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I always knew I was a pathetic shy girl that could never speak her mind. I always knew I had a soft spot for friendship, but I never expected that to be my fatal flaw. Since I can easily purify eggs as a singer, Easter has been chasing me more than usual. My old friends are now the least of my problems, but fate says I shall clash with them again.

Chapter 1

My Own

A girl with bright pink hair was leaning against the outside of a music shop. In her hands was a small notepad that occasionally, she would write a few notes into with her pink glittery pen. She looked pretty magnificent for what was noticeable. Her clear skin looked smooth to the touch. She was wearing a red plaid dress that reached just above her knees and a small sleeveless denim jacket. She wore brown ankle high boots with a buckle. Her hair was straight and was casually swept over her shoulder. She wore sunglasses and a small brown pouch slung over her shoulder. Everybody walking past her would occasionally stop to stare and whisper to those nearby.

Two girls then came up. One girl was short with red hair and orange eyes. Her hair was tied up in ribbons and she seemed childish. The other girl had long curly blond hair that probably took up more space than herself. They were both shorter than average Japanese girl.

"Hello, may I ask you a question?" the girl with the blond hair looked up at the pink girl inspecting her. The other girl looked to the sides anxiously, like she had to go to the washroom.

"Of course." The pink haired girl smiled in reassurance, signally it was okay to ask.

"Okay, then−" the blonde girl was interrupted by her friend.

"Are you Amanda Starr?"

The blondie groaned to her friend, "Yaya! I told you not to talk!"

"I'm really sorry, my friend Yaya here is really... dumb. Amanda is a famous song writer from America, and there's no way she could be here in Japan. I'm so sorry."

The pink haired girl, Amanda smiled, "It's alright," she replied in perfect Japanese. She then took off her sunglasses and stretched out her hand, "Amanda Starr at your service."

Amanda Starr, 16 year old song writing prodigy. The current #2 on this top song writers list and #1 for the best concerts. Famous enough to have people following her out of the country.

The blondie stared back at Amanda dumbfounded. "R−Rima, my name is Rima." Rima did a deep bow in front of Amanda and nervously shook her hand. "It's such an honor to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Rima," Amanda looked to Yaya, "As to you Yaya."

Amanda saw this as a moment to leave while the girls were staring open mouthed at her. She put her note book and pen into her pouch, while being careful not to disturb her four charas.

"I'd love to you see you two at my concert on Friday." Amanda said, as she each gave Rima and Yaya three back stage passes along with concert tickets. Like that, Amanda took her leave and walked off. While walking, she put on her sunglasses back on to prevent anymore people recognizing her. She wondered if she should have wore a hat like her manager told her she should.

She caught one of the trains to the five star hotel she was going to be staying at. Taking out her hotel card, she swiped the door slot and heard a small beeping noise as the door opened to her room. With surprise, Amanda noticed someone else was in there already.

"Amu," a guy with dark blue hair was sitting on her bed, and he called alluringly to Amanda.

Amanda took a step forward, wanting to rush into this handsome man's arms, but stopped herself.

"Leslie... Is this another one of your tricks?" Amanda asked cautiously to the furniture around her, as she looked around for a weapon to hit her best friend with.

A shrill laughter was heard from the kitchen as the boy disappeared and Leslie appeared from the kitchen.

"Oh! Amu! You should've seen your face for a moment! You were like...'Ikuto?!'" Leslie threw her head back laughing at her blushing pink haired friend.

"Not funny," Amu growled, "You know I hate that pathetic excuse of a man." Amu opened her pouch and let her own charas roam free.

Leslie put her hands into her jacket's pockets. Leslie wore a white unzipped jacket with a grey shirt inside. She wore a black beaded necklace and dark blue skinny jeans. Her hair was slick, black and beautiful with brown highlights. She had blue eyes that stood out from the rest of her, the blue eyes that could make any person fall under her spell... and her illusions. Leslie was a famous lady magician known for her fool proof tricks that no one could unravel. Leslie didn't have a chara, but could see charas.

Amu's charas circled the hotel apartment. Typical for a star, the hotel room happened to have everything a house would normally have. The hotel room even had special places for a chara to sleep and hide. Of course, the manager would give Amu a room with space for her chara's comfort.

Miki hadn't changed at all. She still scribbled into her notebook whenever she had inspiration. Right now, it seemed as though Miki were drawing a picture of Ran and Su.

Su was holding a whisk with the remainder of dough on it, and was screaming 'Stay away from me!.' Ran seemed to be covered with splotches of flour, chasing after Su angrily. Miki trailed behind them, occasionally scribbling in her book.

They were in their own fun, little world, for the moment. The charas haven't even realized Amu was home, yet.

"Oh yeah, Amu," Leslie began, "Your manager Mr. Lochte called, something about a last minute concert?" Leslie held up Amu's phone and dangled it in front of her. Amu growled slightly and snatched it away before starting to tap the screen, dialing numbers.

"Pierre? What's this talk about a concert?" Amu demanded to her manager, yelling into the phone.

Amu expected at least a day of relaxation before having to go back to work. She had just arrived in japan and was not expecting another concert following so quickly.

"Ouch, Amu. You could refrain from shouting so loudly into the phone. You will ruin my eardrums one day Hinamori."

Amu sighed quietly, "Where will the concert be held?"

"Today, 7:30 PM, at Seiko Stage. I will pick you up at 6:00 to rehearse."

Amu nodded, she had been to Seiko Stage once before. It was a large place, about the same size as two football fields. It would be a spectacular place to hold her first performance in Japan.

"What about the concert that we have scheduled for this Friday?" she asked.

"The plans on Friday will be the same; nothing has changed," answered the voice on the other side of the phone.

"Alright, I understand." Amu clicked the red button on the screen and the phone's screen went back to black.

She placed the phone into her bag and looked at her best friend.

"Have you eaten lunch yet, Leslie?" she asked, knowing that Leslie had habits of skipping meals.

"Of course I have," she said. Leslie rolled her eyes at Amu.

"Whatever, I hope you don't expect me to believe what you say," scoffed Amu. She grabbed Leslie by her wrist and dragged her outside the hotel room. Leslie had a tendency to roll her eyes whenever she lied.

"Woah, wait! Amu!"

Amu turned around and faced Leslie, "What?"

"Where are we going to eat?"

Amu laughed, and dragged Leslie towards a restaurant that had caught her eyes just today.

Amu walked into the restaurant with her arm looped around Leslie's.

"Table for two, please?" Amu asked politely to the person working at the counter.

"Your just in luck, Miss," said the woman, "a table has just opened."

The woman led Amu and Leslie to a table at the far corner of the restaurant. It was a nice, secluded, place with a window view.

"Your waiter will be here shortly." The woman bowed to the two before walking away.

"Amanda," Leslie had switched to calling Amu her fake name, "I think that woman thinks we're a couple."

Amu laughed and sat down on one of the chairs. She took one of the menus in the middle of the table and opened it up.

Shortly, a waiter with long purple hair had come up. The name plate on him said, "Fujisaki Naghiko." He bowed politly.

"I am Naghiko, and I will be your waiter for today."

Amu gave the nice boy a smile and said, "Amanda, nice to meet you."

Amu noticed in Naghiko's eyes the flicker of recognition for a moment before it was replaced by gentle eyes, and a composed face.

"Leslie." Leslie gave her name to the boy in by their table and resumed with her cold expression; an expression she got from Amu three years ago.

"Pleasure to serve you," Naghiko bowed politely again. "I am guessing Miss Leslie and you would like a pink lemonade and a coke?" Naghiko asked, knowing that Amu and Leslie were also known for only have seen drinking that in public.

Amu nodded, "Yes, please."

Naghiko walked away with his long hair trailing behind him. He seemed oddly feminine and masculine at the same time.

Leslie giggled, dropping her cool facade. "We're so famous that everybody knows what we order for drinks! It's kind of creepy that he knows I love coke. He's a hottie, don't you think so Amanda?"

"Nagi?" Amu thought back to the time when he and her were best friends. A hottie- Amu had never thought of him that way.

"You know him?"

Amu smiled, "He goes Seiko High with us;10th grader; like us."

"Hook me up with him!"

"He has a girl friend, I think." Amu smiled at the good memories that were flashing through her mind. She missed her old friends. Rima had grown up so much, but she was still glad she had cut friendship ties with her three years ago.

"Why can't your guardians recognize you as well -you?"

"I've changed a lot," Amu was silent for a moment, thoughtful. "I doubt they even remember me."

Leslie was silent. She knew they had reached a touchy and sensitive part of Amu.

"Not that I care. I just wish I never met them, then they would've died- instead of me."

A few moments later Naghiko came with their drinks. The ice in the drinks were extremely loud, cutting through the silence of the table.

"Sorry for the wait, have you chosen your meals?" Naghiko asked sweetly.

Leslie, with her facade on, said, "Just get me whatever."

Naghiko looked toward Amu, expecting an answer.

Amu shrugged, she had barely looked through the menu. She didn't exactly have the appetite for lunch.

"Just get me a strawberry parfait,"

Leslie frowned at this, "That's not exactly lunch material."

Amu rolled her eyes at Leslie, even though she knew Leslie couldn't see behind her shades.

"Today was so fun!" Leslie exclaimed. The two were walking in the streets of the city, bustling with people. Luckily, no-one seemed to recognize the two celebrities. It was beginning to turn dark after they went on a shopping spree to the shops of Japan.

"My concert starts soon, we should get back to the hotel room." Amu said as she was staring at her phone screen.

"Our charas better not have had messed up our room."

Amu and Leslie were bombarded by Amu's colorful charas once they entered the hotel room.

"How could you leave without us?" Su complained, tears trickling into her eyes.

"I was hungry too!" Ran whined and pouted. "Us charas have to eat, too!"

Amu laughed and smiled at Leslie.

Leslie brought out a large, heavy bag, "That's why we got extra food to bring home."

The charas squealed in delight and quickly rushed to take the bag, which they struggled to carry. Amu smiled at her happy charas. She made a mental note to take them on a nice little date.

"It's almost six, where is Pierre?" Amu asked to herself. Pierre was never late.

"Right behind you, cutie." The Italian sweetheart was definitely right behind her. "You should really lock the doors of your rooms. Someday you'll realize why I tell you to lock the doors. There are bad people here that would kill to spend a night with-"

"Yeah, we get it! We should lock the doors to prevent people like you from coming in, right?" Amu cut off Pierre mid-sentence and stepped away from the dangerously close man.

He was fairly tall. An easier way to describe his height would be that he was as tall as ikuto. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was a natural lady catcher. He was well muscled for a teenage boy, and was currently wearing a plaid blue, white, and pink shirt. He wore regular denim jeans, and his normal white and gold converse that made him seem cooler than he actually was.

Pierre gave Amu a annoyed, but caring and gentle look as he said, "Your transport is downstairs." He held out his arm, gesturing for Amu to take it.

"What an over-caring manager," Leslie had mumbled from the corner of the room. It was like she had vanished into thin air, because of the aura surrounding the two.

Amu did not hear this, and hooked her arm around Pierre's.

Outside of Seiko stadium was already loud with people waiting for the concert to start, though it was an hour before it began. She was only doing a rehearsal before the real show, but her fans cheered anyway. Leslie decided to stay in the Amu's dressing room as Amu practiced in stage with the band that would be playing for her.

Pierre led Amu through Seiko Stadium. Seiko Stadium was a maze, and she was glad Pierre had memorized the Stadium's layout. Amanda put her sunglasses in her pouch once she saw the band members in view. She and Pierre entered a small room, which Amanda had mentally 'labeled the band room'.

"Amanda, these are the people you will be working with for the next few years in Japan." Pierre gestured to the band.

The pianist spoke first, "Tadase Hotori, nice to meet you."

The drummer spoke next with a large grin spread across his face, "Kukai Souma."

The guitarist did a formal bow, "Kairi Sanjou, I specialize in guitar and tambourine."

Amu looked towards the silent blue haired boy in the corner and cocked an eyebrow.

Kairi answered for him, "He's Ikuto Tsukiyomi. He's here because a majority of your songs have the violin in it."

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