A/N: Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm supposed to be working on other stuff. But you know how I asked people in Emerald Musician what they wanted to see? Well…one of them was a HP/KHR AU with Harry being related to Fon. So…you can see how that ended out.

Before I start, I'd like to explain a couple things. First of all is James and Lily's relationship. It is a marriage of convenience. They are not in love, etc. James offered to marry Lily because she ended up getting pregnant out of wedlock, which is a huge no-no in Wizarding Britain, particularly among the Purebloods. So they are not in love. They are fond of each other, and because of an old Pureblood thing where at least one of the kids has to be fathered by James, they sleep together once or twice. That's it. They also have an agreement where they can take lovers, but they have to be extremely careful not to be caught. Essentially, to sum it up, it's an open marriage of convenience. I'll say it one more time, just to be clear: They are not in love, people.

Second thing: I once read a fic where Fon's actual name (since 'Fon' seems to be more of a Japan-ified version of his actual name, so that people don't stumble over it) was Fēng. Now, in Mandarin Chinese, 'Fēng' can mean several things, including 'wind', 'peak', 'vast', 'cutting edge of a sword', 'crazy', and a couple others. Now, for me, I chose to view it as 'wind' (風), which also has connotations towards storms and wind power, along with art. However, because of the several different meanings, a couple of them lead into part of Harry's name; more will be explained after the chapter.

Now, onto the prologue!


The Winds of Fortune

Lily Evans was hailed as the most brilliant witch of her generation. With a mind unmatched by any other in her generation and a temper to match, she was often compared to a fiery storm of vicious ferocity in anything she did.

Lot of help that did her now, though; she sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the pregnancy test in her hand. Positive. Good lord, what was she going to do? There was only one possibility for the father—a man she had met in a pub a few nights back that she had had a one night stand with…she had never expected anything to come of it!

But now she had a child growing within her…what on earth was she going to do? If word got out that she had a child out of wedlock, she would be heavily ostracized, and in the society of Wizarding Britain, jobs for Muggleborns were already few enough as it was. If she were ostracized for this…she would never be able to get by, let alone support a child. And there was no doubt in her mind that she would have this child—she wouldn't abandon a child that was hers. Never.


Lily Evans stared at the face of James Potter. He had approached her not long after graduation, with an…offer, of sorts.

A marriage of convenience. To save face for both of them, and protect both her unborn child and the Potter Family Line, as James…well, James was most assuredly homosexual.

A smirk pulled at her lips.

"You have a deal, Potter." Lily said, grinning fiercely at him. "Just one condition."

He stared at her for a moment. "What?" he sounded as though he were preparing to willingly submit to torture. Her smirk widened.

"You have to propose, dear."


Lily Evans looked James Potter in the eye as the pastor proclaimed them 'man and wife'. He smiled at her, glancing at the pastor a moment as he announced, "You may now kiss the bride!"

They kissed, chaste and soft. There was no love between them, at least no love of the romantic kind. In time, perhaps, they might come to care for each other as friends, or even family, but never in a true romantic capacity.

But did Lily Potter née Evans regret this choice, to marry the boy who had pretended to have a crush on her for seven years to avoid being outed as homosexual?

No. And she didn't think she ever would.


Lily Potter stared at the bundle in her arms. To anyone else, the face she saw would have been somewhat not very good looking in the way that newborn babies are all wrinkly and red.

But to her? To her, her newborn son was the most beautiful person in the world. He was her world. She had never thought that she would be able to love so…fiercely. But now…now, she had her son, her elegant cloud, her Yāyún 'Hadrian' Potter.


Lily Potter watched her two children, her Yāyún and her Clarence. Of course, James had managed to convince her to have Yāyún's middle name be 'Hadrian', and to call him that in public, but to her, he would always be her elegant cloud.

Clarence was her second child, her second son, and she loved him just as fiercely as she did 'Hadrian'. Clarence was James's son, bearing his bright hazel eyes and black hair. But he had her face, shining out from beneath James's hair.

'Hadrian' had very much inherited his birth father's features—sharp, elegant, and vaguely Asian. His eyes were narrowed and somewhat slanted, and his hair was far more settled than Clarence's or James's. But he had her eyes. Every time she looked at her little cloud's face, her very own bright green eyes stared back at her.

"Lily?" James called, appearing in the doorway. He wore dress robes, ready for the Ministry Ball that they had been called in for. Despite it being the middle of Voldemort's reign, of course.

"Almost ready, James," she soothed him. She turned to Peter, who smiled wanly at her. "You'll keep an eye on them, won't you? Hadrian can be a right curious boy, and Clarence follows his lead more often than not," she warned.

"Of course, Lily," Peter agreed. "I'll make sure they stay out of trouble."

"Right then. Be safe."

And with that, James and Lily Potter left Godric's Hollow at 7:20 P.M, October 31st.

And when they returned, they were greeted by smoke, fear, and a stretch of peace that would last more than a decade.


(The winds of fortune are very fickle. Take care that they blow for you, and not for your enemies.)



So. That's the end of that. Just as an fyi for everyone out there, this is not a WBWL (Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived) fic. Clarence is the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry was not born on July 31st because of when he was conceived (approximately a week after Lily graduated from Hogwarts, so mid-June 1978) his birthday falls somewhere around February-March 1979. For this story, his birthday is March 15th, 1979. Clarence's birthday is July 31st, 1980, making Harry about 16 months older than Clarence. So Harry will begin attending Hogwarts in 1990, and Clarence in 1991.

Again, just so that you guys know this: this story is heavily AU. I've played hard and fast with cannon before, but this is on an entirely different level. Harry was not only conceived earlier than in cannon, but he was also born more than a year earlier. He is also not the Heir to the Potter Family—because of 'things' the true heir to the Potter Family had to be father solely by James, allowing the 'Family Magics' to take root within Clarence. Instead of Family Magics, Harry inherited Flames from his father, and the Hibari line.

Now, in KHR, it's pretty clear that we can assume Flames are passed down genetically along with being influenced by personality (or the other way around—it's not too clear). So, we can assume that the Hibari family has a propensity towards strong Storm and Cloud flames. Fon has extremely strong Storm flames, which have been passed down to Harry. However, he also has a strong Cloud flame affinity. So, Harry, in this AU, has two primary affinities: Cloud and Storm. His Storm is a bit stronger than his Cloud, but because we can figure that Fon, at the very least, must have some genetics with Cloud Flames attached, the Cloud was passed to Harry.

So, Harry's personality will be…interesting. I have my ideas towards his personality, but I'll reveal it when I post the next chapter. In the meantime, I'd like to see what you guys think his personality will be like.

Also, his Mandarin name, Yāyún, does mean 'Elegant Cloud'. (雅 [Yā: Elegant] and 雲/云 [Yún: Cloud])

(And for those of you who know Mandarin and are kind of wondering why I gave a /boy/ this sort of name…shh. I have plans for this. :D )

Ja ne, Minna-san!

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