A door was banging loud from the outside. The owners of the house gasped, the soldiers were barging in, Ranon and Sadria gasped in fright, they were going to be caught by Frollo's soldiers.

"The soldiers are here," Johann the owner of the house, cried. "You must flee!"

"Hide our children please!" Sadria cried.

"I'll help them!" Johann's wife cried. "Come with me children."

"Mama, Papa," a little girl with fear in her purple eyes cried. "Please come with us."

"Go on without us Malina," Ranon said.

"What?" the boy was shocked. "We're not leaving without you!"

"Casamir," He raised his voice. "You and your sister must leave together and hide somewhere in Paris and find the Court of Miracles."

"I'm sorry children," Sadria said. "We're doing this because we love you and we want to protect you two."

"Let us in the name of the law!" a deep voice yelled from outside.

Ranon and Sadria gave their children a quick hug.

"Take this Malina," Sadria removed an amethyst pendant from her neck and wrapped it around the little girl's neck. "Your father and I love you with all our hearts. But you remember about kindness and look deep into the souls of people and know who they truly are."

"My son, Casamir," Ranon gave his son his dagger. "Use this dagger for protection and always protect your sister."

"I promise Papa," Sadria kissed her daughter and son and they looked at their children one more time.

"Follow me," Johann's wife led the children to a secret passage. The children ran through the passage and opened the secret door, and fled from the house as they saw the soldiers raiding the house.

"Look there's two of them!" Malina and Casamir gasped and without thinking they ran.

The children ran through the streets of Paris as they held their hands. Two soldiers were chasing after them they were both running from being caught.

"Keep running Malina," Casamir cried. "They're gaining on us!"

Malina couldn't keep up, her short legs were getting tired from running.

"I can't Casamir," Malina cried. "I'm so tired."

"Don't give up," Casamir came up with an idea. "Go into another way Malina, I'll distract the guards."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me Malina, I'll be fine, keep running and don't stop until you lose them."

Malina gave her brother a quick hug and ran down another passage. Malina kept running as long as her feet would carry her. Suddenly, two figures jumped out and pulled Malina in the shadows. Malina tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth.

"Shhh, don't make a sound," a man's voice said. The soldiers passed by and they didn't see Malina hiding in the shadows with the strangers. Malina held her breath and her heart was pounding against her chest. When the coast was clear, Malina exhaled and her blood pressure went back to normal.

"It's ok," a girls voice said. "Don't worry, we mean no harm."

"Who are you?" Malina asked.

A girl around ten years old, showed her self in the light. She wore a green dress with golden jewelry. She had thick black hair and emerald green eyes.

"My name's Esmeralda and this is Clopin," A tall young man in his early twenties appeared, he wore a purple tunic, a purple hat, and long tight pants and black boots.

"What's your name little girl?" Clopin asked as he knelt down to her height.

"Malina," She started crying. "I got separated from my parents, they got taken by the soldiers, and I lost my brother."

Esmeralda wiped the child's tears with her thumbs, "It's okay Malina, we'll take you in."

"I don't know if I should trust you," Malina said. "You're strangers."

"Malina," Clopin said. "I understand that you have been through a terrible night, I promise you that Esmeralda and I will protect you."

Malina smiled and hugged Clopin, he was surprised, but he smiled and hugged her.

Clopin picked up Malina and carried her in his arms. Esmeralda and Clopin took the little girl to the Court of Miracles, a safe haven for the gypsies in Paris. As they walked, Malina fell asleep in Clopin's arms.

They went through the cemetery and went down a secret passage. They went through a sewer and came to a room filled with gypsies and caravans with small shops.

Clopin placed Malina in a soft bed and Esmeralda tucked her in. Malina was sleeping peacefully. Esmeralda sat next to her and watched Malina sleeping and she fell asleep next to her.

"I think I found a sister," Esmeralda said as she fell asleep.

I have did a little bit of rewriting of this beginning. But however I apologize that I had not posted this story, but I promise to post more soon.

I created Malina in creative writing class and I wanted to write "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" with another character. So I decided to put Malina in this story.