Malina's eyes opened up and everything around her was white and there was no sign of life. She slowly stood up on her bare feet and slowly walked around trying to find someone.

"Where am I? Hello! Is there anyone here?"

Suddenly, there were two figures standing in the distance. The girl slowly walked up to them, wondering who they were. The figures turned around to reveal themselves as a man and a woman. The man was tall and slender with tan skin, dark eyes dressed in dark clothes, along with a green hat with a red feather. The woman had tan skin with her long black hair tied up in a high ponytail. She wore an off the shoulder white blouse with puffed sleeves, a blue bodice, a long green skirt, grey flats, and jewelry of golden hoop earrings, an anklet, and part of a necklace. Malina's eyes widened in surprise, thinking she had seen them before. The couple looked up noticing the girl and their eyes widened.

"Mama? Papa?" she squeaked.

"Malina!" her parents cried.

Ranon and Sadria ran straight towards their daughter and pulled her into a hug. Tears streamed down Malina's face, feeling love and safety within the arms of her parents.

"Oh our little Malina," Sadria said. "You're safe!"

"My, you've grown so well," Ranon added.

Malina looked up to her parents with many questions boiling in her mind. She was confused looking around, was she in Heaven?

"Mama, Papa, am I dead?"

"No darling," Ranon said. "You are seeing us in a vision of your sleep. Your friends and brother were able to heal your wound, but they don't know if you'll wake up. Your mother and I have seen you a strong and brave young woman, willing to help others in need. I'm happy that you and Casamir are back together."

"We want to see you again, before we go into the next life," Sadria said. "We will visit your brother in his dreams, and tell him that we're proud of him for standing up to the wrong and protecting those he loves."

"Yes," Malina agreed, tears leaking from her eyes. "I thought that I'd never see him again, before I was nearly executed, but I'm glad to have him at my side again. Despite our hard times, we've made new friends, and they helped us. I must thank them somehow for protecting me, as I protected them."

"I think you've already did. I must thank you for helping my son," another female voice said.

Malina turned towards the other voice, revealing another gypsy woman. She wore a purple and blue dress with golden jewelry, a purple hood, and sandals. The girl's violet eyes widened in surprise, and they narrowed in intense concentration.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Florika," the woman said coming towards the girl. "I'm Quasimodo's mother."

"You're his mother?" Malina gasped.

"Yes," Florika said, nodding. "I appreciate you for everything you and Esmeralda did for my son."

"Florika, there's something that I've been wondering. Before Frollo was killed, he told Quasimodo that you died trying to save your son, the same way he saved us. Is this true?" Malina asked.

"Yes Malina," Florika said sadly. "Twenty years ago, my husband, friend, and our son were in a boat sneaking into Paris. I came to Paris to seek a better life for my family and myself. Just when we thought we wouldn't be caught, Frollo and his soldiers arrived and arrested my husband, friend, and the boatman. My son and I remained free, and Frollo attempted to take my son away thinking that I had stolen goods. I ran away from him, trying to escape from him. I ran to Notre Dame calling out for sanctuary, but Frollo caught up, and killed me. He tried to kill my son, but the Archdeacon stopped and warned him of his fate if he killed my son. So Frollo agreed to adopt my son and hid him in Notre Dame."

"Oh my, this is why Quasi lived in Notre Dame in the first place?"

"I'm afraid so. Frollo told him lies of the outside world and his appearance that no one would accept him. He even lied to my son that I abandoned him. My son's appearance didn't matter to me, ever since he was born, I loved him for who he was and I would never abandon him. But Frollo saw the other way, and did not want him to be an embarrassment and burden to him in Paris."

"That's awful!" Malina exclaimed, with anger burning in her heart. She never knew that Frollo was a lot cruller to Quasimodo, just like he was to her people. "I can't believe that Frollo would do this to him!"

"I don't know," Florika said. "It was perhaps another way to trick my son and do everything Frollo tells him to do. But now, he's free, even you, your brother, and friends."

"Malina," Sadria said, placing her hands on her daughter's cheek while giving a warm smile. "Papa and I are very proud of you and your brother for what you did. We will watch down from Heaven and someday, you, Papa, Casamir and me will be together again forever."

Ranon and Sadria pulled their daughter in for a hug one last time. Malina felt warmth and love from the arms of her parents, wishing she would never let go of them again.

"It's time that you wake up, and go back to Casamir and your friends," Ranon added. "We love you very much, and do your very best, and leave the rest. Always hold your head up high and be strong. As we said before, we love you very much."

The girl was slowly released from the arms from her parents, Sadria and Ranon kissed their daughter on the forehead and cheek. Malina slowly backed away with tears running down her face. A sad smile was growing across her face and gave a nod.

"I love you too Mama and Papa," she said, sobbing.

Just when her parents would disappear in the light, Quasimodo's mother hurried over to Malina and took her hands into her own.

"Malina, before I go, will you please do me a favor?"

"Anything Florika," the girl said.

"Take care of my son, and keep him safe. Tell him that I love him very much and that I'm proud of him too."

"I will Florika, I promise," Malina nodded

"Thank you Malina."

Florika smiled and backed next to Sadria, Casamir, and with the rest of the gypsies and citizens who died from Frollo's tyranny. Malina waved goodbye to them, and a bright light encased her, and everything went blank.