Chapter Two

Author's note: This is the end for Ivo's and Fyer's involvement. I only used them as a way to get Sara on Lian Yu and Yao Fei to die (it may not have been clear but he died instantly from the gun shot wound). Also there is not going to be an Oliver/Slade/Shado love triangle going on. Slade and Oliver were too focused on Laurel coming to rescue them and training to really focus on Shado enough to develop any romantic feelings, there will be a sibling bond between the four of them though.

Another two weeks passed with still no sign of rescue. Slade and Shado had pretty much given up hope. They were stuck and no help was coming. They both forced Oliver and Sara to train daily. Oliver was really showing improvement too, now that they weren't constantly worrying about ambushes by Fyer's men. While the friendship between Oliver and Slade grew stronger, Sara and Shado also found a kinship. They were comfortably situated in tents now and had a generator that provided electricity. Oliver was working on boosting the signal on the walkie-talkie equipment to send another message since Slade had decided to blow up the airstrip and with it the only working telephone earlier.

3 months after Oliver had rang Laurel they spotted another boat. This time they grabbed a flare, which they now had a surplus off and lit it while Shado lit a bonfire, one of the many they constructed on various sections of the beach to try and catch the attention of any boats that went past. The boat must have seen them as it continued to get closer. Eventually it stopped and a smaller boat was lowered and was soon speeding towards them. Shado and Sara were holding hands, hoping that this would be it, and Slade had a hand on Oliver's shoulder giving a small squeeze to show his happiness. Oliver was alternating his gaze either smiling at Slade or watching as the boat continued to come closer.

And it did. But it wasn't Laurel that got off the boat; it was Thea with an older man. Thea ran and flew into Oliver's arms squeezing him with a tight hug. She kept whispering 'Ollie', over and over again as a shocked Oliver just held her. He hadn't seen her in basically a year and it felt so good to be hugging her again. She slowly let go, the man still keeping a respectable distance away from the group.

"Thea this is Slade and Shado, and you remember Sara?" He introduced his family that he found on Lian Yu.

"Of course, and hi," she said to Slade and Shado.

"Hi, it's nice to be able to put a face to a name, Speedy," Slade said with a small smirk.

"Ollie why did you tell him, that is the worst nickname ever. Oh, this is Walter he was the only one who would help me." Thea introduced the man who when his name was mentioned walked forward to the group. The four shared a frown at that.

"It is nice to meet you Walter, what do you mean Thea?" Oliver asked.

Thea ummed a bit, trying to think of what to say ending up turning to Walter to answer for her.

"You see, when you called Laurel she made it sound like a prank call and she told everyone about the phone call as if it were a joke. Everyone agreed with her that it was a prank though, except Thea. I was away on a business conference at the time. So Thea went to Queen Consolidated and found a person in the IT department to help her find out if Lian Yu was a real place." Walter began.

"Felicity is really nice and helpful, I can't wait to introduce you to her Oliver. She doesn't stop talking, like ever. It's really funny." Thea told him with a grin.

"Yes, well with Felicity and Thea working together they soon had pages of information on Lian Yu and information from the Queen's Gambit location the day the storm hit. They both assure me it is completely legal as it is only borrowing information, they accessed a satellite and presented me with photos of a mercenary filled island, just as you said in the call, when I got back. So with that information, Thea and I got on a boat to attempt to rescue you and your friends." Walter finished.

"Laurel thought it was a prank?" Sara asked brokenly and Shado squeezed her hand. Oliver in the mean time was almost suffocating Thea in a hug, while Slade was giving her hair a quick ruffle complimenting the only apparent Queen with brains, this comment got Slade a quick elbow in the gut from Oliver and a giggle from Thea.

"I knew I remembered you Walter, you worked with my dad right?" Oliver asked suddenly.

"Yes I did, I now run Queen Consolidated," Walter began awkwardly. Thea tugged Oliver down and whispered something in his ear. She explained that their mum had married Walter, and that he was now living with them and that he was a good guy if you gave him a chance. He looked shocked for a moment, but as Thea kept whispering he began to smile. When she stopped he stood straight and went over and hugged Walter.

"Welcome to the family, though I have to warn you. It has suddenly gotten quite a bit bigger." He said looking at Sara, Shado and Slade. "Slade takes up most of the room though, he may need to go on a diet." As soon as he said these words the warm smile on Slade's face turned into his trademark glare, Shado and Sara were laughing and Oliver began running for his life down the beach. Slade took after him, and was closing the gap fast, especially seeing as Oliver was still laughing.