As the Lady Trojans stop for a minute from their wind sprints to acknowledge their coach, this seems to infuriate the older woman even more.

"YOU ALL ARE DESPICABLE!" Coach Sylvester continues to yell out with disgust. "GET OFF MY FIELD... NOW!"

Not needing to be told twice, the women's soccer team for USC quickly - or at least as quickly as they possibly can with their jello-like legs - make themselves scarce before they get caught up in the wrath that is Sue Sylvester.

Every one of the young ladies run for their lives... all but one.

Even though she's completely exhausted like the rest of her teammates, sweating like crazy in the hot August sun, Brittany doesn't have the same streak of fear run through her bones every time her coach speaks.

For Brittany S. Pierce, life so far hadn't been too complicated. Sure, she had her ups and downs at times, but at the moment, she was just enjoying her life. At the ripe age of 21, Brittany was heading into her senior year at the University of Southern California. She was very carefree and just a ray of sunshine in general. She was also a very hard worker and very determined. These qualities led her to being recently named the new starting goalie and co-captain of the Lady Trojans.

However, not everyone on her team was happy about that.

"Hey B, what's up?"

As Brittany cocks her head to the side, she immediately smiles as she spots a couple of her friends from the men's soccer team approaching her. "Hey Sam! Hey Mike!" She says excitedly as she waves at the guys.

"Another tough practice?" Mike questions as he smiles back at her while looking at the vacant field.

"That's putting it mildly," Brittany chuckles out as she grabs her water bottle.

"I don't see how you do it," Sam begins to say. "Sue scares the crap out of me... and she's not even my coach!"

"That's because there's a little frightened girl trapped inside of that body of yours," Brittany laughs out while Mike joins in.

Sam just stands there, pouting with his large pink lips. "I thought you guys were supposed to be my friends?"

"Ah, don't be a sad little panda," Brittany says sickeningly sweet as she brings the blonde boy in for a side hug. "If we didn't like you, we would just completely ignore you."

Sam playfully pushes the other blonde off of him. Before he has a chance to respond back to all of the teasing he's endured, one of Brittany's fellow teammates comes jogging towards them.

"What are you still doing here Pierce?" The red-headed girl cattily questions as she bends over to pick up the bag she had left behind. "Tryin' to suck up to Sylvester some more?"

Why don't you go fuck yourself? That's what the blonde really wants to say back to her, but she's just too damn nice.

"No, Jackie..." Brittany says exasperatedly. "I was just catching up with my friends."

"Pssh, whatever..." Jackie says as she dismisses Brittany. "Hey Mike..." she says in a seductively low tone as she jogs away.

For his part, Mike just stands there, scrunching up his face in disgust. "She's a cute girl and everything, but it's very hard to be even remotely attracted to her when she's such a raging bitch all the time."

This makes Brittany smile.

"What's her deal anyways?" Sam inquires. "I thought you guys were cool."

"We were... up until the end of last season," Brittany starts to explain, "but once Coach moved me from striker to the starting goalie position, she got all butt hurt coz I 'stole' Allison's spot."

"That's not your fault that you're better than her," Mike genuinely states. "Honestly, you're probably the best player on their team and could play any position if you wanted to."

"And that's exactly why everyone hates me now," Brittany adds in sadly as an afterthought. "They all give me evil glares and 'accidentally' bump into me during practice or in the hallways. They used to be subtle about it, but now everything is so blatant."

"Damn B... that sounds horrible," Sam replies.

"It is. I've been trying my best to remain positive and not let it affect me, but it's getting to the point where it's all beginning to be a little too much," Brittany explains. "Sometimes I feel like I'm back in freaking high school again, surrounded by a bunch of mean girls. The only time any of the girls talk to me is on the field, because they kinda have to, or if they're making some catty remark."

"Have you told Sue about any of this?" Mike asks.

"I hadn't planned on it coz I didn't want to seem like I was complaining or make her think that I was weak and couldn't handle myself," Brittany responds. "However, she actually came to me because she noticed the girls giving me the cold shoulder."


"I gave her a brief synopsis of what's been going on, but I asked her not to say anything."

"Why not?"

"Because..." Brittany sighs out. "All of the girls already think that I'm sucking up to Sue and think that that's the reason why she gave me Allison's position. I didn't want to add on to that and give them even more fuel to tease me about."

"But B, you can't continue to live like this," Mike objects. "This isn't right."

"I know... and I hate it, but my options are kind of limited," Brittany solemnly replies. "If it was just the remarks and trash-talking, I could handle it. But now, it's gotten to the point where I don't even feel comfortable in the dorms anymore."

Both men seem very sympathetic, but also agitated at the same time. Brittany was a sweet, caring girl who didn't deserve the treatment she was currently receiving just because her teammates were a bunch of jealous bitches.

"Sue did say that I could move off campus if I found a place close enough so it wouldn't interfere with getting to practice on time and whatnot, but with the cost of living right now and the way my bank account is set up... I just don't see that happening," Brittany says, feeling deflated as she slumps her shoulders.

Before the mood gets any more depressing, Sam seems to have an epiphany.

"Wait! I think I can help," the blonde boy says excitedly. Brittany and Mike look back at each other, waiting for their friend to continue. "You remember my girlfriend Mercedes, right?"

"Yeah... I've talked to her a few times at the games and stuff," Brittany replies with a smile. "She's really nice."

"Yeah... she is pretty awesome," Sam says as he gets lost for a second, thinking about his boo. "Anyways, she has a spare bedroom at her house. Maybe I could talk to her and see if she would be interested in renting it out?"

"That's very sweet of you Sammy, but I don't want to impose," Brittany reluctantly declines. As excited as the possibility sounded, she didn't want to get her hopes up. "Besides, doesn't she have roommates already?"

"She does, but you've met Quinn before and I think you got along fairly well," Sam replies, still sounding very hopeful.

"What about Santana?" Mike says as a stage whisper.


"Oh? What does 'oh' mean?" Brittany questions. "And who's Santana?"

"Santana is their other roommate. I don't think you've met her before," Sam answers. "She's an interesting character."

"Why am I not feeling so confident about this anymore?"

"I guess you can say that Santana is an acquired taste," Sam slowly states. "She's very feisty and you definitely don't want to be on her bad side. But, as a friend... she's very protective and loyal as hell."

This makes Brittany feel a little better.

"Just think of it this way..." Mike chimes in. "If you can handle Sue, you can handle Santana."

Brittany then takes a minute to ponder over her options.

"Don't get me wrong, Sam... I appreciate the semi-offer, but I've seen where Mercedes lives," Brittany says. "There's no way I would be able to afford to rent a room at a house like that."

"Brittany, at least let me talk to the girls and see what they think? Maybe they could work something out?" Sam pleads as he rests a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "You're my friend and I care about you; I don't like seeing you like this."

"The worst they could say is no, but you'll never know if you don't at least ask the question," Mike reasons.

Again, Brittany ponders over her options.

"Okay... I guess it couldn't hurt," Brittany says, finally caving.

"Awesome sauce! I'm gonna go call Cedes now," Sam says as he lightly jogs away from them. "Hopefully I'll get back to you in a few minutes," he says with his big-lipped smile.

"Dude... how awesome would that be?!" Mike exclaims.

"Well, it would be pretty awesome for me..." Brittany begins to say as she takes in her Asian friend's giddiness, "but why would it be awesome for you?"

Almost immediately, the smile from Mike's face vanishes.

"Spit it out, Mikey!" Brittany prods him. "I know that look."

Mike silently chuckles to himself before responding. "Well, you remember Quinn right..."

"The cute blonde?"


"Aww... does somebody have a little crush?" Brittany teases.

"I guess you could put that spin on it," Mike nonchalantly replies, trying his best to seem indifferent.

"That's so sweet!" Brittany says as she reaches out to pinch his cheeks.

"You suck," Mike says as he playfully slaps her hands away. "Now I hope that you don't get the place."

Brittany feigns hurt as she makes a shocked expression. "Rude! You take that back, mister!"

"You'll have to catch me first!" The Asian says as he sprints away from the blonde.

As Brittany chases after him, she thinks about how grateful she is to have him and Sam in her life. When she first started at USC, she didn't know anyone and didn't really have the time to try to make friends either. But Sam and Mine quickly took her under their wing and made her feel not so alone. They bonded over soccer and comic books. Being so far away from home, it was nice to have two big brothers looking out for her.

Even if things didn't work out with the spare room at Mercedes' house, she knew that she would figure something out, with the help of her friends.

Meanwhile, approximately 6 miles West of the USC campus...

As Mercedes and Quinn are in the kitchen enjoying a quick breakfast before heading off to work, the sound of an angry Latina can be heard coming down the stairs.

"Q! You better not be eating my Frosted Flakes!" Santana yells out as she appears in the kitchen.

While Mercedes tries her best to stifle her laughter, Quinn looks down at her now empty bowl of Frosted Flakes before cautiously looking up at her other roommate. There, Santana stands with her hands on her hips and her head slightly tilted. She also has a look on her face that says 'there's about to be one less roommate in this house'.

"It's not what it looks like?" Quinn says in a questionable tone.

Santana raises her eyebrow before looking over at her other roommate. "Wheezy... you let this happen on your watch?"

Now that the Latina's attention was focused on her, Mercedes quickly tries to think of a reasonable explanation that will keep her out of trouble.

"See, what had happen was..." she begins to say. Luckily for her, her phone starts going off. "Ooh, this is Sam. I gotta take this," she says as she quickly exits the kitchen and escapes to her bedroom.

This leaves Santana and Quinn alone.

"Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?" Quinn says happily as she bats her eyes at the Latina.

"Uh uh, Fabray... flattery will get you nowhere," Santana replies. "Besides, you had your chance in high school to get all up on this," she giggles out as she grabs her box of cereal from the counter and pours herself a bowl.

"Please, Lopez... you wouldn't be able to handle this hot piece of ass," Quinn smugly says back, taking a page out of the Latina's handbook.


A few minutes later, Mercedes re-enters the kitchen after talking to her boyfriend. "Is it safe to enter?" She asks as she waves a white shirt in the air.

Both girls laugh out loud.

"Yes, Cedes... it's safe," Santana responds.

As Mercedes re-enters the kitchen area, she leans against the counter top. "So... I just talked to Sam."

"How is good ol' Trouty Mouth?" Santana asks, causing the other girl to roll her eyes at the nickname.

"He's fine. We did have an interesting conversation though."

"About..." Quinn drawls out.

"Well before I get into all of that, how would guys feel about having another roommate?" Mercedes slowly asks.

"Depends. Why... is Trouty trying to shack up here?" Santana inquires as she raises her eyebrow.

"No, this is not about Sam trying to move in with us," Mercedes starts off as she rolls her eyes at the Latina. "He was just wondering coz one of his friends is kinda in a tough spot and could really use a break. You've met her before Q; remember Brittany, the tall blonde?"

Quinn takes a moment to rack her brain. "Oh yeah, at our Halloween party last year," she finally remembers. "Wait... where were you Satan?"

"If you recall, I was working. Someone had to since this one," Santana pauses as she points to Mercedes, "was gonna be sucking face with Trouty Mouth all night. Besides... I made hella tips that night," she finishes with her trademark smirk.

"Anyways... what's the deal with Brittany?" Quinn questions.

Before Mercedes has a chance to respond, Santana cuts her off.

"Hold up... I'm not sure I like the fact that Sam has a cute blonde female friend," the Latina supplies. "You betta check your man, Wheezy."

Mercedes then puts her hands on her hips and gives her roommate a pointed look. "First of all, Sam would never cheat on me. If he did, he knows I'd bust the windows out his car," she pauses as she holds up two fingers. "Two... Brittany is like Sam's little sister. Seriously, they look alike so that would just be weird if they got together." She pauses again as she shakes off that incestuous thought. "And three... what makes you think that Brittany is cute?"

"Coz Quinn doesn't remember ugly people," Santana replies without hesitation, like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Mercedes' eyes slightly pop out of her head as she tries to recover from that off-the-cuff comment. She then looks over at the blonde to gauge her reaction.

Quinn shrugs her shoulders. "It's true."

Mercedes then looks back at the Latina who has her hands in the air with the 'I told you so' expression written all over her face. All she can do is shake her head at her roommates.

"Sometimes I wonder why I'm even friends with you two," Mercedes states as she shakes her head again. The other girls just laugh in return. "But seriously guys, what do you think? If you're not cool with it, just say the word. I don't want either of you to feel uncomfortable in your own home."

"Well, I've only met the girl a few times, but she seems like a sweetheart," Quinn begins to say. "I don't know what her situation is, but I'm cool with it. I'm more concerned about this one over here," she says as she looks over Santana.

"Honestly, me too," Mercedes admits. "So... whatcha think Satan?"

"Well, you know how I feel about people interrupting our living space," Santana starts off. Mercedes and Quinn nod along, knowing that this was a long shot. "But... I trust both of your opinions so if you think she'll be a good fit here, then I'm on board."

Mercedes and Quinn immediately look at each other with shocked expressions. "Seriously?"

"Yes... I'm being serious," Santana giggles out as she rolls her eyes at her roommates. "I need to meet this girl first though before anything is set in stone."

"I figured as much," Mercedes replies. "I'm kinda excited about possibly getting a new roommate."

"Hey! What's wrong with us?" Santana feigns being offended.

"Gosh, you're so overdramatic." Mercedes says as she brushes off the comment. "I'm gonna go call Sam back and tell him the good news."

As Mercedes heads back to her room, Quinn looks over at Santana. "You sure you're okay with this?"

"Yeah, I guess," Santana says as she shrugs her shoulders. "Plus... I'm tired of just looking at you two bitches so it'll be nice to have some new eye candy around the house," the Latina replies with a wink.

"Charming," Quinn replies in a monotone voice, clearly unimpressed.

"Aww... don't be like that Q," she says as she wraps her roommate/best friend up in a bear hug. "You're still my favorite blonde."

Quinn just rolls her eyes as she hugs the Latina back.

"Are you guys finally releasing some of that sexual frustration between the two of you?" Mercedes says with a wide smile as she comes back into the kitchen and leans against the wall.

"Eww... gross!" Santana says as she pushes the blonde off of her. "Quinn is like my sister!"

"I know... it's just fun to see your reaction though," Mercedes chuckles out. "Sam wants to know when would be a good time to have Brittany come over so we can talk to her and figure this thing out," she says as she motions to her phone, signaling that her boyfriend was on hold.

"I don't have any plans after I get off of work so sometime tonight would be fine," Quinn says. "What about you S? You get off at 9, right?"

"Yeah, but if we're kind of slow, Will might let me go early," Santana replies.

"Alright, so should I tell him around 9 then?" Mercedes asks for clarification.

"Yep, that'll work," Santana confirms.

Mercedes nods and then unmutes her phone to pass along the information to Sam.

"You want me to stop by to visit you after I get off?" Quinn asks the Latina.

"Please... you just want a free drink," Santana says with a pointed look. "You don't fool me, Fabray."

"You know that I could free drinks from Cedes too, right?" Quinn counters. "And now that I think about it, Will too."

Santana just shakes her head amusedly. "Actually, I was thinking since we're having company tonight and you and Wheezy get off around the same time, maybe you guys could make dinner?"

"That's actually not a bad idea," Quinn confers. "I'll get with Cedes and we'll figure something out."

Quinn then brings her bowl over to the sink and quickly washes it out before something suddenly hits her.

"Wait... did you just sucker me into cooking dinner for you?"

"Is that how that worked out?" Santana replies, feigning ignorance. "Well, you are a pretty awesome cook. I just thought it would be a nice way to welcome Brittany into her new possible home."


"What? Is it so hard to believe that I wanna do something nice for the girl?" The Latina questions. Once she sees the blonde's unchanging face, her resolve breaks. "Okay, fine... I just want a home-cooked meal without having to be the one to cook it. Are you happy now?"

"A little," Quinn smugly replies. "I know you too well."

"Yes, you do... but it doesn't make any of the other things I said less true."

"You're right, so I'm not gonna fight you on this one," Quinn says.

"Thanks Q! You're the best!" Santana says as she gives the blonde a quick peck on the cheek before bolting upstairs.

"Yeah yeah..."

Once Quinn puts her dishes on the drying rack, she sees Mercedes waking back into the kitchen with her purse in hand, donning her black 'Mr. Schue's' t-shirt and tight-fitting blue jeans. It was the same outfit that Santana would be rocking later when her shift started.

"Alright girly, I'm headin' out," Mercedes says to the blonde as she gives her a peck on the cheek. "Satan... I'll see you at noon!" She yells upstairs.

"Aight Wheezy! Thanks for dinner!" Santana yells back.

Mercedes scrunches up her eyebrows as she looks back at the blonde, donning a navy blue pencil skirt and a cute white blouse. "Something you wanna tell me?"

"Oh yeah... S volunteered us to make dinner tonight."

Mercedes just shakes her head. "Should've seen that one coming," she chuckles out. "I guess we have a date in the kitchen later."

"You know it," Quinn replies as she winks back at her. "See ya girl."

As Mercedes leaves the house, Quinn looks at her watch and sees that it's about time for her to head out as well. As she goes to her room to grab her purse, she takes one last look at herself to make sure she looks professional, but not like a total stiff. Her motto was that just because she worked at a law firm, that didn't mean she had to dress like a grandma. Once she gives herself the mental thumbs up, she moves towards the door and grabs her keys.

"S, I'm leaving. Make sure you lock up before you pass out again," Quinn yells out, knowing that the Latina would more than likely do just that since her shift at Mr. Schue's didn't start for another few hours.

Santana then suddenly appears downstairs in front of the door. "Yes, dear…" she playfully states. "Don't work too hard."

"I'll try not to. See ya hon," Quinn says as she follows the routine of planting a quick kiss to the Latina's cheek before exiting the house.

Santana immediately locks the door and then makes her way into the living room before plopping down on the comfy sectional. She sits there for a minute, wondering what she should do with her free time. Since it was still summer break, she didn't have any classes to study for. Looking at the time on her phone, she still had another 3 or so hours to kill until she had to start getting ready for work.

The longer she sat there, the more her mind began to wonder about this Brittany girl. Santana had never met her in person and had never seen a picture of her either, but she was familiar with the name. From what she knew, Brittany went to USC with Sam, Mercedes, and Quinn while she went to UCLA. She knew that Brittany was athletic because she played soccer and that's how she met Sam. There had been a few outings where her roommates had gotten the chance to meet Brittany, but sadly, Santana was usually at work or busy with something else.

Out of curiosity, Santana pulls her phone back out and opens the Facebook application. She clicks on Sam's profile and quickly scrolls through his friends, narrowing down her search to a list of 7 girls named Brittany. As she looks at the miniature thumbnails of each girl's profile pic, she comes across one that has the signature Cardinal and Gold colors of the Trojans. Clicking on the profile, she is able to see a bigger and much clearer photo of the mysterious Brittany Pierce.

In the photo, Brittany is on the field with her back facing the camera and her face turned to the side. In bright gold letters, her last name can be seen running across her shoulders as the number 15 is prominently displayed below it. Although her uniform is drenched in sweat, Santana's eyes are more focused on the one visible bright blue orb that is literally jumping off of the screen. Even with just the side profile and the dirt and sweat that covered Brittany's face and uniform, Santana thought that she was absolutely gorgeous.

They never look the same in real life, Santana says to herself as she slightly giggles.

She then looks at the picture one last time before closing down the app. Sure, if she wanted to, she could've scrolled through more of Brittany's photos and looked at her 'About Me' section, but she didn't want to seem like a total stalker. Instead, she decided to head back upstairs to her bedroom and sleep for a little while longer. Sleep didn't come easy though as she felt a burst of nerves and excitement course through her body about finally meeting this Brittany character that she had heard about several times over the years.

And so, instead of sleeping, Santana spent the next couple of hours cleaning up the guest bedroom and cleaning the joint bathroom in preparation for their new possible roommate.

A little after 8 pm, Santana bursts through the front door of her house. "Hey guys! Will let me go early," she says loudly as she hangs her keys on the rack and drops her purse by the foot of the stairs. "By the way, it smells great in here."

As she makes her way into the kitchen, she grabs a spoon to taste the sauce that was simmering on the stove. "Man… that tastes great!"

She then turns around and heads toward the living room as she continues to ramble.

"I'm gonna go grab a quick shower coz I smell like cheap liquor and fried food," Santana says as she sniffs her shirt to confirm the smell. "What time is this Brittany chick supposed to be here?"

Those last words leave her mouth as she turns the corner and sees that the living room is filled with not just her two roommates.

"I'm already here," an angelic voice says as the other blonde in the room cutely waves at her before standing up and approaching her. She then sticks out her hand and smiles. "You must be Santana. I'm Brittany; nice to meet you."

Santana stands there for second, momentarily in shock. Here before her stands a crazy beautiful blonde with striking blue eyes and an award-winning smile. Although she was just wearing a pair of black Nike therma-fit pants and a gray Nike t-shirt with her school's logo on it, she looked like a damn super model to the Latina.

"Uh, S... this is usually the part where you shake her hand and maybe throw in a 'nice to meet you too' or something," Mercedes giggles out, loving this state of shock her usually very composed roommate/best friend is in.

"And you might wanna close your mouth," Quinn adds in with a smirk. "Seriously... you're drooling all over the carpet."

This seems to snap the Latina out of her daze. "Fuck off, Fabray!" Santana quickly mumbles out under her breath as she cuts her eyes at her best friend, causing Quinn to try her hardest to suppress her laughter.

They were trying to make a good impression, after all.

Santana then takes a deep breath and looks back at the blonde patiently waiting in front of her. Slowly, she extends her hand and connects it with Brittany's. "Hi, Brittany... I'm Santana. It's nice to finally meet you."

As the two young women introduce themselves, they shake hands much longer than the average greeting is supposed to last. Santana can't help it though, feeling Brittany's soft hand clutched with hers as a tingly feeling shoots up and down her body. But it's not entirely her fault because Brittany hasn't tried to let go of her hand either.

As Santana continues to stare into Brittany's dazzling blue eyes, one thought runs through her mind:

Definitely better in real life, she thinks to herself.

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