Together, hand in hand, Dipper and Mabel blew out the candles on their cake, dual streams of smoke twirling into the air. A cheer went up in the crowd, an ovation for the newly teenage Mystery Twins. Dipper just felt . . . happy.

"Bill!" Mabel cried, waving him over. "You get to cut the cake!"

"What?" The older teen in question walked forward. "You trust me with a knife in my hand?" he teased, grinning. "I mean, who knows what I might do with it?" Bill laughed, but took the knife anyway, cutting two triangle slices.

Dipper grinned, biting into his piece. A laugh bubbled up within him. I love you.

Mabel whooped. "That's some sweet stuff, bros." She jabbed her kin in the side with her elbow.

The brunet almost choked on his dessert, barking flustered amusement. "Yeesh!" he smiled. "You could let up with the innuendos at least today, couldn't you?"

"'Course not," the voice of Paper Dipper answered slyly. "You're a teenager now, Classic. So many opportunities."

"Oh hey! You're still here?" Bill gazed at Paper Dipper, eating his own slice of cake. "Although it's a bit weird to have two Bills and Dippers running around." He shrugged.

"We can go frolic somewhere more private, if you'd like," came his response, worthy enough to get his original model to choke again. The clone snickered. "By the by, I thought you were the epitome of weird. I'm surprised to hear you think differently of us. Are we that odd, Cipher?" He tipped his head to look at his partner, artificial gaze dripping with honey, almost slick. It was an empowering combo.

The copy of the former demon shrugged. "Well if we are, we should totally embrace it!" He beamed.

"Yeah!" Mabel offered encouragingly.

"Yeeeee-aaaah!" Blendin Blandin added, causing everyone's eyes to go to him. "I've never really embraced myself before."

Dipper was definitely done trying not to die by suffocating on cake. "Blendin? Why —?"

"Oh nooooo! I was never here!" the futuristic member testified, backing up. "Happy birthday, guys, don't mind me, just removing some evidence so the Time crew doesn't kill me all over again! Even though there's evidence everywhere thanks to you. Hahahaaaa! Just pretend you neeeeever saw me!"

I think he's gone insane, the boy noted. I kinda feel bad for him.

Bill glanced at Blendin. He's not insane. He'll be fine. I've seen insane people before; he's not there — yet.

Obviously. Dipper watched the bald man turn around until he merged into the dispersing crowd, eventually eliciting a yelp from Ford somewhere. Their awkward conversation was too mixed in the commotion to hear.

"Teen dudes!" Soos popped by, grabbing what was left of the cake. Some other people, mainly Mabel's friends, had been gorging on it. "An exciting awesome thing just happened! I'm going to run the Mystery Shack while your Grunkles are on vacay!"

"That's great, Soos!" the brunette cheered.

"We know; we just watched the speech Grunkle Stan gave," Dipper said, smiling. "I'm happy for you, though. But I don't think they're planning to go on vacation. Sounded serious to me."

Stan placed a gentle hand on Dipper's shoulder. "Well, ya' better believe it's vacation for me. My bro is gettin' all serious, but I'm sure we'll have tons of fun! Beaches, babes, and riches. I won't come back without treasure!"

The male laughed, slightly amused by his relative's optimism. "I hope so . . . but . . . I really am sorry. You shouldn't have to clean up all the weirdness residue around the world. It doesn't seem fair. Bill and I were the ones who caused this mess."

"Ah, don't ya worry about it. Ford'll take care of it. I don't know much about this weirdness stuff to begin with anyway, kid. We'll be fine. Glad you care about us!" Stan chuckled and ruffled Dipper's hair in reassurance.

Mabel crushed her brother and great uncle in a bear hug, cooing. "Aww! You're the best!"

Dipper struggled in his attempt to pry her off. "Mabel! Can't breathe!" His face was also dangerously close to Stan's armpit. Terrifying.

Bill laughed from behind them, kinda afraid Mabel would make him join the group hug. He wasn't interested in being squished up against everyone's sweaty, disgusting meatbags. The only person he was interested in being that close to was Dipper.

He was safe, because eventually Candy and Grenda stauntered up to them.

"Happy birthday, Mabel and Dipper," the Asian girl said, fixing her glasses. "I think the party is great. Also, I heard that the busses are going to be delayed for a bit longer."

Mabel released them, gasping. "No." It was a happy no.

"That's great!" Bill exclaimed, throwing an arm around Dipper's shoulder. "Means you still have time to say all your goodbyes."

"Yeah . . ." the brunet sighed. "I guess we'd better wrap things up here."

"Don't worry, dudes. As the new Mr. Mystery representative, I'll cover things," Soos offered, sniffling a bit. "I'm gonna miss you dudes so much, dawgs!" He had to step away to gather himself, stuffing cake in his mouth in the meanwhile.

Mabel rested her head in her palm, expression heavy. "I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Gravity Falls." Waddles agreed with a wriggle.

Stan understood what she meant. "I've lived here for thirty years. I think I finally need a vacation with my nerdy bro!" He laughed, making the most of their time here.

"Being a nerd is better fit than a pirate. We're going to have some real challenges ahead of us," Ford offered once he came over. He grinned at Dipper, Mabel, and Bill. "But I'm glad I got to meet you all. And Bill . . . it wasn't quite a pleasure, but perhaps it can be."

The said male rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'll look forward to starting over in the right direction." Bill nodded towards Ford. "I know I can eventually rebuild our trust." He was looking on the hopeful side of things. The glass was half-full, after all.

He held out his hand. "It's a deal."

That made Bill freeze, his blood running cold. He couldn't take his eyes off the older male. "Um . . . Ford, did the weirdness get to your head?" he asked, inspecting the other man as if he had gone completely crazy.

Ford shrugged, tapping his temple. "Eh, I've seen and suffered enough to make the planet go insane. One show of trust can't hurt any more than that."

"Right." Bill couldn't forget about the countless dimensions Ford had traveled through for thirty years, considering he had tried to destroy him multiple times.

"Are you packed up for the ride?" He seemed to be asking Dipper.

"Oh . . . not yet," he admitted. "I can do it quickly. We'll be saying goodbye to everyone soon."

"Okay. I'll meet you at the stop when you're ready. I want to have another word with my brother."

"What did you want to say to me, bro?" His timing couldn't have been better.

Bill tugged on Dipper's sleeve, gesturing towards the attic. "Why don't we pack up now?"

"Good idea."

Once back upstairs, Dipper gave a wistful sigh. Mabel had already prepared her bags and her bed was empty, save a few used decorations scattered about the floor. Dipper's side — Dipper and Bill's side — was exactly the same, research papers tucked aside, strange objects on the desk, that little drawing of him and Bill as demons tacked to the board on the wall, mold eating away at the dusty rafters. "This sure felt like home."

"Yeah, I've been around here longer than you, so leaving here for California is different to me," Bill muttered, helping Dipper pack away his things. "Soon we'll have left Gravity Falls . . ."

After a moment, Dipper added, "I'm sorry Weirdmageddon didn't work out. This is probably just a consolation to you." He breathed a laugh. But maybe you'll like it.

"That's alright. But . . . for me more than you, Gravity Falls is a home. It's going to be hard to say goodbye." The blond looked around, a distant look in his eyes. He was going to miss it for sure.

Done packing too soon, the younger stared at the tacked picture he'd drawn. "I don't know if I want to take that or not. Might be good to leave it here."

Bill glanced at it for a moment, remembering that it wasn't too long ago that it had been drawn, but it felt like it had been years. "If you want. To greet us when we come back." Not if, when. He knew that the both of them couldn't stay away from this town for too long. They'd be back.

Dipper smiled. He liked that idea.

Bill looked at the room one last time and then he reached for Dipper's hand. "It's time to go, kid. Or we'll miss the bus." He gently tugged on his arm.

Together, they made their way down to the bus stop, both soaking in the changed scene of the town as they passed by — the buildings destroyed during Weirdmageddon had been miraculously repaired and there was no trace of the fires of before. Anyhow, a peaceful calm had settled. When they spotted the others waiting for them, it was almost as if no disaster could surpass the pains of having to leave.

Mabel was already crying into her friends' shoulders, her beloved pig at her feet, begging her not to leave. That only added to the pain aching in her heart.

Even Bill seemed upset, a more forlorn look on his face. Was he really leaving Gravity Falls? He glanced at the male next to him, unsure for a split second. Then he saw the Dipper he fell in love with, unable to leave him, especially now. If home is where the heart is, then he would leave Gravity Falls to stay with Dipper.

"Don't you dare forget you have a place to come back to, you hear?" Ford smiled when Dipper turned around, his great uncle's arm wrapped around the shoulders of his brother. "I have great faith in your ability, both of you. But if things get a little strange . . ."

The teen felt as though he was going to burst with sentiment, all at once. His eyes darted between the two and he felt more than recognized himself giving each of them a hug. "Y-yeah, thank you . . . I'm gonna miss this place."

Stan placed one hand on each of the twins' shoulders, the start of tears in his eyes. "You kids were annoying and I'm glad to be rid of ya'," he teased, a sad smile place upon his lips. "I'll miss you." He spoke with genuine honesty, a single tear falling down his cheek, leaving a wet streak behind.

"Grunkle Staaaaaaaan!" Mabel sobbed, engulfing them again the same way she had during the party. "I'm going to miss you! And Grunkle Ford!" She was crying about as hard as Dipper wanted to.

Who would have thought that going away would be so sad? It wouldn't be the last time, surely. But the approaching bus did nothing but amplify those feelings. I'm not ready to go . . . Dipper realized. How could that be true? They were so prepared . . . and yet . . . he had trouble pulling away.

Even the taller male at his side was hesitant, but eventually found himself turning to look at the bus. It was time. They would be back, it was certain. Bill put a hand on Dipper's shoulder, gentle and compassionate. "It's time."

"B-bill . . ." Dipper choked, moving over to give the blond a hug too. Meanwhile, Wendy and Soos and Mabel started sharing their farewells, and the door to the bus opened in one unavoidable motion. I have to be strong.

Bill took the other's hand in his own, gazing back at Mabel, deciding it would be best if they all got on the bus at the same time. You're very brave, it's a good quality about you.

Dipper decided to believe that. After another few yells of goodbye and much waving, the brunet gathered his things and claimed a spot on the bus. Even Waddles got on it without excessive questioning. Soon Mabel cried her way in too.

"We'll visit!" she said loudly. "We will!"

The blond sat next to Dipper, perhaps a little too close, for he had never been on a bus before. "Mortal transportation." He hissed under his breath not sure if he wanted to trust a hunk of metal on wheels. Bill glanced out the window, deciding to wave towards everyone standing by the bus stop. He was actually leaving.

He didn't think it was too close. The comfort was welcome. "T-there's a lot of it back in Piedmont. It's not as sparse there as it is here . . . We even have to drive to school some days."

"Hey bro, Wendy wanted to give this to you," Mabel said from the seat beside them, handing over a piece of paper.

Dipper took it, unfolding the sheet. On it were signatures and words of comfort. And along with it was a triangle, drawn in yellow pen, and the sentence "Stay weird". The signature was Ford's. "Hey Bill . . . look at this . . ." He laughed, passing the paper to his boyfriend.

Bill stared at it, noticing not just the yellow triangle, but the signatures from everyone that cared about them. He chuckled, shaking his head. "The old man's heart grows fonder." He grinned. "Hey, Shooting Star, do you have a pen or marker on you?"

"Of course," she told him, producing about twelve different colors of marker from her pockets and fanning them out for Bill. "And more where that came from!"

He grabbed the red one, adding a heart with his initials next to Dipper's. "Here. I made it better." He grinned, handing the paper back to Dipper. "Say goodbye to Gravity Falls, my love."

Leaning against Bill, his eyes turned to the window and the trees and waving citizens passing by as he held the paper to his chest. "Goodbye . . . Gravity Falls . . . See you next year."

"If you've ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you've probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. It's not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it's a myth. But if you're curious, don't wait. Take a trip. Find it. It's out there somewhere in the woods, waiting." -Dipper Pines