Jak X Nightmare Racing

Chapter 1

I sat down after starting up my all time favorite racing game, Jak X Combat Racing! I go into Adventure and continued where I left off, a Circuit Race in Kras City on Hero Mode. The hologram lit up to start the countdown, hitting the X button at the right moment, I get a boost of Turbo easily getting ahead of the other racers. But soon after take off, Jak's vehicle slows down to a stop. I looked at the screen in confusion, then I tried to make the vehicle go. Then he spoke,

"Why am I here…?"

I tried to make the vehicle go again only to hear it's engine revving up each time I pressed the X button. I then pressed the Triangle button to look at him with my curiosity building up. What killed my curiosity was his dead blank expression. I shook off my slightly growing fear and tried to make the vehicle go. This time with success, letting the camera go back to the back and attempt to catch up with the other racers.

But after a few seconds of driving and noticing my stirring was acting up. I came up on a sharp turn and get ready to drift, but only to hear Jak speak again,

"Fuck it…"

I try to make the vehicle stop, not wanting to see him crash. Sliding as if hitting an Oil Slick, I helplessly watch him and his vehicle slam right into a wall and exploding.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I waited for him to regenerate, as I watch nothing, but the wreckage of his vehicle. After what felt like five minutes, I decided to just restart the event. Once the event loaded up, I get ready to leave the other racers in my exhaust. But as the camera showed Jak then rotate to the back, I saw Jak was leaning over the stirring wheel. So after the racers left, I pressed the Triangle button. When the camera came around, I started to feel sick as I saw thick dark blood oozing out of his mouth and out of his eyes like tears. My skin paled as I watched him lay there dead with his blood running down the front and sides of his hot rod red and brilliant white vehicle. I sat back in horror as I see my hero's dead body bleeding out in front of me, thinking what the hell is going on?! Jak games have never had blood in them! I quickly restarted the event again and to my surprise, everything looked fine, as all the racers take off including Jak.

After the race was over, I sat back and sighed, thinking about what had happened. I looked at the time. It was pretty late, maybe my sleepiness was playing tricks on me earlier. But I didn't feel like going to bed just yet, so I started the next event. The next event was a Deathrace on the Loading Docks. As I listened, I decided to upgrade Jak's vehicle. I scrolled over to the Road Blade and I noticed a stain on the hood. I got up to get a better look. Is…is that…blood? I thought. Then my eyes widened in horror. It is blood. Jak's blood.

I quickly hit the Reset/Power button on the console to reset the game. The game loads, I sat there thinking about why the game was acting up, why Jak was acting like that, and what's with the blood?

Finally the game finishes loading, I then select Load Profile only to find that all my files were gone. So I reset the game again and check my memory card. Once the game finished loading once again, I select Load Profile. This time there was only one file titled "Nightmare". I don't know what made me select it, but I did, and I regret it. The screen goes black, then a few milo seconds pass, I hear the most god awful wreck then a loud blood curdling scream ring out from my TV's speakers causing me to scream. Then the scream started to sound distorted and glitchy. After me and the TV stopped screaming, the screen comes back on like nothing even happened.