The pianist spoke first, "Tadase Hotori, nice to meet you."

The drummer spoke next with a large grin spread across his face, "Kukai Souma."

The guitarist did a formal bow, "Kairi Sanjou."

Amanda looked towards the silent blue haired boy in the corner and cocked an eyebrow.

Kairi answered for him, "He's Ikuto Tsukiyomi. He's here because a majority of your songs have the violin in it."

Forever Sound

Chapter 2

"Is that so?" Amu kept a skeptic eye on the blue haired boy. Tsukiyomi was leaning against the back wall of the small room with his eyes staring disinterestedly into the distance. He actually looked cool with his black band uniform, which just looked like the clothes he usually wore. He hadn't changed at all.

Ikuto turned his head to face Amanda. Indigo eyes met gold, and Amu could feel butterflies forming in her stomach. She mentally pushed them down. She hadn't seen this boy in 3 years. Nothing has changed, because he'll still the boy who broke her heart.

"What a plain girl," his statement sent darts towards Amu. Her face flickered with hurt, but she quickly replaced it with her spicy and cool mask.

Kairi stepped in before Amu could say a mean retort, "I apologize on my band mate's behalf, Amanda. Ikuto here, doesn't exactly have the best manners."

Amu gave a small 'hmph' when she turned her head away from Kairi. She walked around the room, while looking around for something to take her mind off of what just happened.

Kairi attempted to gain Amu's attention back, he gave a small cough.

"Our band is called Forever Sound," he tried.

"That sounds like a band name a girl group would have."

"It's supposed to mean we'll sound good forever."

"Lame," Amu remarked in a singsong voice.

Kairi gave up talking to Amu with a sigh, and Amu could hear a small voice say something by Tadase.

"Who does that girl think she is? She's making fun of the name I came up with! I'll make her bow down to me, one day!" There was no doubt in Amu's mind that it was not Kiseki, Tadase's arrogant, but funny, chara.

"Be quiet, Kiseki!" Tadase whispered loudly to his chara.

"So," Amu began, "I heard this was the best band in Japan, but I need to actually hear you guys play."

The guy with light brown hair grinned from ear to ear, "Awesome! I was waiting for this moment; Amanda is going to listen to us play!"

Amu gave a smile smile to Kukai, before sitting down on the small couch in the corner of the room. She waited for the guys to get everything ready.

Kukai was the one who began the song with, 'one, two, one two three four!'

The music began with Kairi as the singer. They played a song Amu hadn't recognized before, but then again, Amu rarely listened to music other than her own.

The instrument blended together as one song, and Amu felt herself smiling. The music was almost nostalgic, as it reminded her of everything that used to be. The steady beat of the drums did not usually go well with the sound of a piano, or a violin. This band managed to actually make a decent song.

Amu clapped when they finished and gave a small smile, "Not bad."

"Not bad?" Kukai questioned, "We were amazing!" He threw his hands up in the air to elaborate.

Amu kept a bored face and rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say, Kukai."

Kukai grinned cheekily at Amu, which caused Amu to smile back.

"Well then, " Amu began. She grabbed the mic from Kairi's hand and said into the mic, "Let's get ready to rehearse."

They only had enough time to practice three songs before the concert began. They moved out of the band room and onto the stage. The stage was not yet lit up, but you could tell the audience saw them from the screaming they did. The stage was already preset up, with the instruments already in the right place.

Amu had changed into a dark pink and red dress with translucent short sleeves. The front trim of her dress was above her knees while the back was longer than the front. Most of the band members were wearing black pants with regular black Tshirts and gold chain necklaces.

Ikuto in particular, was still wearing his normal, everyday clothes. Nothing had changed, except that now he had his key attached to one of the belt loops on his pants.

It was just something Amu had noticed; not like she was paying attention to him.

Amu walked to center stage with people in audience screaming her name. She recognized a few of the people in the audience, Ami, Rima, Yaya, Leslie, Pierre, even Utau was there.

She raised her hand into the air, signaling for the audience to quiet down. Everyone began to stop talking, but there still were a few scattered cheers.

Suddenly, the stage lit up with a loud boom while Amu spoke into the Mic.

"Hello, my stars, I suppose you are excited to see me here?"

The crowd responded with a loud cheer.

"I would guess you all know who I am, correct?"

The crowd shouted in harmony this time, "Amanda Starr!"

"What was that?" Amu said teasingly into the mic, "I guess you don't really want me here."

The crowd yelled one more time, "Amanda Starr!" The mics picked this sound up. The speakers made a loud squeak which caused a lot of people on stage to flinch.

Amu gave a smirk to the audience, "That's more like it."

Once the concert was finished, Amu walked back to her dressing room to change back into her regular clothes. A few fans with backstage passes greeted her along the way. Amu gave them a smile and gave them each an autograph.

Amu shut the door and locked it behind her. She leaned against the door before sliding down in exhaustion.

Dancing and singing on stage was as tiring as always, not to mention having to keep up a mask of fake emotion.

She wanted to close her eyes and fall asleep, but a star's duty isn't done that easily. She quickly changed and washed her makeup off. Right as she was grabbing her small bag, a knock came at her door.

She sighed quietly. It was probably Pierre, her young manager, about to barge in and give her the schedule for tomorrow.

Amu slumped and dragged her feet to the door, "What do you want?" She growled at the culprit of knocking the door.

Amu expected to see the blond hair and light blue eyes of Pierre, but was instead greeted by the dark blue eyes and hair of Tsukiyomi.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto? Amu staggered a step back. It was just Leslie with a new magic trick, she told herself.

The teenage boy in front of Amu blinked, "That's not a nice way to greet someone, Amanda." He smirked.

He walked into Amu's room without her permission. He took a speculating look around, as if judging.

Amu took a deep breath. She was facing the same boy who had broke her heart 3 years ago. She had changed since then, and she was sure that he had not. He still smiles like a playboy. He still walks like he owns the world. He still has those beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when he thinks.

He still has Amu's heart, even after what he- and everyone else did- 3 years ago.

"Amu? Amu?" A deep voice cut through Amu's thoughts, "Are you there?"

Amu blinked and snapped out of her thoughts, "Sorry, Ikuto. I was thinking..."

"Thinking?" Ikuto looked towards the sky, "I didn't think that you knew how to think, Amu-koi."

Amu slapped Ikuto playfully on the shoulder.

"I'll stay by your side forever, Amu"

"Forever is a long time, Ikuto."

"I promise, and I don't forget my promises."

"I'll stay by your side for eternity, Ikuto."

"I love you."

"I love you more."

"Amanda? Amanda?" A deep voice cut through Amu's thoughts, "Are you there?"

Amu blinked and snapped out of her thoughts, "Sorry, Ikuto. I was thinking... about how easy it is to forget promises."

"Promises? I never forget my promises."

Amu flashed a cold smile at Ikuto, "Well, aren't you the hypocrite?" She asked sarcastically.

"Excuse me?" Ikuto grinned, enjoying the challenge, "Don't just judge a book by it's cover. You may be famous, but you just met me."

"I feel like I've known you long enough."

An emotion Amu had never seen on Ikuto's face flashed across. Was he actually hurt? He shuffled his feet.

"You did a average job today at the concert," Ikuto said slowly.

Amu froze, "Are you giving me a compliment?"

Ikuto smirked, "Maybe I am."

Amu's face finally registered what Ikuto said, and she blushed. Amu was about to retort back, but before she could even open her mouth, Ikuto had escaped, leaving with the last word.

Some things never change. Was he trying to flirt with her?

'No matter what he does now, even if he doesn't remember, I will,' Amu swore to herself.

Today was Amanda Starr's first day in a public school. Amu wasn't looking forward to it. Seiyo High was not a safe place.

Her alarm clock was not set the other night due to her tiredness. Amu had to rush to get ready for school. Leslie slept like a brick. She was lucky that she had graduated High school early.

Amu quickly grabbed her suitcase and held it over her shoulder. It was much more comfortable that way. The Seiyo uniform for the high schoolers were mainly black and blue. Amanda had ordered a servant to make the fringes of the school jacket red.

Rather than wait for a limo to come drive her to school, she ran instead. Right as she arrived to the gate, she was greeted by a few girls.

"Hi Amanda! I love your songs! Sign this for me, please?"

"Can we be best friends?"

"Sit with me at lunch, please!"

"I can't believe you're at my school! Do you need someone to show you around?"

"Sorry, girls," Amu flipped her hair, "I prefer being lone wolf."

Amu walked towards the school's front door when the door opened with a blast of wind. Out stepped eight different people, and six of them were wearing capes. Guardian capes.

The girls following Amu explained, "Those are the guardians!"

"They protect our school!"

"They're so popular!"

"Ikuto is king, but he doesn't wear a cape."

"Tadase is prince, he's so cute."

"Rima is queen!"

"Yaya is princess."

"Kukai and Kairi and Naghiko are the jacks."

"The joker is none other than our beautiful Utau!"

"She's the only person who has ever been a joker."

"She practically made that place for herself!"

"Aren't they amazing, Amanda?" A girl turned to look at Amanda.

"Where did Amanda go?"

"She just poofed into thin air!"

Suddenly, the warning bell for school rang.

"We're going to be late for school!"

The group of girls ran to the school, tripping and shoving each other in the process.

Amu was already in her classroom, talking to the teacher. She watched as each student walked in and whispered to each other about the new student. Amu felt like an attraction at a zoo. Everyone kept staring at her, and bothering her endlessly. You'd think at least one of them would recognize her. It didn't matter, she'd soon go back to America, anyway.

"Hinamori? Is that you, Amu?" A quiet voice whispered incredulously near her.

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