Chapter ten

Kya p.o.v

Two months. And it was ending now.

"DEATH EATERS!" I yelled.

"We're doomed!" mumbled Dad as he looked at the army. Curses flew and all I could do was dodge.
"Get to the Malfoy's!" yelled Dad. We quickly used one of the many fires as a floo escape.

"Get that book, and fast!" I yelled. "We need to counter that spell."

" All we need to do is say the chant backwards!" Nova spoke up. We followed her word for word. When we finished, a giant clock made of light appeared. It began to spin backwards at an accelerated rate. We screamed before being sucked into the clock.

Nova p.o.v

What just happened. My parents were back and trying to wake the others up.

"What day is it?" I asked.

"Um Saturday. You finished school a week ago." Uncle Ky answered. All the redakai were in there uniforms. "Do you remember what happened?"

"Not a thing." we all said.

Sadly that is the end. But I'm doing a prequel so the entire thing isn't completely over!