Here you go. The long awaited sequel to Grandchildren of the Dark Lord.

Chapter one
the spell

Kya p.o.v

It was the summer of my fourth year and so far, it had been decent. Then again, it had also only been two weeks. Mom and dad were at a Redakai meeting. Something about Kairu creatures. I don't pay too much attention. I mostly just tune out those things. Drives dad up a wall. Right now I was looking through a photo album. It was gathering dust so I was curious. It was pictures of everyone lost in the war. Finding one of my great Grandfather must have been hard because this one of him was at the wedding. It was obviously a group picture that they zoomed in on. Eh, in my opinion he was great even without a picture. Mom and Aunt Brazil always told me that he sacrificed himself for Aunt Brazil and gave her his powers. But before then he had been pretty evil. Not nearly as evil as my other great Grandfather though. My cell phone rang bringing me out of my thoughts. It was Dmitri.

"What's up D?" I asked.

"You better get here fast. Scorpius and Nova found an old spell book in their library." he said. I rolled my eyes.

"Of course they did. Dude, Nova reads so much you can find spell books any where in her house." I told him.

"This one's different. It has a certain spell. It can bring the dead back in spirit if they died in a mass casualty event." Now I knew his plan.

"On my way." I told him before hanging up.