to handle the fun outings. This is in essence a second childhood for her, her issues can be worked on mental and physical, she can have a fun childhood…"


Lily Moon snarls several choice swears under her breath, Granger kept fucking dogging her every fucking step! The bushy haired Gryffindor was still under the mistaken impression that she would be able to get information, correct information at that, out of anyone loyal to Cassie Potter. As if! She'd shown her true colors by working with Dumbledore to control Cassie. Those that followed him were just pissed she had shucked the shackles that bound her. How the hell was she supposed to create any spells when Granger just had to be an annoying pain in the arse anyhow? There had to be someway to lose the damn bint! That was when Lavender Brown walks past her, and winks, before distracting Granger long enough for Lily to disappear.

Thank Loki for that bit of help. Time to get to work, Neville was working on recreating a certain fox thief's Rosewhip. Whom would expect a mere rose to be turned into a deadly weapon. Those that were phenomenal at Herbology were stockpiling seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and plants while also working on crossbreeding them, and those that were good at Potions, well they were making poisons, antidotes, and any other poison they could think of. Ironically this also included prank potions, what better way to catch your foe off guard than to throw a gender switching potion at them, or something else just as random. The spell creation branch, hers, well they were mainly looking for ways to stop the Death Eater's emergency portkeys from whisking them off. They would put a stop to this nonsense come hell or high water.

This war should have ended before any of them were born, and would have if the magicals would grow some fucking balls already. Sheesh, just decapitate someone with an overpowered severing charm, use bonebreakers, use equal force, dammit! This was why the children were going to fix this mess, if it meant killing off pretty much every adult then they would do so, moral high ground be damned! It was a damned war, shove your fucking morals aside, and do what needs to be done! Once she was in a secure area Lily sets to work, it was about time they got proactive. Dumbledore's little Order used non-lethal tactics. It was no wonder the Dark Tosser, and his fucking minions thought the Light Side was a joke. Well, they were neither, they were on Cassie's side, and they would win this damn war.

Malfoy Manor:

Lord Voldemort frowns as once again his younger followers intel proves to be false. This meant that they were deliberately being fed false information. Potter had friends, true friends that were apparently going to do whatever the hell they needed to in order to fight back. Feeding his minions children false information was just one way of fighting back. He had yet to find Potter either. Unlike his minions he grew up in the Muggle World, and did know how to use a phone book. One look at her so called relatives, and using light Legilimency on them told him that Potter might actually thank him for killing them. If Potter grew up with them, well, he could understand a lot better about how she'd been able to disappear so thoroughly, relatives like that, you'd learn appreciation for bolt holes, and back up plans, very quickly.

Potter was most definitely not Light, if anything she was firmly Gray, because the girl would have had to learn how to steal just to survive with them. Her magic wouldn't be able to save her entirely on its own. He almost regretted killing her parents after seeing what his actions had forced her to endure. He'd been the one to ensure she ended up in that hell, partially, Dumbledore deserved the rest of the blame, he placed her with her mother's sister after all. The younger generation of magicals were showing something the older ones didn't have, a spine. They weren't sheep looking to follow the strongest one, they were predators that could, and would fight back.

Dursley Home:

Petunia Dursley nee Evans smiles as she goes about her day, sure it was dreadful not having the freak around to do the damned chores, but the fact that she wasn't around was cause for celebration. Were she to find out her niece happened to be dating the Heisei Holmes, helping him solve his cases...she'd just sniff imperiously. Unknown to her Booker Kudo and his wife were already looking into the Dursley family. Finding out over a two way mirror that their son's girlfriend was shrunk into a child by an experimental poison, and that she happened to be Britain's savior of the magical morons was enlightening. Learning that her maternal relatives had starved her, abused in every way save for sexual, and treated her worse than some purebloods treated their house elves, well, all that meant that they would take great pleasure in airing all of their dirty little secrets, this included Marjorie Dursley as well.

Booker and Yukiko had no problems with being used as a means to deal blows to their future daughter-in-laws relatives, and other enemies. If, over the course of their investigation into the Dursleys they found out the dirty secrets of the rest of Privet Drive, well none of them had said anything to stop the abuse, now did they? Jimmy got his vindictive streak from somewhere after all. Time to ruin the suburban idiots.


Jimmy pauses from where he had just put Cassie to bed, before grinning widely. Looked like his parents were about to make the lives of the Dursleys hell. He sends a simple text to his father, that he wanted to see reactions. He got a thumbs up in reply, and Jimmy settles in with a Sherlock Holmes book, he had some time to read before he had to go to bed after all. Just knowing that his parents would be making someone else's lives hell was good enough for him. He could also give as good as he received too when it came to his parents. Cass' weight was slowly increasing, and he had noticed the doves following her. That was Kaito's way of keeping his current baby cousin safe. He still couldn't believe how easily he'd won over Hedwig of all birds. It had taken him two months to fully win over the overprotective owl, and Kaito does it immediately. Damn bird affinity.

Fred and George Weasley are going over all the information that was being sent to them from Neville, Lily, and Luna. It was nice to have up to date information about the situation back in England. There was no way in hell they would ever go back aside from making damned sure the stupidity was ended, once and for all. As far as they were concerned Japan was now home. Uncle Sidus was enjoying his freedom, and was quite happy to be away from all that inbred stupidity. Oh, they all trained their asses off, because they knew damn well they would have to go back at some point, if only to make sure things got done right this time. To that effect they were all learning as much as they could, including spells that very few if anyone in Britain would even know. The Japanese Ministry was all too happy to train them to deal with the problems back in their country of origin, and even better they wouldn't have a problem with them deciding to settle down in Japan permanently since it meant they got the Black family, which would be quite a coup for them.

They had to laugh when they found out Neville was actually trying to recreate the Rosewhip, though they had to admit no one would think a rose could be dangerous, and that would give Neville a real advantage. Neville, was by and large, a green mage. Seeds, plants, those things became weapons around him. Specifically he happened to be an ambient green mage, so sending him all sorts of dangerous plants, well, that was only giving him more of an arsenal. Needless to say when Cassie had introduced him to the Circle of Magic series of books he had immediately identified with Briar Moss/Roach. Well Briar more than Roach, while Cassie identified with Roach more than Briar. The things Briar had been able to do with plants, oh, that had given Neville all sorts of ideas.

Even better for them, if Neville was inspired then they were going to help out with that by sending him as many Naruto graphic novels as possible. Preferably the ones with the first hokage in them. If Neville could recreate the Mokuton, well that would be extremely helpful. Of course, all of this was encoded in Lunaspeak, which if you didn't adhere to the laws of logic you could easily understand it. Luna was the enemy of logic, it was why she annoyed Granger so damned much. They were the de facto leaders of the uprising of the Hogwarts students until Cassie was back to her true age once more. Age mushrooms had been suggested, but only after all of her issues had been dealt with. That, and the mushrooms had to be tested to make sure they didn't interact nastily with the poison.

Still, if they didn't interact badly, and once her issues were dealt with sufficiently they'd feed her an age mushroom at the right height in centimeters to get her back to her right age. Especially since she had actually found a boyfriend that didn't want her for her fame, money, and not just her looks. Jimmy liked her for her intelligence, looks, and acid tongue. Jimmy also genuinely cared about Cassie Black, not the GWL. The mere fact that he could keep up with her, was not related to her in any way, shape, or form, and kept the spotlight off of her...well he was damned near perfect for her. He became a lot more cautious when he finally had someone to come home to. They'd heard tales from Rachel about how reckless he used to be, even Cassie had always been aware of her surroundings even while charging in recklessly.

There might be another reason why the Twins wanted to stay in Japan, other than the fact that they were away from their well-meaning, but overbearing mother. They'd found a pair of Kitsune females that adored them, had no problems with proving their lineage to the goblins, or marrying mortal wizards. They would even be willing to work in their prank shop once they opened it! Yes, Japan was a much better place to live, so much more open minded, especially about creature inheritances. They could live with being Blacks if it meant they could marry such devious vixens, and they were all but guaranteed to have large families as well. They were also looking into having someone make a clock like their mum had. That thing was dead useful, and their would have hands for Sidus, Fred, George, Cassie, Kaito, Jimmy, Hedwig, and Prongs to start with. Oh, and Dobby as well, couldn't forget the eccentric house elf. Once Luna and Neville joined them they would have their own hands as well.

Gringotts, Diagon Alley:

Griphook is laughing his ass off at how much chaos Lady Potter left in her wake by absconding with the Terror Twins, and her godfather. Then there were the pitiful attempts by Dumbledore to try, and gain access to her vaults. That wouldn't be happening any time soon, and if he annoyed them too much, they were going to put him under a full audit as the Headmaster of Hogwarts by alerting the Auditing Department that it hadn't been done since Dippet's time. Dumbledore was going to be in for one helluva ride if he annoyed the goblins too much more. Lady Potter had ordered an audit, one by one, mind you, of all the vaults she had access to, this way she would still have access to funds, no matter what. Griphook had seen sense in this, and what had been found in the audit of the Main Potter vault had the Goblin Nation up in arms, and looking for the weak willed fool whom had deigned to help someone steal from a client.

Gringotts prided themselves on protecting their client's possessions, finding this out had pissed off Ragnok. They would find the idiots responsible for helping Dumbledore damn near commit line theft, and murder them in the most vicious, and brutal way they could devise. This would serve as a reminder to the other weak willed buffoons of the Goblin Nation that they did not like traitors, at all.

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