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*12.) Kim Possible!*

'When will he shut up?!' Rayne wondered in frustrated irritation. She'd been conscious for four hours now, and not once had that big blue idiot stopped talking. On one hand, she was thankful for that as it kept him distracted enough to forget (temporarily) his plan of permanently controlling her. On the other hand, it meant her patience was pretty much gone and she was going from having a massive headache to having an increasingly unbearable migraine. At least when she used to work for him she could file her gloves or read a magazine to distract herself from his rants. She did find herself hoping that Kim would somehow learn what had happened, and be on her way. Though the plasma thrower loved the redhead more than she'd thought would be possible - especially since they'd only been back together, as it were, for three weeks - it still rankled her pride that she needed to be rescued, and from DRAKKEN of all people.

". . . . and of course everyone will have to finally acknowledge the superiority of my genius," Drakken was saying, unaware that his 'captive' audience wasn't really paying attention to his (in his opinion) well thought out and brilliant speech on how he would be able to conquer and rule the world after he'd gotten her back into their evil family. "So you see, Shego," he said, still wrapped up in his own words, "it only makes sense for you to come back to me. After all, I'm a brilliant genius, I have mad skills, and I know that you dig me."

"What the fucking hell are you on?" Rayne blurted out incredulously, unable to believe what she'd just heard.

"Don't think it escaped my impressive deduction ability," the blue evil scientist replied smugly. "I know that there was only one reason you worked for me for so long, tolerated our repeated defeats, and always went with me to karaoke night: you have feelings for me." The pale woman couldn't help herself; she burst out into the biggest, longest, and hardest laugh she'd ever experienced in her life. Drakken actually looked affronted and hurt by her reaction, which made her laugh all the more. It seemed like forever before her laughs tapered off, though in reality it was only thirty minutes (every time she'd get to calming down, the sight of the blue-skinned man's face brought to mind his words, which got her laughing again).

"I don't see how that was called for, Shego," Drakken said, the hurt in his voice threatening to send her into a giggle fit.

"I don't see how you got the idea that I even remotely LIKED you, much less could possibly LOVE you," Rayne replied, her mirth evident in her voice and on her face.

"Because you've been with me for so long," he explained, confused. "Of course, that doesn't really count the last . . . uh, few . . . years since we had saved the world instead of conquering it. I can forgive that, obviously, since I'm sure you needed a vacation or something." Then he frowned. "Though I don't understand why you would help Kim Possible during a year-long vacation and then disappear instead of coming back to me."

"First off, DREW, when we got pardoned I was asked to help Kimmie," she told him, her irritation beginning to return. "Second of all, I decided that I was done with the whole villain and sidekick thing and RETIRED. Thirdly, I have TWO reasons to stay legit and I have no intention of giving those up. And LAST of all, there is abso-fucking-lutely NO way in ANY reality I would EVER hook up with you if I have someone BETTER! Fuck, I'd rather date MOTOR ED than you!" Drakken's mouth dropped open in shocked and stunned disbelief; he simply could not believe her vehement and profane denial of what he had thought was the truth. It didn't add up in his mind; after all, why else would Shego have stayed with him for so long and through so much if she didn't love him? Seeing the confusion on the idiot genius's face, Rayne decided to spell it out even more for him since she knew - from direct experience - that he wouldn't understand actual facts that went contrary to his view of things.

"Listen, you blueberry crudcake," she said scornfully, "I only stayed with you because we had a contract and you paid me damn well. Nothing else. And my girlfriend isn't going to be happy about this."

"Girlfriend?" the blue-skinned man echoed in confusion. "Are you . . . a guy, then?"

"Hell no, you fucktard!" she snapped. "It's called homosexuality, you braindead jackass. I'm a lesbian, I like women sexually and romantically."

"That doesn't make any sense," Drakken replied, his brow furrowed in thought and confusion. "Only guys can like girls."

'Oh, God,' Rayne moaned in her head, letting it fall back onto the table/whatever she was strapped to. It was like dealing with Hego all over again. 'Although,' she thought, 'I think Hego's actually a bit smarter than this.' As Drakken ranted on and on about what was right (according to his mind), the plasma thrower was hoping she'd bought herself enough time for Kim to get there. Damn, she hated feeling and being helpless. If Kim left anything of Drakken when she arrived, Rayne was definitely gonna tear the blue man's ass apart.


"For the last time, Stoppable," Kim snapped into her kimmunicator, "I don't want your help. I don't need your help."

"But Kim-" the blond tried to say, only to be interrupted by the redhead.

"If you have an issue with Rayne, then you have an issue with me. You may have stepped your game to handle the supervillains and all while I was gone, but that doesn't mean I can't handle myself. And another thing," she added as she saw her former best friend open his mouth to speak, "shut up about Rayne, okay? Ever since you found me, you've been trying to get ME to leave her. Elizabeth likes her, liked her from the beginning, and I'll trust my daughter's judgement before I'll trust your self-righteous, I-know-better beliefs." She shook her head, sensing and feeling the experimental military transport Wade had hooked her up with bank onto a new course. "Just because we were best friends once, and know now what happened to me, doesn't mean you know me anymore."

"But, Kim," Ron began again, "it's been two years since you've been in action, and you've admitted you haven't practiced at all during that time."

"Drakken and his HenchCo henchmen couldn't beat me on their best day and on my worst," she pointed out.

"What's happened to you, Kim?" he asked.

"Beyond the fact that I was raped fourteen months ago?" she replied sarcastically, making the blond on the screen flush in shame. "I grew up, Ron. Sure, I took a bit of a roundabout path to do that, but it happened. You may have stepped up your game and become a hero in your own right, but you still have to grow up some more. I know what Rayne did to me back then, and I know what happened to me to because of that. It did happen to ME, after all. But I know she did what she did, and how she's changed. You want to talk about us having been best friends and all of that? Then actually trust that I know better than you about the things that are going on with me. What happened in the past is in the past. If you can't understand that, and move past it all, then it looks your Team Stoppable thing will be permanent." With that, Kim ended the call. Sighing, she shook her head. Ron certainly hadn't changed since she'd last seen him; or, perhaps he did but not for the better. He claimed to still be her best friend, and also said that he trusted her, but she hadn't seen anything since his reentry into her life that backed up those claims.

'We've moved too far apart,' she thought sadly. 'And not just physically. I think he still doesn't really accept my homosexuality.' She didn't want to go down that path anymore, and so moved on to other considerations. Like the fact that there hadn't been time for her to really get any of her gear - beyond the new kimmunicator she'd just finished using again. Still, it was one of Drakken's lairs, which basically begged to be infiltrated. Of course, this would be her 'coming out' mission announcing her return to hero work so she wanted to make a big splash. As she gazed around the troop compartment of the jet, her eyes fell upon a military-grade magnetic grapple and the type of armored box usually used to hold high-grade explosives. A feral, Shego-like smile grew upon her face.


"So what do you think's gonna happen to Shego?" a henchman whose real name was Fred asked his partner, whose real name was George. The two of them, dressed in the standard HenchCo red suits, were on guard duty outside of Dr Drakken's current lair. They had both agreed it would've made more sense to not have anyone outside, since the lair would definitely have stayed hidden, but the boss said to guard the door and they WERE being paid for it.

"Who cares?" George replied, looking around. He was getting a bad feeling, a really bad one, and it was making him very antsy. He was beginning to think he should've taken that retirement deal Jack Hench had offered in exchange for working with that skirt-wearing golf nut. Before his buddy could respond to that, something dropped out of the sky and was shrouded almost immediately by the collapsing parachute. The two henchmen readied their Drakken-issue stun sticks; they had just activated them, as a matter of fact, when the parachute was tossed aside and its wearer stood up. The hair was much shorter, of course, and the colors were different, but there was no mistaking that outfit style or those intimidating olive green eyes. Both Fred and George felt their eyes widen massively underneath their masks as recognition set in.

"So you two have a choice," the black-and-green-clad redhead said, cracking her knuckles and neck. "Either step aside and let me through, or hope your union medical insurance covers full-body casts and thoroughly intensive physical therapy."

"What the hell," George said, shutting off his stun stick and dropping it. "I'm close to retirement, and a hospital visit will make me miss my daughter's middle school graduation."

"I didn't unionize," Fred admitted. Kim smiled as the two Henches stepped aside; her grin got a bit wider as one of them even keyed in the access code and opened the door for her. As she walked past them she said, "You two might want to find a new line of work; I'm not in a very forgiving mood these days."

Kim was now grinning up a storm; five minutes into her direct assault and she had already taken out more Henchmen than she had fingers. She had been out of shape, so to speak, for a little more than two years. Even so, and even taking into account the fact that Hench had upgraded the training for his henches, her assessment to Ron had been right: this was her worst day as far as her fighting skills went, but she was still kicking henchmen's asses on their best day. She ducked a fairly fast punch from one, flipped over a leg sweep from a second, and did an upside down split leg kick that knocked out all five of the ones immediately around her. A few others were trying to crawl away, a feat made difficult by the fact that they were suffering from a variety of broken limbs and lots of bruises. The redhead noticed a few more coming at her as she came out of her mid-air inverted kick and landed on her feet. She didn't stay there long, though, as she immediately launched herself at those in the direction she knew Drakken's command center would be. Some of the Henches were getting the hint that going up against her was a bad idea and tried running; unfortunately for some of them, they happened to try running in the direction she was going. Wade had her backup coming, it was about five minutes out, but she had no intention of delaying herself that long.

"DRAKKEN!" she yelled out, her loud and enraged scream echoing through the lair.


Drakken's head snapped around to the large doors that led into his lair's main room - where he'd been since returning with Shego. He'd thought he had heard someone scream his name. He would've thought it was Shego, as only she would've yelled his name like that, only there were two issues with that thought. The first was that it was only when he'd screwed up really bad in the past and pissed Shego off. The second issue was that Shego was strapped to the table in front of him.

"What was that?" he asked, still confused about the faint yell that had sounded almost like his name.

"Hell if I know," Rayne answered, attempting to shrug but not really able to manage it. But then a smirk graced her face. "But if I had to guess, Doc, I'd say Princess is here."

"Princess?" the not-really-genius genius echoed.

"Kimmie," she explained, rolling her eyes.

"Impossible," he scoffed. "She's dead."

"What gave you that idea, Einstein?" the pale woman wondered, sarcasm thick and heavy in her voice.

"No one's seen her in years, Shego," he explained, his tone indicating that SHE was the stupid one. "Since that is a fact, it is of course because she's dead."

"Oh, God," Rayne moaned, closing her eyes. "Why me?"


It had taken longer than she'd wanted, but now Kim found herself standing before a large pair of doors. She was angry at the delay in making it to this point, though that anger was directed as much at herself as it was at the henchmen; she was WAY out of shape. What really pissed her off was the fact that she had to go through all of this in the first place. She knew it would take a bit of time to get Wade to hack open the door, and she was in NO mood to wait any longer. Reaching into one of the pouches on her cargo pants, she pulled out a block of C4. She took the magnetic grappler off of her waist, then affixed the explosive putty-like material to the end of it. After making sure she was a good distance away, Kim took aim at the doors and fired the launcher.


Drakken wasn't prepared for the doors to his command room exploding. Especially when he was about to inject his obviously misguided and mentally unwell sidekick with his improved and unbeatable mind control system. The explosion, and the busted doors falling into the room, startled him enough that he dropped the syringe before injecting Shego. The syringe, of course, shattered upon hitting the floor. The blue-skinned mad scientist whirled around to see who had the nerve to interrupt one of his most glorious triumphs. What he saw shocked him beyond belief. A lithe, familiar redheaded figure strode out of the smoke; although perhaps 'stalked' would have better described her walk.

"Kim Possible?!" Drakken shouted in genuine shock and disbelief; of course, he'd done that every time she'd appeared in one of his lairs.

"Alright, you overgrown Smurfette reject," Kim growled dangerously, "give me back my girlfriend."

"This . . . this isn't possible!" he exclaimed, backpedaling up against a small table near where Shego was strapped down to.

"I'm a Possible, you brainless blueberry," she snapped, continuing to move towards him.

"You can't be dating my Shego!" he screeched; that actually made the redhead pause.

"Your Shego?" she echoed in confusion. Her gaze shifted slightly to Rayne. "Want to clue me in, dear?"

"He thinks I've been in love with him all of these years because I'd stuck with him for so long," the pale woman explained to her girlfriend. Kim couldn't help herself; she burst out laughing. A hard, gut-clenching fit of laughter overtook the returned hero, who fell to her knees with her arms wrapped around her stomach. Looking at Drakken's face didn't help her any, as the man looked genuinely offended and hurt by her response.

"Oh . . . God . . .," Kim said, trying to breathe. "I . . . came here . . . all pissed . . . off and ready . . . to tear your . . . head off, Drakken . . . and instead find . . . you doing standup . . . comedy!"

"But it's true!" the man insisted, sparking a new round of laughter from Kim.

"Didn't you tell him, Rayne?" she asked.

"I tried, Pumpkin," Rayne said at the same time Drakken asked who Rayne was, "but I figured getting him to rant on and on about his schemes would keep me from being mind controlled long enough for you to get here."

"Mind control?" Kim asked, all mirth gone from her. Drakken had the decency and intelligence to look terrified of her when she looked at him. Oh, she was going to make him pay for even THINKING to mind control HER Rayne. The evil smirk that appeared on her face simultaneously made Rayne feel both happy and scared. Suddenly, without any prior warning, Kim's eyes went almost large enough to be considered 'anime,' her expression immediately became sad, her lower lip pushed out, and her hands clasped together in front of her. Rayne had always claimed to be evil, even after she reformed and all that, but the look Kim was sending Drakken's way had to be so beyond evil that she bet the devil himself would never use it; she found herself wanting to confess every sin and secret to the redhead, including the fact that she'd kissed Ellen Mathens back in the tenth grade. Drakken was actually curled up on the floor in a fetal position, begging.

"I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry," he said in a rush, tears falling down his face. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Make it stop, make it stop! I'll be good! I'll go to prison! I'll do anything! I'm sorry!" The expression left Kim's face so fast it might not have been there in the first place. In it's place was the same evil smirk she'd had before unleashing that face.

"I'll have you owe me a favor, Drakken," she said. "Anything I want, no matter what."

"Yes, yes," he quickly agreed. Rayne thought, 'If Kimmie had used that . . . that look against me when we were enemies . . . hell, I'd've BEGGED to go to prison.'

"Just one more thing, then," Kim told him. Before he could ask - or beg, rather - a voice rang out that made him pale and chilled Rayne to the bone.

"Drewbie?" came the voice of Mrs Lipsky as walked into the command room, waving smoke away from her face. "You are LATE, young man!" she added with a scowl, looking at her son.

"Mommy?" he asked, looking almost as scared of his mom as he'd been of Kim's look earlier. "Wh-What are you doing here?"

"Why, that sweet Kim Possible girl told me that you were playing with some friends out here," his mom explained, "and that's why you weren't back for lunch." Mrs Lipsky walked over and dragged Drakken out of his lair, lecturing him about his behavior, while Kim freed Rayne and got swept up in a nearly bone-crushing hug.

"Kimmie?" the pale woman asked.

"Yes, Rayne?" the redhead replied.

"Never, ever do that . . . whatever that look was again," her girlfriend told her.

"My Puppy Dog Pout?"

"Is that what you call that horrendous thing?" When Kim nodded, the taller woman couldn't help a chuckle. "Damn, Princess, I didn't know you could be so evil."

"I could be worse," Kim said smugly.

"How the hell you be worse than using that fucking look and bringing Drakken's MOM along?"

"He could've taken my daughter," the redhead pointed out. Rayne couldn't help it; she shuddered in fear.

"I hope nobody's THAT stupid," the pale woman prayed. "So, um, can we leave now?"

"Doy!" Kim replied, borrowing one of Rayne's favorite expressions. "We've gotta get back to Elizabeth and move to Go City."

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